Box Score Recap – 4/21/2015

Lehigh Valley beat Scranton, 6-1.  Seve Gonzalez allowed 1 run on 6 hits and 0 walks over 6.0 innings and got the win.  Second best outing of the day.  Cesar Jimenez got a 2.0 inning hold on 1 hit.  Colton Murray struck out one in his one mop up inning.  Maikel Franco went 2 for 5 with an RBI. 

Reading lost 12-4 to Akron while committing 5 errors.  Tom Windle had a tough night allowing 9 runs (8 earned) on 9 hits, 3 walks, and 2 home runs.  Roman Quinn went 2 for 5 with 3 Ks.  Aaron Altherr was 2 for 4 with and RBI.  Brian Pointer was 2 for 4 with a solo home run (Reading’s only XBH).

Clearwater shut out Tampa 3-0.  Leibrandt pitched very well.  His performance was the best by the organization tonight (IMO).  More here.

Lakewood won 8-5.  Riccardo Pinto got the win although he was responsible for all the Grasshoppers’ runs.  The ‘Claws hitters had a power surge – 13 hits, 5 XBH, 4 HRs.  Malquin Canelo had a solo home run to start the scoring in the third, two outs later Rhys Hoskins chipped in with his first of two.  Herlis Rodriguez stole home as part of a double steal in the fourth.  Carlos Tocci had a lead off double in the fifth and was thrown out trying to stretch it to a triple.  Hoskins followed with his second home run.  Derek Campbell tied the game with a solo home run in the sixth.  They pushed across the go-ahead run on a HBP in the seventh inning.  Hoskins finished 4 for 4, Campbell 3 for 4.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Bonus coverage – Okay, some of you got your wish today.  Mitch Guellar had a bat in his hands during an intrasquad game that was held at the Carpenter Complex.  He was one of the bat boys during the game.  Sorry, couldn’t resist.  The bat boy for the other team was J.P. Crawford.  Hopefully, the next step for Crawford is an XST game.  Another camp day tomorrow, then Bradenton on Thursday, the Complex on Friday, Dunedin on Saturday.

I’m sure that most of you have heard by now that Matt Imhof went on the 7-Day DL for a strained left shoulder on Friday, April 17th.

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  1. Just about time for Franco to come up and get a full season of big league at bats. Enough jerking this guy around. He gets to play everyday lefties and righties. This isn’t Darren ruf

    1. I would still give him another month or so – he’s still working on things, including recognizing and learning to take or swing at good breaking pitches. I think bringing him up now will result in sporadic playing time, which will be worse for his development and would really jerk him around. I don’t think they are jerking him around at all, he’s been promoted gradually and had a cup of coffee in the big leagues last season after the minor league season ended. I think they’ve been very deliberate in developing him as a player.

      I expect and hope that the team will promote Franco in connection with a move on Howard or an announcement that Howard will no longer be an everyday player. Although Franco’s long term future is probably at third, for now, he will mostly be a first baseman because Asche continues to develop and needs at bats as well. It won’t be lost time if he develops his hitting in the big leagues.

    2. I would like to see Franco get at least 150 PA’s and then judge him on his K/BB rates in the last 100 before I would consider promoting him. No need to rush. Adding Franco to the major league roster isn’t going to make much difference to this season. ~50 PA’s does not show that he is a finished product. He still has more to prove at AAA.

    3. would be crazy to call him up and start his arb clock early. I think that means mid-may. this is not like the cubs who are actually competing. we are going no where. might as well get another year from him while he works on his batting eye.

    4. How have the Phillies been jerking around Franco? He was with the big club last September and didn’t make the team in spring training. That is hardly unusual for AAA guys,

      I think the Phillies have handled Franco pretty well, and there really is no rush to promote him to the big team, which will be bad with or without him. If he keeps hitting at AAA he will get to Philly soon enough.

    5. No sense in calling up Franco if he is not going to play everyday and at this moment it appears to hinge on Howard.

      Asche has had a great start at 3B so it does not make sense to platoon the two. If Brown and Revere kick into gear Asche is not moving to the bench or the outfield.

      Howard is not doing well at all and if Franco ends up anywhere on a daily basis right now it would be first base.

      Until then it makes sense to continue playing him everyday in LV and see how he deals with pitchers who will see him for a second time.

      1. How’s that?
        Murph still uses analytical data to back up a lot of his premise as opposed to most of the writers.

