Post Season Report Card–Outfield

A look at the Outfield throughout the organization.  Next up: Relief Pitchers, Wed or Thur

Lehigh Valley

Nick WIlliams, 23, Acquired from Texas in 2015; .258/.287/.427 in 497AB; 13HR 64RBI; 6/10SB; 4%BB/26%K; .231 vs LHP; .273 vs RHP; .152 last 30 days; Since Aug 1, Williams hit .172 with a 1%BB/37%K rate; 122 games in the OF with 3 errors (.989); 6 OF assists; My pre-season expectation for WIlliams was hitting around .285-.290 with 10-12HR and 15SB prior to a July call to Philly.  What actually happened is that WIlliams was benched on three separate occasions prior to August for disciplinary reasons and he went on to finish the season with a borderline unprecedented BB/K rate over the seasons final month plus.  His ability would come out for a few weeks and he would then retreat into some combination of a baseball purists nightmare.  Grade: C-; 2017: Lehigh Valley

Cam Perkins, Soon to be 26, Phils 7th round pick in 2012; .292/.329/.419 in 408AB; 8HR 47RBI; 11/15SB; .316 vs LHP; .274 vs RHP; .314 last 30 days; 5%BB/14%K; 103 games in the OF with 7 errors (.972); 3 OF assists;  The numbers are decent for Perkins but not good enough to warrant a look at the big league level.  The walk rate needs to go up, and Perkins needs to be more of a run producer to get that major league look.  Surprisingly, Perkins went from 2 errors and 15 OF assists in ’15 to 7 errors and just 3 OF assists this year.  Grade: B-; 2017: I expect Perkins to be left Rule 5 unprotected and expect him to go undrafted and back to Lehigh Valley

Cedric Hunter, 28, Signed as a free agent in 2016; .294/.324/.433 in 330AB with Lehigh Valley; 10HR 53RBI; 6/9SB; 4%BB/16%K; .313 vs LHP; .284 vs RHP; .286 last 30 days; 75 games in the OF without an error; 1 OF assist; Hunter started the year with Phils and was sent fairly quickly when people got healthy as he wasn’t performing.  For Lehigh Valley, he was the most consistent outfielder all year, hitting the ball hard and playing a good OF.  Hunter is a AAAA player who many organizations will be glad to have around.  Grade: B+; 2017: Likely another organization with all the young talent below, although would love to see him back.  He is fun to watch.

Cody Asche, 26, Phils 4th round pick in 2011; .279/.350/.514 in 111AB for Lehigh Valley; 6HR 15RBI; 1SB; 9%BB/21%K; .229 vs LHP; .303 vs RHP; .302 last 30 days; 16 games in the OF with 1 error (.973); 7 games at 3B with 1 error (.923); 3 games at 1B without an error; Asche was optioned to Lehigh Valley after hitting .213/.281/.362 in 174AB with the Phils this year, to go along with a 23% K rate.  Pre season, I expected Asche to be a productive member of the Phils OF.  Between his injury in SPring Training and then his performance once off the DL, 2016 was a major disappointment for Asche.  That said, kudos to Asche for not sulking when sent down and performing well at multiple positions for Lehigh Valley late in the season.  I expect to see Asche back with the Phils in 2017 with Altherr, Bourjos and Goeddel all question marks for the ’17 roster.


Dylan Cozens, 22, Phils 2nd round pick in 2012; .276/.350/.591 in 521AB; 40HR 125RBI; 21SB;  10%BB/32%K; .197 vs LHP; .302 vs RHP; .234 last 30 days; .295/.374/.744 with 29HR 83RBI at home; .259/.325/.441 with 11HR 42RBI on the road; 128 games in the OF with 5 errors (.982); 12 OF assists; The overall stats, before you dig in are mind blowing.  Team records for HR and RBI to go along with a 20+ SB season and double digits in OF assists.  Then comes the negative.  The very average player Cozens becomes on the road and his .197 average with a 42% K rate against left handed pitching.  Grade: A-; 2017: Lehigh Valley

