Open Discussion: Week of October 10th

Here’s the open discussion thread for Phillies’ talk and other topics.

The Phillies began their off season transactional housekeeping this week when they recalled four IronPigs (Elvis Araujo, Jimmy Cordero, David Buchanan, and Dalier Hinojosa) and outrighted six players to Lehigh Valley (Frank Herrmann, Colton Murray, Jimmy Paredes, Patrick Shuster, Dalier Hinojosa, and Emmanuel Burriss).

The net result was the removal of the six players from the 40-man roster.  This lowers the actual player count on the 40-man roster (or Reserve List) to 34 players.  But, the Phillies still have four players on the 60-day DL (Zach Eflin, Matt Harrison, Charlie Morton, and Aaron Nola).  Well before the Rule 5 Draft, they will be returned to the 40-man roster.  So a lot more transactions will take place over the coming weeks.

One transaction that cannot take place is the release of Matt Harrison.  He is under contract and cannot be released until he has demonstrated that he has rehabilitated from his injury.  So, when you contemplate the make up of the Phillies 40-man roster, remember that Harrison will be counted as a member of the 40-man roster at least until the end of spring training when he can be added to the 60-day disabled list, if necessary.

Among minor league players, James Russell and Cedric Hunter have declared free agency. Chace Numata has re-signed.

Winter league baseball has started.  The Venezuelan League began games on October 6th. The Threshers’ Herlis Rodriguez (.294) hit for the cycle with 7 RBI in Aguilas del Zulia’s victory on Saturday.

The Arizona Fall League begins on Tuesday, October 11th.  The Mexican Pacific League also begins on October 11th, the Dominican Winter League begins on October 20th and the Puerto Rican League begins on October 27th.

The Colombian Baseball League opens on November 4th and the Australian Baseball League opens on November 17th.


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  1. The Winter League Stats listing hasn’t caught up with the games being played in VZ. But I see Stassi’s hitting .286/.524/.571 in 4 games including a 2B, HR and 3 RBIs. He also has 7 BBs and 5 Ks. Wilson Garcia’s hitting .500 in 3 games played. Tocci’s hitting .308 in 4 games
    Looks like hitting is ahead of pitching so far in VZ.

    Herlis and Helmis Rodriquez, the twins, are playing, as usual, on different teams.

  2. Everyone needs to recognize, before free agent wish list signings take over, that the goal is to build a team ready to compete in 2019 and maybe in 2018 if young guys suddenly step up. The team is not going to sign a 35 year old guy and then block playing time for a young guy. Winning games next year is not a goal other than thru the improvement of their young guys. Construction of the 40 man roster will be critical and you have to remember that the 25 man roster has to be built within that.

    1. And as the manager said at the end of the season……you need a veteran bat in the middle to help with the maturation process. I tend to agree with the manager on that aspect of the rebuild.

      1. I agree, Romus. Having a veteran bag in the middle will also help take some of the pressure off of Franco and Joseph. In a way, that helps their development. I think it helped Jayson Werth become a better hitter by living down in the 6-hole for a few years.

        1. I agree but free agency isn’t the way to go unless you can get a middle of the bat guy on a 1 or 2 year deal. I think they need to get creative and look to add that type of piece in a trade. Maybe whoever it is makes too much money and the current club wants to unload him while he has a year or two left on his contract.

          1. Andre Ethier? Jayson Werth? Curtis Granderson? Jay Bruce? If you want to go that route, perhaps Ethier could be had.

    2. This year 87 wins got teams NL wild card spots. I think the Phils need to factor competing in ’17 into their rebuilding plans. To me that means

      1. strengthening and deepening the bullpen
      2.signing/re-signing a veteran backup catcher
      3. signing/re-signing/trading for a seasoned pitcher for the rotation
      4. acquiring 1 or preferably 2 bats (1 left-handed) for the outfield on 1-2 year deals

    3. Agreed. Let the young guys play. Rupp (yr 5), Herrera (yr 3), Galvis ( yr 7), Hernandez (yr 5), and Franco (yr 3) are pretty much the veteran leadership on this team now. They’ve had more than a cup of coffee in the majors now. It’s time to grow up and lead the club.

