Minor Leaguers of interest – Red Sox

With trade winds expected to blow much stronger in Phillies land over the next couple months I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at other organizations minor league stats to see what they may indicate in regards to minor league talent.

Here are the Boston Red Sox affiliates, the stats do not include games played beyond May 31st  :

Low Single A : Greenville Drive ( 30-20, 1st place South Atlantic League Southern Division)

Rafael Devers is an 18 year old third baseman from the Dominican Republic who is hitting .341 with a .370 OBP thru 164 at bats, he has 3 home runs and 22 runs batted I with 13 doubles.

Javier Guerra is a 19 year old short stop who is hitting .297 with a .359 OBP thru 138 at bats with 4 home runs and 21 RBI’s

Mauricio Dubon, a 20 year shortstop who has also been playing second base is hitting .295 with an OBP of .339 thru 176 at bats with 4 home runs and 25 RBI’s

Pitching wise 21 year old Jalen Beeks has stood out going 5-1 thru 9 starts

High Single A Salem Red Sox ( 26-24, 2nd place in Carolina League Southern Division)

No numbers jump off the page on this roster, the best belong to converted outfielder Aneury Taverez who was previously a pitcher in the system. He is a 23 year old who was hitting .280 with a .368 OBP thru 132 at bats as a right fielder. He was promoted to Double A where he has played 8 games.

21 year old first baseman Sam Travis has decent numbers hitting .270 with a .340 OBP thru 177 at bats, he has 10 doubles, 2 home runs and 26 RBI’s

Pitching wise 20 year old lefty Daniel McGrath sports a 1.80 ERA thru six starts and 30 innings with 31 k’s, he is presently on the disabled list.
Double A Portland Sea Dogs ( 22-29, last place in Eastern League Eastern Division)

25 year old first baseman Jantzen Witte is hitting .326 with a .393 OBP thru 175 at bats, he has knocked in 35 runs and has 16 doubles with 3 home runs

Oscar Tejeda is a 25 year old third baseman who is hitting .310 with 13 doubles in 155 at bats

Marco Hernandez is a 22 year old Dominican shortstop who is hitting .301 thru 113 at bats with only 3 walks

Pitching wise 24 year old William Cuevas is 6-2 with a 3.02 ERA and 43 k’s in 47 innings

Triple A Pawtucket Paw Sox ( 26-25, 2nd place in International League Northern a Division)

Jackie Bradley Jr ( 25 year old outfielder) is hitting .352 with an OBP of .406 in 122 at bats, he has 2 home runs and 11 RBI’s with 10 doubles

Allen Craig is hitting .328 in triple A since his outright in 61 at bats with a .431 OBP

No other active player on the triple A roster is hitting above .260 and in fact many are at or below the .200 Mendoza line including “prospects” Jemile Weeks and Garin Cecchini

Pitching wise Henry Owens ( 22 year old lefty) sports a 3.15 ERA thru 10 starts and 54 innings with 42 strike outs

24 year old lefty Brian Johnson is 6-3 with a 2.60 ERA in 10 starts with 57 k’s in 55 innings

22 year old Eduardo Rodriquez had a 2.98 ERA in 8 starts before his call up to the show.

All in all not off the wall numbers in the Sox system, they are light at triple A results and best of the system seems to be in class A again with the promotions of high talent players Mookie Betts, Brock Holt, Rusney Castillo and Mookie Betts to the show this season.

Of the players not active on the big league roster most sites now consider Yoan Moncado ( he has just begun play at Greenville with 9 games under his belt) ,Owens, Devers and Manual Margot ( is at Salem but is hitting just .257 in 105 at bats) with Johnson as the fifth as the systems top, not sure there would be enough here for me to pry a guy like Cole Hamels  loose unless they put Swihart or Betts in the deal, the single A guys are very young and would be a big gamble to go that route.

24 thoughts on “Minor Leaguers of interest – Red Sox

      1. I disagree. Margot and Devers both have star potential, as do Betts and Swihart, who we aren’t getting. Correa is the only player in the Houston system with that kind of upside, and we’re not getting him.

