Box Score Recap – 4/18/2015

Lehigh Valley lost to Buffalo, 2-1.  Maikel Franco had 2 of the ‘Pigs 4 hits.  Dom Brown was in the line up and went 0-4.  P.J. Clemens lasted 3 innings throwing 74 pitches (39/34)and walking seven.  Seth Rosin took the loss.

Reading beat Richmond, 6-5 in 10 innings.  Jesse Biddle survived a 2-run, 31-pitch first inning and allowed just 2 singles over his next 5 innings.  By then Reading had the lead, but Ethan Stewart blew the save opportunity in the 7th inning.  Mike Nesseth came in to clean up another mess in the 8th inning.  Richmond decided to pitch to Brock Stassi, who had come in during a double-switch in the eighth, even though they had a base open.  Stassi tied the game with a 2-run single.  Stephen Shackleford struck out 3 in the 10th and earned the win when Richmond had to pitch to Stassi again with 2 on and nobody out in the bottom of the tenth.  Stassi singled, game over.

Clearwater won 7-3.  Colin Kleven pitched a stronger game than the box score indicates.  Reinier Roibal was charged with a blown save (probably not deserved) and picked up the win.  Eight starters collected 10 hits, nine singles.  Willians Astudillo singled home the go ahead run and Dylan Cozens crushed a “Thome-esque” home run over the light standard in right.    More here.

Lakewood lost 6-4 to Hagerstown with Carlos Tocci on the bench.  Cord Sandberg and Tim Zier collected 2 hits a piece.  Ranfi Casimiro allowed 4 runs (3 ER) on 6 hits and 3 walks, and didn’t survive the fifth inning.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Bonus coverage – Kelly Dugan is back in town, walking around the Complex without the boot.





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  1. Roman Quinn, 0-5, with 3 Ks. Just one of those days.
    I think ‘catchman’ jinxed him by going to the game.

    1. I completely jinxed him!!!!! Not only did I go for the express purpose of seeing him I’d been talking him up all week so, naturally, the baseball Gods struck me (and Roman) down last night.

      On the game. Yeah, I got Roman Quinn on his first off night of the season. Literally nothing happened that would showcase any of his skills, except he did a capable job chasing down balls. He was facing a very tough pitcher, Kyle Crick, who pumped in 94-96 MPH fastballs and nasty breaking pitches. Quinn struggled a bit, but he probably hasn’t seen a ton of pitchers with that much ability. He seemed to adjust a bit as the game went on, but Im’ sure it was a learning experience.

      But it was worth it going to see Biddle. He threw 91-93 in the first few innings, touching 94, later in the game, he sat 90-92. He struggled in the first, throwing 30 pitches. The old Jesse Biddle would have been cooked. The new Jesse Biddle shook it off and got to work. He only threw 62 pitches over the next 5 innings (ending the night with 92 I believe). But he is a FAR advanced pitcher compared with the one I saw a few years ago. The old Biddle tried to overpower the hitter or just set up the curve, which is devastating but not entirely consistent, to get a strikeout. The new Biddle still did a lot of that, but he wasn’t just trying to strike guys out. His third pitch (either a change or a cutter, I couldn’t tell, but probably a change) is now also an above average pitch. He also did a great job changing eye level, going up high to get Ks when he was ahead in the count. If he can stay consistent, I think he’ll be called up to Lehigh Valley before the middle of June and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he made the majors this year. He’s a much better pitcher than he once was. I was also really impressed by the fact that he was able to strike out quite a few batters without his best stuff, just good, solid stuff. This bodes well for him.

      Aside from Quinn and Biddle, the most impressive player was Altherr. He’s really filled out but he’s incredibly fleet in the outfield. He hit the ball hard everywhere, including times he made outs. But he’s 24, so he needs this to be a breakout year.

      Brock Stassi also had a nice game and looked good, wonder if he could become another Greg Dobbs – probably not, but he’s a nice little player.

