Box Score Recap – 4/14/2015

Lehigh Valley won 6-5, its second game of the season.  Joely Rodriguez allowed 4 runs on 6 hits and 3 walks in 5.0 innings.  Hector Neris blew the save but got the win.  He struck out 3 in his 2.0 innings.  Colton Murray got the save.  Maikel Franco contributed a home run and 2 RBIs.  Syracuse struck out 10 IronPig batters.

Reading lost a walk-off 5-4 to New Hampshire.  Ben Lively allowed 3 runs on 4 hits and 2 home runs in the first two innings, but settled down and pitched well over his next 4.0 innings.  Ethan Stewart allowed only a seventh inning walk in his 1.2 innings before yielding to Nefi Ogando after a strike out and with two out and nobody on in the eighth.  Ogando struck out the dangerous Jake Fox, but gave up a walk and home run in the ninth to blow the save and lose the game.  Roman Quinn opened with a triple, collected 3 hits, scored 2 runs, stole 2 bases, and hit into a 4-6-3 double play (yeah, I’m surprised at that, too).  Brock Stassi went 2-3 and picked up 2 more RBIs (that’s 10 for the season).

Clearwater collected 11 hits in a 6-1 victory over Jupiter.  Dom Brown was not in the line up.  Aaron Brown had a double and a triple, Willians Astudillo had a double and a home run with 3 RBIs, and Andrew Knapp added 2 more hits.  Dylan Cozens chipped in 2 RBIs.   Every Thresher struck out at least once, 12 total.  Matt Imhof allowed 1 run in 5.0 innings on 4 hits and 3 walks.  Lee “R.A.” Ridenhour allowed 2 hits and struck out 4 in 3.0 innings of relief.  Cody Forsythe pitched a scoreless ninth.  Astudillo threw out a potential base stealer.  Imhof threw another one out at third.

Lakewood beat Greensboro 9-1.  Elniery Garcia (6.0 IP, 4 H, 1 unearned run), Alexis Rivero (2.0 IP 1 H, 4 K), and Joey Denato (1.0 hitless inning) shut down the Grasshoppers.  The BlueClaws collected 10 hits and 8 walks.  The big blow was Carlos Tocci’s tie-breaking grand slam in the fourth inning.  Tocci, Jiandido Tromp, and Deivi Grullon each had 2 hits.  Tromp and Rhys Hoskins each added an RBI.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.




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  1. Keep your fingers crossed– this (yeah, sss–jjust a few games) is the best breakout of offense by our pharmers to begin a minor lg season in many moons. And the pitching is promising to become a strength of the system…even before the Reading 5 has a chance to get their feet on the ground. Curb my enthusiasm? Gotta find some bright spots after the dingy past few seasons. Much to watch in “our” minors in ’15; it’ll keep us focused past this years major lg franchise….hopefully.

      1. My reason bj is Sandberg, he starts out great two years in row and stops hitting, so I will wait on Quinn, don’t know about the rest, never saw tocci, play, I only try to talk about guys I have seen, I just cant read stats and declare someone a player, I am not that good,

  2. One thing that jumps out to me is quality depth up and down the system. The past few years I would skip the box scores of a team or two. But each team now has legit prospects, most of whom are off to a very good start.

    I have been down on Tocci but I think something has changed. I am very encouraged by his start.

    Roccom – same as you, I am holding back big dreams on Quinn but damn does he look like a star right now. Ben Badler has been singing his praises on Twitter the past 2 days.

  3. Quinn the guy to watch. He Already has elite speed and is a good defensive player. Now if he can hit the way he’s hit early on , we have a serious prospect here. The best part is being in Reading he’s not all that far away from the big club. As a whole the results have been pretty positive in the minors the 1st week or so. This is the most optimistic I’ve been about the system in 4 or 5 years.

    1. I’ve been the most negative, of anyone on this board, on Quinn. He’s knocking the cover off the ball so far. I can’t wait for a Quinn, Altherr and Dugan OF in Reading.

