Box Score Recap – 4/11/2015

Lehigh Valley loses in 13 innings.  Gonzalez pitched well in his start, Murray pitched well in relief.  Franco picks up his second hit, another double.

Reading splits – Nola loses, Biddle pitches well and wins.

Clearwater gets walk-off, 2-1 win in 11th inning.  Aaron Brown makes another unbelievable catch.  Time to come up with an appropriate nickname?  More here.

Lakewood ‘s Tyler Viza gets the win.  Rhys Hoskins gets 3 hits, Grenny Cumana 2 hits, and Carlos Tocci goes hitless.  All three are hitting .455.  Herlis Rodriguez adds a go-ahead, 3-run home run.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.




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  1. The guy i picked for my sleeper, Rhys Hoskins, has started off well….though I was basing his choice on his power bat. But like all collegiates…..they need to cut the mustard starting at the AA level then I become a better believer.

  2. Things that caught my eye so far

    * Franco with three BBs in three games. Bueno

    * Colton Murray yet to be scored upon in 4.1. I’d be surprised if we don’t see him in Philly at some point this season, even with depth in the pen

    * Promising start for Biddle. Still a legitimate SP prospect

    * I’m really disappointed to see Perkins back at Reading, particularly after his strong finish to an otherwise miserable 2014 at LV.

    * Araujo with a dominant first appearance

    * A Knapp breakout may serve to boost the system more than any other player. Many have called for this to happen and so far he is off to a good start

    * Cody Forsythe may be one of the first profiles players to be promoted at any level. Expect to see him in Reading in a matter of weeks

    * David Whitehead with a dominant first start. A bit old for Clearwater so this trend will need to continue to be worth getting excited about. A notable first start though

    * Ricardo Pinto with a great first start

    * SSS notwithstanding, what is most promising to me so far is the early start by Tocci. 4 BBs and 0 Ks in 15 PAs along with 5 hits and an 1.145 OPS.

    1. All true. Can’t be disappointed by Quinn’s start either. Overall pitching has been terrific. Rayburn with a win and a save already and looks great as the Lwood closer. On the negative, Joseph with a slow start

      1. I hope Joseph stays healthy and then also maybe he will pick up his bat at some point.

      2. Agreed and Knapp is off to a great start too.

        It’s difficult for me to convey adequately just how good Biddle looked in Spring Training. His stuff was excellent. I think he’s always going to struggle a bit with control, but the stuff is at least mid-rotation major league stuff. Right now, he has a 60+ fastball and a 70 curve, but his other off speed pitches are just average at best and his command ranges from a bit above average to well below average. Even if his command is just average, he can be a very dangerous 4, but he’s the type of guy who, if he just settles in and the light goes on, could go from being an okay pitcher to a really dominant pitcher pretty much overnight.

        Very excited to follow Morgan today. If he can regain all of his old velocity (he’s getting there), he is going to be a very solid major league pitcher.

    2. I Really would love to see Knapp, from what is written, he has a chance to be a good offensive player, something we need badly. Hope he gets moved to reading so I can go see him play

  3. I watched the LV game last night on TV. Excellent pitching dual between Severino Gonzalez and Henry Owens. Gonzalez went 6.2 innings and allowed 1 run on 88 pitches. I didn’t concentrate on his velocity but more on his control. He did a real nice job keeping the ball down in the strike zone.

    Henry Owens is really really good. 6-6 lefty with great control. He should be in Boston fairly soon. I think he was 17-5 in last 22 decisions.

    Franco ripped a pitcher’s mistake to LF for a double.

    Good to see Tommy Joseph behind the plate. Obviously rusty but made a real good throw to second to nail Swihart on an attempted steal.

