Box Score Recap – 4/17/2015

Lehigh Valley lost to Buffalo and fell to 3-6.  Maikel Franco went 3-4 (2-3 off Randy Wolf) with his 6th double.  Adam Morgan pitched 5.0 innings and took the loss.  He gave up 5 runs (3 ER) on 6 hits.  Looks like he pitched well and tired in the 5th inning when he gave up the 3 ER.  He threw 87 pitches, 54 strikes.

Reading beat Richmond, 7-1.  Aaron Nola allowed 4 hits over 6.0 shut out innings.  He walked one and struck out 5.  He threw 86 pitches, 62 strikes.  Roman Quinn went 2-4, 2 R, RBI, BB, 3 SB.  Aaron Altherr made his first start and went 2-3, 2B, R, 2 RBI, 2 BB, and an outfield assist.  Brock Stassi, Gabriel Lino, and KC Serna each had 2 hits.  Stassi added 3 more RBIs to his league leading total.

Clearwater won 4-3 in 17 innings over the Lakeland Flying Tigers.  Miguel Nunez gave up 3 runs in the 4th inning.  The bullpen held the Tigers scoreless over the final 12 innings.  Aaron Brown and Andrew Pullin hit solo home runs.  Pullin drove in a “small ball” run with a ground out after Drew Stankiewicz led off the 5th inning with a double and was sacrificed over to third in a 3-1 game.  Dylan Cozens ended the marathon with an RBI single.  Cody Forsythe earned the win.  More here.

Lakewood beat Hagerstown 9-3.  Tyler raised his record to 2-0 on 4 hit pitching over 5.0 innings.  He gave up 2 ER and struck out 5.  Denard Span led off for the Suns.  Malquin Canelo, Jiandido Tromp, Rhys Hopkins, and Derek Campbell each had 2 hits.  Herlis Rodriguez had a triple,  3 RBI, and an outfield assist when he threw out Span trying to stretch a single.  Canelo had 2 of the teams 5 doubles.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Bonus coverage – if you missed my earlier report, Jake Sweaney underwent successful TJ surgery in California.

Jonathon Pettibone was scheduled to throw about 25 pitches in the XST game at Dunedin.  He threw an 11-pitch 1st inning retiring the Jays 1-2-3.  His fast ball was fairly steady at 86 and reached 87 on his last pitch.  He threw 9 strikes.  The coaches opted to have him finish his work in the bullpen.  Pretty good first outing.  The velocity isn’t important yet.  That he was able to throw without pain was a step in the right direction.

Yoel Mecias threw 38 pitches over the next 3 innings of the same game.  He allowed 2 base runners on a double and a walk.  He recorded 2 strike outs.  He started off 86-88, improved to 88-89 T90, and finished 87-88.  He had a 24/14 S/B ratio.  He looked fine.  I remember how I wrote him off last year when he threw 85-86 in a GCL start.  He was later promoted to Lakewood and I was surprised to hear the was throwing 92.  So, yeah, he looks fine.  If somebody stumbles in Clearwater, maybe he ends up there when he’s ready.

Mitch Guellar threw 2 innings.  He threw 17 pitches.  His fast ball was 85-88.  He walked his first batter on 4 pitches and immediately received a coaching visit.  He only retired 1 batter in his first inning.  The walk was erased on a steal attempt and a line drive single down the left field line was thrown out trying to stretch a it into a double.  He was hit hard in the next inning recording outs on line drives to infielders and a sharp ground out to short.

Venn Biter crushed a 2-run home run to right.  Later Jan Hernandez did the same.  Luis Encarnacion went 2-3 with an RBI double.

J.P Crawford has been taking 65-70+ hard ground balls the past few days.  It shouldn’t be long before he takes the field in XST.




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  1. I was traveling this week and may have missed it, but is Cord Sandberg hurt? Didn’t see him in the box scores the last couple of days

  2. Mitch Guellar…needs to make a decision this season some time….the mound or the field.

    1. Romus I will talk to Guellar today and see if he made a decision. If not he gets no lhv bacon broccoli bits, dam bacon and broccoli yeah??

  3. Walking the Walk;

    Franco and Quinn showing impressive BB rates to start the season. Not sure what to say about Quinn right now. His start is actually an extension of his AFL debut in 2014. Very promising.

    Franco’s BB rate is sitting at 10.3% thru 39 PAs vs 5.4% last season

    Quinn continuing the trend he established during the AFL. Though he’s always had an acceptable BB rate, he’s currently sitting above 12% which is excellent for a top of the order type.

