Box Score Recap – 7/11/2015

Lehigh Valley (39-51) lost to the Pawtucket Red Sox 7-2.  Jason Berken gave up 3 runs on 10 hits in 6 innings and left trailing by one run.  Seth Rosin pitched the Pigs in a deeper hole and the offense could not make up the deficit.  Aaron Altherr (.324) went 2-4 with an RBI and stolen base.  Russ Canzler and Ethan Chapman each had 2 hits.  Gabriel Lino (.274) went 1-4.

Reading (47-42) split a DH with the Akron RubberDucks.  Ben Lively lost a 1-0 game when the Phils were no-hit in the 7 inning game.  Lively struck out five in 5.1 innings.  Edubray Ramos made his debut with 2 runners on base and retired the 2 batters he faced.  A cam Perkins two-out walk in the first inning represented the Phils’ only base runner.

The Phils won the second game in 8 innings 4-3.  The teams combined for 5 runs in the extra inning.  Ethan Martin allowed 1 run on 4 hits in 4.0 innings.  Tom Windle struck out 3 in 2 perfect innings.  Ryan O’Sullivan got the win with one shutout inning.  Stephen Shackleford got his 19th save.  Andrew Knapp (.319) went 2-4 with a double and an RBI.

Clearwater (49-38) lost to the Fort Myers Miracle 6-1.  Victor Arano allowed runs in 4 of his 5 innings.  Cody Forsythe pitched one shutout inning.  Jairo Munoz made his debut and allowed an unearned run in 2 innings.  Chace Numata (.295) went 2-4 with a double and RBI.  Malquin Canelo and Aaron Brown went 2-4.  Canelo stole a base.  Carlos Tocci had an outfield assist.  Nine of the Threshers 10 hits were singles.

Lakewood (42-43)  beat the Hickory Crawdads 4-3 in 10 innings.  The Crawdads got most of their offense off Shane Watson in his 4 innings.  Joey DeNato, Alexis Rivero, and Matt Hockenberry held the Dads to 2 hits and 2 walks over the final 6 innings.  DeNato picked off one of the runners.  Hock got the win.

Deivi Grullon went 3-4 with a double, HR (3), and RBI.  Scott Kingery went 1-3 with a double.  Kyle Martin (.333) went 1-4 with an RBI. Cord Sandberg went 1-4.  Herlis Rodriguez (.306) went 1-4 with a SF and 2 RBI including the game-tying RBI in the 8th and walkoff.

Williamsport (16-5) beat the Connecticutt Tigers 10-3.  Mitch Gueller gave up 1 run on 3 hits and 3 walks in 5 innings.  Lewis Alezones got lit up in one-third of an inning.  Kenny Koplove inherited a bases loaded situation and allowed only one run to score an a sacrifice fly.  Anthony Sequeira mopped up.

Everybody hit tonight.  Zack Coppola (.346) went 2-4 with a double and sac.  Mark Laird (.257) went 3-4 with a walk, stolen base, and RBI.  Venn Biter (.311) went 2-5 with a HR (2) and 2 RBI.   Jose Pujols (.338) went 2-4 with a double.  Brendon Hayden (.344) went 3-4 with a walk, HR (2) and 3 RBI.  Josh Tobias (.326) went 1-5.  Austin Bossart went 3-4 with 2 RBI.  William Cuicas had 2 RBI.

GCL Phillies (13-4) beat the GCL Pirates 8-2 with 6 runs in the 10th inning. Sam McWilliams gave up 1 earned run on 3 hits in 5 innings.  Kevin Walsh, Sutter McLoughlin (who picked up his 2nd win), and Victor Delgado continued to dominate the Pirates allowing 3 hits over the final 5 innings.  All 4 pitchers combined to issue ZERO walks.

Jonathan Arauz (.273) went 2-5 with a triple and 2 RBI.  Cornelius Randolph (.283) went 1-4 with a double and 2 RBI.  Luis Encarnacion (.328) went 2-4 with an RBI.  Jose Antequera went 1-2 with a HR (1) and 2 RBI.  Edgar Cabral went 1-3 with a solo HR (1).  Arquimedes Gamboa went 2-4.

