Open Discussion: Week of July 6th

Here’s an open discussion thread so the minor league posts don’t get cluttered with Phillies’ talk and other topics.

In the past week, the Phillies have –

  • Announced the hiring of Andy MacPhail to succeed Pat Gillick as club President.
  • Announced interim mgr. Pete Mackanin will be remain thru the end of the season.
  • Announced the signing of international free agents Jhailyn Ortiz & Rafael Marchan.
  • Opened up a 7.5 game lead over Miami. Colorado & Milwaukee are a half game back.
  • Released Yoel Mecias (Prospect rank: #19 MLB, #10 PP Top 30, #6 Fangraphs, #12 BA, #14 Sickels, #4 BP, #4 MinorThoughts, unranked by Law)
  • Announced the trading of Future Considerations, RHP Chris Oliver and LHP Josh Taylor to Arizona for Future Considerations.

The two pitchers represent one-third of Lakewood’s starting rotation.  Shane Watson replaced Yoel Mecias (released) who replaced Ricardo Pinto (promoted to Clearwater).  Taylor’s spot comes up tomorrow.  Oliver’s on Thursday.  Their rotation looks like this over the next 6 days – Not Taylor, Viza, Casimiro, Not Oliver, Garcia, Watson.  Fill in the blanks!

I included a quick primer on the International Bonus Pool /Slots in the Box Score Report for July 5th.  In case this is one of the topics you guys want to discuss, I have copied it here for easier reference.

  • According to MLB Trade Rumors, the teams’ future considerations are the exchange of Arizona’s #1 slot in the International Bonus Pool for Philadelphia’s #9 slot.
  • Baseball America published the International Bonus Pools in February. The Phillies’ entire allocation was $3,041,700; far short of the amount needed to cover the contracts reported to have been offered to outfielder Jhailyn Ortiz and catcher Rafael Marchan.
  • Baseball America published the International Bonus Slots in April. The International Bonus Pool is comprised of a $700,000 base plus the four Internatinal Bonus Pool Slots assigned to each team. The slots are awarded to teams in reverse winning percentage order from the previous Championship Season. Philadelphia received slots 9, 39, 69, and 99.
  • So, the exchange of the Phillies’ #9 slot ($1,352,100) and Arizona’s top slot ($3,590,400) results in a net gain of $2,238,300. Their total International Bonus Pool would rise from $3,041,700 to $5,280,000.
  • But, a team is not permitted to spend more than their Bonus Pool by more than 50%. So, the Phillies would only have $4,562,550 available in their new International Bonus Pool. The reason they have to exceed the amount they can actually spend is that the rules stipulate teams can only trade International Bonus Pool money in the values assigned to the International Bonus Pool Slots.
  • Why was all this necessary? Well, if a team exceeds their International Bonus Pool, they are prevented from signing a player for over $300,000 during the next International Signing Period.  Arizona exceeded their allotment last year. The Phillies struck a deal so that they wouldn’t suffer the same punishment next year.
  • I think this is pretty accurate.  Got it?


193 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of July 6th

  1. Hernandez is hitting nearly 300 , does chase ever see the field again or does he retire mid season ala Brooks Robinson? sad, but a fact of life…

    1. Cesar Hernandez is becoming quite a player. He’s given little glimpses of this in the past. A few years ago in AAA, I noted that Hernandez was continually improving in all aspects of his game and had gotten quite a bit stronger. Even over a month ago, if you watched the games you saw that Hernandez had excellent plate discipline, hit line drives everywhere, and had a great approach at the plate – it seemed like only a matter of time before his numbers improved.

      I love this player. He works hard at his entire game and the cumulative effect of all the minor improvements is now starting to take shape. Cesar Hernandez is, right now, quite a good starting second baseman and he seems to have even more upside. His returning to being a part time player after Utley returns is pretty much unthinkable if the team is thinking at all rationally. A team that is in the process of losing about 110 games, with bad older players is not in a position to take one of its best young players and replace him with a statistically horrible old player. I know Chase Utley is a franchise icon and I loved him as a player. But Cesar has to play pretty much every day. If they want to to shift him around at short and third to get Utley some playing time at second, I’m fine with that, but it would be a crime for Cesar not to be in the line-up at least 80-90% of the time.

      1. I could see Chase announcing his retirement at the all-star break…Schmittt did something like that in May ’89. I am sure the Phillies would also take care of Chase’s financial contractual requirements.

      2. It is worth noting that he has a BABIP of .359. He has always had high BABIPs but that seems unlikely to sustain to me. It was .400 in June and is .588 in July. I am guessing he cools off a bit.

        1. Cesar is arriving at his natural average, which is over .300. He is doing this because he is playing regularly. He has improved his hitting so he could hit for a higher average in the future. Right now he is flying. Go Cesar

          1. Natural average as in batting average? Or BABIP? Because very few players have BABIP below .300. And if you mean batting average, if he isn’t over .300 with a .359 BABIP, I wouldn’t hold my breath for him to be a .300 hitter regularly.

            There’s some good and some bad to what we’re seeing from Cesar right now.

            The Good:

            – EXCELLENT line drive percentage. And I do mean excellent. If he qualified, he’d be ranked 3rd among all qualified batters currently, behind only Brandon Belt and Matt Carpenter.
            – Lowered GB%. That boost in line drives has come entirely out of his groundballs, and groundballs are the least likely of the three (GB, FB, LD) to become a hit. So that is ideal.
            – His ISO has nearly doubled from last year (.044 to .086) and it isn’t because of more flyballs becoming homeruns than usual.
            – He’s using the entire field.
            – He’s making contact (both in and out of the strike zone) at above average rates.
            – He’s swinging at pitches out of the zone less often than the league average, indicating he might be improving on his discipline/batting eye.
            – His walks are up, and his K’s are down. Both facets are above league average.
            – He’s been a decent base stealer.

            The Bad:
            – That LD% doesn’t fully explain the heightened BABIP. I expect that to come down.
            – His ISO is still WELL below average (.143 is the league average at the moment).
            – His speed is average at best.
            – His Hard Hit % and Soft Hit % are below average (meaning he’s making weaker contact than the league average).
            – He hits an inordinate amount of balls to the opposite field. I put this as bad because his weak contact combined with this makes me think he’s having trouble getting around on the ball, but it could be that he’s just hitting the ball where it’s pitched. Keep an eye on this going forward.
            – He bunts too much.
            – His defense has thus far graded out as below average. Granted it’s too soon to rely on the metrics, but scouts have also said that about him pretty much universally.

            So overall it’s hard to say what we’ve got here. He doesn’t necessarily need to have good power or defense to be a useful piece, but I’m worried that his current offense is a mirage and without it he’s a bench player at best. He’s certainly earned more playing time (not that there’s currently anyone to take it away from him…). But I’m keeping my optimism in check. He basically needs to be this hitter for the entire year in order to be a first division regular.

            1. Have to say a very good analysis of the CH phenomena of late.
              Though I had thought in the past that ground balls may be a bit higher in hits then, FBs, by non-power guys.

