Box Score Recap – 4/19/2015

Lehigh Valley lost 5-4 to Buffalo.  Colton Murray blew a 4-1 lead in the bottom of the ninth.  Maikel Franco went 2 for 5 with 2 doubles (#7 and 8) and an RBI ( #8).  He is hitting .386 for the season, so far.

Reading shut out Richmond 6-0 behind Zach Eflin.  He threw 94 pitches (71 strikes) and lasted 8.0 innings – 3 H, 1 BB, 5 K.  Cam Perkins (2-3, 2B, RBI), Gabriel Lino (2-3, 2B, HR, 2 RBI), and Harold Martinez (3-3, 2B, HR, 3 RBI) provided all the offense he needed.

Clearwater dropped the rubber game of their series with Lakeland, 7-5.  Yacksel Rios started in Matt Imhof’s slot in the rotation.  Recently activated Reinier Roibal was placed on the TIL (Temporary Inactive List) to make room.  Rios was 93-94, T95 in the first inning and maintained 93-94 throughout his 4 innings.  He surrendered 2 solo HRs after getting two quick outs to open the game.  He was dominant the next three innings, but couldn’t get an out and was pulled in the fifth inning after facing 4 batters (1B, 1B, BB, HBP).  Rios final line – 4.0 IP, 5 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 2 BB, 3 K, 2 HR. Kevin Walter came in and allowed the 3 inherited runners to score.  Will Morris pitched the final 2 innings and allowed a solo HR.  The Threshers faced the Tigers #4 prospect, LHP Kevin Ziomek.  They hit him around a little and took the lead in the second inning, but were unable to mount a response to the Tigers’ fifth inning.  Chase Harris started in CF and got 3 hits from the lead off position.  Mitch Walding (2) and Angelo Mora (3) had multi-hit games as the Threshers posted 11 hits on the afternoon.

Lakewood lost 5-0 to Hagerstown.  Carlos Tocci returned to the line up and had 3 of their 5 hits, 2 doubles.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.






29 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/19/2015

  1. genuinely curious why the breakout game for walding goes unmentioned, elite performance at 2/3 and a BB

    1. I think Jim tends to focus on prospects. Walding is not a prospect. Over 1,200 PAs in the minors he has hit .230/.317/.319. I understand he is a good teammate, a good fielder, and has a nice looking swing. I think that is great, but that does not make him mention-worthy.

    2. Walding’s problems have always been too many strikeouts and too little power.

      I’m glad he took a walk and hit a few singles, but I’m not going to get excited until I see him fixing one (or both) of the issues above.

    3. I hope you are not serious. I did mention his 2 hits in the box score report, even though they were not really noteworthy. I chose not to mention his strike out looking which brings him to a 25% K rate. I chose not to mention his throwing error, his first of the season. And I don’t consider a 2 for 3 that included a ground ball single TO the third baseman a breakout game. But, Walding is certainly the best fielding third baseman on the roster.

      1. I hate to say it but its not inconceivable that Walding gets released mid-season, if he’s still hitting around 200, to allow Green to go back over to 3B, and Astudillo to play 1B, and possibly Tocci to move up into the CWater OF with one of the OFs playing DH each day. The hard realities are not pleasant but its a produce now business.

  2. Maybe because that “breakout game” only brings his BA to a just above his weight! Also didn’t know 2 hits was ever considered a “breakout game”.

  3. maikel showing he might not need to be in AAA too much longer and Asche actually playing pretty well so far this year.

    Good problem to have for the Phils. Maybe the only good problem they have lol.

    1. Well, they need to take this good problem and put it where they have a bad problem. And that’s 1st base on the big club.

      1. Book it as soon as Franco’s arbitration clock kicks in sometime in May. But it will be as a platoon with Howard as they will never release a $25M player.

        Eflin looks like a stud!

        1. At some point, I assume in the next 2/3 weeks if this continues, they may ask Howard to go on an extended DL down in Florida, so he can still work-out and try to improve on his batting eye.

          1. Improve his batting eye? The horse is dead, it’s a skeleton and not coming back. Sorry to but it so blunt, but it’s true.

            1. yeah….would seem old aged eyes are close to the end…..but he needs to be put off to the side this year in a respectful way. You have to admit, he was one of the biggest pieces in the 2007-2011 run.

  4. Agree TRiles. If Franco continues this pace to the end of April it’s time to start him at first and see what we have.

  5. Someone else just called the Reading rotation the “Baby 3-5s”. I thought that was funny. Was it RemHoward?

    Anyway, we could have a very interesting debate on who is the best of them. Coming into the season most would have said Nola but Eflin looks good in a small sample. He is two years younger than Biddle and a year younger than Nola. Let’s hope he develops his change into a swing and miss pitch.

      1. Sure hope the slider does become a plus pitch for him…that should tick his K/9 up from close to a minor league average of 6.5 to a higher point.
        And as he gets stronger maybe a tick or two up on his FB to sitting at 93-94 velo.
        Interesting he chucked his knuckle-curve out of HS.

  6. Love that Franco is hitting, but wish he would take a walk. After 4 in his first 4 games, he has 0 in his last 6.

    Another guy to keep an eye on is Lino. I thought starting him in AA this year was too aggressive, but he’s proved me wrong.

  7. Did anyone notice Jiwan James in the box score? Troubling that Dom Brown can’t seem to get it going. If for nothing else it would be nice to get him looking good so we can flip him.

    Sandusky’s Walding fascination is a bit creepy.

    1. My worry….flip Dom Brown….and he becomes the next Joe Bat, post-Pirates 8/9 years ago.

      1. That’s always possible Romus but I don’t see it happening for one reason Dom doesn’t seem to have the passion to play this game at a high level. he seems way too passive to me.

        I certainly could be wrong I don’t know the guy, I’m not around him everyday that’s just my perception.

    2. Yes, James came into town hitting .303, he left at .260 after a 3-17 weekend. He played an Aaron Brown fly ball into a double when he retreated tentatively on it, had words with the SS on a pop up that dropped between them, and was part of the group of four fielders that misplayed Angelo Mora’s pop up into a double to shallow center. Bit of a rough weekend for him back in Clearwater.

  8. Franco, Eflin and Tocci with good days. I was excited by what I saw in Lino so I’m happy to see his good start. Harold is also doing well when he’s playing and should get more playing time now. Nola, Biddle, and Eflin look pretty tough. Could be in the 2017 rotation together.

  9. Making my way up to the Philly area from FL this weekend and will visit Lakewood (thur,) Allentown (fri) and Harrisburg (reading- Sat) for the first time. Any insights on the ballparks? anyone else attending these games? Pretty excited to see Quinn, Franco and Tocci in the same weekend.

    1. Yeah the Harrisburg stadium is really nice since they re-did it. It’s on City Island just across a walking bridge from downtown where there are plenty of bars and restaurants within walking distance. You can also park on the island. Hope you enjoy it

  10. Tim, I like Chase Harris. His play over a 4-game period in XST led me to pick him as my sleeper. You are right about his speed and glove. But, I’m not sure he’s going to get enough ABs in an OF that includes Cozens, Brown, and Pullin.

    1. Tys that’s my worry if he gets enough at bats maybe he’ll go up to AA. Colton Murray finally was hit Hard boo I hope he grows from that.

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