Jesse Biddle to have Tommy John surgery

The Phillies have announced that Jesse Biddle will undergo Tommy John surgery to repair a torn UCL ligament and is likely to miss the 2016 season.  If rehab if successful, Biddle will be entering his final option year as 25 year old in the 2017 season.

17 thoughts on “Jesse Biddle to have Tommy John surgery

    1. Interestingly, team surgeon Dr Michael Ciccotti is doing the surgery and not the noted TJ surgeon Dr Joseph Andrews of Alabama.
      If it is possible with TJ conditions, maybe his injury is not as severe as may have been expected.

  1. Romus I know dr ciccotti as I have told people on here. He really did a great job on my wifes shoulder. He is well respected surgeon. I Am stumped on why this kids shoulder wasn’t know before Ciccotti is there team doctor and he travels with the Phillies. That why you have to wait sometimes for surgery. I am having a hard time with how this kids injury wasn’t caught earlier

    1. rocco…understand Dr C is well respected, I am not questioning that……but when a lot of the other pitchers, ie Harvey, decide to go to the one that specializes in it…why not Biddle also.
      And I am sure Dr C. would defer to Dr Andrews anyway.
      That’s why I am thinking it may not be as serious as they once thought and maybe his rehab could be sooner and shorter after the surgery….don’t know and will probably not know. Just speculating.
      Heck, even current Philies rookie pitcher , Alec Asher went to Dr Andrews in 2006….and he was 14-years at the time.
      In any event, hope Jesse Biddle is able to resume his career ambitions and pitches again.

        1. Maybe it didn’t bother him until near the end.
          Or he didn’t let anyone know and just pitched through the discomfort.
          Do you really think the team and organization would let him continue to pitch if he complained of discomfort.
          They take all kinds of precautionary measures…and especuially with him

          1. Do I think they’d let him continue to pitch through discomfort/pain? Yes, actually I do. The Phillies seem to have been on some misguided campaign to toughen Biddle up. He is the kid who was asked to pitch through the effects of whooping cough. He was the kid expected to pitch through plantar fascitis. He is also the kid expected to pitch through post-concussion symptoms. So, this was likely just the next thing he felt he was expected to pitch through. I’ve seen Biddle kept in games, with nobody warming in the pen, when he had totally lost his motion, was clearly laboring, and looked like he had injured his arm. I saw him treated that way twice. I think the Phillies treatment of Biddle has been irrationally abusive. He’s a rich kid. He doesn’t fit with typical baseball culture. The Phillies are very old school. Toughen the kid up! He needs to learn to pitch through discomfort. I also think his injury is very possibly the not-unforeseen consequence of changing how he throws to pitch through all the physical woes he was asked to pitch through. It’s a pity. When Biddle first arrived at Reading, he showed he had a wealth of ability. He pitched really well.

            1. So do I. They do have a history of it – Halladay comes to mind as their #1 offender for this. Obviously we can’t say that he would have been any better had it been handled differently, but watching what became of him in his last few years…

              Granted, post-surgery rehab is a bitch, but if Biddle was pitching hurt, why was nothing done about it until now? He’d be missing time either way, but if it had been done earlier, he wouldn’t have missed an entire season.

            2. allentown….you are so far off the mark it isn’t worth a response.
              But I will say this…..he went through all the medical tests, exams and doctor’s evaluations for each of his ailments, and cleared to play.

            3. Allentown, you and msankey are correct in that the Phillies secretly run a Gulag camp under the disguise of a baseball team. What a strange and weird post!

  2. Phillies need to learn to stop drafting players from PA. Baseball is very weak at the high school and college level, and only the rarest of exceptions ever pans out.

    1. I would have agree with you bye bye about 5 years ago. . But the baseball now is really getting better, These kids play and workout year round. When my older son played. its was 15 games then playoffs, summer off , then fall ball another 10 games or so. Now these kids play all summer long in leagues. and fall ball. then they go inside to places like the hit doctor and work out. travel to Virginia and places to play touraments in march and april. they just play a lot more. I Don’t know if I ever said this but trout hit at hit doctor too. Your starting to see more and more good programs. Neumann goretti has a good program and has a inside place to workout year round. I think about 10 kids got college scholarship. Germantown academy has one kid in boston program and another good prospect coming out. so its getting better, cause they play more.

    2. BIddle was not short on talent. Seeing him pitch at Reading in 2013 and the start of 2014, I can testify that the kid could really pitch.

  3. I remember two years ago Biddle making Franco look downright silly in the Futures Game, would not have thought then these two would be where they are now.

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