Osmel Aguila, 27, Signed as a free agent in 2016; .229/.317/.410 in 144AB (mostly at Reading); 5HR 17RBI; 1SB; 8%BB/22%K; 35 games in the OF with 2 errors (.976); 1 OF assist; Aguila signed early in the season amid some fanfare with decent bonus money out of Cuba.  He was almost totally unimpressive this season.  Grade: D+; 2017: Reading

Christian Marrero, 30, SIgned as a free agent in 2016; .282/.422/.462 in 195AB; 8HR 32RBI; 0SB; 19%BB/16%K; .278 vs LHP; .283 vs RHP; .441 last 30 days; Marrero was relgated to a bench role for most of the year with younger players getting the large amount of playing time.  Playing regularly in the seasons final couple of weeks, he was on fire.  Outstanding walk rate.  Grade: B; 2017: Will go where he has the greatest opportunity, likely elsewhere.

Andrew Pullin, 23, Phils 5th round pick in 2012; .322/.362/.522 in 335AB between Clearwater and Reading; 14HR 51RBI; 0SB; 5%BB/16%K; Hit .346 in 188AB for Reading with 10HR32RBI; After ‘retiring” at the beginning of the season, Pullin unretired in May and ended up quickly playing himself out of Clearwater and into Reading to be an integral piece of the Reading offense,  Pullin’s season ended two weeks early because of an elbow injury.  Grade: A-…cant give an A because of missing a month “retired” 2017: Phils will have to make a 40 man roster decision on Pullin.  Likely to begin the season in Reading to pick up an additional 200+ AB.

Roman Quinn, 23, Phils 2nd round pick in 2011; .282/.359/.431 in 280AB with Reading; 6HR 23RBI; 29SB; 10%BB/21%K; .300 vs LHP; .;267 vs RHP; Like most other years, Quinn played very well “when in the lineup” as his 2016 was abbreviated by multiple injuries once again.  He is a game changer when he is on the field.  Grade: B-.  The production when in the lineup is worthy of a higher grade but overall production is a B-.  2017: I think he has a legitimate shot to make the Phillies out of Spring Training if healthy.  That said, Lehigh Valley is more likely to start

Aaron Brown, 24, Phils 3rd round pick in 2014; .244/.332/.364 in 308AB between CLearwater and Reading; 5HR 40RBI; 5/9SB; 10%BB/24%K; For Reading: 224/.313/.360 in 228AB; 3HR 27RBI; 2/6SB ; 9%BB/25%K; 89 games in the OF with 7 errors (.963); 3 OF assists; Simply a very disappointing year for Brown after a solid 2015 in CLearwater.  He was demoted back to CLearwater for a time because of lack of production and made it up to Reading at the end of the year due to injuries.  Grade: D+ 2017: Backup in Reading


Zach Coppola, 22, Phils 13th round pick in 2015; .315/.397/.357 in 305AB between Lakewood and Clearwater; 0HR 26RBI; 17/24SB; 11%BB/12%K; For CW: .293/.381/.326 in 92AB; 0HR 9RBI; 6SB; 69 games in the OF with 1 error (.992); 4 OF assists; Although multiple DL stints, Coppola had a very good year within his skill set.  He gets on base and makes things happen, which is needed at the top of the lineup of every team.  Grade: A-; 2017: Clearwater

Herlis Rodriguez, 22, Signed as a free agent in 2010; .216/.276/.281 in 139AB; 2HR 11RBI; 3/5SB; 5%BB/13%K; .162 vs LHP; .231 vs RHP; 42 games in the OF with 1 error (.989); 4 OF assists; After an excellent 2015 in Lakewood, the expectations were high for Rodriguez and he struggled almost all year.  Little production with the bat and a whole lot of time on the DL.  Grade: D; 2017: If he is back, it is likely as a backup in Clearwater.

Cord Sandberg, 21, Phils 3rd round pick in 2013; .230/.306/.315 in 305AB; 4HR 23RBI; 6/13SB; 8%BB/26%K; .164 vs LHP; .248 vs RHP; 93 games in the OF with 1 error (.994); 4 OF assists; A very poor season for Sandberg who totally failed to hit left handed pitching and did not use his speed well.  Mediocrity would be an improvement.  Grade: D-; 2017: His signing bonus in 2013 is what will cause Sandberg to be back, albeit likely as a reserve until he proves himself.

