Box Score Recap – 4/20/2015

Lehigh Valley lost in 15 innings.  Phillippe Aumont blew the save in the 7th inning.  He only allowed 1 hit in 4.0 innings but walked four, threw 3 wild pitches, and balked.  Maikel Francon went hitless.  Tommy Joseph contributed a double in 4 ABs and an RBI.

Reading beat Akron, 9-4.  Elvis Araujo picked up the win with 2 hitless innings of relief.  Roman Quinn went 3 for 3 with a double and his 8th stolen base.  He was also caught for only the second time this season.  Aaron Altherr went 2 for 4 with a HR and 4 RBI.

Clearwater got thumped 12-1 by Tampa.  David Whitehead, Mark Leiter, and Lino Martinez each gave up 4 runs.  Only 7 runs were earned as the Threshers committed 4 errors.  Ulises Joaquin struck out the side in his only inning.  Angelo More finished up with a hitless ninth inning.  Willians Astudillo went 3 for 4 with 2 doubles.

Lakewood lost 8-3.  Malquin Canelo had 2 hits including a double.  Rhys Hoskins went 2 for 3 with a double, home run, and 2 RBI.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Bonus coverage – Franklyn Kilome threw 40 pitches in a 3.0 inning appearance in XST.  He threw 30 fastballs.  Of the 30 fastballs, 25 were 93-94.  He touched 95 three times, and 92 twice.  This was against the Yankees and the same gun that showed that he touched 97 a couple weeks ago.  He threw one pitch at 88, and 9 off-speed pitches at 77-80. These looked like curve balls.  The 5 he threw at 77 were not near the strike zone.

Mitch Guellar came out to pitch next.  Most of his pitches were 85-86 again. I think he may have touched 89-90 once.  I went over to the other field to see if there was anything interesting there.  The kids were lining balls all over the place in the one inning I watched.  Guys like Arauz, Brito, Cuicas, Alastre, and others were making hard contact.  Some of the new, young LA kids like Luis, Mendoza, Reyes, and Santana have some good size to them – a little taller and meatier than some of the kids from recent years.





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  1. Taking note of the greater emphasis on LA players; IMO the appointment of a good LA director of scouting is a good thing. Now, where are our Cuban “spies” now that Cuba is off the USA s–t list?

    Now…who is Vasquez and why is he interrupting the rotation of the Reading 5?

    Further, just how long can Quinn keep up this pace? Wow!

  2. Not the best pitching or defense that’s why they call it minor league baseball. Ty Jim I like that Hoskins hit his first home run and that the all mighty Quinn is still hitting along with K c Serna I think . Somebody get Astudillo a position that man hit.I wonder is Altherr home run was a grand slam , isn’t Angelo Mora a 2nd baseman.

    1. It wasn’t a grand slam, but it was a really long homer. So far, Altherr looks great this spring. He’s a “tool shed” type player, no doubt about it, the question is whether he can translate those tools into performance at the highest levels. Let’s give it a month and see where we are, but so far, it’s very encouraging.

      1. He may not be much of a prospect, but I am willing to bet his bat gets him to the major leagues.

  3. Vasquez I think he had a brain tumor remove now he’s playing again great story. I know he fill last wk because of the bad weather .

  4. I hate to see 12-1 games because it means nothing went well. Pitching, Hitting and even fielding were sub-par. Long games, like the 15 inning affair in LHV, are also tough on the organization. Pitchers have to extend for more innings than they’re used to. It also causes issues with bullpen rotations and possibly a reliever or two being moved up from Reading and then relievers coming up from CLW to cover Reading. CLW can take a few guys from Extended Training to cover them. It’s too early and too cold to have relievers extending past their normal inning count.

  5. What has got into Harold Martinez this season!
    He is throwing everyone’s top 30 out of whack.
    Is this his ‘contract’ year before Dec Rule 5?

    1. Reading. You always see offensive jumps at Reading and in the Eastern League in general.

        1. Ahhh The RIZZ… I agree that AA is more favorable to hitters then A+, I don’t know how much different it is then our home park, I also wonder why it seems more pronounced with some players then others. Jimmy Rollins as an example didn’t perform any better at AA then at AAA…

    2. It might be more than the Reading bump. Didn’t someone post on here during ST that another player had told him/her that HMart was starting to really put it all together?

      1. Yes that was me and that’s what I was told by another player about HMart. I’m a bit surprised actually but he is in fact playing very well and is demanding more playing time. We actually have some competition for playing time this year in several places.