            2. Good analysis – I hear you. I think his fielding is much improved and that, over time, the metrics will reflect that, at 2nd at least, he’s pretty decent. At least average and perhaps more than that going forward. I was at a ST game when he pretty much took the entire game over with a series of superb defensive plays. I’ll bet a lot of what we see as range a range issue is probably positioning (Utley grades up because of outstanding positioning and anticipation) and CH is a heady player who will come along on that front. But it’s hard to work on when you’re not playing – now he is.

            3. @Romus,
              I actually misspoke on that point. FB are, in fact, the least likely to become hits. But you also have to factor in that a groundball can be a double play and a flyball can be a homerun. For Cesar it would probably be better to hit less flyballs. I was going to correct myself, but I was kinda burnt out from all that writing.

              Positioning may be one aspect of it. I’m not entirely convinced his first step is as good as Utley’s, though. His arm is better than Utley’s, but his reflexes seem to be worse. He may be able to work his way to average, or maybe above average, and that would definitely take some of the pressure off his bat (which would then mean he could conceivably be a first division regular while also regressing on offense some). We’ll see, I guess. But you must remember that most of Utley’s strides defensively came in his first couple of years at the position. I’m not sure how much room there is left for improvement for a guy that’s been playing the position professionally for the better part of 7 years.

              He may have access to more information now (which would allow for better positioning perhaps) but I’d say if he doesn’t grade out better this year than previously, this is likely what we get on defense.

            4. I Understand the sabermetrics. are here to say. I don’t use them, I look at CH. What I see is a kid who knows how to get on. a kid who works the count. IMO a nice leadoff hitter or two hole hitter. bunting to get on is a lost art. love how he works the count. One of the few kids in years since chase came up that knows how to play the game. I haven’t seen a below fielder but I guess you cant tell by watching him play, that is old school. I Wonder what the sabermetrics would have been Matty Alou. he won a batting title and never hit a ball hard. Use to chop the ball to left side of infield and get on.

            5. rocco….just saw where Matty Alou..of his 15 seasons…had only 5 seasons with 3 or better WAR and four of them were in his prime age27-through 30age seasons….career WAR of 23.

    2. Dom Brown is batting 190 J roll 207 . C Herandez is Nice little player if the Phillies wanted him long term they never drafted Kingsley or Tobias this yr.. he has no options left the best the Phillies can do is trade him at the deadline . Wh@en Crawford and kingsley come Up either him or Galvis will go on the bench.
      Cesar ceiling Is now he has some gap power with some speed. This isn’t his first time here. Dom Brown is hitting under 190 with no power he should released. Start to bring up Dugan and Perkins etc . This is season is over but Ultey should decide when he is done. Playing Ultey does no real harm has far wins go. The pitching staff other then Hamels and Morgan is bad . The pen is now over used .

        1. The offense started to take off when Franco was moved to the 3 spot.

          Of course they created a new problem by moving Ruiz to the 5 spot when he should be hitting 8th but this team has done this all year long.

      1. No Chase should not decide when he is done. When healthy, he should do a rehab and come back to the team, but he shouldn’t be awarded the starting base job. Chase has lost it on merit and Hernandez has shown that he deserves a longer look. It is very much in the Phillies’ interest for Chase’s option not to vest and his level of play this year hasn’t come close to justifying 500 AB. His option should be allowed not to vest on merit. There is no question but that he was given every opportunity to succeed during the first three months of the season. He was the worst starting player in all of baseball. Hernandez clearly has outplayed him. It is not even close.

        1. Chase even injured has hit 5 hr 24 rbi , and lead the team in walks. I don’t Cesar has 5 hr ever. Yes he had 1 good month that came after Franco was moved behind him. Nobody really knows him the second the around is usually harder.

          1. But it is time to move on.
            This team needs to see the younger players play.
            Even Mac says that.

          2. If Chase did not have a $15 million option I would say let him split time but this option hangs over the head of the team and can be used to sign a top level free agent.

            If Chase wants to do the right thing he should retire.

            1. This DL trip will prevent the option from vesting. Also, which FA would you sign this offseason for that money instead?

            2. A Top level is way more then 15 mil. They have to go 2 top Fa pitchers either international or Mlb. Until Kingsley or Tobias are ready they could put micky mouse at 2nd. If any one thinks Utley salary will be the major reason to get back to winning. Please see C LEE and Ryan Howard Dom Brown Mag.tbere a hole bunch of wasted pay roll out there. I hope Ultey comes out and hits like he can . Will it matter no the phillies will still be bad.

            3. I think the Phillies will wait until roster expand and pay his contract , and let him go to a contender, if someone wants him.

      2. This statement is not true – in baseball you would never not draft someone based on Cesar Hernandez playing 2B everyday for 2 weeks…..

        1. Some people were talking long term about CH as the long term 2nd base man. I over reacted q bit. There so many players on this not earning there salaries including Amaro . Amaro gone in 90 days Hernadez will slow down nobody can carry that galls in Play per . I watched him the last 2 days he’s toping the ball on high pitches. Right handed is his power side but a lot less solid contact. He only has 3 extra Base hits left-handed but makes more contact.

  2. I just want to see Chase go out well. That, for me, is almost the most important thing this year

  3. We can wish, but Chase has been a perfectionist. He will not leave of his own accord (remember Steve Carlton) because he thinks he can still play at the major league level. It has not hit him, like it did Schmidt, that he can’t do it anymore. I saw Schmidt against the Cubs the Sunday before he retired. He hit a weak fly to right on a pitch he would have killed the year before. He knew it was time. Utley is doing the same thing now, but he has not seen it. For all of us who can see this happening it is painful, but it will be up to the management to pull the plug, as they did with Carlton, who was very upset and kept trying with other teams until he realized it was over. Painful process.

    1. Carlton was nearly broke because his financial advisors did not advise well.

      1. Not replying to your comment soap, but just to the thread on Utley. I agree that it would be nice for him to retire on his own terms but as stated above not sure when that will hit him. My guess is the Phils will give him all the time in the world to figure it out. Like Cliff Lee they are very slow to react and as we know it has its pluses and minuses. I for one choose to focus on the pluses. Utley was a big part of what made this team tick for the last decade. He deserves as much respect if not more than he is getting.

        I like Cesar as well, however this team needs some power somewhere. Right now the only real potential for future power on this team is Franco and I don’t see it in the 30 – 40 clout a year category. We have lost power at short, 2nd, 1st, RF and LF and only gained some at 3rd. Even C, and CF in Ruiz and Victorino had some pop.
        Basically the only position they did not have power at from 2007 – 2011 was 3rd. Now it is the other way around.

        So while many of us might like; Cesar, Asche, Galvis, Herrera or Revere or any of the others on the current roster. There is going to need to be at least 5-6 upgrades to the starting lineup for us to start beating teams with the bat again.

        Without being to repetitive, one of the big mistakes this team made since 2007 is believing that it was all about pitching. Our minor leagues (still mostly at the lower levels) is just starting to recover from that mindset.

