Box Score Recap – 4/25/2015

Lehigh Valley fell 7-1 as Chad Billingsley had a rough outing.  He went 5.0 innings and threw 53 strikes on 78 pitches.  He allowed 7 runs on 8 hits and 2 walks.  Maikel Franco went 2 for 4 and picked up his 10th RBI with his 9th double.  Jason Berken pitched 3.0 scoreless innings.  Colton Murray pitched a clean ninth inning.

Reading was 2-hit through 7.0 innings by Harrisburg’s Joe Ross, the Washington Nationals #5 prospect.  He also struck out 8 Phils.  Zach Eflin was ejected in the second inning for alledgedly throwing behind SS Stephen Perez, the player whose hard slide injured Carlos Alonzo the night before. (Another report stated that it was for arguing the strike zone.)  Roman Quinn recorded an outfield assist.  With Ross out of the game Reading rallied and tied the game in the 8th on a pinch hit double by Brock Stassi, a SF from Casey Serna, and a double by Aaron Altherr.  But Elvis Araujo pitched into trouble and Ryan O’Sullivan couldn’t minimize the damage and Reading lost 7-4.

Clearwater lost in Lakeland 4-1.  David Whitehead struck out 6 but allowed 2 home runs in 6.2 innings.  Chase Harris started in CF and had an RBI single, walk, and stolen base.  Willians Astudillo added 2 hits and extended his hit streak to 14 games.  Andrew Knapp was ejected in the third inning after arguing a batter’s interference call.  Jiwan James homered against his old organization.

Lakewood’s comeback against Hagerstown fell short, 6-5.  Carlos Tocci extended his hitting streak to 12 games with an 8th inning RBI single.  He was picked off second by the pitcher later to end the inning.  Tocci struck out with the bases loaded on a 3-2 pitch to end the game an inning later.  Malquin Canelo and Tim Zeir had 2-hit games.  The ‘Claws commited 3errors that helped extend Suns’ scoring opportunities and provided them with 2 unearned runs.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra innings –

  • J.P. Crawford went 3 for 4 as DH in XST today. Three line drives. Hustle double after the umpire scolded him back into the batter’s box. Double came off a LHP.  More here.
  • Wide discrepancy on the two teams’ guns today. Sometimes as many as 4 mph. Resolved enough to ascertain that Franklyn Kilome was 95-96 today. He pitched 4.0 strong innings. After the umpire ruled in the Blue Jays’ favor on a close play at the plate, a visibly angry Kilome got the final out of the inning on 3 nasty off-speed pitches.  (Controlled rage directed at the batter, I like that.)
  • Hoby Milner pitched one inning, high 80’s FB, T90.
  • Yacksel Rios pitched 2.0 innings, 93-94 FB.
  • Chace Numata crushed a 2-run, game-tying home run to RF.
  • Over on the other field, Feliberto Sanchez pitched a rehab inning using the new arm slot the org has him trying. His high 80s FB showed more movement. He had 2 Ks and a ground out in 1.0 inning.
  • Reading placed INF Carlos Alonso, who had to be assisted off the field last night after a collision at second,  on the 7-Day DL with a left knee strain.
  • INF Brodie Greene was assigned to Reading from Clearwater.
  • Clearwater placed Lino Martinez, who left the game after pitching to one batter in the 7th inning lasat night, on the 7-Day DL.
  • Will Morris was assigned to Clearwater from the GCL Phillies.
  • Harold Guerrero was assigned to Clearwater from XST.
  • Matt Imhof’s injury has been furter identified as bicep tendonitis. (per Matt Eddy of BA)
  • Thursday evening, Dylan Cozens was assesed a strike for stepping out of the batter’s box.




33 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/25/2015

  1. Glad to hear that Eflin was ejected for defending a teammate. I was afraid he got hurt. Franco with two more hits and a successful JP sighting. Outstanding! 0-4 again tonight though, not good.

    1. Me too I just look I was like oh boy here we go. Few was ejected the phillies need all three talent healthy,

      1. Eflin getting tossed was surreal, the pitch skipped between the catchers legs and wasn’t close to hitting the batter. I was behind home plate and could see Eflin saying something, but he wasn’t animated about it. Thought he was tossed for arguing since he was getting squeezed some until the ump warned both benches. The home plate ump had a rough night, he later called a pitch that wasn’t swung at a foul ball, when it only deflected off the catchers shin guard. Even when Elvis was tossed, he grazed the guy knee high and had been all over the place.

  2. astudillos career minor league numbers are something else…meanwhile walding with another hit!

    1. I imagine that it will be a short stay for Severino as long as Billingsley continues to rehab on schedule. Still, good for him and it will be interesting to see how he does.

      Also, Aumont is taking Sev’s place in the rotation for now.

    1. ‘hitting rock bottom’ !
      This is a great opp for the kid.
      Starting in St Louis is a real early major league test for him.
      This is what we want to see this year. New beginnings.

      1. Romus not a scout, but this kid isn’t a major league pitcher, I have seen him twice,

        1. Perhaps you are correct rocco and he doesn’t make the grade.
          But last year David Buchanan was not even a top 30 by any accounts in the Phillies lowly farm system and he so far has held his own.
          You never know.

      2. Amen, play em all, can’t hurt a thing! As far as not being ready for the big show, we have roster spots on the big team filled by people who aren’t ready for the big show.

    2. Good exposure for Severino. He could yet develop into a solid (and cheap) no. 5

  3. Not that wins and losses do not mean anything, but former major league starter Chad Billingsley’s rehab assignment, IMO, correlates to a ST exhibition game, where rehabbing pitchers may work on different aspects of their pitching and whatever the hitters do is irrelevant to their main objective.

  4. I agree with Murray that protection of a teammate is critical. The throwing at a guy because he crushed a HR off you in a previous AB is not okay with me — even if the guy’s an idiot and over-celebrates. That one is on you so you need to pitch a little better to get him the next time. Hitting him isn’t the thing to do. If he’s crowding the plate, move him back but no need to hit him, unless he stands his ground. That puts it back on the hitter. Only Don Baylor’s willing to take a 95 MPH fastball to his bicep.

    Kilome did it right. He’s enraged but getting the guy out is the payback you want and need. Pump your glove and point to the sky so the God you believe in knows your thanking him.

  5. Glad , somewhat, to hear Imhof has only bicep tendonitis.
    I assume rest and medication are the course of treatment.
    Hopefully the tendon repairs itself and no shoulder surgery will be needed later with that bicep tendon.

    1. The thing with bicep tendinitis that I’ve seen with my guys is that since it’s not an elbow or shoulder they try to pitch through it without saying anything. What happens then is they over compensate which now puts stress on other parts of your arm (depending on how you compensate). Hopefully this wasn’t the case with Imhof

      1. The bicep tendon also helps keep the shoulder stable. Not sure if it is long or short head part of the tendon that is affected .But most of the time the biceps tendonitis is inflammation of the long head of the biceps tendon. And unfortunately biceps tendonitis usually occurs along with other shoulder problems. In some cases, there is also damage to the rotator cuff tendon.
        So lets hope he gets the needed rest and recuperation to avoid the knife in this case.

    2. my wife just had that surgery Wednesday, it is painful. The doctor told me if you don’t tear it real bad , it will heal itself,

  6. Aumont started today and pitched well.
    Five innings, 3 hits, no BBs….63 pitches, 46 strikes.

      1. I think he is only starting because Sev Gonzalez is on his way to St Louis for a spot start on Tuesday.
        But maybe with this showing they may give him another opportunity.

  7. Aumont is such a mystery, He has great stuff, but doesn’t have a clue how to pitch it seems. shame,

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