  6. From the recap, Quinn’s double was on a “fly ball” and both singles were on “line drives”.

    So not just bunts. Good to see.

    Hard not to be super excited about his start.

    1. Quinn could nudge into the BA mid-season Top 100 if he keeps this production going for two/three more months.
      They do do a mid-season ranking again, don’t they?

      1. Are you kidding me? If he keeps it up anywhere near this level, he’ll soar into the mid-season top 30 ro 40 (might even be top 25). His skill set is extraordinary and when the performance matches the skils, well, you’ve got a potentially special player.

        1. Agreed, everyone knows he’s super fast and everyone expects that he’ll turn the speed into being a very good CF. If he has now figured out how to be an effective lead off hitter with a high average AND lots of walks, you’re talking a top 25 guy.

          1. Ok guys…appreciate the enthusiasm…..but in my best LarryM… realistic now, top 25/30 in all minor leagues!

          2. I just want to put into perspective – you almost perfectly described Ben Revere when he was 22 and in AA (super fast, speed will make him a good CF, leadoff with high average and walks). That year he hit .305/.371/.363 with 36 SB. The following Spring of 2011 he was rated the #62 prospect in baseball by Baseball Prospectus and not in the top 100 for Baseball America.

            I think Quinn is a good prospect and I am pleased to see him have success in the AFL and now in AA. But I still feel like he is not super different from Ben Revere when he was a prospect. Quinn has shown more pop but Revere made more contact.

            For Quinn to be top 40 and demonstrably better than Revere at the same age/level I think he will have to show improved power (outside of Reading) and reduce his Ks.

            1. The extra pop that Quinn has is nothing to just gloss over. What has killed Revere’s OBP between the minors and the majors is that without any pop pitchers can come right after him with little risk. If Quinn can maintain his pop while sustaining his plate discipline he can maintain an OBP that Revere never would.

            2. Quinn also has a significantly better arm than Revere which makes Revere more of a defensive liability in CF. I agree that the enthusiasm over Quinn’s hot start needs to be tempered a bit but he has better overall tools than Revere.

            3. Last year Quinn hit 7 HRs in 88 games. Revere has hit 7 HRs across his ENTIRE professional baseball career (5 in the minors, 2 in the majors).

              Quinn is faster than Revere, and (probably) a better defender.

              Of course, he doesn’t have Revere’s contact ability.

              Overall, I think Quinn’s ceiling is higher than Revere.

            4. Quinn having pop is EXACTLY what makes him different then Revere and what makes him nothing like Revere (adding in his arm and route running as well). Someone said it but a pitcher can pepper in fastballs all day to Revere without a care in the world, not the same w Quinn. Quinn also has more gap power, Revere doesn’t even have that. Quinn over Revere easily if he continues.

  7. Romus if you remember someone on here said. That Martinez was friends with him or he knew someone and Martinez finally has figure it out. I Cant remember all he said but that was part of it, maybe he has finally gotten it.

    1. That would be a real plus for the farm….Martinez does have pretty decent size and can power the ball….at least he did in college with the metal bats.
      But this is it for him….he will be exposed to Rule 5 in December and turns 25-years old next month. This is his 5th season in the Phillies org…he may have been exposed last December ..I could be wrong on that.

  8. So when does Guellar start getting looks as a hitter/fielder instead of just P/O? 85-86 touching 90 and erractic, especially from the right side, is not going to cut it at any level. Wasn’t he a solid corner prospect with some hit tool?

    1. If it’s me, the experiment starts today if he truly has projection as a hitter. He’s just eons away as a pitcher – no velocity and poor command – it’s a recipe to top out in Lakewood.

      1. Combine that with how many pitchers in the system are better than he is. He doesn’t even seem deserving of a starter’s spot at WSport.

  9. Stassi an RBI machine, leads the league and a great defender. wow ! what a nice surprise, hopefully AAA soon

    1. A 25-year old first baseman hitting well in Reading? What’s not to like!

      Maybe Lino lent him his bat.

  10. Yes hi, why were you so upset about me. And you blocked me? I mean I been following you since you had no followers. Really was hoping you could use my header. Spent some time.

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    1. Oh boy…shoulder issues…if not enough with Morgan, Watson and Pettibone.
      Hopefully this will not lead into anything more serious later on.

  11. Carlos “I’ll pump you up” Tocci hit another double and Brandon ” I can’t throw 95 ” Leibrandt threw a shout out . Tom Windle and Pinto didn’t have it tonight S Gonzalez did . Really nice to some of the phillies minor league teams winning . THE All Mighty Quinn still hot.

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