      I don’t see the need to sign an older player to a 3 or 4 year contract, clogging up the playing time.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see if they have the full compliment of 40 and by-pass selecting in the Rule 5.

    1. I could understand, coming off the success of Odubel Herrera, you might be feeling lucky and taking another position player. And last year was certainly the year to do it. Goeddel was the guy to take by many accounts last draft. And even though he was clearly overmatched, he did have a nice month of May, when he got to play consistently. He will be interesting to watch in triple-A next year.

      But unless there is some extraordinary talent in the rule V that no one else knows about and manages to fall to us at the 8th pick, I agree this year we sit this one out.

      1. One guy who may be available again this year, is Mets OFer Wuilmer Becerra
        Only drawback….he was in the FSL last year, just like Tocci, and also a Ven kid.
        So he has not even seen AA level pitching and major league GMs prefer hitters to at least have seen some semblance of AA/AAA level pitching.
        The Blue Jays originally signed him and traded him to the Mets with Thor and Travis D. for RA Dickey.
        He is big but last year in the FSL did not hit for power. But he could be an intriguing pick if the Mets again unprotect him.

          1. Yeah I did didn’t I!
            Oh well…..forgetabouthim.
            Phillies should look at pitching anyway, they have plenty of positional guys in the queue.

        1. Becerra went on the DL July 19th and had season ending labrum surgery. At this point it is still questionable whether or not he’ll be ready for the beginning of the 2017 season. He only played 13 games in right field last year because he couldn’t throw. All other games he played was as the DH. The injury also had an affect on his power.

    1. I’d rather have nothing to do with rule 5 if a)it’s going to be another Goeddel taking a 25 man roster spot when we’ve several young prospects of our own waiting to be called up, and b)we’ve enough issues trying to manage the 40man pending trades or FA acquisitions.

      1. When Harrison is added to the 40 man can he be released then, if the Phillies wish to eat his salary or does he have to start the season, perhaps pitching on a Rehab assignment, then released because he is not effective after the Renab. assignment is complete?

          1. sdcphl….hope he announces his retirement.
            I do not think he will be able to physically pitch again.
            But just not sure if the Phillies are allowed to give him his full entitle salary for 2017 if he submits his paperwork to MLB.
            If he is unable to pitch again, and that may be the only way he can be removed, prior to next November off the 40.

            1. He has 1 year left on his deal 2017 13.2 million. No way he retires and doesn’t collect that. Easy just to spend another year on the DL and the Phillies will be happy to let insurance pick up the tab.

              2018 is an option year 13.250 million with a $2M buyout. Can be guaranteed if he pitches 184 innings somehow this season.

              Not likely his spot on the 40 will preclude them from doing what they want to do between now and the end of ST.

  4. He doesn’t get his salary if he retires. Teams have to get their 25 man roster set by 3:00 on opening day of the season. That’s the same time frame for moving players to the 60 day DL. So, Harrison is on the 40 man from the deadline to set the roster prior to the Rule 5 draft through spring training, then he goes to the 60 day DL and becomes the answer to a trivia question 20 years from now- the guy who made $30 Million from the Phils and never pitched in a game!

    1. Harrison’s “hold” on 40man will be taken by a non-roster relief pitcher taking the 25th spot. Let some old vets determine that in Spring Training.
      Phillies will have to decide if Canelo and Tocci needed to be protected of those spots can be used to pick up a Lefty Reliever in Rule5.

  5. The Red Sox are gone from the playoffs. All is right with the world. I hate to see Big Papi go but all things must end.

  6. Interesting tidbit the Indians entered the playoffs with the lowest payroll rank 23rd and they bounced the Red Sox who were 3rd.

    The Dodgers of course are the highest

    Ranks by Team still remaining

    Indians 23rd ALCS
    Toronto 11th ALCS

    Nats 10th Lead 2-1
    Dodgers 1st

    Cubs 5th Lead 2-1
    Giants 6th

    Red Sox 3rd Swept
    Rangers 8th Swept
    Orioles 12th WC Loser
    Mets 14th WC Loser

  7. Watching Hunter Pence play in another post season with the Giants make we wish he was still our RF. I am glad TJ had a nice half year, but that Pence trade was second only to Lee to Seattle in terrible trades the Phils made. That was 4 years ago and we are still 2-3 years away from having a RF that compares too Pence. That is the definition of a bad trade.