        1. Speaking of this team offensively and the need for power in the future, I wouldn’t be at all concerned about having a 2B with little power. If you assume the following going forward from within the organization:

          2B – C Hernandez
          SS – Crawford
          3B – Franco
          CF – Altherr

          I could see a lineup where Crawford is batting 1st, Franco 5th, Altherr 6th, and Hernandez 7th. This would mean you would need a C, 1B, LF, and RF batting 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 8th. I don’t see internal options at those positions at this time to bat 3rd and 4th, although one could argue that Hoskins could be that someday, or that Franco could bat 3rd or 4th, but I could see it playing out this way:

          1 – Crawford SS
          2 – Kingery or C Hernandez 2B
          3 – Free Agent LF/RF
          4 – Franco 3B
          5 – Free Agent 1B
          6 – Altherr CF
          7 – Free Agent LF/RF
          8 – Lino / Rupp / Knapp or FA C

          If the Phils employ 4 or 5 young players pre or early arbitration, they will have no issues filling 2-3 positions with free agents, or trading for established young, near free agency young players. I’m also really hoping that one of those corner OF gaps listed above is filled through a Hamels trade, and/or an international signing next year when the Phils have free reign over a market with most big spending teams shut out.

          1. With all the money flowing into MLB from the current National TV contract plus most teams dramatic increase in local revenue, it is not realistic to think they can sign 2-3 quality free agent bats. Young FA bats just don’t hit the open market like the did in the past. They MAY be able to get one player from a trade of Hamels. International signings are probably the only other method. Upton and Heyward are the only two quality bats and they will cost 20M per season. And why would they want to come to Philly right now?

        2. I agree but would say the obsession with pitching began when Ruben took over. That team has not been a good hitting team since 09 and has been consistently declining offensively but Ruben was blind to it all with his wooden aphorisms about ‘pitching wins championships’.

          Fine, but someone needed to communicate to him that players don’t peak in their early to mid 30’s. (Statistically, about age 27) , at least not in the post steroid era. Man, do I miss that 09 lineup.

  4. Visiting my son here in LA. Going to the game tonight – was hoping it would be Hamels, but no luck. Maybe it’s best it isn’t as they just do not score for him. OTOH, they’ll be hard pressed to match the runs given by O’S. At least I won’t feel bad about Jimmy’s pop ups.

    I had always been patient with Cody Asche, a gamer but always a “late bloomer”. Unlike the failure of Dom Brown, how long do we wait for Asche to meet an assumed potential? He’s running out of time, especially with Altherr and soon Dugan waiting in the wings (and Quinn when he’s back).

      1. New position aside, a plate appearance is a plate appearance no matter what position he is playing. I believe Vermont is mostly referring to Asche’s hitting.

  5. I really think the way the Phils will handle this situation is to move Ryan Howard anywhere, anyhow this month, and have Chase come back and play almost every day at 1B, while Cesar takes over the everyday 2B job for the remainder of the year, and probably next year at a minimum. At the time Chase returns, his vesting option will be a non-factor, and there really isn’t anyone to play 1B this year in terms of a prospect that Chase would be blocking. In essence, I’d say Chase will play vs RHP (75% of the games roughly) and Ruf will play vs LHP (25%). If Chase continues to struggle, and Ruf would start playing well, they could shift that allocation more and more if need be.

    OTOH, if they can’t find a home for Ryan Howard, and he remains healthy, I don’t know what the Phils are going to do, but considering this is a rebuild, they can’t possibly bench Cesar and make him a part time player again. His confidence is soaring right now and if he has to start looking over his shoulder and thinking about an 0 for 4 game means he’s going to sit tomorrow, you could do damage to his mental approach to the game and season. And shifting him around from 2B to SS to 3B to CF or LF, etc., is not the right way to handle this either. The only other option could be to move Chase to another team, pay his full salary, and not require anything of value in return, just to allow him to go somewhere where he could play and things wouldn’t get terribly awkward in Philly.

  6. You can see my comments above, but I’ll pose the question a different way here.

    Just thought it would be interesting to get every ones thoughts on the Phils future lineup. Looking at the Phils current MLB roster, looking at our farm…what is our lineup of the future and where do we still need people and why. Here is my example;

    SS – Crawford
    1st – Maybe Hoskins or someone else?
    2nd – Cesar if we can get power at all the other positions otherwise we need an upgrade
    3rd – Franco
    RF – Maybe Altherr or Dugan but then we need a power bat in LF and more power in CF
    CF – Quinn
    LF – Need a proven upgrade that I don’t see in the system yet
    C- Need an upgrade here that I don’t see in the system yet

    1. Herrera at 2B.

      Before we start pushing too many buttons, if we got Judge from the Yankees in a Hamels trade it would solve the power bat problems.

      Once the trade deadline gets here and guys get moved we will have a better idea of how the farm system shakes out.

      My fear is that the new GM decides he needs to make a splash and goes wild in the offseason like the Padres, Marlins, and Red Sox.

      1. Kingery will probably be the 2nd baseman. They will make every opp to ensure he gets a fair shake being a 2nd round pick.

        1. Romus are you larrymmmmm?? kingery is not anything right now. You have a young kid who is doing it at the big league level. I cant believe how this kid will do anything to get on. he has the makings of a fine leadoff hitter.

          1. Damned good point. I think the profile is for perhaps a bit more power (but I’m not sure).

            People don’t fully appreciate how good of player Cesar is becoming. So let me be clear about this – he’s becoming a very good player. If he continues to develop he’s the kind of guy who could become a first division regular. Cesar is a smart player. He’s obviously working at everything. For him to just start stealing bases at a high rate out of the blue is no coicidence – it’s just another thing he appears to be working on to give himself an advantage. The high walk rate too.

          2. ha…no rocco.
            Cesar needs to sustain…remember Freddy in April and May?
            if Cesar sustains then I will change my mind.

          3. Not sure what Cesar’s profile was at age 21-years old.
            Defensively they may have/had similar profiled
            At the plate……Kingery’s contact/hit tool is higher according to draft reports.
            But like I said, not sure what Cesar’s was at 21

            1. BA on Kingery:
              Kingery is a top-of-the-order line drive hitter with a short stroke and plus-plus speed. Scouts get times faster than 4.1 seconds on him to first base from the right side, yet Kingery lacks true basestealing instincts. He has a modest 5-foot-11, 175-pound frame but with solid hand strength and a compact short stroke at the plate
              MLB on Kingery:
              Kingery uses a quick, short stroke to spray line drives to all fields. He has an outstanding approach at the plate and is an on-base machine. Power isn’t a part of his game, which is fine for a hitter who profiles as a top-of-the-order catalyst. Kingery uses his plus speed to take extra bases and he should be a base-stealing threat in the future.

            2. Hernandez was listed as best defensive 2B in Florida State League at age 21 and best defensive 2B in the Eastern League at age 22. He finished his age 22 season in Allentown. He had an off year with the bat in Clearwater but bounced back to close to an .800 OPS at Reading. He was regarded as a good-fielding 2B throughout his minor league career and he was always age appropriate or a little young for his league. Kingery is at Lakewood at age 21 and not tearing up the league with his bat in SSS. That’s not to say he won’t become a very good 2B, but it suggests to me that he may not fly through the system as Asche did. There are probably at least a couple years for Hernandez to play 2B for the Phillies, before Kingery is ready to be a major league starter. If Hernandez has played well over those two seasons, then he should have decent trade value.