    Pullin is another player who’s BB rate is up considerably over past seasons. Currently 14.7% versus 7.7% last year despite moving up a level.

    Tocci’s 2nd season in Lakewood (2014) actually saw his BB rate decrease to 4.6% and his K rate increase to 17.8%. Probably no single player in the system has showed more improvement so far than Tocci. His BB rate currently sits at an excellent 12.2% while his K rate is even better at 7.3%. A few of us insisted during the off season that Tocci was at a point in his professional career where he should be allowed to play against more similarly aged competition, and in this respect a three-peat of Lakewood was warranted. Early results prove this to be a wise decision on the part of Phillies player development. My thought; don’t be hasty with his fast start. I’d have no reservations should he remain at Lakewood for most of the season.

    Knapp on the other hand, despite getting a number of hits in the first week, has an alarming K rate of 32.6% coupled with a BB rate of 4.7%. Both are scary numbers, particularly the former. He’s also 23. If we were drawing early prospecting trend lines, Knapp would be in a sharp decline.

    Early promotions? On the pitching side, I stated earlier in the week that Cody Forsythe would be one of the first profiled players to be promoted. Well, now I’m clamoring for it. He’s 24 and has dominated Advanced A hitters dating back to last year. It’s about time he joined the Fightins in Reading

    1. Yes, the statistical analysis is good, but with small sample sizes, you also have to go by scouting reports and the scouting reports on Knapp during ST were excellent as were in-game results (he hit a ton of home runs). But, sure, the K rate must go down and BB must go up.

      Also, still waiting for A. Brown to show he can draw walks. If he can’t, he basically is going to be a Jeff Francoeur type player – all the skills in the world, but no plate discipline and therefore little projection. We will see.

      1. Agree catch. Statistical analysis merely supplements scouting (or is it the other way around?). Still, looking at Knapp’s past 5 games, SSS notwithstanding, he’s K’d 9 times in 20 PAs which includes one BB. At 23, playing against competition 2+ years his junior, I’d say he needs to OPS in the .800 range with a K rate nearer to the low 20’s% rather than low 30’s%. A breakout for Knapp would be a significant boost to the system, so I’m certainly rooting for him in spite of what I would consider some alarming underlying statistics.

        1. What is a bit concerning with Knapp and his K rate, is that he is a switch-hitter and breaking balls normally break-in on him and not away…unless there are still screw ball pitchers these days.
          He should not be having such a high K rate this early.
          However, his K rate for almost 700 MiLB PAs is approx. 24%, which I would think is not great for a switch-hitter.

      2. Aaron Brown may never draw a BB again. 7 in 280 career PAs. 7! Sebastian Valle like but without the premium position. I think the Francoeur comparison is something of a slight to Francoeur. I do see where you were coming from though

          1. In a way, the selection of Aaron Brown with such a high pick sort of encapsulates why they needed to replace Marti Woelover, and I really didn’t hate Marti – he made some good picks, but great physical tools alone don’t always make for a good player, especially where the player has no plate discipline or little demonstrated feel for the game. That said, you’ve got to hand it to him for the Crawford and Quinn picks and I think Nola will do just fine.

            1. But I hope Brown can develop plate discipline. I just watched the video of his home run. What was/is most impressive is Brown the physical specimen, but damn, you usually don’t see guys develop plate discipline after their first year or so in professional ball, so if he’s going to do it, it has to happen soon.

      3. Or be a lefthanded pitcher like he was in college with a fb at 92 and a plus slider. He was aggressive in college too this is not new.thing was his bat speed is vg so the Phillies tried the bat first.

    2. There should be no discussion about promotions due to anything that’s happened in just one week. I love the starts for some of the guys, but they are all a couple 0 for 4’s away from mediocrity.

    3. I was at the Reading game last night and I’ll probably say it again in my observations below, but I am concerned about the size of Quinn. Maybe on a team that has some pop at most of the other positions it would not matter but the Phils just don’t have it at the other positions (looking to the future). I mean Quinn makes KC Serna look big. With Revere, Herrera and now Quinn they have a dearth of fast CF with little pop.

      1. I’m not even remotely concerned with Quinn’s size. We’re talking about a player whose most tangible asset is his speed, which will be needed to patrol CF and to serve as a catalyst at the top of the order. We’re also not talking a power profile the likes of Revere or Pierre. Quinn hit 7 home runs last year, 5 the year prior. He won’t turn 22 until next month and will very likely had more strength in the coming years. He’s starting to profile as a 40 SB, 7-10 HR lead off hitter with good on-base skills and above-average defense in CF. Color me ecstatic

        1. Maybe your right but I could easily see him be a 1-3 HR hitters like Revere and Herrera. It would interesting to note the speed differences of Revere and Quinn at this point in their development. I would suspect people were saying the same thing about him in AA.