    1. The real reason for the Pence trade, in my view, was that Ruben had managed the payroll so poorly that he had to make a choice about which salaries he could pay without getting to the luxury tax level and which he could avoid and he concluded (probably incorrectly) that Pence’s salary was one he could avoid. So other poor management decision led to that poor management decision.

      1. It was all predicated on Domonic Brown performing in RF. He was the # 1 prospect in baseball and showed flashes in 2012. It didn’t happen and the trade proved futile.

        But, living in the now, I’m curious how TJ can raise his trade value with a full season. 30HR, 85RBI, .850 OPS out of the 6th hole would be great.

        1. Check that. I meant 2011 and 5th hole in the lineup. This would be my 2017 opening day lineup given what we know today:

          1- 2B C. Hernandez
          2- CF R. Quinn
          3- LF O. Herrera
          4- 3B M. Franco
          5- 1B T. Joseph
          6- C C. Rupp
          7- RF A. Altherr
          8. SS F. Galvis

          1. Sounds about right – there’s still an open question about whether Quinn needs more time in the minors. Boy could he ever use a base running coach like Davy Lopes. I’m glad they have moved on from Henderson but nobody on this team really knows how to steal a base anymore and I think that’s due, in large part, to poor coaching/instruction.

            1. The team started hitting home runs in the middle of the season and Mackanan seemed satisfied since it was getting wins.

              But overall, it sets the wrong tone for the young guys and they get a warrant to play fundamentally flawed baseball. It’s exactly how the team degraded after the 2008 season. Less patience at the plate, going for broke on power hitting, and bad base running.

              I’m not convinced Mackanan is the long term solution and manager. They need to move on when this team gets to 80+ wins.

  8. Man, you just can’t let it go with Ruben can you? I would say the problem was the Phillies prior ownership(and maybe even current ownership). The owners made Ruben decide between Pence/Victorino or Hamels being resigned in 2012. Keeping Hamels was smarter and got us a better trade package for our future. MacKlentak(MacPhail/Klentak) is not setting the world on fire either. T

    1. It’s hard to let go of the damage Ruben caused – with a nice assist from Montgomery to be sure. When the dust clears, the franchise will have wandered a good 6 or 7 years in the mud due to his extreme malfeasance so, yes, I’m still awfully pissed off about it. While Ruben coaches runners on first base in Boston, I’m sitting in section 146 in Philadelphia watching a team that is both awful and incredibly boring. That won’t last forever of course, but it’s certainly lasted long enough thus far.

      As for signing Hamels over Pence – you’re right, but that’s not the point. The point is that, on a well structured team they would not have been forced to make that choice. Or, if they were, they would have had a solid contingency plan, which, it turns out, they did not have.

      On Klentak – it’s still way too early to tell. The types of things he and the organization are trying to do are long-term solutions, not short-term fixes. Their stated goal is not just to build a team that gets into contention as quickly as possible, but an organization that continually churns out prospects and competes year after year. I’ll monitor it next year, but it will probably be 2018 or 2019 before we get a real chance to evaluate whether what they are doing is working.

      I will say this, I read the Middleton interviews and if what a person says (as opposed to what they do) carries any weight, he seemed to nail every topic he discussed, so I’m encouraged.

      You can say this about the Ruben regime that is positive. It was becoming clear that the team’s success during the 2007-11 period was obscuring deeper problems in the organization. Ruben’s (and Montgomery’s) failure was so deep and profound that it caused the owners to investigate and reevaluate everything, leading to what appears to be a serious paradigm shift in their approach of the organization and a broad replacement to the “old time” thinkers with new faces who seem to have a progressive approach. In other words, the failure of Ruben and company seems to have led to a full house cleaning and other changes that should help the team in the long run. Had the team limped along between 80 and 87 wins a year, I’m not sure that would have happened – at least not yet.

      1. Well you should let it go for your good and your health. I still greatly disagree with all your points. For goodness sakes it is only a game so move on to something else.

  9. It has never been established that Ruben was put in that position, at all, by management in 2012. Just as it was never proven as fact that management forced the Lee trade when he was only making $9Million. I blame the entire management force, in total, from the silent partners to Ruben for the collapse of the team. Regardless, it will be at least 6 years, if that, for the team to secure a RF of Pence’s ability. We can’t defend that, and Klentak still has a lot of work to do.