  7. Thinking about current prospect system ranks and I’m thinking trending (based off’s system rank):

    Up: Kilome, Pinto, Dugan, Tocci, Altherr, Garcia, Canelo, Hoskins, Lino, Ramos, Encarnacion, Jan Hernandez, H. Rodriguez, Pullin

    Down: Windle, Lively, Imhof, Knapp, S. Gonzalez, Valentin, J. Rodriguez, Z. Green, Arano

    About right: Crawford, Nola, Quinn, Eflin, Biddle, Grullon, Cozens, Brown

    Probably not ranking enough of the guys in W-sport – the Latin guys. Just don’t know much about them

    1. Agree for the most part, but don’t understand the disappointment with Knapp and Imhof.
      Knapp has not sky-rocketed up this season like Tocci or Hoskins, but is steady in a demanding position..
      Imhof was injured early on.
      I would think they would be ‘just about right’

      1. Imhof is stock down for me because of the injury and reports of slightly diminished velocity. Knapp strikes out a lot and hasn’t hit LHPs; those aren’t good signs for a guy who is supposed to be a bat-first catcher.

        1. Injuries are always stock down until the player shows he has recovered to the level of play prior to injury. Even then they are somewhat stock down due to the lost development time. Imhof has basically lost half a season. His last start on 3 July was the first in which he went 6 IP, a place he might have been expected to be coming out of ST. It was a very encouraging start with only one hit and no runs given up, but he still walked 4 while only striking out 3. It looks like he has finally rounded into form again, but 60% of the regular CLW season is past. As with Dugan, time lost to injury needn’t derail a career, but it certainly slows the march to the majors. That isn’t ceiling down, but it is stock down, because MLB ETA is important.

          1. Yes …injuries do contribute to a lower evaluation. Like you say, recovery to past performance is key.

      2. I agree. Knapp was having a good year at Clearwater before moving up to Reading where he is still playing well.

        I think it is way too early to determine “trending” on short season guys. Williamsport has played only 17 games. No pitcher has made more than 6 appearances. No starter has had more than 3 starts. Only two players have had more than 60 plate appearances, some players are still regressing to career norms. The GCL team has played even less.

    1. David…the latest Cuban ‘defecting superstar’ is going to hit the open market soon…OFer right-handed bat 6’2 , 195 lb Jorge Ona.
      Phillies could very well be a player with good odds.
      Why, process of elimination. Angels, Blue Jays, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Giants, Rays, Red Sox and Yankees are all prohibited from spending more than $300K on any one player in the 2016-17 international signing period due to exceeding their spending pools in either of the last two signing periods

      1. And if you go by this years allocation pool…the Phillies as last place in the MLB, would stand to get approx. $5M in allocation next season, and if they trade for an additional 50%, that could take them to approx. $7.5M…….they could easily sign the 19-year old Cuban OFer for $6/7M.

      2. I would make a run at him.

        This is a deal that makes sense to me. You can outspend everyone and not hurt your pipeline.

        Blindly spending money just to have a Cuban does not make sense to me.

        Going after a good, young player who fills a needs makes sense.

    2. Interesting. Not surprised about Crawford, but a little surprised about Nola although, frankly, I think he’s worthy of the ranking.

    3. And Franklyn Kilome was just outside the top 50. When was the last time the Phillies had two prospects in the top 10 as ranked by any national entity? Nice.

    1. He’s shot, basically. His last start wasn’t even one inning – he gave up 5 runs, and his ERA pretty much ballooned massively.

      In fact, none of his six appearances (May 17/27/31 and June 6/20/29) were more than 3 innings. Not sure if that was by design or not, but it’s obvious that he was on a short leash, even in the outings where he didn’t allow any runs.

  8. Top 10 prospects:

    01. JP Crawford
    02. Aaron Nola
    03. F Kilome
    04. C Randolph
    05. Roman Quinn
    06. Zach Eflin
    07. C Tocci
    08. Encarnacion
    09. A Altherr
    10. D Grullon

      1. No way, Pujols over Grullon. Grullon is the same signing class and already produced at Pujols’ current level, plus he’s a catcher.

    1. My revised list

      1. Crawford
      2. Nola
      3. Quinn
      4. Kilome
      5. Randolph
      6. Eflin
      7. Altherr
      8. Tocci
      9. Hoskins
      10. Kingery
      11. Canelo
      12. Pinto
      13. Dugan
      14. Encarnacion
      15. Lively
      16. Pujols
      17. Pullin
      18. Grullon
      19. Biddle (it’s “show me” time)
      20. Martin

      It’s a really deep list – the 19th and 20th guys could become good major leaguers over time.

  9. Sean O’Sullivan got 13 starts to prove his worth and he failed. He’s now headed to Lehigh, presumably for good. Not sure who is going to take his spot in the rotation. David Buchanan is supposed to pitch today, so if he gets “scratched”, he should be next up.

  10. In response to RemHoward and future lineup, I would hope by the July of next year, we see some semblance of that lineup. I’m thinking:

    Bench: Ruf, Asche, Galvis, Herrera

    These days, there isn’t a great difference between AA and AAA and with the current state of our organization, there isn’t a need for guys to spend much time in AAA. So guys like Crawford, Quinn and Hoskins (tearing it up at high A) aren’t far away. Obviously if a Hamels trade brings back a better player or 2, they get plugged in.

    Also, regarding catcher, Knapp and Rupp seem to complement each other almost perfectly. Rupp has graded out well defensively and hits lefties well. Knapp’s defense has been improving and he hits righties.

    1. I think this is a little aggressive/overly hopeful, for July of next year – not all of those guys from AA will be ready to be in a big league line-up by then.

      Also, to my point about how good of position Andy MacPhail has placed himself into, by 2016, the contract situation will be very good and by 2017, the team will have one of the lowest payrolls in baseball before new contracts are added (even with the Howard payoff, the 2017 starting salary point could be as low as $30-40 million, even assuming they add a few mid-level FAs – just ridiculously low). From a salary standpoint, Andy will have a lot of flexiblity – indeed, I’d go so far as to say maximum flexibility. It will be interesting to see what he does and where the team is by then. If, for example, everything came together really quickly (unlikely, but possible), he could add two huge contracts without making this a big budget team – I’m not saying he should do this, only that he will have tremendous, tremendous salary flexbility – almost like the Sixers.

  11. Roly de Armas just had C Randolph bunt in the 9th inning and he proceeded to get hit on the hand with a pitch?? An absolutely fireable offense for absolute stupidity.

      1. The situation was its two weeks into the season and your first round draft pick was hitting – you let him hit. You don’t play situational baseball w a $4 million player.

        1. He’s not a $ 4 million player. If he turns into, say, a 4 WAR player, he’s like an $80 million player (savings expected on player early in career).

            1. I know you were referring to his bonus – my point is that his value is that plus a whole lot more in expected perfomance/value savings if he turns into a really good player. It’s not just $4 million in a lost bonus – it’s a lot more than that if he has the upside we all think he has.

          1. Irrelevant. You don’t bunt your #3 hitter. A bunt is a bad play statistically. And it is poor management to do it with a first round pick in low A

            1. Thank you, that was certainly my point if I wasn’t clear enough the first two times.

            2. Bunting is an art that needs to be continually practiced by all……….pitchers.

          2. Actually hitting a baseball is a far more important fundamental then dropping a bunt.

            1. I am amazing how people who watch this game. feel bunting isn’t important. Its a great tool. moves runners into scoring postiton, puts pressure on the defense and pitchers, I guess everyone wants a homerun. the fundamentals are so poor, its like basketball. guys drive the lane without getting hit. Detroit won championship by owning the lane. forcing teams to beat you from the outside, Which is harder than a layup. Baseball is the same way, guys come up after a pitcher walks two guys, and swing at the first pitch. drives me nuts.

