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Lehigh Valley

Andy Knapp, 24, Phils 2nd round pick in 2013; .267/.335/.431 in 202AB; 7HR 29RBI; 1SB; 9%BB/22%K; .247 vs LHP; .279 vs RHP; .328 in June; 52 games caught with 6 errors (.984); 9 passed balls; 9/30 CS (30%); Knapp has been heating up with the bat and his arm as of late, having a very good June.  The caught stealing rate is now respectable.  His receiving, while improving, remains a concern.

Logan Moore, 25, Phils 9th round pick in 2011; .262/.336/.402 in 107AB between Reading and Lehigh Valley; 3HR 12RBI; 10%BB/24%K; Hitting .316 in June; 34 games caught with 2 errors (.992); 0 passed balls; 13/27 (48%); Moore has seen fairly limited playing time but has produced when playing.  His defense remains major league back up worthy.


Jorge Alfaro, 23, Acquired from Texas in 2015; .303/.315/.489 in 188AB; 7HR 37RBI; 2%BB/22%K; .250 vs LHP; .318 vs RHP; .238 in June; 43 games caught with 2 errors (.995); 2 passed balls; 17/41 CS (41%); After starting the year scalding hot with the bat, Alfaro has cooled off but still a very impressive body of work with the bat and glove this year thus far.

Joel Fisher, 23, Phils 23rd round pick in 2014; Hitting .235 with 2 HR and 7RBI in 35AB between Lakewood and Reading; 12 games caught with 1 errors (.988); 0 passed balls; 8/16 CS (50%); Fisher has done exactly what has been asked, especially defensively in his limited playing time.


Gabriel Lino, 23, Acquired from Baltimore in 2012; .199/.264/.279 in 136AB; 2HR 6RBI; 7%BB/22%K; .257 vs LHP; .178 vs RHP; .077 in June; 40 games caught with 7 errors (.981); 5 passed balls; 21/54 CS (39%).  Simply a pretty brutal year thus far from Lino whose stock has slipped considerably.

Chace Numata, 23, Phils 14th round pick in 2010; .265/.348/.353 in 102AB; 1HR 5RBI; 11%BB/16%K rates; .227 vs LHP; .275 vs RHP; .333 in June; 30 games caught with 2 errors (.993); 9 passed balls; 9/27 CS (33%); The passed balls are troublesome, however that said, Numata has done a good job.


Deivi Gruillon; 20, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .244/.338/.359 in 131AB; 2HR 18RBI; 12%BB/24%K; .220 vs LHP; .256 vs RHP; .280 in June; 35 games caught with 5 errors (.984); 10 passed balls; 9/30 CS(30%); Gruillon’s defense was supposed to be his strong suit and has been less than adequate this year; After missing a nice chunk of time injured, Gruillon is beginning to come around.

Austin Bossart, 22, Phils 14th round pick in 2015; .263/.336/.343 in 99AB; 1HR 9RBI; 8%BB/12%K; .286 vs LHP; .254 vs RHP; 29 games caught with 3 errors (.990); 1 passed ball; 15/52 CS (29%); Bossart has played much more than expected because of Gruillon’s injury and has played more than compentently.


Gregori Rivero, 20, Signed as a free agent in 2012

Rodolfo Duran, 18, Signed as a free agent in 2014

4 thoughts on “Around the SYstem–Catchers

  1. Appreciate these positional updates since I so not follow system daily.

    I would like to know if Moore is good enough to deserve a long career as a backup. How much does great defense and game calling buffer a poor hitting catcher?

    1. Logan Moore has everything going for him. His defense is pretty darn good, if not great. His game calling ability is good too. He’s a big catcher at 6’3″ 220 so he will stand in and take a hit. He hits lefty which can be valuable to a major league team. He can hit for extra bases and has HR pop once in a while. We knew, when he was drafted, what he was. His defense would carry him far and if the bat can do a little damage, he can be a ML backup. If Ruiz was traded for some far off semi-prospect, I would have no concern about calling up Moore to replace him. He isn’t a #1 but he won’t hurt you too much as a late inning filler who also gets to play 1 game a week to rest the #1.

  2. Lino might be playing himself out of the organization. If Bossart or Grullon show they can be promoted, I don’t see why Lino wouldn’t be released. At the beginning of the year, I thought he might make a decent ML backup but then he was sent to CLW. I thought LHV was fitting for him. I guess the guys in Philly knew a lot more than me. He’s either brooding or he’s a total waste. Take your pick but neither shows him in the Philly organization for very long.

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