      2. A diminutive Jimmy Rollins, 5’7”, 170 lbs it his minor days hit 36 HRs in approx 2500 PAs….approx every 70 PAs ave.
        Roman Quinn, about same weight and little taller……14 HRs in his approx 1000 PAs …….approx every 71 PAs ave.

        1. I think I said it somewhere here, but I saw Jimmy in the minors and a lot in the majors and he was definitely bigger (not necessarily taller, but I think he has an inch or two on him) than Quinn. Also size is not the big issue I don’t see anywhere the power that Jimmy had. Now that being said, that was always a knock against JRoll. He swung for the fences…. where Quinns knows he is not going to win that game so he is definitely working his speed.

      3. Not concerned at all about Quinn’s size because only one of Quinn, Revere, or Herrera will eventually be manning CF for the big club. In he can get on base, steal bags, and play a solid CF it doesn’t matter how many HRs he might hit.

        1. agreed, you restated my point. The Phils have three CF’s with no power. it would be nice to get some corner fielders with power who project to the bigs. Cozens is the only one I know of from A ball up.

          1. No, I’m not restating your point. your issue is that Quinn isn’t a big power hitter, my point is that he’s not supposed to be a power hitting OF. The fact that the Phillies system is devoid of power bats has nothing to do with anyone’s enthusiasm with how Quinn is playing.

      4. Questioning Quinn’s power is legitimate, but it seems to me that how much power he might hit for in the majors has a lot to do with the quality of contact he makes from the left side since that’s where most of his power comes from.

        Remember, Revere’s (and Herrera too, probably) lack of power isn’t all about how big he is, it’s also about his swing plane. It just doesn’t generate a lot of backspin and so even when he hits a ball well it doesn’t usually carry. 5’10” 170 lbs, or whatever Quinn is, seems big enough; especially for a guy with Quinn’s speed. Not to mention that he’s still young and could probably add weight.

        Also, “dearth” means “a lack of”, and I think you meant the opposite of that.

      5. Rem I don’t know how old you are but if your over 40 Kirby puckett 5ft 8inchs, jimmy Rollins 5’8. Joe Morgan 5’7. Freddit patek 5’5 a lot more unless Quinn is under 5 ft I wouldn’t worry about his size with the way he is playing.

  4. Even though the stats are excruciatingly small, Reading has 4 guys in the top 11 Eastern League in hitting. Quinn is number 1. Serna is #5. Stassi is #9 and Charles is 11. It’s nice to see. Brock Stassi is a guy who didn’t many votes in our top 30 (50) pole. He’s 25 so that puts him at the high end of the prospect pool and he only hit .232 last year. He has some pop in his bat so maybe that’ll translate to at least a AAAA guy. He can probably outhit Howard right now. Sorry, no MLB talk allowed in this post.

    1. I think almost any body could out hit Ryan right now LOL

      Again the problem with Quinn and Stassi is size and power for their positions. I was sitting right behind first base last night and Stassi has it all to play first but size. In an org that needs some power Stassi does not provide that. Can he play 2nd or 3rd?

      1. Your the only person concerned with Quinn size. I have zero concern for it as long as he gets on base , steals some basis and stays heathly.

      2. You’re concerned about whether Quinn has enough HR power for center field? If your approach is “Hall of Famer, or nothing!” that’s a legitimate concern, I guess. I don’t think anybody sees Roman Quinn becoming Willie Mays. But there have been some outstanding CF who hit far fewer HR than Quinn is likely to hit – including one whose number has been retired by the Phillies.

  5. JIM any word on viza velocity? Have you seen biter, does he look like a good prospect? Viza was really hit hard last year, wondering if it was lack of experience or lack of velocity, haven’t heard much about him

    1. Haven’t seen Viza. No idea of his velo. He’s 2-0 at Lakewood, though. Let’s hope it was lack of experience last year.

      I’ve seen Biter a few times this past week and in previous seasons. He has put on muscle since drafted. Back then he and Sandberg looked like a good outfield pairing in GCL. He hasn’t kept pace with Sandberg. If they don’t send him to Williamsport this season, then I don’t think you would consider him a prospect any longer.

  6. Starting to get excited about Pullin again. He was a sleeper favorite of mine a year ago, but lost some appeal when he moved off second. Early returns this year are good, though, even setting aside BABIP (and he’s the sort of guy who could have a high BABIP).