            2. The fact that your arguing for a sac bunt while ignoring the overwhelming data that shows its a poor statistical decision is mind boggling.

              Swinging at the first pitch after two walks is not even a remotely relevant comp for having your #3 hitter sac bunt in a Low A game 2 weeks into his pro career.

            3. This is like pulling teeth.
              A 1st round pick, hitting 3rd, bunting 2 weeks into a Low A season is so far beyond utterly stupid we don’t yet have a word for it. However defending said decision is simply ignorant.

            4. Also, try brushing up on success rates of sac bunts. Like this case for instance where the run [shockingly] didn’t score.

            5. Maybe try offering up a situation where this WOULD have been a good idea? We’ll wait.

            6. There’s empirical evidence that sac bunting doesn’t increase run probability but you’re going to argue for it? And argue for your 3-hole hitter to be the one who bunts? This is beyond stupid.

            7. And that’s not at all true about stolen bases BTW. They’re only a waste of time when utilized by teams with success rates under a certain percentage.

              And “small ball” is misnomer.

            8. Not crying, just pointing out your obsession with a long disproven tactic being employed by a team’s best hitter in the name of fundamentals. Because….smart baseball.

            9. Just pointing out a simple fact about baseball. Situation is important as is ow you read data.

              Case in point, if you look at Biddle’s numbers they do not seem that good but if you read the game recaps and dig deeper you know that he is pitching better than the numbers indicate.

            10. Ah… you’re wrong w regards to Biddle. B/c if you look a little closer at the #s then you can see improvement. Lower BB%, lower HR%, lower FIP, lower ERA, increased LOB% – all with a higher than normal BABIP.

          3. Why would you expect a commenter to be able to accurately provide the situation when he puts the blame on a manager who is at the Pan Am Games? Coach Delima was in charge when this occured.

  12. @roccom,

    I’m going to start a new thread for our discussion on Cesar, if you don’t mind, so that I can reply in nested comments to you rather than needing to reply to my own comment.

    You mention that Cesar is a guy that just “knows how to get on.” In one respect, that is accurate. The OBP is great and the BB% especially is something to be excited about. But we’re still talking about a player receiving a lot of luck. He isn’t hitting the ball with much authority, and when the luck starts going against him that triple slash will look less appealing. If the new-found ability to take walks is for real, that could save him from being hurt too much by bad luck. But it’s still unrealistic to expect his current hitting to continue; his BABIP would currently rank tied for 11th of 164 qualified hitters if he qualified. And of the people ahead of him, only Dee Gordon has less power, and Gordon plus Anthony Gose are the only ones with ISOs below .130 (the league average for ISO is .143).

    Now I bring that up because a high BABIP can be fueled by one of three things. The first is power. Hitters that drive the ball with authority very often will get hits on balls in play more often because, well, it’s hard to field a ball moving that quickly. The second is speed. And I don’t just mean above average, but true blistering speed. Cesar has what may actually approach plus speed, although he doesn’t utilize it all, but that isn’t enough for what we’re seeing. Gose and Gordon are guys that have stolen over 70 bases in a single season in the minors, meanwhile Cesar has 155 SB in 7+ seasons in the minors.

    So if Cesar isn’t relying on blistering speed or good power, that leaves option three; luck. Luck disappears. And when it does, that average will come down (and the rest of his triple slash with it). We just need to hope that it won’t come down TOO much.

    And it’s interesting that you bring up Matty Alou. You say he didn’t hit the ball hard, but he also didn’t have a high BABIP. His career average of .323 is a full 40 points below Cesar’s this year, and .323 would be a realistic standard for Cesar going forward. The difference between the two is that Alou was a .300 hitter even without inflated BABIP. Cesar will not be. Not as he currently is, at least. Cesar DOES take many more walks, though, so it may not be unrealistic to predict him to have a similar career OBP to Alou (.345).

    The question is, though, would you consider a career like Alou’s good? We’re talking about a player that had 3-4 borderline all-star years, 2 years of being average, and 8 or so of being a replacement level player. A player like that has utility, especially during his prime, but I don’t know if that will be good enough to hold the position for very long. Especially not if Kingery has any say on this in a few years.

    As for his defense, the jury is still out. But the scouts weren’t particularly high on his defense to begin with (projected to be average to slightly above by pretty much everyone), and the stats say he’s been below thus far (still not reliable, it’s just something to mention). To my eye, his range is fringe average, his arm is average, and his reflexes are suspect. But he does appear to have good baseball intelligence, which will help with positioning, and good throwing accuracy. That doesn’t mean he won’t make some great plays, and that doesn’t mean that this is what he is in the long run, but for now his defense isn’t carrying any offensive slack. So his hitting must be his carrying tool, and I’m worried that he won’t do enough of that going forward to be a long-term solution at the keystone.

    1. CesHer does have a plus 25% LD rate over the past few years…so he is BABIP is somewhat sustainable.

    2. I think this is a very good post. As much as we discuss that BA is not a good measurement of future success, people are still awed by it. I think the recipe for sustained MLB success is very clear. You have to have a good hit tool along with power or speed. Otherwise, MLB pitchers will exploit you. This becomes increasingly important when judging (low level) minor league prospects where defense is often poor and pitching is often not MLB quality.

      This is not to say that Cesar will be a bust. But as much as I enjoy his current hot streak, he is a .265/.320 hitter over his career.

  13. David Buchanan was removed after only 40 pitches. Looks like he’s taking Sean O’ Sullivan’s spot. Correia was just cut, so Severino is up.

    Rotation: Hamels, Morgan, Gonzalez, Buchanan, Billingsley

    DL: Williams, Harang

    I still think Williams is getting cut the second he comes off the DL.

  14. There won’t be a trade with our best potential trade partners for Hamels at the deadline. I don’t see the Cubs, Red Sox, or Rangers making a push given their current gap in the standings. He’ll decline a trade to Houston and Toronto. You can add the availability of Cueto and Samardzija as competition. The best option seems to be an off-season trade.

    Hernandez needs to continue to start everyday at 2B even after Utley returns. He’s earned the playing time after a solid minor league career and being moved around in the field last year.

    I’m excited about the trade possibilities and young guys getting a chance to play. The returns for veteran players and cash should yield some decent prospects.

      1. David you haven’t learn the phrase. Prospect are just that prospects. I Like judge, but straight up for hamels is nuts. thirty percent of projects make it. and not big, and you have a sure thing ace. with a team friendly contracts, Do we have to let hamels go cause we cant afford him? Hamel is a great pitcher and if we don’t get back a good return, he will stay and get his 25 million a year. This is one of the things guaranteed contracts do. force teams to keep players like howard who isn’t worth it and keep good players who are worth it, until you get, what you consider a good return on your investment..