      Something has happened to Perkins and I’m not sure what it is. He can’t hit a beachball pitched by an 8 year old girl. He’s close to being let go. Change everything from your bat, glove, routine, where you eat and then wear your underwear backwards and tip your cap a little to the right. Try anything. Just do it.

      1. I saw perkins last year and really though he would be a decent to good player in major. Looked and hit like a player, what happen is a mystery,

    1. Still a little early for that. Also no one here hates Tocci. It has just been a healthy skepticism. I hope Tocci can keep up his torrid start.

  4. Outstanding night. Quinn is killing it and Franco gets his first. Tocci with a slam and Garcia, one of my big upside guys, with a great first start.

  5. just a note on Quinn. Most of his hits have come from the left side. Only 1-3 with a 3B from the right side

          1. I assume you are new here but the topic of Quinn’s switch hitting has been heavily debated over the past years and the fact that his hot start is largley from the left side is significant. I though it relevant to point that out since not everyone mat have looked at his early season splits.

    1. I’m beginning to think that Quinn is an absolute freak athlete. That he’s doing this well from the left side is amazing when you consider that he started switch hitting (i.e., hitting from the left side) after he was drafted and really hasn’t gotten regular at bats in the minors due to a string of injuries. What’s more, it looks like he’s developing some real power. I’m trying to keep things in perspective until he’s had a sufficient sample size of at bats but, man oh man, he’s bringing a lot to the table right now and if he’s star in the making, he, along with Crawford, Franco and the young pitchers, are going to help expedite the rebuilding process.

      1. catch…also thought that about Quinn, switching after drafted….but JimP found out he actually started before that, perhaps in HS sometime.

        1. Yes, he began switch-hitting on his own, his senior year in high school. I only brought it up because somebody blamed the Phillies for “making” him (and others)switch-hit. In fact they allowed him to continue …

      2. What’s interesting is that he has always shown power from the left side but his other numbers are fairly significantly worse from that side over his career (understandable since its new to him). Despite that we’ve all heard the reports that scouts liked his LH swing better. SSS of course, but hopefully this is an early sign that the results are beginning to catch up to those reports. If so, look out

        1. It would be great if he can continue to hit this well from the left side. he was in the same draft class as Mookie Betts, similar style players, and if Quinn can really keep his game at this level for a season or two, there should be no need for Ruben to talk in trying to get Betts in any deal with the Sox. The pipeline for CF with Herrera, Revere, Quinn and Tocci is flowing.

          1. Now we need a well-rounded power hitter who can slot into the middle of the line-up.

            By the way, slightly off topic (but not much), Cody Asche looks great in the early going, continuing his progress in ST. I think, for this year, he could easily stay at third with Franco getting most of his reps at 1st if and when they release Howard. Of course, it’s not good to move Franco down on the defensive spectrum, but he’ll get his share of reps at 3rd too, he’s gifted at 3rd, so I don’t think his skills will diminish and the most important thing would be to get both Franco and Asche regular at bats this year. Whether Asche can ultimately transition to the OF to back to second – that’s what the off season is for. I want them get major league at bats when Franco is ready and the other stuff will sort itself out over time.

            1. If Franco is brought up in June/July…Howard’s contract at that point is only at $45M (July trade deadline)….so the MLBTR text that had the Phillies paying $35M of his contract, could still be in play, to see if Howard is desirable by any team.

          2. That is a tad aggressive. Betts consistently showed a better batting eye, contact skills and power than Quinn has through the minors. He also had a much better SB success rate, even though Quinn is probably faster. I would trade anyone we have for Betts.

            That said, I really hope this is the year Quinn blossoms. So far so good.

