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Lehigh Valley

Brian Bogusevic, 31, Signed as a free agent in 2015; 254 AB’s; .311/.367/.437; 6HR 31RBI; 11/14SB; 8%BB/17%K rates; .270 vs LHP; .328 vs RHP; .298 last 30 days; .304 with RISP; 60 games in the OF; 3 assists; 0 errors; 2.23 R/F.  Bogusevic has been far and away the best player in the Lehigh Valley lineup day in and day out.  He has consistently hit for average, shown some power and decent speed along with playing a very good OF.  He has a July 1 opt out, which I would be surprised if he doesn’t take as it seems clear he wont be getting a chance with the big club.  His opt out may coincide with his selection to the IL all star team.

Jordan Danks, 28, Signed as a free agent in 2014; .241/.286/.292 in 212 AB’s; 1HR 22RBI; 2/4SB; 6%BB/28%K rates; .298 vs. LHP; .219 vs RHP; .227 last 30 days; .321 with RISP; 54 games in the OF with 2 assists and 2 errors (.983); 2.19R/F.  Danks was given a spot on the 40 man in the off season and has done little to impress.  With Altherr and Dugan knocking on the AAA door, a Bogusevic opt out is what may save his roster spot.

Note: Danks and Bogusevic are the only two active IronPigs who have played the majority of their games in the OF.


Aaron Altherr, 24, Phils 9th round pick in 2009; .292/.369/.478 in 226AB’s; 6HR 29RBI; 8/11SB; 11%BB/16%K rates; .308 vs LHP; .287 vs RHP;.321 with last 30 days; .276 with RISP; 57 games in the OF without an error; 3 OF assists; 2.14 R/F.  Altherr has improved in his areas of weakness and is at a place where he can’t do much more in AA.  With 700 AA plate appearances, it is time for him to move up.

Kelly Dugan, 24, Phils 2nd round pick in 2009; .361/.285/.472 in 36 AB’s between Clearwater and Reading; 1HR 3RBI; Dugan was activated two weeks ago after missing the first two months of the season injured again.  While he has produced in his first 10 games, he needs to show he can stay on the field before moving up.

Cameron Perkins, 24, Phils 6th round pick in 2012; .252/.298/.427 in 234 AB’s;  8HR 33RBI; 4SB; 4%BB/12%K rates; .258 vs. LHP; .254 vs RHP; .288 last 30 days; .203 with RISP; 57 games in the OF with 2 errors (.984); 10 OF assists; 2.21 R/F.  After a very slow start, Perkins has hit well over the last month, including showing power which was problematic in years past.  He has a gun in the OF and leads Phils minor league OFers in assists.

Brian Pointer, 23, Phils 28th round pick in 2010; .244/.381/.402 in 127 AB’s; 5HR 14RBI; 18%BB/27%K rates; 5SB; .067 vs. LHP; .268 vs RHP; .298 last 30 days; .229 with RISP; 1-15 with 8K’s against LHP; 33 games in the OF with 1 error(.981); 2 of assists; 1.58 R/F. Pointer has become almost strictly a platoon player as he simply can’t hit left handed pitching.  Against RHP, he has done a decent job, shown some power and some speed.

Roman Quinn, 22, Phils 2nd round pick in 2011; .306/.356/.435 in 232 AB’s; 4HR 15RBI; 29SB; 7%BB/17%K rates; Quinn had been excellent prior to going down with a torn muscle in his upper thigh last week.  With multiple leg injuries over the last two plus year, I would expect the Phils to be very cautious with his return.  Quinn has the potential to be an elite top of the lineup guy but the injuries are a real area of concern.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his next action were not until Fall/Winter ball.


Aaron Brown, 23, Phils 3rd round pick in 2014; .249/.317/.420 in 184 AB’s; 4HR 23RBI; 4/9SB; 5%K/19%K rates; .246 vs. LHP; .250 vs RHP; .274 over last 30 days; .250 with RISP; 48 games in the OF with 1 error (.992); 2 OF assists; 2.52 R/F; Brown has put up pedestrian, albeit improving numbers this year.  He is a guy I expect to break out in the second half.

Dylan Cozens, 21, Phils 2nd round pick in 2012; .264/.313/.375 in 261 AB’s; 3HR 33RBI; 12SB; 6%BB/21%K rates; .211 vs. LHP; .295vs RHP; .327 over last 30 days; .280 with RISP; 55 games in the OF with 4 errors (.967); 3 OF assists; 2.16 R/F.  Cozens could be a five tool player, he simply needs to use them all consistently.  Easier said than done.  It’s often feast or famine for Cozens, but it has more often been feast as of late.  Continues to have top-tier potential.

Andrew Pullin, 21, Phils 5th round pick in 2012; .269/.312/.388 in 242AB’s; 5HR 35RBI; 1/4SB; 5%BB/15%K rates; .289 vs. LHP; .258 vs RHP; .239 last 30 days; .269 with RISP; 45 games in the OF without an error; 5 OF assists; 1.84 R/F;  Pullin’s transition back to the OF has been a smooth one and he has shown decent production this year.

Carlos Tocci, 19, Signed as a free agent in 2011; .312/.377/.413 in 247 AB’s; 2HR 27RBI; 14SB; 8%BB/13%K rates; For Clearwater: 3-13(.154).  62 games in the OF with 2 errors (.987); 2 OF assists; 2.42 R/F; Tocci was outstanding for Lakewood prior to his recent callup silencing his critics for the time being.  Although it seems as if he has been in the organization for decades, the 19 year old Tocci is smooth as silk in CF, while continuing to develop as a hitter.