      More later.

      1. Thanks for the report! Biddle and Altherr have flown a bit below the radar so far, but this is a big year for both of them. I’m particularly hopeful that Biddle will take a big step forward this year if he can stay healthy.

        As to Altherr, we’ll see what his K% is in a few months.

      2. Okay, a bit more.

        First, having watched some of the game now on MilbTV, Biddle’s outing is even more impressive. He has maybe a 55 or 60 FB, but he can get swings and misses if he throws it high or misses a little bit on purpose. The curve is a plus pitch – when it’s on, it’s virtually unhittable, but his command on the pitch is a bit inconsistent. The change is the difference maker. It’s at least an above average pitch. What’s so big with these pitches is the speed differential. The FB is thrown about 90-94. The change is like 81-85. The curve is 74-78. When he mixes things up, he can be really good.

        FYI, the Phils’ relief pitching was marginal. Nesseth sits at 92 – nothing special. Stewart might be interesting, but was not good last night. Shackelford is actually intriguing – he’s a true pitcher and he ramp it up there at about 96 when he needs it.

        The Giants’ pitchers almost all threw hard – generally in the 93-96 MPH range.

      3. That third pitch is probably his slider, right? He’s started to throw it again after basically shelving it post-high school and it looked impressive at times during Spring Training.

      1. The Phillies may not need their version of Gallo especially if Cozens, Franco, Dugan, Pujols or Encarcion continue to develop.

  2. Franco has real responded after a slow start. Biddle’s rebound after the first inning is the kind of growth we’ve been waiting to see from him. Very encouraging. Cwater is 7-3, quite a turnaround for you Jim. Cozens is quietly putting together a nice start.

    1. Stormy weather forecasted for the region tomorrow …Biddle should take precautionary measures.

        1. Hey I got caught in that same hail storm. It was Nasty. Got to my car before I did a biddle, but I got a $4,000 check for hail damage. That storm was nasty.

  3. Eflin today. The Fightin’s rotation is akin to a subscription to a Jelly of the Month Club

    Hey Jim, or anyone for that matter. Are you aware of the status of Samuel Hiciano? I would have expected to see him on the Clearwater roster but I see he hasn’t had a plate appearance in 2015 as yet

    1. Broke his ankle last month, didn’t he?
      Carted off one of the back fields and then sent to area hospital..out for the season.

        1. From Baseball Ross:
          April 3, 2015 by Baseball Ross
          It was an intrasquad camp day on Wednesday and Baseball Betsy and I were a bit late getting to the Carpenter Complex. On our approach to the fields we saw something no fan wants to see, an ambulance with its lights flashing next to Ashburn Field. Inside was outfielder Sam Hiciano. We would learn that he had just broken his ankle in a slide at second base. Yesterday, he had surgery at a local hospital.

  4. Very encouraged by Biddle’s start. I looked at the box after his first inning and thought “oh boy, here we go again.” But very happy to see he settled down.

    1. That’s big. Last year he often wasn’t able to settle down after a bad inning. The control just cut out and kept getting worse.

  5. Eflin, 8 strong and no earned runs so far….sweet! So far we got all 5 baby 3-5’s on track. Maybe if we are real optimistic, someone like Biddle can step up to a 2. I mean I would love to see Reading play the Phils in a 7 game set 😉

    1. Eflin does not get many Ks from swing and misses, but he does get outs.
      His WHIP is exceptional.
      I wonder what kind of movement he has on his pitches!

    1. Eflin –FB 92-93, touching 94, however has touched higher Has a 4-seamer fastball, complements with a 2-seamer at 89-91 FB velo. Eflin’s best pitch –CU –rated plus. SLDR needs more refinement.. Eflin has good control and induces off-the barrel bat misses. Needs to improve secondary pitch, the slider specifically, working more proficiently. Hopefully he can get the FB up and sit at 93-95, then may see a higher K/9

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