Carlos Tocci, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2011; .284/.331/.362 in 500AB; 3HR 50RBI; 13/19SB; 6%BB/14%K; .235 vs LHP; .302 vs RHP; .309 last 30 days; .293 with RISP; 124 games in the OF with 2 errors (.993); 9 OF assists; Incredibly still 21, and has over 2000 minor league AB; Tocci has worked hard to become a competent hitter, hitting consistently for average most of the year.  A lot has been invested in Tocci, who continues to be a top notch OF and I expect him to be 40 man protected in the off season.  Grade: B; 2017: Reading

Jiandido Tromp, Soon to be 23, Signed as a free agent in 2011;.258/.313/.483 in 458AB; 20HR 68RBI; 14/18SB; 7%BB/20%K; For Clearwater: .240/.290/.456 in 217AB; 10HR 36RBI; 5/7SB; 6%BB/18%K; .305 vs LHP; .215 vs RHP; 105 games in the OF with 1 error (.996); 8 OF assists; Very few minor league players had a season with 20HR and 14SB and Tromp was one of them while playing a very solid LF.  He is Rule 5 eligible and that presents a bit of a conundrum as Tromp has the tools and someone may take a shot.  I don’t think he will be protected with the Phils having to focus elsewhere.  Grade: B; 2017: Clearwater to start.

Derek Campbell, 25, Phils 20th round pick in 2014; .263/.341/.389 in 190AB; 11HR 31RBI; 1SB; 6%BB/21%K; .232 vs LHP; .276 vs RHP; 28 games in the OF without an error; 24 games at 3B with 5 errors (.919); 8 games at 2B with 2 errors (.917); 2 games at 1B without an error; Campbell’s season started three weeks late and ended two weeks early because of injuries.  In between he did a good job in a “super utility” role for Clearwater, providing some unexpected pop with the bat.  Grade: C+; 2017: I would be surprised if Campbell is back based on the roster decisions the Phils will need to make.


Carlos Duran, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2011; .243/.293/.317 in 325AB; 2HR 25RBI; 12/16SB; .241 vs LHP; .244 vs RHP; .216 last 30 days; 7%BB/21%K; 84 games in the OF with 1 error (.995); 5 OF assists; Mediocrity at the plate for Duran who really didn’t show much but played a nice CF for Lakewood; Grade: C; 2017: After hitting in the .240’s in 2015 for Williamsport and following that up with .243 this season, Duran’s days may be numbered with all the OF talent surrounding him.  If he is back, I suspect it will be as a part time player in Lakewood or CW next season

Mark Laird, 23, Phils 8th round pick in 2015; .355/.442/.404 in 183AB between Williamsport and Lakewood; 1HR 22RBI; 10/13 SB; 13%BB/10%K; .353/.445/.431 in 116AB for Lakewood; 40 games in the OF with 2 errors (.970); 1 OF assist; Laird missed a large portion of the ’16 season injured, but when he came back he came back like gangbusters, as an offensive catalyst for both the Crosscutters and Blueclaws.  Clearly playing below his level of experience after playing for LSU in college for several seasons.  Grade: A (for the time he was in the lineup); 2017: Clearwater with an outside shot at Reading

Jose Pujols, 20, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .241/.306/.440 in 498AB; 24HR 82RBI; 5/8SB; 8%BB/33%K; .269 vs LHP; .231 vs RHP; .279 last 30 days; 113 games in the OF with 9 errors (.961); 9 OF assists; Diving into the stats, Pujols power numbers were excellent and he was coming on towards the end of the year.  His .241 average was, believe it or not, his highest average in 3 years of minor league ball; His strikeout rate jumped significantly from Williamsport in ’15 to Lakewood in ’16 (and it was already high in Williamsport).  Too many errors as well.  Grade: C+; Starting in Lakewood and progressing to Clearwater fairly quickly if successful in April.