  1. Charlie Kerfield scouted the Sox at Minnesota last week. More than likely any trade would be a combo of ML players and minor leaguers from the Sox.

  2. Boston needs to include one of their untouchables to acquire Hamels or the Phillies should move on to another team that will include prospects that are closer to MLB .

    1. Devers the guy with the fat legs? boston might not need hamels, this new kid is 22 and dominate so far. I look to the cubs or Houston if they are In it, but the dodgers will be the one who would give up the most. cause they don’t have to worry, they just get more talent, unlimited funds, they make a mistake on a prospect they just buy more. three second basemen is so funny and they are still buying Cubans and dominicans

      1. I’ve heard people mention Houston who I think makes a lot of sense, but they don’t really have anyone I’m interested other than Correa who is untouchable. Santana and Singleton are risky because of their propensity to strikeout. I think Appel is also risky b/c of his poor results and injury issues. Colin Moran hasn’t looked like anything special. The Cubs have the depth with Schwarber as a possible centerpiece or Rangers with Nomar Mazara. Don’t think the Yanks would give up Judge. Look out for Cleveland if they can stay in contention. They have several good position prospects, a solid offense, a low payroll and Hamels would make a potent R/L 1-2 punch with Kluber. Also, their best players are all in their prime, much like the Phils of 2008-11.

  3. I’ll be attending the Greenville game on Tuesday. I’ll try to check out the guys mentioned. I am by no means an expert and rely more on my eyes than stats but I’ll do the best I can.

  4. At this point I doubt Hamels/ Sox trade happens. I think it wd’ve happened by now. It’s clear they want Hamels for 3 or 4 mid tier guys.

    1. Bill Baer said it best earlier this season:

      If I were RAJ, I’d concede Betts/Swihart and go for Rodriguez/Devers/Margot and hope one of them turns into a star. If Boston decides even that is too rich, then move on …

      1. I was thinking the same. Rodriguez, Devers, and Margot for Hamels seems fairly equitable. You could maybe replace Rodriguez with Henry Owens or Brain Johnson at AAA. From the Phils’ perspective, they must acquire at least one guy close to the majors who has a reasonably high floor. Devers and Margot are lottery tickets; Margot being untouchable in a Hamels trade is just silly.

        1. I hope this isn’t directed at me.

          Hate to break iit to you roccom, but all prospects are unproven. What proven big leaguer do you expect Hamels to garner?

          1. Look I am always telling romus propect are just that prospect, sure they are unproven. But you get a better read on a kid when he is at double aa and triple over a ball. I am not trading hamels for a ball prospects, you know a lot of these guys get to high a or double and stop, cant play at that level. too much of a risk imo, screw boston. there are other teams,

            1. The problem is, when these high ceiling prospects achieve at higher levels, they earn the “untouchable” tag. Your line of thinking is more likely to return high floor, low ceiling players imo.

              At this point, I’d rather roll the dice on a few potential stars, even if they could flame out. Risk is part of the game.

  5. Forget this “one guy with a reasonably high floor” stuff. I want one guy whos a stud, one guy whos a regular, and a 18 yr old wiht a ceiling.

    Hamels is a reasonably priced left handed legitimate ace. They don’t grow on trees. No Figuroa/Padilla/Lee/Daal kind of crap this time. Worst case, we get to watch one of the best pitcehrs in baseball every 5 days in a Phillies uniform. If a team doesnt want to pony up, then they don’t get Cole.

    And regarding the article, Weeks isnt really a “prospect” anymore. I’d love to hear more about stuff than stats

  6. We really REALLY want Hamels – we’re just going to give you garbage for him. ~Sox FO

  7. Please don’t trade owens. Not that I would want to but I would have to burn all my Red Sox gear.

  8. Good new feature, Steve. I wouldn’t want Owens in a trade. Along with the 42 Ks in 54.1 innings are 35 walks, almost 6 walks per 9 innings. Interestingly, Philippe Aumont has 42 Ks and 33 walks in 53.2 innings. Isn’t one Aumont enough?

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