        1. Agreed. Judge for Hamels is a stupid trade idea. Any GM who does that would be fired and wouldn’t get another job.

          Not saying I wouldn’t take Judge as part of a package. But not as the only piece.

          1. Judge is a stud I’m talking a good bet to be a perennial MVP candidate in the mold of Stanton and Goldschmidt anything else you get back Cashman is just going to be the bathwater.

            1. Dave Winfield and Dave Parker were 6’7″ and taller when they had their ‘Fros plumped up….maybe even Oscar Gamble. 🙂

            2. If the guy hits 30+ home runs on a regular basis I could care less about height.

              Strawberry and Eric Davis were thin but had great swings. If the guy can play and hit for power who cares about height or weight right now?

              If you are doing a trade with the Yankees he is far and away their best prospect. Any package has to start with him.

              There is a very good reason they had to bring in a third team to trade for a shortstop in the offseason. The Yankees farm system is pretty bad.

            3. Parker was 6’5″ and Winfield was 6’6″ – however that still doesn’t make the case for trading Hamels straight up for a prospect.

            4. Then what do you expect we trade Hamels for?

              The guy projects to be a power hitting corner OF (RF) which we need. You will not get much better from the Yankees organization and he could be with the team next year.

              Any package starts with an A list prospect and he is the best the Yankees have to offer.

    1. All of those teams need pitching beyond this season. None of them want to pay $200 million plus a first round pick to buy it in FA.

      1. I am interested in what will happen with Papelban. I think that he may not be traded by 7-31. Keep in mind the President is Stand Pat Gillick. They would have to get something of value to pay 5-7 million in salary. After Pap’s appearance early in August, I could see him walking off the mound with a sore knee or ankle. The next morning he is on the 15 day DL( the Utley concept). Now many would say he does not want to give up the Vesting Option for 2016, however A J Burnett was willing to take less money to get away from the Phillies. As long as he returns in Sept, just long enough to prove he is healthy, but not too long to vest the option. I guess the other possibility is they put him on waviers the end of August and someone claims him, they get nothing but salary relief for Sept.

    2. He may not go to Toronto, but I think he might be persuaded to go to Houston. That team should be very good for the duration of his contract and he’d be celebrated there. I could also see the Dodgers giving up some good talent to get him to go there. Not that the Dodgers really need him, but I think they want their World Series and they want it NOW.

      1. Word on the street if you like Ken Rosenthal is that Hamels has softened on the Astros but have to agree the Dodgers should step up for Cole.

        I’d like to have Grant Holmes I think he has true number 1 potential. We know they won’t trade Seager and they don’t have much in position prospects after him but Verdugo would be a nice piece to add to the system along with another arm that has nice upside. A guy like Jacob Rhame possibly.

        1. I was hoping for a power right-handed bat for a corner OF, along with a pitcher.

  15. 4 now Amaro said something interesting later In the write up he said it’s up too Ultey to how much he plays. Plus now the mlb pitchers can get an idea what to do with Cesar. The Dodgers throw soft then hard inside it worked his last ab. I really have no cue how pitchers 4 pitch walk him. Pitch him inside back him off the plate
    He has limited power no wait to transfer to power. I think either Ultey is really hurt or this Will get him going . This does seal the deal for Amaro as the GM in baseball history . My friend said I can’t watch his anymore. I said you sit in the press box lol yea a team that rolls out Dom Brown , some of the worst pitching I’ve ever seen. This might be the worst team in any sport please bring up Dugan , anybody but Nola that would be crime to bring him up just to make fans watch this team. Franco is a stud as well as Hamels . I actually feel bad for Howard and Franco the only real power on the team . Asche has a chance to be good I would use the bullpen less and less. Ooh Morgan too he’s my other reason too. Bring Perkins and Dugan up to AAA . Francoeur had a nice game today as did Billingsley and Revere.
    1 month does not make a season now that Cesar Herandez had a Hugh target on his back. Can’t hit over 400 4 July 4 his single today was not an error nobody could have caught that throw. Maybe Ultey the coach next yr.nòoo he’s not going to be traded to San fran , the Angels or Oakland.

  16. Cesar a month wonder so far a month 1 month.he had no options left he had no choice but too do anything to stay on this team. We will see in 3 wks he better keep hitting at a high rate.

    1. Most likely outcome is that .362 BABIP regresses back to its historical level as does his BB% and you see a significant drop in avg. There is no artificial spike in power (as he still doesn’t have any) and we’re probably left with a .280/ .325/ .375 player w average defense.

    1. Cesar is basically Omar Infante he will have a long career in the big leagues plugging the 2b position on teams that are solid every where else.

  17. Ultey signed a team friendly for what I can’t believe is Amaro couldn’t sit down with him and tell him to his face . He has to go though a reporter. Ultey still has a lot of pull with the team . I think his over the pitching coach thing which would be stupid. Cesar luck will run out soon the balls in play avg will come back to normal avg.jn his last 10 games he has hit 1 extra base hit 363 balls in play.Cesar the the month wonder. I would love this Ultey just about to come off the d l cesar in an 0 for 16 grid batting in the 8 spot . Hmmmmmm what does Amaro do.

      1. Tim, I truly appreciate what Chase Utley has done for the Phillies in his career but I don’t think anyone can defend starting him based on Cesar Hernandez’s recent play. Do you think Chase Utley is worth paying $15 million per year based on his performance this year?

        1. Well is Howard or Dom Brown is Cliff lee earning there money no. Ultey is the only one that signed a team friendly contact. Now he’s getting punished for that. Cesar is a dime dozen 2nd baseman. He is the 2nd lightest player in basebal at 165.Romus he was in tbe minors when he held that percentage. He been good for 1 month enough time for the major league pitchers to see where his weak is. Last night he was lucky and didn’t an ofer.I want to see what happens when he’s in an 0 for 16 and can’t get on base. He’s facing A good pitcher to know if he at Philly and not producing he’s going to here it. He replacing a icon a HOF who will be in the dugout. It’s Amaro who had no clue how to handle players . He did it with Howard and apologize for it. Ultey had to find out though a reporter plus I like said there still 2 wks. what really sinks he’s getting benched by a GM that’s not going to be here same with the manager and maybe ,Herandez who has no options left. Nothing is going to make this team good enough for the play offs. Hernandez is a ok bench player not a player you want to start 162 games. Kingsley will be here soon enough and so will Crawford.

          1. Classic avoidance response. You didn’t answer the question. “Do you think Chase Utley is worth paying $15 million per year based on his performance this year?”

            1. Avoidance nice you might want call Amaro he taught me how to get around hard questions.

          2. Yes I do he played hurt all yr on the worst in baseball . He knew this team was going to be horrible and stayed. This yr by far isn’t over , Cesar has to keep this avg above 300 that’s the only thing he has over chase. Chase could come back Healthy hit 5 home runs have another 25 rbi’s hit around 250 . Do you know how much the phillies made off of him ? He stayed signed a player friendly contract he Can now destroy Amaro in the press , yet he doesn’t . When Cesar goes into a major slump do you bench him ? will Chase get his job back ? Chase comes to the ballpark at noon every game to get his knees ready he leaves after the game. That’s around 11 hrs a game . He’s the face of one of the worst team in baseball yet he wants to stay. Yes I would give him 15 mil why because he’s Chase Ultey let him go down as 1 of the Greatest Phillies ever.