          1. How does this read to you?

            “Quinn was attempting to learn both a new position and a new hitting stroke as the Phillies attempted to turn him into a switch-hitting shortstop. The position change did not stick, and Quinn is now back in centerfield (“I feel like I’m back home,” he said). The hitting, however, has started to come around. The first time Quinn tried to hit lefthanded, he said he felt like he was throwing a ball with his non-dominant hand. “I didn’t know how to stand in the box, I didn’t know how to hold the bat,” Quinn said.

            1. Again, his writing style has deteriorated over the past few years. He writes for the lowest common denominator.

    1. I stand by the scouting report I read. I typed a much longer response to this but it was becoming too edgy. Let me just say that I would not accept anything Murphy says in an article as “gospel”. And I certainly wouldn’t let it change an opinion I had formed based on my own research.

  2. Hoskins looks like he is going to get going now with the power stick.
    I think he has a good chance in leading the Phillies entire org in HRs by the end of the season…even if playing in LKW at least for the first half.

    1. Just a brief note on Hoskins. Even as a non-scout, you really do learn a little bit about the players by going to ST and sitting around the batting cages and the infield. As I explained in early March, one of the things we saw at ST that impressed us was Rhys Hoskins in the (enclosed) batting cage. Typically, when a guy hits in the enclosed cage, unless you really know what you are watching, you don’t stop and take notice. But we were just walking by and stopped dead in our tracks when we saw Hoskins hit. His stroke is very short and powerful and the ball appeared to jump off his bat – it was truly impressive. Rhys is already 22, so if he’s going to turn into a big time prosect he’s probably going to have to hit his way out of A and high A ball fairly quickly, but I think he just might do that.

      1. Lets hope AA level doesn’t prove to be a big hurdle for him…seems in the recent past, many power bat collegiates fizzle when they reach that level.

        1. Agreed. He was exciting to watch in Instructs, but he was considerably older than the pitchers there. That tempered my enthusiasm until I can see him against more experienced pitching.

      2. The batting cages along the driveway? I like watching the players hit there, too. Especially the two closest to the drive. You get a clearer, closer look at where they start their hands, how they begin to load, their foot work, and their contact point.

      3. Was just curious, so I looked back at Ryan Howard’s timeline. He was also drafted (5th round too) and played SS ball in his age 21 season and played his entire age 22 season at Lakewood. What’s intriguing about Hoskins is he’s RH and RH power bats are hard to find these days.Thus far he’s hit RH pitching pretty well in his short career. He’ll have to continue that as he moves up.

        1. I think Hoskins might only be in Lakewood because he’s “blocked” in Clearwater by Zach Green/Mitch Walding. I’m not sure how long that will last if Hoskins tears it up and those two continue to struggle.

          1. How often have the Phils moved someone up, “late” by the fan’s wishes, and the player has just killed it? Very rare by my memory. We have not had much real talent to push up quickly since Hamels. JP was moved pretty aggressively last year. I really do believe the Minor League guys in charge of this stuff know what they’re doing after talking to all the individual managers and coaches every day.

  3. Hoskins and Leibrandt the stars of the evening.

    I’m not too excited about either, but they’re proving me wrong so far. Hope they can keep it up.

  4. Still a small sample size, but one of the more encouraging starts for the minor league of the org that I can remember.

  5. I was at the Lehigh Valley vs Scranton Wilkes-Barre game last night. I sat in row-1 seat-1 right directly behind home plate.

    I was really impressed with Franco’s new plate discipline. Except for his first at bat, he took the first pitch for a ball in his other four at bats. Most of the first pitches were fastballs high over the center of the plate. He further showed more patience by taking ball two in three at bats. He did an excellent job of getting into hitters counts, he had three 2-0 counts, one 3-0 count and two 3-1 counts. He took advantage of these hitters counts to scorch the ball all night. He also seems to have adjusted his swing to a more level swing which produces more line drives. However the three line drives he hit were hit so hard that if he had lifted them they would probably have been home runs. The best hit line drive was in the 4th when Franco took advantage of a 3-0 pitch to hit a liner to right center in which the centerfielder made an incredible diving grab to rob Franco of a double or more. The only pitch that was really a ball that Franco swung at was his strikeout in the 7th inning. He chased a slider that was considerably low and outside. While he did foul tip it the catcher caught it for the strikeout. He left the batters box upset that he swung at that pitch as he was swinging his head. I was very impressed that Franco saw 13 pitches that were outside the strike zone and he only swung at one of them. That is truly impressive strike zone discipline. In his five at bats he saw a total of 30 pitches. That is an average of six pitches per at bat.

    On the other hand Domonic Brown’s hitting was not very good even though he had a line drive single. He was also hit in the foot on a pitch. He tried to skip away from a pitch and was hit in the foot that he is recovering from an injury on. While he did not impress with the bat, he made two impressive throws. One gunned a runner at home by 10 feet and the other holding a runner at second.

