Box Score Recap – 4/30/2015

Lehigh Valley beat Durham, 4-2.  Chad Billingsley allowed 5 hits and a walk while striking out 6 through 5.2 innings.  Lehigh’s only error led to 2 unearned runs.  Maikel Franco had the day off.  Dom Brown had 2 hits (.182) and 2 RBIs.  Tommy Joseph returned to the starting line up and went 1-4.

Reading – no game scheduled.

Clearwater opened a 4-game series against the Dunedin Blue Jays with an 8-1 victory behind Colin Kleven.  The Threshers amassed an 18 hit attack against the Jays.  Kleven had a no-no through 4 innings.  He opened the 5th with 2 strike outs then gave up back-to-back triples.  Kleven finished with a 3-hitter thru 6.0 innings.  He struck out 6, but issued an uncharacteristic 4 walks and hit a batter.  Harold Guerrero and Will Morris pitched 3-hit shutout ball the rest of the way.  Everybody got at least one hit.  Drew Stankiewicz (3, .283), Dylan Cozens (2, .247), Willians Astudillo (3, .309), Mitchell Walding (2, .195), Devin Lohman (2, .235), and Chase Harris (3, .270) had multi-hit games.  The Threshers caught a couple breaks on mis-played balls – one a pop up that landed cleanly behind the mound during their 3-run fifth; and another in the no-man’s land amid the second baseman, right fielder, and center fielder during their 3-run sixth.  Kleven fastball was 91-94, T95 (3 times).

Lakewood rallied to tie the game in the top of the ninth only to lose to Augusta 7-5 in 10 innings.  Tyler Viza started and allowed 5 runs in 5.0 innings.  Three relievers pitched 1-hit ball while the offense rallied.  Austin Davis took the loss.  The BlueClaws collected 15 hits.  Carlos Tocci (2, .359), Rhys Hoskins (3, .324), and Deivi Grullon (3, .297) were among 5 ‘Claws to have a multi-hit game.  Hoskins also clouted his 4th home run, a game-tying 2-run homer in the ninth inning.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • J.P. Crawford played shortstop for 7 innings in XST.  He commited a soft error on a ball hit a couple steps to his left, but handled 2-3 other chances.  One was a pop up to shallow left toward the line.  It wasn’t very deep, but he made the running catch.  He went 2-4 with 2 line drive singles to center, a ground out to second, and another line drive that was caught by a diving center fielder.
  • A rumor circulated around the cage late in the game that Crawford would report to the Threshers on Monday.  I will try and confirm tomorrow.  If he’s healthy, I wouldn’t wait.  He isn’t being tested at this level.  In the at bats I’ve seen or been told about, he is 6 for 13 with a K and a BB.

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  1. nicely done by walding again, hoping he’s able to make up for the rest of the system’s mediocre showing so far!

    1. Yeah, that game put his OPS over .500. If he has another good game today, he can cross the Mendoza line.

    2. sorry sanduskyohio….but after the new ‘freshmen’ class comes in from next month’s Rule 4…I think your boy Mitch and probably Harold Mart. from the ’11 class are on the bubble and could get let go. The ’10 class of Numata, Nesseth and maybe even Pointer could also be on the bubble.

      1. The only thing that keep Walding playing is his D if he can play plus def at 3rd in the Majors he could stick. That s a big if there not many that play a true 3rd at any level.

  2. Grullon making some noise. He was my breakout candidate this year. Tocci isn’t letting up and Hoskins looks ready for new challenge.

  3. Have to assume if JPC does well at CLW to start he will be up to Reading at the end-of- June all-star break when they normally make the internal moves with their players through the system.
    And of course about around that time also, is the new incoming ‘freshman’ class of Rule 4 recruits, and players currently on the bubble may be moving on.

  4. Billingsley appears ready.
    I hope to see him start next week vs the Braves or Mets.
    Maybe Buchanan needs a little break and get a few AAA innings under his belt to regain confidence.

  5. romus Buchanan is just another Kendrick. once in a while he will pitch a good game. Unfortunally he is our best options for the present, besides billingsley

    1. Agree rocco…..that’s correct….but expectations were not high for him to begin with…he is a 5th, no more . Maybe a long relief guy at some point.
      With Billingsley, if he can regain some of his past magic, he could be a valued trade chip come July, of course along with Hamels, Paps and Harang, if they keep doing well.
      Those four should get quality prospects to hasten the rebuild even further along.