DSL Phillies (21-16) lost to the DSL Indians 5-4.

VSL Phillies (20-28) lost to the VSL Rays 13-5 in 12 innings.  They blew a 4-1 lead after seven innings and had to score in the bottom of the ninth to play extras.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Philadelphia Phillies recalled David Buchanan from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • Philadelphia Phillies optioned Severino Gonzalez to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

55 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/11/2015

  1. Seems like with all the recent promotions and guys adjusting to new levels the box scores have been less exciting.

    1. Yeah I wonder how big it is to move from Lakewood to Clearwater. I wonder the difference in pitching. canelo and tocci are not tearing it up.

  2. The gulf team and Williamsport stoll hot. AAA and AA have some of best talent but it’s thin. The last 2 draft were much better but the trades some some bad.

  3. You cannot help but be excited about the state of the farm system.

    There are a lot of good things happening up and down the system. Whoever ends up being the new GM I hope they leave the LA staff in place and has faith in the process.

    The next two years may be rough but the seeds of success have been planted in the system.

  4. David I will get excited then they are hitting and pitching in higher levels. I like to see the kids in lower levels. but its when they get to reading and lhv that’s when you really start to see if they are prospects. I Know you are a real fan. from your post. we all are fans. or we wouldn’t be on here. but now its up to Middleton and the other owner to take the steps to upgrade this team. signs some Cubans over the age that counts against next years international budget if they are good prospects. and blow up the budget next year when you have top money to spend . the braves are in on the best prospect already , why? work on getting that kid to come to us. I don’t like your last statement the next two years may be rough, if doesn’t have to be with there financial resources.

    1. that doesn’t count against next years international budget’s, I meant so we have the most to spend. sorry

    2. rocco…I am with you on that one altenative…..blow the budget and sign 20-year old Eddy Juio Martinez. Right away he and JPC are dual number ones in the farm system.And in 2017 they are both up in Philly.
      And secondly, spend and sign multiple “Marchan” signings for $300K and less under the penalty phase. Sal A. is competent enough to get talent, plus yuo already have a fairly stable LA pipeline in the nakings now.
      And third…….take that $5M international pool money as the last place time/first place in the slotting….and move it to a team for prospects as the D-Backs did with the Phillies. And you get a couple more prospects..

      1. Imagine you want to buy a house.

        There is a neighborhood you like, but a bunch of people are already looking to buy there, and few houses remain. Prices are being driven higher. You can afford the mortgage, but you will be house poor for years if you buy there.

        Next year, however … you are getting a pay raise and will have much more money to spend. There is new construction happening, so the stock of houses will be better. And all of those people who were bidding against one another the previous year are now saddled with mortgages and out of the market.

        Do you bid against everyone to get one of the few houses left this year? Or do you wait a year, take that fat stack of cash and saunter into the new development, where you could have the pick of the litter?

        I don’t know about you, but I’m choosing the latter.

        1. Actually you are buying houses in the new development…site unseen, if you want to draw that analogy.
          The houses that remain are top-notch….so you decide to buy a house already unbuilt with a construction firm that could be entrepreneurial in establishment.
          Now to the real world…..Martinez at his age is already developed.
          A 16-year old at 2/3M next year….will who knows….plenty of Ynoas/Guzman’s in the past in the 16-yearold market of LAs..
          IMO….I take the finished product and get more advanced prospects from teams willing to take in more international allocation money next year…….Chris Olive was a top ten round pick in 2014. Plus you still get to spend up to $300K as much as you want.

          1. Of course there are 16-year-olds who don’t develop as envisioned … just as there are Cubans. That’s what scouts are for. You act as if Martinez is this polished sure thing that is worth blowing next year’s potential bonanza over. The reports I’ve read are divided on his worth.

            Besides, its seems the latest can’t-miss Cuban comes out every year. Why not wait, sign some high upside LA kids, and go over for next year’s next big thing?