  7. Thanks Jim,I hope you’re having fun watching so much baseball. Checking the box scores last night, I was pretty excited watching Franco, Nola, Quinn, Altherr, and Brown all doing so well. How about Viza going 2-0 after 3-17? That’s awesome to me. It sounds like Mecias is close which is great news. We just need Biddle to back up his great first start today. We usually have to force ourselves to get excited over guys hitting 260, not this year. We actually have several guys hitting over 300. Finally.

    1. I will be in a lower box seat for the Reading game today. I’ll report back by tomorrow. I’m really excited to see Biddle again and Quinn in person.

  8. The Fightin Phils, with their starting pitching and the makings of an exciting offense, can win 85 games. Even when Nola moves up, Whitehead would likely replace him. I’m getting to the point of following them more than the big club.

  9. I would have to think that Phils will be fairly aggressive moving guys up the system. For me, I would like Tocci to have a good stretch until end of July and then give him a taste of ADV A in Clearwater.

    I personally would like Nola to pitch well in Reading til July 4th, then move to LV til September call ups ( not accounting for any pitchers getting injured).

    It’s a shame about Guellar, I saw him in WPT two Summers ago. I have to think the “pitching clock” is at 11:58pm. Time to give him a bat.

    I saw A Brown and C Sandberg early in their WPT season last year. I said that both lacked plate discipline. On one hand I’m glad to see I was right according to comments on this board and disappointed on the other hand that in AB’s case, he hasn’t improved in that area.

    1. There really is no rush as this point. The Phillies need tier 1 talent and only way they get that is thru drafting in top 5 for next few years. I am only moving a player up when we start getting bored with their constant production at their current level.

  10. I was at the Reading opener last night and here are my observations;

    1) Quinn – makes JJ roll look huge, both of his hits came because the Richmond second baseman did not cover second on a bunt and swinging bunt other wise he would have been 0-4. Sorry guys, I know a lot of you like him but not sure he has the pop for anything but ss or 2nd. Even when I was watching him in batting practice and the one spring training time I saw this spring he was not getting the ball anywhere near the wall. I have concerns of another Revere or Herrera.

    2) Altherr – Man this guy has it all. If you could Pete Rose in his body ;-). Same as last year, when he is motivated he is impressive, and he looked motivated last night.

    3) Stassi – as noted above he has great 1st base skills, and can hit, but concerned about power for this position.

    4)Perkins – he looks like he put on some muscle, but he seemed to loose his stroke from last year in Reading. Did not see him for the pigs last year or much this spring, but his stroke does not look like anything from last year in reading. He did not look too motivated.

    5) Pierre – Man he looked great in warm up. Unfortunately he looked really tight and tentative in the game.

    6) Lino – had some good at bats and looked good behing the plate.

    7) Nola – Still can’t figure out why he is successful. Good control, deceptive delivery? He was topping out at 91-92. At times he looked very hittable, but other times he definitely had hitters off balance.

    8) Arajo – Big man who can definitely bring it 96 -97. However he seemed a bit of a goofball during warm ups. Maybe I’m to old school, but running around with all your pockets pulled out. He just did not seemed real focused.


    1) Art Charles – Not sure why they have not had him at 1st more so far. He is definitely more of a main frame at first and was launching some nice shots during warm ups. Again it would be nice if they could put stasis somewhere else in the inf and play Charles more at 1st

    2) Stewart – My first time seeing him much and he looked awesome pitching on the side. Not only is he tall but he looks like he could play defensive end. I mean this guy looks like he should be able to throw through a wall. Jim I would be interested in your take on him during the spring?

    3) Nesseth – again he was goofing with Arajo a lot so hard to tell anything on him. Not very impressive looking though.

    4) O’Sullivn needs to bone up on the twinkies if he is going to catch his brother 😉

    5) Shakelford – has awesome neck movement he beat a kid in the 6th inning on hoe many times he could shake his head in 1 minute. 56 times to 40…not even close.

    1. Quinn as u say was not getting the ball near the wall I guess his triples and his doubles wasn’t near the wall either whether the player didn’t cover first or not the bunts goes down as a hit either way he was 2/4 and not 0/4 size really doesn’t matter ask J-Roll

      1. Curious, Not trying to be negative. Again I know a lot of folks are high on him, and I guess if we did not have carbon copies in Revere and Herrera I would be excited as well, but we need power corner outfield prospects more than fleet ft CF’s.

        Not sure what game you saw with the triples and doubles, but there were no hits out of the inf last night for Quinn. The point on the 2nd baseman not covering is that in the bigs that might happen once or twice in a season but not twice on the same night. Both “hits” should have been E2’s.