    From a pitching standpoint, Seve Gonzalez actually pitched much better than the box score reflects. With a couple of breaks he could have been throwing a one or two hitter. The triple that he gave up was hit good, but it was misplayed by the centerfielder. Several of the line drives he gave up were broken bat soft liners over the infield. I have no idea how he broke their bats because the hardest pitch that I saw he threw was only 88 mph. His fastball was consistently 86-88 mph. But in spite of this slow fastball he truly dominated the hitters.

    Caesar Jimenez came in to relieve Gonzalez. He pitched ok but again his fastball was only 87-88 mph but he did touch 89 once or twice.

    Colton Murray came in the 9th to finish it. He looked incredibly dominant. All he threw was 16 fastballs in a row. His fastball was 92-94 mph with one or two touching 95 mph. Although he was only throwing 92-95 mph, he looked like he was throwing over a 100 mph after all the slow fastballs of Gonzalez, Jimenez and the Scranton Wilkes-Barre pitchers.

    I am going to the game again tonight and am interested to see if Franco plate discipline continues and to see how Adam Morgan does.

    1. Thanks for the report. It is great stuff to hear. Did you notice any change in Franco’s pre-swing load? That was another concern with him.

    2. The news on Franco is great – best development since he broke out in 2013.

      On Murray, I’ve seen him pitch and I’m convinced he will get a try in the majors at some point. He throws relatively hard, but, for some reason, it seems even harder – his pitches have some late explosive action. But he’s going to have to do more than throw 94 MPH fastballs to be effective in the majors.

      On Seve – almost no righthanders that throw as slow as Seve are really effective in the majors. There are rare exceptions (Arroyo, Fister, etc. . . ), but I’m not better he’s one of them – probably more like a 5 in the big leagues.

      1. Dan Haren pretty much has been that type for years now as well but I agree those are the guys that get dropped from starting in the playoffs.

      2. Catch the odds on right-handers with low velocity are rare. In this day and age. But Tim thinks that are great I looked at fan graph and wainwright gets up to95 What Tim doesn’t get is average means nothing, all good pitchers change speeds with there fastball. but if you are like sev, when you cant get over you breaking ball and have to come in. you get crush without decent velo. I Know drafting guys who have 90 velo in college even 92 the odds are against them being really good major league pitchers.

        1. Saw Seve pitch against the Braves in ST and I was much more impressed than I expected to be. He works fast, throws strikes and stayed ahead of most of the hitters he faced. While I certainly wouldn’t predict stardom I think he might be an effective 4th, 5th pitcher in the big leagues.

        2. Wainwright never went over 91 not avg his highest velo pitch. I go on movement And control not just speed it’s not just me Jim , David , e too .I’m shore Wainwright hit 95 once or twice last yr. Plus it was about Leibrandt who’s lefthanded was hitting 92 . Just because a pitcher can hit 95 velo doesn’t make a good pitcher if his fb is straight. Phillies hit 4 bombs against Harvey . There only about 15 pitchers that can throw 95 or better starters only. Most of your younger power pitchers are having TJ surgeries. Being a power
          Pitcher your careers is usually short about 7 yrs. Many after 30 have a lot of health issue’s Cain , Verlander, CC ,Santana etc. Plus most of the younger power pitchers have a high walks Hamels tonight his high velo will be around 92 he does need a high velo his ch is his swing and miss pitch.Venture from KC has the highest velo last yr he’s 6 ft 180 pds he hasn’t finished a start yet.Richards from The Angels has a bad knee Already. I never said 88 S Gonzalez usually is between 89 – 92 velo you
          said he not a prospect because he can’t throw harder same with Nola , Imhof to .it’s like a new toy right now pitchers trying to hit 100 . Most mlb players can hit velo. We will see . It’s weird Franco is in triple AAA trying to hit the off speed stuff not the 95 mph fb.

    3. That’s why I am in love with franco. He is a masher and now he is learing to stay off the junk, not committing his hands too soon. He can crush with his bat speed and power.

  6. I watched Wainwright pitch Sunday night he never broke 91 velo but his pitchers move and his pitchabilty is outstanding. St louis staff is leading the majors in Era there were all prospects coming up the last couple of yrs. I hope all of the Phillies prospects can do the same.

  7. Lakewood hitters got a true test of a premier pitcher this afternoon….only three hits, but Tocci, got one of those hits, off one of the Marlin’s top prospects big Tyler Kolek
    He could dominate the Sally League at 19-years old this year,.

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