2016 MLB Draft and International Bonus Pools Announced

The Phillies were assigned a 2016 MLB Draft Pool of just over $13.4M.  The amount is slightly behind the largest allotment assigned to the Reds ($13.9M).  Cincinnati will receive the top amount because they hold the first pick in the Competitive Balance Lottery.

The Phillies did receive the top International Bonus Pool allotment, a little over $5.6M.

Hudson Belinsky posted the story on Baseball America.

Steve Adams of MLB Trade Rumors followed with a related article.

Slot amounts will be announced at a later date.

44 thoughts on “2016 MLB Draft and International Bonus Pools Announced

  1. “… the size of their (International) pool could be rendered moot if the team exceeds its cap by a wide enough margin. ”

    It seems to me that to exceed your pool by more than 50% in the year that you have the highest pool is a bit inefficient. Due to the Phillies likely having big pools in multiple seasons, while the Dodgers and Cubs cannot spend, it seems it would be better to have the ability to sign players in multiple years. I’d think spending 150% this year and leaving flexibility to sign again next year (and exceed the pool next year) would be an option.

  2. In the Adam’s article, it says the Phils “are planning to be aggressive.” Also, “if the Phil’s plan to shatter the pool anyway, they could actually trade away slots.” If this is the all-in year, then smash away. Show us the money and add some players who could get to the majors quicker than the draft picks or international signings.

    1. bellman…agree.
      IMO, jump the Braves for Armenteros and then trade surplus monies for more advanced prospects….and you can still sign players for $300K or less, as long as you did not delete your whole pot in the Armenteros signing…their best LA players to date have been signed for less than that $300K.

      1. Really hope the Phillies bust their budget. Would love to see them outbid the Braves for Maitan and the Padres for Morejon. These kind of prospects are worth the two year penalty.

        1. Yes agree.
          Just not sure Ven (Maitan) and DR players ( and the agents who rep them in those countries) rarely ever, if it all, change their allegiance to a club that has ‘nurtured’ them, if you know what I mean, for a year or two.
          Cubans (Morejon), on the other hand, that is not an issue…right now.

          1. @romus – agree. although it seems bizarre to me that the Phillies is only 1 of 3 (or 4) teams with academy in VEN but somebody other than the 3 (or 4) VSL teams can snatch away the best prospect from VEN. VEN won the most number of international beauty pageants, hopefully, our scouts are scouting talents not chicks. lol!

            1. KuKo…that is what has amazed me. The best kids from the Ven end up with other teams without academies in country. But I guess money is the motivating factor, and perhaps the Phillies did not want to go into the crooked number millions…until last year with Ortiz in the DR.
              Now the beauty queens in the Ven..whole different story.

            2. Closing an academy in Venezuela is not necessarily going to hurt recruiting. The teams that pulled out of Venezuela still have their network of scouts and former players operating down there. They have the added advantage of being able to offer an academy outside of Venezuela as a perk.

        2. If the Phils bust their budget, they should seek to trade some of their money slots to other teams that do not want to do so this year. They could not only sign some high international prospects but also trade for some decent closer to ML prospects or ones with big risk but great rewards. This could be the year to do this as an international draft has been discussed and could make these international money slots and penalties as obsolete in very near future.

        3. It has been said the Phillies intend to be aggressive. 150% of budget, for the Phillies, would be aggressive. The Phillies have a long history of avoiding dead money, so we shall see this summer

        1. Tim….nope….Phillies signed him at $100K, Yanks offered $95K. We trumped the Yankees bid by $5K in 2010!

          1. Ok I used too work with some Yankee ‘ s fans. I’d say Cliff Lee and watch foam come out of there mouths and there face get red. MAN they hated him they couldn’t stand it lose at any player.wow 5 k for him nice out bid.

  3. If the Rule 4 1.1 is $9M as projected, and if the Phillies in fact do go for HSer Jason Groome, I would hope he would accept something smaller than that total amount and go under slot and be a boon for the Phillies. I would think Puk, as a college junior, would also do that if he is also the one.