          3. The reason Utley lost his job is very simple: he has been the worst hitter in baseball this season and is also a negative fielder. If he has been too hurt to play effectively, then he shouldn’t be playing. He’s had 2-1/2 months to get his season untracked. It just hasn’t happened. Utley has had a fantastic career, but all baseball careers come to and end. Utley may well be at that spot.

            1. I never seen many bad defense plays. Ultey 1 home run was against Harvey of the mets it was 95 mph fb it when into the 2nd deck . Plus I was talking about when Ultey comes off the DL . He will play again and he could hit better. Cesar is starting to fade not that the Phillies are any better with him. His fangraphs stats are not that bad . The beginning of the he was every at players his in play was horrible. We will see what happens after the altar break.

            2. His replacement maybe even worst he on 0 for 17 hasn’t hit a ball out of infield in 5 games. Not to say he may might find the luck he had before.

    1. Two things:
      1. Cesar’s LD rate over the last few years has been >25%
      2. His BABIP in the minors, except for one year, normally is just a few notches below his current pace…in the neighborhood.

      But lets assume the foregone slump occurring….and Cesar slumps down to a .265/.345 (BA/OBP)… will that warrant Chase going back in there full-time?

          1. What Amaro is saying is that he has set a price for the players and they will move players if the price is met. If not, he is content to sit and wait.

            This is a sellers market and he holds the best cards. Amaro and the Phillies will not sell for the sake of selling.

            1. Amaro contact is up at the end of the baseball season. As far as I know he hadn’t received a new one. So he can’t trade anyone after the trade deadline.

            2. I thought it was interesting that the Orioles just now released Delmon Young. He is 29 yrs. old. Was only owed I think around a balance of a Mil. The lesson here is the Phillies will have to just release Ryan Howard, if they want to move on

      1. Yes Ultey was benched because he wasn’t hitting. Same goes for Hernandez .you said yourself let’s see what happens. Herandez went 0 for 4 and didn’t look good last night. Herandez is a nice peace to a team he’s Ultey. You take away icon it’s going to be a long time before the phillies find another. I just hope Herandez doesn’t booed he can’t help it.bty you can’t use minor league numbers.

        1. Tim, let it go and realize Utley is near or at the end of his great career.

          1. When you think about it….unless great legendary sports icons retire on their own accord, the ending is rarely ever good in the moment.

      1. IMO…Doobie stays in CF for a long time, for at least two more years….do not think Roman Quinn will ever be healthy enough to play a full season. Multiple, as they say in hockey terminology ‘lower-body’ or leg injuries, for speed merchants before they even reach the major leagues, are a forewarning of things to come. And the variety of his injuries are pretty severe…..Achilles and now quad the latest.
        Like Dugan, some players are susceptible to recurring injuries.

  18. If you go strictly by WAR, and it has its short-comings according to some, but it does seem to cover all the criteria bases and for the most part, beats out most other statistical formulae.
    Chase Utley would be one of the five greatest Phillies in their history.
    Chase Utley – Career WAR -60
    Richie Ashburn – 64
    Steve Carlton — 65
    Robin Roberts – 83
    Mike Schmidt – 107

    1. Actually Chase is higher AWR then Whitey Ashburn…..Whitey was an approx. 57 career WAR as a Phillie…approx. 7 WAR with Mets/Cubs together.

        1. Tks for thst Romus Chase is done when he said he’s done. Watching Herandez is getting harder and harder 1st ab out trying to bunt. 2nd ab strike out on 3 pitches . He never took the bat off his shoulder. 3 ab 6 pitch walk with 2 out man on 2nd and 3rd , losing 10 2. 0 for 13 5 so 1 ball he hasn’t hit the ball out of the infield in 14 ab.. he looks scared to swing , the pitchers are figuring him out . Maybe put in lower in the line up like 8th . So he can figure it out.

    2. Yup – this sounds right. Chase Utley had a 5 year peak in the top 5 or 10 of all second basemen ever. It’s sooooo sad to watch him play this season. I don’t think he’s going to make the HOF – there are others with more WAR who are slightly more deserving (Lou Whitaker and Bobby Grich come to mind, among others). His career just didn’t last long enough. It’s possible he makes in on a veterans’ committee vote years from now, but otherwise he will probably not be enshrined.

      1. That’s your option every has 1, we will see how long of a leash they give Cesar his last one he has no options left. He keeps them 0 for 4 up his luck is changing he go below 270 they might pull him .AMARO made his decision when Cesar was hitting has Henry Says above Cesar doesn’t hit his value isn’t much. He has no success to speak of everything was breaking right for him at the time. J roll career is coming to and end to I guess he doesn’t make the HOF either. Holiday had his career cut short too I guess he not going to make it. It’s not how you play it’s what you do in when you there.As I said will see how long the Phillies leash is with Ceasr.

        1. Tim no matter what cesar hits this year. Chase will not play near enough to get the 15 million dollar extension. pure and simple. no one knows what kind of player ceasr is but right now going forward its not chases job. and will never be again. and I love chase. So your really beating a dead horse.

          1. Who knows Chase could retire later this week!
            I am sure the Phillies will give him the remaining portion of the 2015 contract and maybe part of the vesting option.

          2. That’s not my worry he has all the he needs just form his sponsor’s. 1 if Hernandez avg keeps going down to let’s 240 and strike out rate increases there,not going to bench him. You really want to see Blanco at 2nd base for the rest of the season. You think Chase he will give up. Watch the game tonight you tell me Hernandez looks I’m giving him the advantage he’s facing a 37 yr old pitcher. Trust me you know Philly once Cesar starts doing bad the fans will cream him. Henry was right his luck is running out. plus you don’t want to see What Amaro will say if he has to put Chase back in. My friend who watched the hole game said this ” it would help Cesar to get the bat off his shoulder he’s hoping for a walk right now. When nobody knew him he was relaxed he played small ball. Once the pitchers heard Amaro comments the teams took notice and found his limits. He just not strong in his lower half at 5 ” 10 ” 165 there no sand in his bucket. He’s the 3rd lightest mlb player. He needs grounder ‘ s to survive, teams are bringing in there outfield’s in .
            When he’s playing the field he’s a tick above avg , what u worry about is player’s sliding into him on a double play. I watched last last night there was a player sliding
            Into him he had to re adjust his footing to get enough on the throw, making it a tick slow. Could you image Puig charging in on if he hit him Ceasr would be in over the center field fence. The thing with Cesar about he can’t afford any kind of Injury that would snap this strength he Simply have does much.The phillies themselves are getting no respect without Chase in the lineup. Cooch , Howard . Francoeur , Hamels, Harang Revere that’s it ooh pap too. I asked another writer from Baltimore what he thought of Hernandez he said ” didn’t you trade him to LA last yr “. All I know is Chase is ok he’ll be coaching someday. Funny I looked for an advanced scout I found him I the sports bar “I said what r u doing here ” he said
            I did my report ” how it’s the 3rd ing ” he wrote to his boss ” they stink”. Tim don’t worry Franco, Nola, Kingsley , Martin, Kilmore, Imhof etc in 3 yrs they might be
            Good again . HERANDEZ WILL BE FORGOTTEN Chase never will be.

