Box Score Recap – 4/28/2015

Lehigh Valley lost 3-1 to the Durham Bulls.  Paul Clemens gave up 2 runs on three hits and 5 walks while striking out nine.  But it took him 89 pitches to complete 4.0 innings.  Maikel Franco went 1-4 and is hitting .333.  Rene Garcia went 1-3 and is hitting .278.  Looks like he might warrant more starts behind the plate.

Reading beat Richmond 3-2 behind 7.0 strong innings by Aaron Nola.  He gave up 2 runs (1 earned) on 5 hits.  He struck out 5 and walked none.  Mike Nesseth and Stephen Shackleford combined to one hit the Squirrels over the final 2 inning.  Shack got his third save.  Roman Quinn went 2-5 with a double and a triple.  Harold Martinez went 1-2 with a triple and 2 walks.  He scored on a Nola’s second sacrifice bunt, the eventual game-winning run.

Clearwater lost 8-7 to Tampa.  Andrew Pullin 4-5 and 2 RBI, Andrew Knapp 3 RBI, Walding first home run.  More here.

Lakewood beat Augusta, 3-1.  Riccardo Pinto notched his second win with an impressive 7.0 IP, allowing 1 run on 3 hits.  He struck out 5 and walked none.  Alexis Rivero and Matt Hockenberry eached threw a perfect inning in relief.  Hockenberry picked up his 4th save.  Cord Sandberg and Carlos Tocci each went 3-5.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Seve Conzalez’ contract was selected by the Phillies.  He made his debut in St. Louis.  He got hit hard in his less than 3 innings.
  • Hector Neris was optioned to LHV.
  • Domonic Brown was optioned to LHV.
  • LHV placed Adam Loewen on the TIL.
  • XST was rained out Tuesday.  Camp day Wednesday.
  • Jesmuel Valentin was seen working out with the Threshers before the Tampa game.
  •  Back on 4/16, the DSL Phillies released RHP Yan De La Cruz

48 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/28/2015

  1. If Phillies get meaningful prospects such as more pitching for Hamel’s and Papelbon then I think their minor league system especially the pitching becomes top 10.

  2. We knew that Reading staff had a chance to be fun.. boy are they living up to it. Their pitching box is the first place I look right now.

  3. If roman stays this hot, what are we going to do with three CFs and no cleanup hitters? btw what’s Freddy got to do to move up in the lineup? how long does loyalty last with chase?

    1. First, Ben Revere will be the odd man out when Quinn is ready. Revere has 2 years of arbitration left, and there’s no way he’s getting a contract from the Phillies. He might not see his last year of arbitration if the numbers are not good. Quinn would go to CF since I think he has the better arm. Odubel would go to one of the corner spots. Not ideal, but you work with what you have.

      1. I’d actually like to see him go back to his natural position of 2B. Upton would look nice in this park and could be a nice bat to build around.

  4. Seemingly lost in all the other things he is doing Tocci is 7 for 7 in SB. I remeber the last couple of years people scouting the boxscores questioning if he had any speed. Stealing bases is about more than just speed and he was/is a young kid still learning to read the pitcher and when to pick his spots.

  5. Went to the Fightin’s game last night. All I can say was it was a solid workman-like performance. The Squirrels now have lost 11 straight, The two starting pitchers for them did a pretty good job but Reading gets to them in the later innings. Richmond is really struggling offensively.

    Nola was 88-90 T94. How he jumped to 94 is curious? He threw a lot more off speed stuff than Lively which I expected.. RICH did manage to hit the ball harder against Nola than they did against Lively. (Two of the hits Nola allowed were bunt singles though). Altherr made a terrific attempt on a ball in the gap but couldn’t come up with the catch which resulted in a triple. Nola also allowed a double down the left field line where the batter just golfed it. Overall a quality start for Nola and that’s all you really want. Efficient. No walks.

    Scary moment, Nola jammed a batter and broke his bat. The barrel of the bat went flying past his head at the same time as the ball. The barrel of the bat landed in the outfield grass behind second base. Later Nola had a sharp one-hopper to him that he again fielded by his head.

    Offensively, the shining spot was Roman Quinn. He laced a triple to left center. I still can’t believe the outfield plays him so shallow. His hits splits the gap and it is just fun to watch him fly around the bases. So far this series he has hit a HR (no doubt about it), triple and double. They say that you also want to stick around to see the sluggers but I find myself sticking around to see what Quinn will do.