    1. I think that’s a fair summary. Ruben and Montgomery (and Marti Woelever – don’t forget him) built the sinking ship and passive management did little or nothing to change that course.

      Right now, the team could pay for a lot in the way of players (including an outfielder of Pence’s ability – he’s pretty good, but he’s not great), but they are not doing that for strategic reasons. They want the cheap talent to filter out before they decide, in a targeted way, where to spend their money. That makes a lot of sense with a team that is not contending for a playoff berth.

  10. Tink, tink, tink…………………there that is the last nail in Reuben’s coffin. Can we now enter the post Reuben era? Get on with the new regime and see what they bring to the table.

      1. I would like to ask Middleton 1 question , why doesn’t the Phillies sign top Cuban , Korean , Japan top talent ? It seems there really never even in the game.all the other teams during their rebuild have done so . I’d like to get that guy from the music video’s when was younger . He’d scream” JUST SAY IT , SAY IT THE REASON WHY, and so on. There has to be a reason why and I’m sure every Phillies fan would like to know. It’s like Bobby Clarke with signing Russian’s.

        1. That’s what I am talking about!
          Next week will be Lourdes Gourriel on the open market….without any penalty for signing him since he turns 23 on Wednesday the Oct 19.
          Why is it the same 12/13 clubs that go pricing and chasing this talent, where as the Phillies seem to lag behind.
          The fan base needs to be kept fed with hope and optimism, just this one time, this year…….Feed Me Seymour!

            1. Hah……though I am curious to see next week what MLBTR/BA(Ben Badler) reports on what teams are in on Lourdes Gourriel.
              When it comes to this particular talent-market, Cubans, the prior regime always said they are ‘kicking the tires’ on the prospects, with eventually signing at a reasonably paltry $12M, MAG, after some elbow ailment concerns. And that was three years ago.

  11. Re: the above post on the 2017 Lineup. I agree that we do not know, still, about Roman Quinn. I would love for him to make the team. But, if he does, he bats leadoff, I think. Cesar, to me, despite his strides at pitch selection and batting approach, is far from the base runner that warrants the leadoff spot. Not even base stealing wise, I don’t think he is a good enough base runner.

        1. DMAR…alas, first game jitters……I am sure many family/friends were in attendance since it is a bit of a homecoming.
          Lets see how he adjusts to seeing a different pitcher every at bat..

  12. With Wilson Ramos out for 7 months following knee surgery, would the Nats strike a deal for Cameron Rupp that might include Jayson Werth and the final year on his current contract? (Of course there would have to be more to that trade)

    1. Jayson Werth is just about the last guy I want to see wandering around CBP for the Phillies during the re-build. He’s used up and he left on a sour note. We ought to be able to do better than that.

      1. I agree with you on that.
        Guy came real close to spraying me with his brew from the truck on the parade route in ’08. All the while holding the brew in his hand wearing that big number one finger.

      2. Not that I would Werth for more then a yr. He still is in the top 5 in pitches per at bat in the mlb. He did hit 21 hrs which more then which is probably more then The Phillies entire corner outfield’s combine. Saying that he’s staying right where he Is as the Nats new 1st baseman.

        1. Tim…you do realize Zimmerman is signed thru the next three seasons, and he is even now, after just a short period of time there, considered one of the better fielding 1st basemen in the NL. And they are going to ove him out and put Werth in there for a year and then he is a FA in ’18.

          1. Ryan Zimmerman maybe the worst offense 1st baseman in baseball. .218 .272 .370 slash line . He Making 14 mil and has hardly played the last 3 yrs. He maybe done at 32 or maybe a defensive replacement.

  13. Lobaton and Severino are covering nicely in Ramos’ absence. I’m not sure the Nats would consider Rupp an upgrade. Werth is gone as far as the Phils are concerned. They could spare Michael Taylor but he’s never broken through as a regular and is not the piece the Phils need if they’re going forward with Herrera and Quinn.