Cornelius Randolph, 19, Phils 1st round pick in 2016; .274/.355/.357 in 241AB; 2HR 27RBI; 5/9SB; 10%BB/21%K; .250 vs LHP; .281 vs RHP; .311 last 30 days; Randolph struggled with injuries throughout the first several months of the season but came on strong to have a very good final month.  The overall body of work is not outstanding but I think he showed enough to start ’17 in Clearwater; Grade: C+


Jesus Alastre, 19, SIgned as a free agent in 2013; .290/.345/.327  in 162AB; 0HR 16RBI; 14/18SB; 4%BB/13%K; .234 vs LHP; .313 vs RHP; 43 games in the OF with 3 errors (.936); 1 OF assist; Good progression for Alastre who has leadoff speed; Needs to walk more; Grade: B+; 2017: Lakewood

Emmanuel Garcia, 22, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .276/.304/.476 in 164AB; 6HR 19RBI; 3/8SB; 4%BB/20%K; .256 vs LHP; .281 vs RHP; .344 last 30 days;37 games in the OF with 1 error (.983); 7 OF assists; After 3 seasons in the DSL, Garcia played well in his first season stateside.  Grade: B; 2017: Lakewood; outside shot at Clearwater because of age

Juan Luis, 20, SIgned as a free agent in 2014; .235/.282/.327 in 162AB; 3HR 13RBI; 9SB; 7%BB/18%K; .132 vs LHP; .266 vs RHP; .277 last 30 days; 50 games in the OF with 6 errors (.940); 1 OF assist; Luis has talent but showed a significant lack of understanding of the fundamentals on multiple occasions this season along with a lack of discipline.  Grade: C; 2017: WIlliamsport

Luke Maglich, 23, Phils 34th round pick in 2016; .261/.355/.359 in 142AB; 1HR 18RBI; 8/13SB; 12%BB/24%K; .250 vs LHP; .265 vs RHP; .236 last 30 days; 41 games in the OF without an error; 1 OF assist; Very low draft pick who played himself into significant playing time with all out hustle style. Grade: B-; 2017: 5th OF in Clearwater

David Martinelli, 21, Phils 6th round pick in 2016; .235/.281/.327 in 217AB; 4HR 25RBI; 7/12SB; 6%BB/25%K; .276 vs LHP; .220 vs RHP; .187 last  30 days; 53 games in CF with 1 error (.990); 8 OF assists; Moderately disappointing numbers with the bat for a high draft pick.  Played very well in CF and has potential.  Grade: C; 2017: Lakewood


Mickey Moniak, 18, Phils 1st round pick in 2016; .284/.340/.409 in 176AB; 1HR 28RBI; 10/14SB; 6%BB/19%K rates; .270 vs LHP; .288 vs RHP; .235 last 30 days; 32 games in the OF with 1 error (.986); 3 OF assists; Good average, good run production, good speed, good defense.  I expected a bit of a better eye at the plate and “outstanding” production is some categories, but perhaps I am being too harsh on the #1 pick.  Grade: B+; 2017: I think the Phils will try to be aggressive and want Moniak to have a full season of AB.  Lakewood

Malvin Matos, 20, Signed as a free agent in 2014; .242/.344/.463 in 157AB; 2HR 15RBI; 10/15SB; 11%BB/17%K; .323 vs LHP; .222 vs RHP; .250 last 30 days; 44 games in the OF with 1 error (.986); 2 OF assists; Predominately a positive debut for Matos.  His average should be higher based on the number of balls he put into play.  Grade: B; 2017: WIlliamsport

Jhalyn Ortiz, 17, SIgned as a free agent in 2016; .231/.325/ .434; 8HR 27RBI; 8/10 SB; 9%BB/28%K; .350 vs LHP; .195 vs RHP; .186 last 30 days; 31 games in the OF with 3 errors (.940); 6 OF assists; Ortiz’s true potential came out in many ways: his power, his speed, his arm, but he struggled in the second half of the season.  Needs considerable improvement vs. right handed pitching and a diminished K rate.  Grade: B-; 2017: I think he starts in the GCL and finshes in Williamsport.