        1. Not saying he had a triple or double in last nite game but as u said in the spring or in batting practice not hitting the wall I have seen lots of guys hit the wall in batting practice but in the game did not produce it could see if it happen once not getting back to first but twice u u only a critic not a manager or coach so no hard feeling for ur comments only time will tell and not ur judgement

          1. I’ve watched several of Quinn’s games on MilbTV – he hit a long home run to right center (over the fence) and has hit a bunch of other long balls. He has plenty of pop – not as much as J Roll had, but probably more like Shane Victorino at a similar age. He’s not Ben Revere

            As for Nola, mid-season last year he was touching 95 or so. But what you can’t see on TV is that he has plus movement, great command and a wide assortment of pitches. If he sits 91-93, he’ll probably be a decent 2 or a strong 3 (a guy you’d be happy to pitch in an important post season game). If he can dial up 95 or 96 when he needs it, he could be a really special and his mound presence is excellent. I was skeptical of him at first, but having seen him, I really like him.

            I’ll be there tonight so we can compare notes tomorrow!

        2. It’s a bit glib to call Quinn a carbon copy of Herrera and Revere. Neither player is as fast, and neither uses the speed they do have as well. The sample of Quinn in CF is small, but reports have been positive regarding his coverage, and the Phils’ insistence on putting him at SS says all you need to know about the arm. He also has shown pop in his bat at each level. Is he Rickey Henderson? No. Does he have a higher ceiling (I’d argue floor at this point) as Herrera or Revere? I have no doubt.

    2. Your eyes and/or memory may be deceiving you, RemHoward2011. Baseball-Reference has Rollins at 5’7″, 175 lbs. They have Quinn at 5’10”, 170 – and he’s still filling out. Now maybe they’re not all that accurate – but I’d wager they’re at least as accurate as your (or anybody’s) eyeballs + memory. The eyewitness stuff just isn’t very reliable.

  11. I wasn’t there only reading the reports and if Nola is topping out at 92, he will not be a top of rotation guy, back end Kendrick’s and Buchanan type,

    1. I agree. The good news is he could slide into the Phils current lineup and be their #3 pitcher, but on any contending team he looks like a 5, maybe a 4 at best. This is not a new revelation, however. The good news is that Reading has 4-5 guys who could slot into the Phillies SP lineup in the near future. If Biddle can do like he did last time out consistently he could maybe be a 2-3 and the other guys (Efline, Windle, Lively, Nola) could slot 4 or 5 or maybe traded for power outfielders 😉

      1. His secondary pitches are plus, especially CU, and with exceptional and plus command and control. I can see him as a #2/3 on any team.
        Will he ever be an ‘ace’…probably not, but think he will be more then a KK or Buck.

        1. He’s in an entirely different class of pitcher from Kendrick. As for Buchanan, he doesn’t have Nola’s pitch variety or movement, so he would appear to have a much lower ceiling and he’s several years older. But I like Buchanan, I think he’s going to find a way to be successful, even if it’s as a solid 4.

    2. In the past, Nola’s fastball has been 91-93, touching 94
      MLB has his FB as a 60 rating, which is low 90s for the most part.

    3. since when? Kendrick and Buchanan have no plus pitches. Nola has a deceptive delivery and throws his secondary pitches with command. A 92 mph fastball that isnt flat and is thrown with command is plenty to be successful.

      1. Agree Bob….still 21-years old thru June, so he is relatively young also.
        Believe it or not, soft-tossing pitchers often comped , but he truly could be a Greg Maddux- type pitcher with his Comm and Cont and secondary pitches, and velo FB at 92-93..

  12. Kirsten Karbach just said that the Threshers pen has not allowed a run in the last 19 innings.

  13. Whoever said Nola is a Kendrick type is outta their mind, he won’t be a 1 but I don’t think anyone thinks that he will be. Should be a decent 2 and/or a good 3. It’s his what? 2nd start of the season . . . ? Again knowing how to pitch, being deceptive, having ion point control and plus secondary pitches plays up the FB 92-93 which is where he will be at maybe touching higher is enough. Oh and Quinn being small . . WHOCARES?

  14. You can’t really lump Quinn in with the current players considering it won’t be the same team when he’s up. I mean right off the bat you might be able to add 20plus HRs with Franco and possibly 15 with Crawford. Then who knows who are playing the other positions but not what is up there now.

    Also nice start out of Biddle tonight with 8Ks and only 1 walk. Limiting the walks will be huge for Biddle. Keep it up.

  15. Quinn fine just needs at bats when u have 80 speed the main thing is too get on base so the pitcher and catcher have to worry .

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