    1. Realistically, the Phillies shouldn’t have to pay more than one dollar more than the 1.2 slot value. That would save the Phils 1.2 million. Last year, Dansby Swanson signed for 2.1 million under slot value. If It’s Groome (or any HS player) they would probably saver closer to the 1.2 million than the 2.1 million. Either way, it gives the Philllies the money to sign a player who falls because of injury or signability concerns.
      In my dream scenerio, Cal Quantrill takes longer than exxpected to come back from TJ surgery and somehow falls to 2.1 !

      1. I would think it is easier signing college juniors under-slot by a smaller fraction than a HS senior who has a college scholarship waiting for him to use as leverage.
        But cannot recall many, if any, first pick HSers who by-passed the offering bonus to go onto college for three additional years and risking arm injuries. I guess there has been a college junior or two have done that for their senior year.:)

        1. Maybe I wasn’t as clear as I should have been. I agree with you, Romus. It would be easier to save money by signing a college player. A HS player can use a college scholarship as a bargaining chip. That is why I said it would be more likely the Phillies would save closer to the 1.2 miillion by picking Groome.
          BTW … I’m not advocating selecting a college player to save more money. I prefer they pick Groome.

          1. Ok….got it.
            Also helps that Groome is local and has some rapport with some people with ties to the Phillies org. He practically drives close by CBP on 95 when he goes to his workouts at the Maplezone.

            1. I also think that a team that is talking to you about being the 1:1 isn’t all that worried about a college scholarship being a bargaining chip. Perhaps a later 1st or 2nd position that might come into play.

              I think the Brady Aiken story will weigh heavily on a lot of these kids and their parents minds.

              Sign the check fella’s that’s life changing money if you’re smart.

      2. The Phillies should have a negotiation position with all of these players because there isn’t a clear #1 overall prospect this year. Unless they team really likes one player more than 2-3 others, they can make the same offer to all and see which one is willing to take a little less to be #1..

        Unfortunately, I suspect some in the Phillies’ fan base are already preparing themselves to be aggrieved if it isn’t “their guy”

  4. I find this stuff so exciting! I’m intrigued as to how the new front office elects to use these assets. I’m such a baseball nerd…

    1. I think you can go wrong with any HS Pitcher in the top 5 picks. It has been shown time and time again.

      If the Phillies are forced to take the HS Pitcher, because he is so far ahead of everyone else as to make it a non-decision, then take him. But if there is any bat that is worthy of top 3 consideration, I’m taking the bat and use the excess pool money to buy high upside HS pitchers in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

      1. In 2006 Kershaw should have or could have been the 1:1 pick in hind sight. Jimmeny Crickets look at some of the guys taken before him.

        In 07 Bumgarner should have gone ahead of everyone taken in front him but Price.

        In 08 would you have taken Zack Wheeler ahead of all the guys that went ahead of him except Strasburg?

        10 was pretty obvious Harper all day long over Jameson Taillon

        11 Jose Fernandez went 14th knowing what we know today I take him 1:1 over Cole.

        So the point is, its not taking a HS pitcher in the top 5 its taking the wrong pitcher. Absolutely a 5 tool everyday player the likes of Correa, Trout and Harper should always be choice 1 when you have it but I think it is a lot harder to project that then it is a pitcher. Frankly I as we sit today I don’t here any consensus on an absolute top 5 position player.

        I mean look how bad everyone missed on Trout. Even the Angels missed on Trout taking Grichuck ahead of him.

    2. DMAR…on that mock…I think if the Phillies go college 1.1 , then 2.1 will be a HSer. And vice versa with Groome at 1.1, then college at 2.1
      Here they have them going college both with Puk and Lauer. Which will still be good picks.

    3. Puk didn’t start until the middle of last season so he shouldn’t have a lot of innings logged on his arm.

  5. I like Hinkies idea of having Quantrill or even Krook falling to them at the 42nd pick but who knows. It looks to me like a pitching deep draft.

    1. Both of those pitchers are too good to fall to the 2nd round. They’re top 10 caliber picks. If they fall that far, it’s because they are not healthy.