      1. DMAR….I still think Mack is hoping to slide OH over to LF and hoping also Quinn is productive and healthy enough to man CF. He had mentioned something like that last month , that is, OH playing LF.
        I guess we will see if that is the plan next month or so when winter ball starts in Venezuela and where OH plays for his team down there.

    1. I think some people are going to be surprised (maybe disappointed) when the Phillies shop Odubel Herrera this winter. I don’t know if they’ll find a deal they like, but they’re going to listen to offers. I would sell “high” on him, especially if he could bring back a good, young, LH starting pitcher. I would call the Mariners and ask for James Paxton.

      1. Agree with you, Hinkie. In fact, the fan base might have to get used to a front office thinking at another level than the droning one we’ve had for so long (with possible exception of the 2 or 3 yr Gillick window).

        Herrera, Rupp, and a few younger prospects might fetch us a good return, if not great. I’m not really interested in a star player unless his name is Mike Trout, and he’s not likely coming here soon simply because we don’t have the organizational oomph to get him even if he was available via trade. The types of sound players found in the Giant and Cardinal organizations aren’t superstars. They simply win on a consistent basis. Again, we tend to overvalue our own. Let’s tear down the old paradigm and shake the tree a little. MacPhail and Klentak might not be all that in the end but I’d rather lose doing it in a new way than being the insane professor who thinks he can do the same thing repeatedly and expect different results.

        1. 8mark……that is what you would do……but MacKlentak may not shake that paradigm tree already rooted Lets see what they do…the Giles trade last December was a start for them.
          Also, there was a 7-month period between Dec 2014 and July 2015 when the droning was squelched and the farm system seem to be turned around towards a better direction.

          1. Not sure how clear I came across, Romus, but I like what we have in MacKlentak so far. My point was to naysayers on trading overvalued talent on our club or in our system. So I’m pretty sure we’re in agreement.

        2. The Phillies have said there going after a veteran bat . Why ? Easy they were last in scoring runs. The Giants position players really don’t change they really don’t trade them. The Phillies said there buying bats not trading them. The CF postion is getting kind of big with Cargo, Blackmon , Garner and Ellisbury all on the block. I Desmond , C Gomez , Pagan and McCutchen . Phillies could still buy a couple of Corner outfield’s. Aka take on a big contract for a yr or 2. Paxton is a 28 yr old loggy with a long injury history.

          1. Tim … Paxton a LOOGY ? That is too funny. His numbers are actually better against RH batters. Paxton isn’t perfect, but there is a lot to like about him. He’s 6’4″ 235 lb, throws in the upper 90’s, and touches 100 (effortlessly). His curve ball is also a plus pitch. This year he posted a 3.79 ERA, and his 2.80 FIP was the fifth best in MLB. He also had a strikeout to walk ratio of 4.88. Yes … he’s missed parts of two seasons because of injuries, but none of his injuries were serious (strain muscle in his upper back, strained his finger in a fall, took a line drive off his arm). IMO, he’s on the cusp of being a dominant starting LHP. The Phillies have nobody like him in their orgnization. And … Paxton would come with three years of team controll. I’d trade Odubel Herrera for him.

            1. There 4 names klye lewis, Tyler O’Neill , Alex Jackson , L MARTINS there ‘s for reasons if I’m the Mariners not trading for Herrera. 121 ings 134 hits 1.31 whip plus Texas hit him hard twice. MIDDLETON did say 2019 the Phillies will be contenders that puts Paxton at 31 yrs old . Plus Singer just hit 99 mph and he’s a lefty . The Phillies need OF bats and power bats . Take Herrera out and they have no proven outfielder’s .

            2. Tim…..the definition of LOOGY….lefty one-out guy,
              Paxton has been in 50 games, 286 innings pitched …all as starters….with decent metrics….good control and also command, what makes you think he is a LOOGY?

            3. I don’t know if Seattle would trade Paxton for an OF. However, I would certainly investigate it. I like Paxton a lot, and would deal Odubel in a trade for him. As far as the four guys you mentioned … O’Neil is at least a year away from MLB. He is strictly a corner OF, and may end up being a DH. Kyle Lewis is an exciting prospect, but he has played only 30 games in short season ball and may not return until mid summer 2017 after suffering an ugly knee injury. Jackson has been a huge disappointment since being drafted top 10 in 2013. He played last season in Low A, and he cannot play CF. Leonys Martin is a replaceable, below average MLB OF. He’s got a .252/.305./.366 career slash line. And he’s four years older than Odubel. Seattle’s other OF’ers are 34 YO Seth Smith, 35 YO Nori Aoki, and Guillermo Herredia (92 MLB AB’s).