            1. Numero Uno: to MLB.
              Eddy Julio Martinez | Rank: 1
              Hometown: Las Tunas, Cuba
              Position: OF Age: 20 DOB: 1/18/1995 Bats: R Throws: R Height: 6’2″ Weight: 195 lb. VIDEO

              Scouting grades: Hit: 60 | Power: 60 | Run: 70 | Arm: 60 | Field: 60
              Think a young Andruw Jones. That’s how some scouts have described the 20-year-old center fielder from Cuba. Evaluators like his body — described as solid and compact — and his athleticism. But there’s a lot more to like.
              In the batter’s box, Martinez has a quick and compact power stroke. He’s shown the ability to hit home runs to all fields and work the counts. He’s speedy out of the box and shows base-stealing potential. Described as “hard-nosed,” Martinez is aggressive and not afraid to take an extra-base.
              Martinez has shown good instincts on defense and the ability to cover the gaps in the outfield. Those skills combined with a playable and accurate arm make scouts believe he will stay in center field and could be in the big leagues in after a couple of seasons in the Minor Leagues. Scouts also like that Martinez has experience playing for Cuba’s junior national teams in Mexico and Venezuela and that he spent two seasons with Las Tunas in Cuba’s Serie Nacional, the island’s top league.
              Martinez, who was declared a free agent by Major League Baseball in May, is eligible to sign. However, it is unclear if he will sign during the current international signing period or wait until the next period that begins on July 2. He is currently training in the Dominican Republic.
              The Cubs, Yankees, Angels, Blue Jays, Nationals, Rockies, Tigers, Dodgers, Giants and White Sox are among the teams that have expressed serious interest in Martinez.

            2. At 20-years old, and already playing two years in the Serie Nacionale…and well proportioned physically…..a corner OF would be fine with me…..and doubles power now, IMO, means more lift in a few more years. But he may only be a 20 max HR guy…but may be coupled with 30/35 doubles that would be more then what they have now or the foreseeable future.
              Nevertheless, Phillies will not pursue him…..that is not their in character.

          2. No, you can’t. You can spend 10k on as many guys as you want without it counting against your spend.

        2. Multiple sources have the Braves reaching agreement with Kevin Maitan. So much for “sauntering in and taking the pick of the litter”. Having the largest bonus pool gives us no advantage over teams with smaller pools and a willingness to go over them.

          1. Don’t get too worked up. We snagged Ortiz early and everyone had a fit. That is why there were all of those articles published by people that had never seen him before calling him fat.

            There is still the 19 yo OF from Cuba who just defected.

            1. I was unhappy because I thought they were going to incur a penalty. I was wrong, and now I think it was a very good move, especially for the position it sets them up for next year.

              I also don’t think most others that had a problem with this still complained after the extra pool money was obtained…. Most.

            2. The Ortiz kid did not fat and he actually is built like Ryan Howard. It is truly amazing how writers can put out such uninformed junk and opinions,

            1. Exactly.
              The Cheringtons/Theo/Cashmans/ Freidmans/Daniels of the world realize there is really no ‘penalty’ in terms of prospects or draft choice losses, so go over the budget , pay the tax fine, and get the best available talent.
              And hope they pan out.
              Cubs and Yankees started in 2013.
              The Phillies way is the conservative frugal slow-process due diligence way, ‘drag the feet’……of the old regime….will see how John Middleton wants it done.

            2. But there is a penalty. They are excluded from being players for the big ticket LA amateurs for 2016-17 (some for 2017-18 as well, I believe).

              This creates an opportunity for the Phils next year. And if you don’t think they’re going to open their wallets and take advantage of it, then you’re kidding yourself. This is not the Phillies organization of the 1990s.

            3. This is what confuses me at times with Ben Badler’s reporting:
              ‘The Phillies, who are likely to stay in the cellar, might not be able to sign anyone for more than $300,000.’

              ….does he know something more or is he just assuming the Phillies will overspend in the next month or two?

            4. Of course Maitan is not the only player out there. We may very well have a deal in place with someone ourselves. But Maitan is the best player, which shows that other teams are ready to step up and replace the usual suspects who will be in the penalty box.