      1. I don’t think either of them are. I think each is in a stage of TJ recovery and might not pitch this season.

      2. There is always someone who is ‘too good’ to fall to the second round, but does. They’re not all injured, either. It is economics. The team with the 1.1 saves $1-2 million, sometimes more, from the slot 1.1 allocation and adds that to their 2nd or supplemental first round allocation, coming up with a bonus well above what a team in the lower part of the 1st round can afford to pay. Agents sent out messages that their guy won’t sign for less than $3 mill. He may only be worth $1.25-2 mill, so he falls to the team with the 2.1 slot, which has saved enough from 1.1 to be able to give him $2.5-3 million. The Astros became masters of this approach, although it came a cropper the year their 1.1 failed his physical and they had to rescind offers.

        Btw, seeing the Reds with the largest total allocation just reminds me how sick I am with the Commish’s charity draft picks. They go to such deserving teams as the Cardinals. It’s a farcical scam.

        1. Agree…the Comp Bal Picks are a farce.
          Lasts year 15 teams were eligible….12 got to select…6 in Rd A (after the 30th pick) and 6 in Rd B (after the 2nd round was completed)…and three teams did not win the ‘lottery’..Pirates, Rays and Royals.
          When Bud Selig started this in 2012 (Dec 2011 CBA) I could vaguely understand the reasoning behind it, but it was voted on during that CBA…the lottery gives teams that have either one of the 10 smallest markets or 10 smallest revenue pools one of six additional choices after each of the first and second rounds. Additionally, any other clubs that receive revenue-sharing funds are eligible for the supplemental second-round selections. There were 15 teams eligible to receive a pick in 2015’s lottery.
          I hope this is an agenda item in this years CBA.

        2. When it comes to monies and allocation….the Comp Bal Picks In 2015, in Competitive Balance Round A added an average of $1,5M to each team’s pool. The Competitive Balance Round B picks augmented each club’s pool by an average $ .8M

  6. There was 1 report of Hanson had forearm tightness noway I touch that. I
    Think the season will play out the risers . Groome is on the top will me , plus to scout him it mite cost the Phillies a couple off ezzz swipe’s.

  7. The emphasis by the FO has been on pitching which I can’t see changing. The giants have won 3 championship because of theit pitching, largely.We see how effective their home park, which is built for pitchers., and even though ours is not…kit seems alan that we can and should get behind. I see that our 2 first choices put us in the position of gaining two pitchers with our first 2 picks. Then non pitchers in the next several choices and in the last 2-3 of the fitrst ten back to pitchers with that extra $$ available. Their first choice should be “encouraged” to give up some of his designated bonus in order for the latter few can be signed.
    A question that I am NOT up on is who among the int’l free agents will be iavailable for us….There was a guy mentioned of whom it was said that he could be the 2nd coming of Willie Mays…???…Who else would YOU like to sign and why and availability??? And, isn’t the Int’l draft in July???

    1. Luis Jose Almanzar, SS, Dominican Republic
      Yasel Atuna, SS, Dominican Republic
      Edisson Gonzalez, RHP, Panama
      Abraham Gutierrez, C, Venezuela
      Kevin Maitan, INF, Venezuela
      Adrian Morejon, LHP, Cuba
      Jorge Ona, OF, Cuba
      Tirso Ornelas, OF, Mexico
      Alfredo Rodriguez, SS, Cuba
      Jeisson Rosario, OF, Dominican Republic
      …google who you are interested in.

        1. Romus, Isn’t it believed that Maitan is already committed somewhere? Maybe Atlanta? Who is next on that list that we should have in our sights?

          1. Romus, I just saw where you answered me on the General Discussion page. Maitan and Atlanta. I knew I got it from a reliable source, You!

          2. Yes matt…..Braves have him in their sites and also maybe Armenteros.
            I do not know who the Phillies have lined up.
            Do not know for sure….but I think Ediisson Gonzalez could be Severino’s brother, They do have a facial resemblance, and maybe he could be a Philly favorite…Phillies have been one of the stronger scouting teams in Panama and have had some success in signing top Panamanian kids. former ss Arauz and LHP Jhon Nunez, and of course Carlos Ruiz as examples.

  8. Sorry for the grammatical and spelling errors…just had shoulder replacement surgery….won’t be able to compete in ST.

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