    Defensively, he’s really only had one chance in the field where he needed to turn and go for the ball. He handled it easily last night.

    Finally, we all know how the Phillie fans travel on the road but last night there must have been two separate groups of a dozen or more fans. I spoke to a couple of guys who said they were from outside Lancaster. Drove down Monday for the night game, Played golf Tuesday.and went to the night game. Will see the Wednesday morning day then head home. It must be wonderful to have good health and the means to enjoy your retirement. Envy.

    1. Thanks Joe, it is great to hear this first hand color. I’m disappointed in Nola’s velo readings. That’s not going to get it done in the majors. Hope the gun was slow.

        1. They had Biddle at 90-92 T94 today. Arujo 93-94. Ogando at 94-95.
          How much is it off?
          Will give thoughts in tomorrow’s thread.

          1. Stupid question.
            But does a gun read different during ‘sun’ daylight game vs ‘lighted’ night games?

            1. The reason I ask, this is what Pocket Radar claims: :
              Pocket Radar products are Doppler speed radar systems. They work as a speed detector by emitting a small pulse of radio waves in an invisible focused beam, similar in shape to a flashlight beam. When the radio wave hits an object that is moving towards or away from any of the Pocket Radar’s, a small amount of the wave reflects back. The moving object modifies the reflected radio wave based upon how fast it is moving directly towards or away from the Pocket Radar unit. The unit then receives the reflected radio wave and compares it to the original transmitted radio wave. It then calculates the speed of the moving object based upon the difference between the two radio waves. Note that each Pocket Radar model, like all Doppler speed radars, can only measure the speed of a moving object that is reasonably close to in-line with the direction of the radio wave beam. They cannot measure any motion side to side, across the radio wave beam. (NOTE: Never put yourself or others in a position where anyone could be hit by the moving object!)

            2. I own a Stalker Pro II and the reading are the same night and day. Stalker is what 100% of originations in MLB use.

            1. Park gun is mounted into the stadium itself and so they often aren’t point at the right place. On top of that they are often not kept calibrated. Whereas a radar gun behind home is getting aimed each time and it is part of the management of equipment to keep it accurate.

              The human error can come into account with complex level readings on individual level because it is often the SPs on their days off doing the charting and the lower the level the less experience they have doing it.

              Now none of this factors into trying to account for the differences between say a 2-seam fastball and a 4-seam fastball and attributing one as the other.

            2. Those aren’t for this series, they are from previous starts.

              I don’t know the state of the Richmond gun, I know Harrisburg is notoriously sketchy and inaccurate. Reading itself has been fairly close (within 1 mph) the past season plus.

              For other affiliates, I think LHV is fairly close, the TV gun (which uses stadium) has been dead on for Morgan all year on the aggregate. Clearwater appears recalibrated after being 2 mph hot all spring training

            3. I wrote down every reading off the scoreboard in centerfield. Like I said Nola hit 94 at least once but I never saw 95. Are those readings off their own guns?

            4. Matt- I’m about 40mins from Lakewood and less the 10 from Trenton (Thunder) want to go to see both team this year . . Do you know if they will allow me to bring my radar gun into the stadium to use?

  6. Has Dom Brown reported yet to LHV?…he had 72-hours to do it as of yesterday some time.
    I am wondering if he will sit it out and not report.
    Seems everyone in the Phillies org is talking about his situation, but him.

  7. Pinto is getting me excited, I think we have something good there. Nola and Quinn produce plus Pinto and Tocci, that’s good for me. I’m not sure where the offense will come from in two years but I’m feeling good about the 2017 pitching.

    1. Don’t worry about the 2017 offense right now. The first part is getting all of the guys up and seeing where they fit into the lineup. Who will hit where, left-handed versus right-handed, etc.

      Once that is set you can go out and get what you need via trade or free agency.

      The Royals are winning with small ball and is in in vogue right now. For the next few years we will be playing that style of play.

      1. I agree, David. There are lots of ways to be productive major leaguers and who knows what these guys will look like in two years.

        One small point, the Royals are 4th in MLB in SLG this year. That overstates things a bit (they are 13th in MLB in ISO), but this year at least so far they are not winning with small ball.