            1. Never mind Hernandez is getting the day off they don’t want his below 270 before the all star break.

          3. So if Cesar can’t do it which he’s showing he can’t . Who will be the phillies 2 ND baseman a Blanco b Herrera but if the trade Revere the back up cf are Herrera and Herandez. Playing them to everyday just asking for more trouble. Herrera having a lot with the off speed pitchers. Cesar just not hitting so so there is many ways Chase gets back on the field. There are really 3 rookies playing the in field and they look lost sometimes. I really don’t think it can get any worse as far as the team goes. Lol all you see at stores is Ultey uniforms. BTW if Ultey does go who’s the new face of the
            Phillies. Dom Brown, Howard, hamels, Herrera, ..

            1. Just stop, please for the sake of us all tim stop. You sound like a broken record.

              It is as bad as roccom with his ‘sign a Cuban’ posts and the nut job that posts Middleton garbage on other message boards.

    1. Joseph is done. Just a matter of time until he’s released. Rube’s only hanging on to him because he’s the last guy left from the Hunter Pence giveaway. Absolutely no need for him at first base and not enough defensive skill to play 3B.

      1. This is true. His bat was valuable as a catcher. He has never hit well enough to be a 1B. There are dozens of guys out there as AAAA players and on our farm who would be better 1B than Joseph. It’s a shame he was derailed by concussions. It was a problem that he had before he came to Philly. Somehow the Phillies didn’t heed the warning signs before trading for him. I think the Giants knew they weren’t really giving us anything. Just another bad trade for an injured player.

  19. Per a commenter on mlbtraderumors Kevin Maitan the top ranked international FA next year already has a deal in place with the Braves. Those expecting that the Phillies held off on busting their budget to go after Maitan next year have to feel a bit disappointed by this news.

      1. This may be the player….Eddy Julio Martinez
        ◾An update on Eddy Julio Martinez and it appears that the Dodgers and the Giants are in the lead, but according to’s Jesse Sanchez the Cubs are still lurking in the shadows and he, in fact, calls the the “dark horse” here. The Cubs appear to be heading way past their limit and at this point, have nothing to lose but money. The Dodgers and Giants, however, are in a similar position. Martinez would be the Cubs highest rated and highest ceiling IFA in this draft class

      2. Phillies not one of the team’s speculated to go over budget next signing period. Nationals, Rangers, Twins, Padres and Braves rumored to be the big spenders. Will be very disappointing to see the team not take advantage of their last opportunity before the international draft takes hold and evens out talent distribution in the international market.

        1. Phillies think small market.
          Disappointment abounds with their frugality, when it comes to young Latin talent acquisition…they talk a good game however.
          Starting in 2011 they more less open their pocket books a little.
          Suppose John Middleton could change that soon.

        2. I’m not sure it is even 50-50 that there will be an international draft. Meanwhile, the Phillies have the largest allocation in 2016 international signing period and can again buy an extra 50% more allocation. It doesn’t seem a good year to blow through the allocation. Even if there is a draft, I’m quite sure we’ll have a top 10 pick in 2017 and very likely quite a bit better than that. Teams that blow through their allocation will certainly lose their top pick if there is an international draft. Likely that would be for two years. I am quite content for the Phillies to simply spend 155% of what will be a very ample 2016 allocation of more than $5 mill, giving them something like $8 mill to spend, with the past biggest spenders removed from the competition, due to being in the penalty year(s). That still leaves us free to sign as many over-23 international guys as we wish — the guys who can give an instant MLB jolt.

          1. Agree to some degree…..but under Ruben’s tenure…there was the hesitancy and excuses for not signing any of the Cubans over 23…..from Cespedes , Abreu, Castillo to Tomas….except for MAG…with the damaged arm and a bargain price.
            Of course Soler and Puig could have been signed without any penalties incurred….but then again they decided for one reason or another to pass on them, however not after after they did their ‘due diligence’

            The new GM, lets hope, will be more flexible and have the approval of Middleton and MacPhail to take some risks.

            Incidentally….there is nothing written in stone on teams losing picks in an international draft if they are penalized for prior over-spending. That is speculation at this point.

            1. Romus This wasn’t rubens call. I have stated it many times. Bill giles and his connection through his father stop this team from going over commissioner request. Bill giles didn’t want to do anything to undermine the commissioner. I know this is true. With Middleton now in charge this should change. hopefully

            2. rocco….you may be correct on the past philosophy of ownership. Let’s see how it goes in the future with Middleton taking, what seems to be from a few weeks’ ago press conference, a more definitive role as an owner.

  20. Anyone get the daily news it had on the back cover ” Phillies sign Cuba slugger ” I’m thinking Noway . I OPEN IT UP SAW ORTIZ HE Latin American not Cuban. That really had me crazy for that 5 second’s.

  21. As we all reel from the wretchedness that we currently see on the field we need to be happy that it got this bad so that things would change at the top. There are two really big developments in the last year. First, John Middleton is has come to the forefront. Although Middleton appears to be conservative in some ways (only wanted a club President with a long track record), he just appears to be a really good guy, wants to win and is trying to do this the right way. Good for him and good for us. The second and equally important development is now we have a President of the club who is a baseball man and is not part of the old ownership group. As much as I blame Ruben Amaro for the current disaster (and I’m not really letting him off the hook), the biggest reason the club kept repeating its moronic mistakes over and over again is because Dave Montgomery, although he appears to be a very good person, was not, and never was, qualified to be in charge of baseball operations as opposed to business operations. Now there will be a baseball person reporting directly to ownership rather than a Dave Montgomery filtering information and influencing baseball decisions.

    Now we need Andy MacPhail to get a progressive person in as general manager and the overhaul will be complete. Honestly, the new GM doesn’t have to be the best ever (although that would be nice), I’d take a nice solid, progressive choice – someone who will move the franchise forward.

  22. Anyone thing Hamels is hurt or just doesn’t want to be traded . He pitched in a World series game so I don’t think the pressure of being trade bait is bothering him. 2 of the likely teams to have interest he has blocked. It’s making it harder to get top return for him. I do think every body on the Phillies expect for the 10 5 guys and Franco are on the block. Hamels is the gem without him the trading deadline Wil not be as good.

    1. Excuse me time , I told anyone especially romus this team was worst Phillies team ever. and thought 55 wins would be great. People on here thought they could be 500. how I will never know. If you watched them in the spring and saw the players who would be starting. I just couldn’t image how they could win 60, yet alone 80. I still think they have a shot at 55 because they will win some games I September when other teams have clinched and don’t care. I know one thing, ruben should keep his mouth shut, I don’t want to hear 5 year rebuild. not with there money and the first pick next years draft and money in international market and the Cubans who will be out there.

      1. rocco…..that’s two you hit the nail on the head……first was the Dom Brown prediction, but only after an early 2013 burst of fame….and now the 2015 Phillies. ROCCO THE BASEBALL PROPHET.

  23. Amaro said he’d put our farm system against anyone’s . Our farm sys is much better but we’re not the Dodgers , Cubs, Houston, Boston. They have to start drug testing for GM of Mlb.

  24. The way our infield is playing and if I was Hamels I’d drop my all my tried limitations. Franco a rookie Howard well dad.

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