      3. If any of you have the minor league baseball package (best $50 you can spend if you want to scout minor league prospects at home), which gives you access to archived games on video for all (or virtually all) AAA games and most AA games, you can check out what Quinn has been doing. I just watched the feed for part of yesterday and Monday’s games for Quinn’s at bats. The feed is awful from the New Hampshire park if you are looking to watch a pitcher – it’s not the standard centerfield view of home plate where you see the pitch and the hitter. It’s just a camera from the second deck behind home plate. However, it does allow you to see almost the entire field and base paths, so you can watch Roman Quinn running the bases from the batters’ box. Good God is he fast!!! He runs in real time like those old sped-up black and white films from the 1920s – if you give him even a slight moment extra on a ball hit into the gap, he’ll take 3. He runs the bases a lot like Rollins or Victorino did when they were young or Revere does now, but I honestly think he’s faster. If he was on the Phillies I’d have to think he would be one of the two or three fastest players in the majors, up there with or just behind Billy Hamilton and Dee Gordon.

          1. I think you can buy a full season package or a monthly package. Full season is about $50 and one month is about $20. The full season package gives you access to all games that are televised and video taped, both live and in archive format. Most days, I go back to highlighted moments to see who did what.

        1. Romus at this pace no one would take Howard for nothing. I Think he gets until June and then a buyout, I wonder if he would take the 45 million over 4 years to help out the team, less cap worries

        2. just an FYI for any looking to buy the package, I was just looking it over and I counted aside from the LV and Reading games, they are showing 7 Lakewood and 7 Crosscutters games this season starting in mid or late June. Have had it in the past, the price has gone up a little but might get it again.

      4. He is absolutely a freak! How many players upon signing take on two entirely new things, switch-hitting and playing shortstop? Not many if any, takes a special kind of athlete and makeup to handle it. Glad to see him flourishing

  6. Nice to see Garcia with a good start. Pinto goes tonight. It is fun to have those guys back-to-back in the rotation.

    It is even more fun to have multiple intriguing pitchers going in one day – Billingsley at 10:30am, Whitehead and Pinto today.

    1. Hopefully he can keep this pace up and get a promo to CLW in a month or two and see how he does there.

        1. Forgot about Brown. he can also be a key cog in that CF mix….all are plus defenders with plus arms.

            1. seems like a lot to like about Brown, but 7 BBs in 237 PAs is concerning, especially since he had that sort of track record in college of memory serves

    1. gkit….Sam McW now is listed at 6’4″ on the XST link…drafted at 6’7″…but velo climbed from 88 to 91….good trade-off.

  7. I wish I could have seen the reading game. That 6 round draft choice matt Boyd had 9 strikeouts in 5 innings I believe. He looks like from the little I could find a strikeout guy, looks like a nice pick in 6 th round

  8. Reading has already played today and in case you were wondering, Roman Quinn kicked some more ass today.

    Check out this box score.

    He batted 5 times. He got three hits, including a double, and he walked twice. He stole a base. And, oh yeah, he threw a guy out at home. He’s been doing some version of this virtually every game since the season started. He’s ridiculous.

  9. Billingsley with a great start this morning and Franco with 2 more hits including a triple and 2 rbis. Franco doing just fine after his slow start.

    1. Franco so far from what I have seen. He is more selective at the plate not chasing, hope he keeps it up. He imo has unreal upside.

    2. The LV lineup may be mostly non-prospects, but damn those guys are hitting a ton so far. 6 guys who batted today are batting over 300, and Franco is just four points below at 296. Need to get some of that mojo working in Philly. And Billingsley’s 5 scoreless innings today are even more exciting than the bats.

  10. Just an unreal start to the season for the phuture phillies! Pinto w 10ks! And Quinn white hot! I’m loving it!

  11. Really interesting line from Pinto, also giving up 9 hits over his 7 innings. The strikeouts must have really helped him work out of a few jams.

    1. I think Reading needed a fill-in to start today because the Saturday doubleheader messed up their rotation. I assume Nola will start the next game.

    2. Vasquez pitched for the Mariners 3-4 years ago then had a brain surgery a year or two ago. He is trying to make it back as a swing guy. Think Mark Buehrle when it comes to left handed velo. Nothing but a nice story; org filler for now that can eat up innings.

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