Ben Pelletier, 18, Phils 34th round pick in 2015; .217/.270/.265 in 83AB; 0HR 5RBI; 1SB; 6%BB/28%K; .167 vs LHP; .237 vs RHP; 23 games in the OF without an error; 0 OF assists; Pelletier really did nothing to distinguish himself. Low average, high K rate, little run production.  Grade: D; 2017: Elsewhere

Josh Stephen, 18, Phils 11th round pick in 2016; .253/.339/.370 in 162AB; 2HR 26RBI; 6/12SB; 10%BB/22%K; .194 vs LHP; .270 vs RHP; .231 last 30 days; 34 games in the OF with 4 errors (.925); 1 OF assist.  Stephen cooled down after a very hot start, but overall made a good impression.  Grade: B-; 2017: WIlliamsport


40 thoughts on “Post Season Report Card–Outfield

  1. A C- for Williams is being generous IMO. 4% BB rate with a .287 OBP? This isn’t even reflective of a mid-level prospect, let alone one who’s supposed to be challenging for a starting OF spot in the very near future.

    And as Gregg stated, since August 1st he posted a 1%BB/37%K ratio. That’s simply nothing short of swinging at every pitch he sees. Truly hope that Klentak has a plan on what to do with Williams moving forward as 2017 is [clearly] going to be a very important season for him.

  2. Wow…pretty rough on young (turned 18 three weeks ago) Canadien Ben Pelletier…playing pro for the first time…..prediction 2017-‘elsewhere’.
    Hope Phillies show more patience.

    1. Romus, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe the thought process here is he’s just going to be caught up in a crush of OF prospects? Clearly not enough pedigree to move to LWD or WPT and with a new draft class coming through GCL there simply isn’t a spot for a 34th round pick who hit .217?

      XST maybe is an option?

      1. Rick….Ben Pelletier, if in the states as a US citizen, is now seated in a warm classroom as a senior checking out the girls seated across from him with the large breastiges and hot legs. He would not even be playing yet in their HS baseball season. But he is soon to be in the FIL and other than the LA kids, will be one of the youngest at the complex.
        The kid has great size and the little video I have seen on him is athletic enough to hold his own with the older players down there.
        I think he deserves his chance.

  3. Roman Quinn, I agree, has a legit shot at making the team out of ST. Of course, as is the case with Roman every time we discuss him, that comes with the “if he stays healthy” disclaimer. I enjoyed watching him last night. He looks like a hitter, is a genuine weapon on the bases, he plays a terrific CF, and he would be a much better lead off hitter than Hernandez, who, again, is challenged on the base paths. Roman is a 180 from Cesar.

  4. This is an incredible site, with coverage of Phillies prospects that can be found nowhere else.

    Just a suggestion: when reviewing a player’s performance in any given season, for the age of any given player, you should use their “age” that year, which is by convention the age that the player was on June 30th. So 2016 was Pelletier’s age 17 season, Tocci’s age 20 season, etc. So for example, for Josh Stephen it was his age 18 season; if this post were written in 10 days (Stephen turns 19 on Sept. 22nd), reviewing his 2016 season while describing him as 19, is to me confusing. Maybe I’m the only one, but the practice of using the player’s age as of June 30th is fairly widespread.

    1. It would also avoid things like “soon to be 23” for Tromp (birthday is September 27) and no corresponding “soon to be 19” for Stephen (birthday is September 22) . . . I think it would make it a lot easier for the writer, as you can just use the age that Baseball Reference has for the player in any given year.

  5. I would like to hear Jim’s opinion on comparative hit tool (and only hit tool) between Moniak and Randolph he saw in their GCL years.

  6. Tocci will not be protected and he also will not be drafted in Rule 5. He is so far away from being a productive MLB player, that it is not worth the spot.

    1. While I don’t share your overall low opinion of Tocci I do agree that he shouldn’t need to be protected until he shows success at the AA level.

      His tools aren’t big enough to be selected as an a-ball player.

      1. My view was that Goeddel would be the trial ballon for how far Tocci was from the majors. Best case scenario, Tocci next year does what Goeddel did in AA last year, albeit with less power. But even if he can get to that level, it shows you how far he still is from being a productive MLB player.