          2. I was going by his ings before this yr . I just think if the Phillies were to go for pitching it would be a younger more proven pitcher. The Phillies do have Falter, Garcia, Jo Jo Romero , Singer etc all much younger then Paxton.

  14. Romus, if Quinn can ever stay healthy, or hit well enough, he is the CF. His health has been an issue forever. I don’t think it is close between them defensively. I think Doobie was better last year than this in the OF. Leaving aside future prospects, I think, unless Quinn makes the team with a terrific ST, OH is the CF, and they get a platoon bat for one of the other OF spots.

    1. Quinn is going to be 24 next year. I know he’s missed a few hundred PAs every year to injuries, but he still has 1,600 minor league PAs and has basically played a full season at Reading. I’d be disappointed if he wasn’t handed the starting CF job next year (with OH moving to right or left field). It’s time for him.

      Lively, Hoskins, and Appel fall into this category as well. Appel is coming back from injury, but once healthy, use him as a reliever if there’s no room in the rotation. He’s going to be 25. Lively is in the same boat. He should be on the 25 man next year. Hoskins is a little different because TJ might legitimately be the better option, but it’d be nice to go into spring training with the assumption he’s competing for a starting gig. He’ll be 24 and it’s very likely he’s peaking as a player over the next three years.

      1. Well, for better or worse, I’m not entirely sure that Quinn is ready to handle major league pitching. As annoying as it might be, unless he kills it in ST, Quinn may be forced to start in AAA. If he tears up that league, he can be promoted, but he’s still a little further behind than I thought and hoped and, like so many of our prospects, the jury is still out on his hit tool.

  15. BA selected Jake Thompson Pitcher of the Year in the IL.
    JPC second to Turner as ss, and Williams 4th in OF.
    Here is the top twenty:
    1. Trea Turner, ss, Syracuse (Nationals)
    2. Byron Buxton of, Rochester (Twins)
    3. Gary Sanchez c, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (Yankees)
    4. J.P. Crawford ss, Lehigh Valley (Phillies)
    5. Tyler Glasnow rhp, Indianapolis (Pirates)
    6. Blake Snell lhp, Durham (Rays)
    7. Austin Meadows of, Indianapolis (Pirates)
    8. Jameson Taillon rhp, Indianapolis (Pirates)
    9. Tim Anderson SS, Charlotte (White Sox)
    10. Josh Bell 1b, Indianapolis (Pirates)
    11. Ozzie Albies, ss/2b, Gwinnett (Braves)
    12. Bradley Zimmer, of, Columbus (Indians)
    13. Nick Williams, of, Lehigh Valley (Phillies)
    14. Mike Clevinger, rhp, Columbus (Indians)
    15. Jose Berrios, rhp, Rochester (Twins)
    16. Amir Garrett, lhp, Louisville (Reds)
    17. Jose Peraza, ss, Louisville (Reds)
    18. Cody Reed, lhp, Louisville (Reds)
    19. Aaron Judge, of, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (Yankees)
    20. A.J. Cole, rhp, Syracuse (Nationals)

    1. matt13….you would think but BA differentiates between best player and best prospects.
      Here is Teddy Cahill’s chat on something akin to this today:
      Buff (Colorado): How close were pitcher of the year Jake Thompson and Robert Stephenson?
      Teddy Cahill: Stephenson was the last player cut. There were versions of this list with him on it. Thompson was in the mix at the back and will be a starter in the big leagues, but we don’t see him being overly impactful, pushing him behind some of these other pitchers at the back end of the list.

  16. Thanks Romus, The top 3 all made their Major League debuts this year, and I think a few of the rest as well. JP is the top one left who did not. I hope he comes out really strong the first 5-6 weeks and makes it up quickly.

  17. Sweet consolation – Chase, Chooch and Average Joe contribute to the downfall of the Nationals. And then the Metro stops running at 11:39pm while game 5 is in the 8th inning. And the ball park PA even announces it to a round of boos. Classic! The Nationals may be the best team to have never won anything.