Chase Harris, 23, Phils 14th round pick in 2014; .225/.286/.260 in 169AB’s between Clearwater and Lakewood; 0HR 12RBI; 13SB; 7%BB/19%K rates; Hitting .143 in 14AB’s for Lakewood.  47 games in the OF without an error; 4 OF assists; 2.00 R/F. Harris was recently demoted to Lakewood to make room for Carlos Tocci which doesnt bode well for him long term future.  Fleet of foot and a good fielder, he just havent shown enough with the bat.

Herlis Rodriguez, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2010; .309/.345/.379 in 188AB’s; 5HR 32RBI; 10/18SB; 4%BB/15%K rates; .365 vs. LHP; .287 vs RHP; .407 last 30 days; .314 with RISP; 36 games in the OF with 2 errors (.976); 9 OF assists; 2.22 R/F.  Rodriguez has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the seasons first 10 weeks, hitting for power, average, showing speed and playing very well defensively. He has been the best of what is currently a weak Lakewood OF.

Cord Sandberg, 20, Phils 3rd round pick in 2013; .217/.274/.283 in 240AB’s; 1HR 17RBI; 4/7SB; 6%BB/15%K rates; .184 vs. LHP; .232 vs RHP; .233 last 30 days; .162 with RISP; 57 games in the OF with 2 errors (.983); 10 OF assists; 2.04 R/F.  Sandberg continues to really struggle with abysmal numbers against left handed pitching and with RISP.

Jiandido Tromp, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2011; .171/.230/227 in 181 AB’s; 0HR 11RBI; 5/7SB; 7%BB/27%K rates; .160 vs. LHP; .176 vs. RHP; .148 last 30 days; .224 with RISP; 47 games in the OF with 2 errors (.979); 6 OF assists; 1.96 R/F.  Tromp has been simply awful with the stick.


Venn Biter, 20, Phils 30th round pick in 2013

Zachary Coppola,21,  Phils 13th round pick in 2015

Carlos Duran, 20, Signed as a free agent in 2012

Gustavo Martinez, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2010

Jose Pujols, 19, Signed as a free agent in 2013


12 thoughts on “Around the System–OF

  1. Was wondering what folks see as Pujols’ upside? Know he’s well thought of but not sure of all the details. Also was a little surprised that Encarnacion didn’t make it to Williamsport – or am I wrong about that??

    Thanks to all for the great work on this site?

    1. It is still too early to tell on Pujols. I’d probably wait until after his first year of full season ball before trying to project too much.

      While I would have liked to see Encarnacion in Williamsport he is just, 18 years old.

  2. Cozens really needs to show more in game power to continue to be considered a prospect. Likewise, although I am not one who puts much stock in minor league stats, Pullin should be hitting. 330 in the minors if his hit tool is supposed to be his carrying tool in leftfield.

    1. I think Pullin is pretty fringy anyway. When he was drafted the assumption was that he would need to stick at 2B to be any type of real prospect; just looks like there’s not enough tools for LF. He’s probably the 4th OF in Clearwater now that Tocci’s there.

  3. Looking at these outfielders–a lack exposed in the last several seasons–it is now looking much better. The draft just completed offers our new HS grad left fielder and CF Laird plus others for, maybe, a better future outfield.

    The list of Altherr (CF), Dugan (RF), Quinn (CF), Tocci (CF), Herlis Rod…(L-RF) and Edger Jiminez (R-CF). looks better than the recent past 6-7 years.

    Agree completely with moving Altherr up to LV since his walks are up, his Ks are down, his OBA and BA up and his center-fielding very good and smooth. He is now 24. With his confidence now up along with his stats, the move up is a no-brainer. Dugan to join him there in a few more days/games. In lieu of any expected quick rise by Quinn, Altherr could be a serious candidate for the Phils outfield when ’16 arrives. Altherr’s gains in ’14 and moreso in ’15 need rewards.

    The Quinn injury/health problems, for me, have put a significant problem in his path to the CF in Philly. Too frequent leg problems have set his career on a problematical basis, unless he can find a form of therapy [stretching programs?] to set his legs free his legs being a large part of his game. Fortunately, the down of Quinn has been mostly cancelled by the up of Altherr.

    Tocci: let’s hope he can maintain his better hitting along with his weight through the season…and hope for 10 more lbs of weight over the off-season. If he could ever reach 195, look out!

    Herlis–a fav name for me–Rodriguez is a lefty hitter who has reach across the non-Mendoza line and is now over .300 BA, suffers from the need of better strike zone judgment since he has accumulated only 6 BBs all this season. He has been hot over the last dozen or more games. Fix the strike zone, and add him to the list of OFers w promise.

    Now a favorite of mine: Enger Jiminez. He is now in the high .300s (.370?) along with an un -believable OBA of over .500. He hits righty, is playing CF, and is 19. Along with Alltherr’s move up to AAA, this guy should be moved to Wmsprt NYP lg ASAP. Could be the brightest gem in the OFing Phils prospects.

    Then there are the recent draftees….

    1. Enger Jiminez…..born on the 4th of July. Turns 20-years old in 12 days. He better start moving up the ladder pretty soon..

    2. In regards to Altherr, I can’t help but remember a quick chat I had with a scout, I think it was spring training 2014, about him. He said he thought that one day, maybe in 2014, it was all going to suddenly click for him and he was going to have a huge breakout year. Said all the talent is there, but for some reason he hasn’t just put it all together.

      I’m really hoping that this is that time for him.

  4. romus I just saw that your guy happ is off to fast start . They said his numbers are better than the cubs catcher who played there last year.

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