            5. @Romus: That report came when the Phils had a deal to sign Ortiz for more than $4 million but had not traded for Arizona’s allotment. I’d guess that is where that statement came from.

      1. It is a great article and I agree that we are moving beyond luck into where they are doing something right.

        You cannot help but be excited at the developments in Florida. There is talent and depth. Enough depth that in two years we could be looking at a Cubs/Astros/Royals situation.

  5. Altherr had a 10.8% BB rate and a 15.4% K rate in 260 PAs with Reading earlier this year. Those rate are 9.9% and 18.5% in 81 PAs at LV. I’m absolutely gushing over the year he’s putting together. I want to see more, but so far so good after 81 AAA PAs

    1. Wouldn’t mind if the Phillies moved Ben Revere or Dom Brown in a trade and bring up Altherr at the start of August….he would get another 20 games or so at LKV through the end of July, and , maybe another 80/90 PAs. He seems like he is ready at 24-years old. It is time to see what he can do at the MLB level for a few months down the stretch.

      1. I Wouldn’t mind if they move all there outfielders except herrara. I could care less what they get. I Like to see dugan and altheer up after allstar break. It wouldn’t hurt to see what we have in those two.

        1. I wouldn’t mine if everyone was traded except Franco and the 10 5 guys because they have the say , then we can move all triple A and double A up.


      2. Romus – a bit of a shift in your position on Altherr? Perhaps a tad more optmistic than a month ago? 😉

        1. A bit….want to see him at the big level….he turns 25 before next season….he is ready IMO.
          And also like to see Dugan get a Sept call-up after the MiLB seasons are over.

      3. MLBTraderumors reports Pirates interested in Revere and Franceour, I say send them Hammels too and make it a Big Trade

  6. nice to see a good relief outing from Windle with no walks. Noticed that the guy who no-hit Reading, Ryan Merritt, has just 76 walks in 478 career minor league innings (just 338 k’s though)

  7. Altherr’s season has been unreal. I don’t ever remember a player who performed this much better as he was promoted to the higher levels. He’s a .700 OPS, high strikeout hitter in A ball, but a .850 OPS, low strikeout guy in AA and AAA? Seems he got a small taste of the Majors last year, a light switch went on, and he decided he was going back .

  8. Lots to enjoy from last night. Altherr, McWilliams, knapp, pujols, lively, arauz. Plenty to follow. With 110 losses ahead combined with Embiid news, we really need the minors to continue to improve. Lots of pressure on Chip….haha

  9. Romus when is the last day to sign this years draft picks. I am hoping Jacob signs/ but doubt it he is hitting 93 in the summer league/

  10. Saw Edubray Ramos pitch for Reading, he threw 4 pitches all strikes I believe. I know the announcer said one of them hit 97. He got the first batter on a 3 pitch strike out and then a one pitch pop up to the next batter. Looking forward to seeing more from him.

  11. To allentown1…in refernce to what you posted the other day on penalties…according to Bben Badler he writes:
    In the current CBA, there is a section called “Penalties in Signing Periods Preceding a Draft Year,” which states that, “In any signing period commencing in the year prior to a year in which there will be an international draft, a Club that exceeds its Signing Bonus Pool will be subject to the penalties listed below.” The penalty for going 15 percent or more beyond your bonus pool are “100% tax on all of the Pool overage and loss of loss of (sic) 1st round picks in next two succeeding international drafts.”
    Would those penalties carry over into the next CBA? Presumably, if there is an international draft in 2017, but the CBA wasn’t written with that in mind. What if there’s no international draft in 2017 but there is in 2018, a possibility given how the current CBA is structured? On Tuesday morning, I asked the commissioner’s office to clarify what the penalties would be for a team exceeding its bonus pool in the 2016-17 signing period, but they didn’t respond to the request.
    These are important questions, ones teams have brought up, and they deserve to have MLB give them answers so they can know the rules they’re operating under when they make decisions. For the purpose of this strategy, however, it doesn’t make a big difference. In a worst-case scenario, there will be an international draft in 2017, and the team that goes over next year loses its 2017 and 2018 first-round international draft picks.

    ……if it stands then, penalized teams will lose their picks

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