        Tyler will go back to AAA next year and will still be 1-2 years from being a productive bat in the majors, if that. So Tocci is 3-4 years from that level and there is still no guarantee. His defense is good, but not elite. There are better defensive players who never made the majors and were left unprotected.

      2. Agree that no tool is so great that the roster spot cost is worth the poor production he’d likely provide for a selecting team.

        However, I think he could be above average depending, of course, on him developing any power. If he doesn’t the he is worse than Revere.
        I wonder what his defense is really worth, since some reports seem to indicate it as plus plus. If so, he may have a chance to provide starter value at some point.

        Too many questions at this point to protect him. Seeing his power stats at Reading should be telling.

    2. Agreed. Tocci is a fun little prospect to follow in our organization, but he has NO chance of being protected or drafted. That being said, thanks for the great write up Gregg!

    3. With so many others needing protection, for any player in A ball or lower to be protected he would have to be something special. Tocci is just getting to the age where he may make big advances next year and force the Phils to protect him or continue to piddle along. He has potential and started to show progress this year. But I agree no protection this year. I do expect a decent roster purge to happen.

      1. Tocci sure gets plenty of ink for a guy who – if he even makes it to the big leagues – is nothing more than a 5th outfielder by the vast majority of people. Don’t get it.

    4. Is it me or do we spend far too much time on this site discussing a player who’s upside is that of 5th OF / defensive replacement?

  7. Of all of the Phillies prospects in 2016, I would have to say that Nick Williams season was by far the biggest disaster. Between the issues with his effort and the terrible plate discipline he’s gone from a top-5 prospect in the organization to maybe not being in the top 20 in 2017.

    We can only hope that this season was a massive outlier…

    1. Williams …not in the top 20!
      Not sure that will happen.
      Look at his metrics before Friday night July 15th and then after that date.
      What happened on July 15th…..he, JPC and Dave Brundage had a coaches meeting ….but on the field,on the third base line at Coca-Cola, as the manager points a finger at them reprimanding them, in front of all the fans and the televised game , for trying to bunt back- to- back in a blowout win over Buffalo.
      They are men……reprimand in private.. praise in public.
      After that things may have changed..

      1. Wow Romus I emphatically disagree with you. If these two went in the tank because the manager dressed them down on the field shame on them.

        1. DMAR… not know about JPC, but I think it adversely affected Williams …..along with the other incident (s).and the subsequent punitive actions.
          I tell you what….if Brundage is not brought back in October, after he directed the Pigs into a playoff season, that will tell you lots of what the Phillies FO thinks. And you can point back to the hot Friday night when it started.

          1. Possibly! I am a military guy so you know where I am coming from. I don’t believe in coddling and I don’t believe these youngsters regardless of their prospect status have yet earned the right to be reprimanded in private.

            Now if that was the big leagues and they made a few all star teams ok but I am of the opinion these kids get a little to full of themselves without having done anything more than achieving a bunch hype from the prospect boards.

            That said I think its a natural progression for Brundage to move up or out and for Wathan to move to AAA after his fine season. These guys aren’t toiling away in the minors because its their career aspiration to do so. They are aiming to get back to the big leagues just the same.

      2. We had a big discussion a few days ago about Cozens k-rate and his chances of becoming a productive major leaguer based on those numbers. Williams was just as bad but without the corresponding power. Based on the progression of other players in the system, he’s certainly outside of my top-10 in the system and probably somewhere in the lower teens.

        Also, if you are correct and he went into tank for the rest of the season due to a run-in with the manager in mid July then he also lacks the mental toughness needed to succeed in a sport where the best players fail 2/3 of the time.

        My hope is that he just fell into a major slump over the last 6 weeks and a new season brings new results..

        1. Williams before July 15—BA -.278
          Williams after July 15 –BA – .181
          ..may be purely coincidental. And he experienced a slump over his last 175 plus PAs.

          1. If you look at Williams’ history, he’s been a slow starter at each new rung on the ladder. I would pump the brakes on writing him off and be content if a strong year at Lehigh Valley next year leads to an August call-up.