    1. It makes sense to have versatility but the one thing I don’t think Cody gets credit for is his 3B defense.

      1. Cody’s defense at 3B is average to below-average. He botches his share of double play opportunities.

      2. Asche is a butcher at third. I could live with the lack of power if he caught the ball like Brooks Robinson, or even Pedro Feliz. But he is an awful defender.

      3. Don’t let the occasional nice play fool you into thinking he’s a good defender. By every defensive metric he’s a subpar third baseman.

        1. Have to think Franco will be there at third at some point later this year or next.
          He is the better alternative.
          Though Asche would seem to be moved to another position since Jim Salisbury has been informed by Phillies sources Asche is here to stay as a Phillie….just not sure where his position will be his last position.

  8. Question: Harold Martinez has (surprisingly) been hitting extraordinarily this season, BUT seems to have difficulty getting into the Reading lineup consistently. Why? Since he’s been a large disappointment until now and since he is approaching 25 yrs old, now might be his “final” opportunity to prove his worth as an early draftee.

    The seemingly radical uptick in his offense calls for him to “prove it” playing every day/night for Reading. Anybody know what’s going on with his not being in the lineup every day? The guy playing 3b there is NOT a prospect. Wha?

    1. Martinez is also not a prospect, and an older non-prospect than Pierre. He’s also only had 25 ABs. But I assume that if he keeps hitting in his limited opportunities he’ll swipe some of the playing time away from Pierre.

  9. Certainly you are right that he has NOT been a prospect by a large measure until now…but when he SHOWS a “new” offense that has been missing from draft day, and it is appropriate to test him thoroughly by playing him. Should he continue his present path on offense (his defense has been of good quality) we could end up with a serious candidate for that position in addition to Franco and Asche.

    IMO, if his contract weren’t so LARGE, Howard would have been benched or should be when Franco is called up to replace him at 1st base. Asche should now remain at 3b to allow two young guys to form a part of the infield. Should Martinez fulfill his pre-draft stature with continued offense, we’d have a challenge to Asche at 3b…or a trade could be engineered. Martinez dersrves the test and we’d be foolish not to give him a solid shot by playing him. No cost and possible large rewards.”Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Makes sense to me.

    1. In what way has Martinez’ defense “been of good quality” at third? I watched him during three seasons in Clearwater. He wasn’t a very good fielding third baseman but he balanced that with a lack of range and an adequate arm. He always looked more comfortable at first base.

  10. So…the best use of him now is…..? Have him sit on the bench? Then, why not just give him his walking papers? How does giving him a chance negatively affect others? Explain.

    He has had reasonable success fielding the position…and who wouldn’t welcome a righty guy with power (as had been advertised) should he get it together….? Pls tell us whether he should now be discarded…so he could possibly catch on w another team and do well?? Sense says give him a shot.Everything to gain.NOTHING to lose.

    1. I would say that Pierre is just as much of a “prospect” as HM. He was a big international signing from the DR (Blue Jays, 700k) who never lived up to his potential, carbon copy of HM. Both have lost their prospect status but being 2 years younger at 23 affords him more looks.

    2. He has played himself into the role of organizatinal filler. He is fortunate that the third base prospects are ahead of him so he is not “blocking” someone. I like Harold, I wish him all the best. But, Reading is probably his last shot unless the Phillies change their philosophy of stocking Lehigh Valley with AAAA guys who they think can help the major league club.

      And, he has not had “reasonable success fielding the position”. I’ve watched Asche, Franco, Martinez, and now Walding come through Clearwater. He’s a distant fourth. In 2014, he couldn’t even beat out Carlos Alonso for the position in Reading and had to repeat Clearwater. And that was a year when he received an award for the best spring training in the minor league camp.

      He has had 4 forgettable seasons in the organization. They are giving him another “shot” now. But to discard over 1400 plate appearances of history because of 32 this season is unwise. They are not mis-handling Harold. They are not doing him an injustice. If he continues to take advantage of his opportunities, he will continue to survive. If he reverts to his career norm, he won’t.

    1. “Play the guy and see” is what they’re doing… with Pierre. I have a feeling if Pierre was the guy that came through the Phillies’ system and Martinez was brought in from somewhere else, your feelings on the matter would be different.

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