Phillies 2016 Spring Training Schedule

The Phillies spring training schedule has been posted.  They start with a rematch against the University of Tampa who defeated the Phillies on their way to a 47-13 record and the NCAA Division II Championship.

The Phillies schedule includes – 

  • 17 home games,
  • 4 games against Toronto in Dunedin,
  • 2 games against New York inTampa,
  • 1 game against Pittsburgh in Bradenton,
  • Houston and Atlanta on back-to-back days in Kissimmee and Disney World,
  • 2 split squad games,
  • one home game scheduled at night,
  • Tampa at Bright House on St.Patrick’s Day (a Thursday).
  • Games and times are tentative.
  • There is only one game against Boston, and it is in Fort Myers.  So, Ruben Amaro won’t be coaching against his former team in front of a predominantly Phillies crowd this season unless both teams meet in the world series.

2/28/2016    University of Tampa, Clearwater at 1:05 PM
2/29/2016    Off Day
3/1/2016       Toronto,  Clearwater at 1:05 PM
3/2/2016       at Toronto, Dunedin TBA
3/3/2016       Houston, Clearwater at 1:05 PM / at New York, Tampa TBA (split squad)
3/4/2016       Atlanta, Clearwater at 1:05 PM
3/5/2016       at Toronto, Dunedin TBA
3/6/2016       New York, Clearwater at 1:05 PM
3/7/2016       at Pittsburgh, Bradenton TBA
3/8/2016       Minnesota, Clearwater at 1:05 PM
3/9/2016       Baltimore, Clearwater at 1:05 PM / at Minnesota, Fort Myers TBA (split squad)
3/10/2016    Detroit, Clearwater at 1:05 PM
3/11/2016    at Atlanta, Disney World TBA
3/12/2016    Toronto, Clearwater at 1:05 PM
3/13/2016    at New York, Tampa TBA
3/14/2016    at Baltimore, Sarasota at 1:05 PM
3/15/2016    at Tampa, Port Charlotte TBA
3/16/2016    Off Day
3/17/2016    Tampa, Clearwater at 1:05 PM
3/18/2016    Pittsburgh, Clearwater at 1:05 PM
3/19/2016    at Toronto, Dunedin TBA
3/20/2016    Houston, Clearwater at 1:05 PM
3/21/2016    at Detroit, Lakeland TBA
3/22/2016    Atlanta, Clearwater at 1:05 PM
3/23/2016    at Houston, Kissimmee TBA
3/24/2016    at Atlanta, Disney World TBA
3/25/2016    Toronto, Clearwater 6:35 PM
3/26/2016    Detroit, Clearwater 1:05 PM
3/27/2016    at Boston, Fort Myers TBA
3/28/2016    Baltimore, Clearwater at 1:05 PM
3/29/2016    at Toronto, Dunedin TBA
3/30/2016    New York, Clearwater at 1:05 PM
3/31/2016    Off Day
4/1/2016       TBA at Citizens’ Bank Park
4/2/2016       TBA at Citizens’ Bank Park

After a day off on the 3rd, the Phillies open the season in Cincinnati on April 4th.

Here’s a link to the schedule at Spring Training Online.


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  1. Ahh, time to work on my March spring training trip….. Lots to watch this year, I may have to add a day….

  2. What was Boston thinking with RAJ? At least wait a year. To hire him immediately after he was let go by the Phillies. Awkard. Boston as a franchise has been making some awkward moves the past few years.

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