  8. Maybe Dave Brundage should be reassigned as he has not handled Crawford and Williams as well as he should have. It would make sense for Dusty Wathan to follow his Reading roster up to Allentown.

  9. Romus, I have no reason to dispute what you say, and I remember when that happened. I thought that was really poor coaching by Brundage. I did not connect that incident with the production falling off the table. I am not giving up on Williams and certainly not dropping him from my Top 20, but it is still on him to make whatever adjustments he needs to make. I can understand if his feelings were hurt and/or he was embarrassed, but he had ample time to recover from that.

    1. matt13…I agree with you. I am not giving up on him either and surely nor are the Phillies. Not sure where he is playing this winter, but he needs to make adjustments and be ready come spring. He should expect to start at LHV and perhaps get off to a plus start and make the Phillies decide on a call-up by the May/june timeframe.

  10. Had Williams begun the year at Reading, as Crawford did, played well and then went to LH, things may have turned out a lot differently.

    I think Goeddel is itching for the season to end and then get started at LH so he can actually play some baseball. That month he played a lot, he played well.

    Pelletier cost a lot of money and he is still really, really young. If he doesn’t quit on his own, I think he’ll be back in the GCL.

    1. Do you mean…..Pelletier ‘did not’ cost a lot of money?
      He probably signed for $100K or less, since that is the approx. amount HSers low in the draft would sign for.
      Also, he also happened to be the only player selected by the Phillies born in 1998…even other HSers….so youth is on his side.

  11. I would rather see them protect Pullin over Tocci. I was impressed with what I saw from Pullin this year.

    I wouldn’t be against Randolph starting in Lakewood and moving up quickly if things go well.

    1. Pullin is my second most interesting 40man decision (Tirado is first). A good lefty hitter with power and acceptable OF defense is valuable. Since he was in AA (Reading does inflate hitting stats) I could easily see a team select him to see how he does in Spring Training.

      But due to his unique history and now injury, I could see Phillies risking him. I think I would protect him since I think he could be a average LF starter. 2017 should be the make or break year.

  12. Agree that Tocci won’t get selected if not protected.

    Agree with V1again that Tocci is 3-4 years away from being a productive bat in the majors. Which would make him 24 or 25.

    But when you say “Best case scenario, Tocci next year does what Goeddel did in AA last year, albeit with less power” . . . here’s where I disagree with you, V1again. First, Goeddel last year was 22; Tocci will be 21 next year at Reading. When Goeddel was 20 — like Tocci was this past year — Goeddel hit .249 at the equivalent of Lakewood. So far, through their respective age 20 seasons, Tocci > Goeddel And CF > LF, so I don’t think they’re equivalent defensively.

    In other words, to be equivalent to Goeddel, Tocci has TWO years at Reading to get to where Goeddel was last year.

    That said, the two of them may be fighting it out for the 4th outfielder job in 3 or 4 years! So I agree with 8mark that we waste a lot of time discussing guys who are unlikely to be starters, if they even make the majors!

  13. Quinn looks good again. I know, not only is it a SSS, but a very small sample size. However, his speed is game changing, and something that the Phils desperately need. If he stays healthy, again the disclaimer, he will bat lead off and play for them for a long time. It is fun to watch him play!

  14. Do we really think there will be a debate on Tirado? He has to get protected on the 40 man, doesn’t he? He will, most certainly get claimed if he is not. Also, I really have him climbing the prospect chart. After he went to a starting role, his performance has been excellent. I don’t consider him anything but a definite 40 man protected player.

  15. Keith Law chat:

    Bob: Lots of Phils fans anxious about the MLB team’s lack of power are a little disappointed in the HR potential of Cornelius Randolph and Mickey Moniak. Do you think either could project in the 20-25 HR range or more in the 15-18 range? That’s fine for Moniak if he’s a CF, but doesn’t do much for Randolph as a LF.

    Klaw: Don’t think Randolph’s a 20+ HR guy but he does have great bat speed and maybe he ends up surprising me because he makes harder contact. He has no physical projection, though, and that concerns me since he didn’t show power this year either.

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