    2. Another Kyle Kendrick?!?! I am in no way a Kyle Kendrick apologist but David Buchanan would give both his testicles to have the career Kyle Kendrick has had. Buchanan is a AAAA at best. He just a happens to be on a terrible team without other viable options right now.

    3. I agree with this as a general matter. And it all goes back to the silly discussion we tend to have around here with some posters about why, especially with a righthanded pitcher, velocity matters and it matters a LOT. And a few miles per hour can make an enormous difference.

      If you are a righty and you can’t rush the ball up there 93 or more when you need to do that, unless you have some type of crazy breaking pitch or are just a maestro with breaking balls, you are going to get hammered. Sure, there are rare success stories with righty soft tossers – Aaron Harang and Doug Fister, for example, do well even though they cannot throw very hard, but these guys are unusual. Buchanan (who I actually like a bit) and Sev Gonzalez have difficult roads ahead of them and their upside would be appear to be limited. As I said this spring, if Roy Halladay could barely get by when he was throwing 88-91, how do we expect someone like Buchanan or Gonzalez to do well at that velocity?

      1. Halladay would have been fine at 88-91 if his command hadn’t abandoned him also.

        Otherwise I agree. Guys like Harang and Fister have better command and secondary pitches than Severino and Buchanan currently do. Plus they have the advantage of years of experience learning how to sequence pitches and set up hitters.

        1. I don’t think anyone said that velocity doesn’t matter, it’s just not the end all be all. If you can throw 90-92 as a RHP which is average for a MLB starter you can be successful. If you are 88-90 as a RHP it’s going to be harder and you need to have great command and control, you can certainly be a solid 4 or 5 at 88-90 with great command and control with secondary pitches. Velocity does matter but EVERY MLB HITTER can hit a straight 95-97 MPH fastball.

  6. Exciting night in the SP department.

    Eflin starts in Reading, trying to see if I can get to the game tonight. Hopefully he won’t get ejected early in this game. What was the deal with that last time by the way???

    Whitehead in Dunedin, I still think he is going to have a good year.

    Casimiro in Savanah, I questioned his existence last time, and he had a great game. Maybe I should do that again.

    And Surprise, Surprise, Surprise….Aumont gets the call for Lehigh Valley. He is sporting a 1.08 ERA, and pitched 5 good innings in his last start. What are the odds of him doing that again????? Man, the Phils are way due for some good things to happen. So Aumont comes up when they trade Harrang at the deadline and pitches lights out for the Phils…..wait I just got slapped by my wife….just dreaming, but would love to stop hearing all the people winning about that trade.

  7. Hoskins with a 9th inning bomb is doing great. The kid hits the ball hard and could get moved up in June if he keeps this up. I’m equally dumbfounded by the lack of success by Zack Green, one of the guys I was expecting to step up this year. I could see the two of them swapping places. It will be great to get JP back in the box scores next week.

    I think Joeley has been a big disappointment. Had he pitched well, he’d already be pitching in the big leagues. Buchannan is trying to give up his spot but we have no one ready to take it. Who knows, watch out for Aumont… that would be quite a surprise though…

    Cool sidebar – just talked to someone whose son and close friend were being coached by the friend’s father, who just happened to be Roy Halladay….

    1. I’m more bummed that Green seems like a full-time 1B now. I don’t remember him playing 3B much this year. Either that means they don’t think he’s a real prospect or they do think Walding is a prospect, which would make them the only ones along with SanduskyOhio.

    2. Joely Rodriguez is a lottery ticket, sometimes you win, most times you lose. That’s the way it goes when you’re trading a reliever that’s getting arbitration money who’s decent.

    3. I don’t necessarily think Joely has been a disappointment, I think instead that he was a substantial long shot to begin with. While the Phillies generally made out very well in their off-season trades, I disliked the Bastrado trade from day 1 (and posted likewise here). There’s simply nothing in Rodriguez’s professional numbers to indicate an even average regular was in the making. I’d rather they kept Bastardo as 2015 deadline bait.

      Would love to be wrong here. Perhaps he develops into a loogy, but he won’t be a starter on a contending team.

  8. just saw this posted on milb transactions page, Carlos Duran assigned to Clearwater Threshers from GCL Phillies. Was there an injury to one of the Clearwater OF’s, or just an extra bat?

    1. Aaron Brown was a late scratch last night so, it is possible he is deal with something. They often shuttle up and down with Threshers roster for minor things

      1. Location- wise they are at the same complex in Clearwater and makes things easier…players do not have to move any belongings, sleep in their same beds, just report to another field.

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