  18. The Flyers start tonight with a couple of young studs in the lineup. There the nearest Philly team to a championship. Hexall might get duel GM or the Flyers and Phillies . He has the guts to sign the entire Cuban national team also the stud Japan pitcher .

  19. KC closer Wade Davis (era since opening day 2014 – 1.18) is reportedly available with a year remaining on his contract and $10M.

    I know we’re not contending in 2017 (obligatory qualified statement) BUT with Neris, Ramos and Gomez in the proverbial fold, it would certainly boost our otherwise horrendous bullpen while expediting our development even if we didn’t re-sign Davis after ’17. Naturally it depends on WHO we would offer in a trade. Our rotation is again potentially strong next season. It’s a shame not to give them hope of getting the W with a competent corps of relievers. Yes we traded Giles a year ago partly because we were not contending soon. If nothing else a move like this would give younger relief arms time to develop for the same reason we’re looking for a seasoned bat to allow the same for our young outfielders.

    What say ye?

    1. This year he went south a bit. Lost velocity also from 96/97 in 2015 to 94/95, which is not so bad…..but times have changed, and for almost all relievers nowadays that is the bar that is set.
      So he could be considered a reclamation and could be had cheaply and the offering should not be a high premium prospect.
      That is how I would approach it if my name were Matt Klentak.

    2. Also red-flag fro lowest IP for him in a few years:
      “The Royals announced that Davis has been placed back on the 15-day disabled list with a flexor strain in his right arm. The move is retroactive to July 27, and no timeline has been issued on Davis’ recovery”

  20. Schilling may be a great player but he isn’t much of a human being or maybe I should stay he’s a great Old Testament guy and not that much of a New Testament guy.. Sometimes I think he’s bipolar. Oh, bad Curt showed up for the interview with Fox reporter Trish Reagan. You can have your opinions on anything and everything but if you’re in the public eye, some things should be kept to yourself. I have a friend, who is a huge Trump supporter, but he doesn’t even try to support about 90% of what he says. Sorry to bring the political into this but Schilling is a Phillies great. I try not to listen to anything he says but I got caught by surprise on this one.

    1. As an “Old Testament Guy” (i.e., someone who is Jewish) – I object to having my religious views grouped with Curt Schilling’s. I respect him as a pitcher and appreciate his work with charity (I met him at an ALS event 15 years ago and he couldn’t have been nicer), but I agree with about none of his political views, thank you.

      With that, please let’s stop introducing political discourse into our conversations here. We’ve got enough to argue about with players and the Phillies without introducing politics and religion into our discussions.

      Many thanks

  21. Watching Cleveland play, you can see how fast a team can turnaround with a rookie SS star plus young pitching maturing. Kluber became better than anyone expected. As for the comparison to the Phillies situation, one can dream about the impact JP will make once he’s ready plus the possibility that our pitching could all take the next step forward at once. Unlikely, of course, but one can dream….

    1. Glad you mentioned Kluber…a late bloomer of sorts…..In Thompson, Eflin and Eickhoff I can see similarities.
      A 2Smr guy sitting in the 92/93 area and his long minor league record was not exceptional ,with probably a little below average, command and control issue.
      What he has does in the last two years, starting at age 28, has been exceptional.

      1. In my dream sequence, Nola, Vinny, Eickhoff, Thompson, and Eflin all become 15+ game winners and Appel becomes an elite closer with Lively as the middle inning guy and Ramos as the set up guy. Not likely but it’s a dream sequence…. with a lineup of Quinn, JP, Herrera, a platoon of Martin and Joseph or Hoskins, Franco, Cozens in a platoon with Perkins, Alfaro, and Kingery. Playoff worthy if they all hit their peak years together?? I think they need a star #3 hitter and ace pitcher in real life but not in a dream. Oh well, back to real life. Wake me when Kingery finally gets a hit. Too much time before spring training….

        1. Hibernate, and keep on dreaming the good life until spring training, or until maybe when Punxsutawney Phil pops out.

  22. The Phillies of the west the Dodgers now are my favorites to win the world series . The Flyers after last night win the Cup. Nova Nation has a repeat , The Phillies look around oh were a big market team . That’s my Dream

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