    1. Anonymous I watched the game too. I would bet you anything that Owens is a loogy at best. If you watched him he throws a lot of off-speed pitches, When he had to throw his fastball they hit it hard, He imo isn’t a quality starter in the major. He tried to get Franco out with a fastball and Franco smoked it. He threw one to joseph who put it to the track in left , but the wind held it in the park. He was at 88-89 most of the night, only one hit but I just don’t see him getting away with his stuff. to good major league hitter, he doesn’t throw hard enough to keep them honest, Franco in his first at bat was the Franco of last year, lunging at a off speed pitch and one handed into short center for a out. second at bat he was so much better, he worked Owens for a walk in a I believe 9 pitch at bat, layed off the off-speed pitch in the dirt, which got him out in his first at bat. the next at bat, Owens as I mention tried to sneak a fast ball by him, and he laced a rocket to the wall in left. swihart can really throw he will be a excellent defensive catcher, Hard to judge him in one game on his offense, Gonzalez was the same as Owens, really throwing the off-speed pitches in great spots, keeping hitters off balance, The thing anonymous you have to realize is the reason most of the guys that are older, like cord, and others on lhv. are career minor leaguers is that they cant hit the off-speed stuff, most of all those guys can hit a fastball. I just loved Franco at bat really think its only a matter of time, before he gets that he must keep his hands back, even if he is fooled, to hit major league pitching, his bat is quick. I love that I get to see lvh most Saturday nights, Wish I could have seen past the seventh inning but had to go, plus when I saw them call rosin into the game, I knew it was over. that guy stinks. but he is only a career minor leaguer so its okay. we need guys like him. to fill out the roster, The announcer mention that there were some Phillies scouts and front office people at the game.

      1. I’ll take that bet with you about Owens being only a loogy guy. He is a #2(ceiling)-3(most likely)-4(floor) in my book. IMO, he wasn’t hit all that hard. He gave up one hit and a loud fly out by Joseph. Franco as I said hit a pitcher’s mistake. Owens missed the location badly on that hit. The pitch was middle of the plate and belt high. If Franco didn’t nail that pitch, LV and Phils have a lot to worry about.

        I was fairly high on S. Gonzalez this winter (#15) but he didn’t get a lot of support in the poll. I was very encouraged by him last night and hope to see a lot more games like that this season.

        You are right. Rosin wasn’t very good (trying to be kind).

        1. Joe every time you get a hit its on a mistake. Owens is the type who will look good first time around the league, and then they will catch up with him, I really hope the redsox dont talk the Phillies into taking him, in a hamels trade, Joe, he also had other hard hit balls by cantzer and cord. but they were right at someone. I just don’t see what you see in Owens, But I have been wrong before.

          1. If Ruben ever makes a deal with the Sox with Hamels….he may want one pitcher in return.
            Twenty-year old Trey Ball would be an interesting pitcher, but Rodriguez is an ‘untouchable’ according to past Boston sources, then there is rHP Barnes and LHP Johnson.

          2. I’ve been wrong before and will be wrong again. Just good conversation.

            Not every hit is a mistake by the pitcher. Sometimes you tip your hat to the batter and sometimes you tip your hat to the pitcher. IMO, that pitch was a mistake in not hitting the target by Owens rather than trying to sneak a fastball past him. Not going to argue the degree of hard hits by a couple of other guys. Bottom line is LV got one hit in 6+ innings against the guy.

            Not to belabor the point about Owens but he’s 51-16 in the minors with better than a K per inning. I will bet you that he has not had more than 2-3 games in his minor league career-to-date that he’s walked 4 batters in 6 innings (IBB not counted) prior to last night.

            I noticed that Elvis Araujo had 3K’s in 1.1 IP and allowed one hit in relief yesterday. Cody Forsythe had a good appearance with 3K’s in 2 IP. Happy for Tyler Viza getting the W after what he had to go through last year.

        2. I think you nailed Owens’ ceiling and floor. He is a fine pitcher to get back in a Hamels trade. Owens is as good as Eflin and almost equal to Nola. Beyond that, we need hitting prospects.

          1. Pat Gillick said today before the game that the June draft will be focused on offensive players.
            Ruben did a good job over the off-season getting many quality pitching ‘candidates’….he seems to like the term candidates vs prospects

            1. Exactly what I figured. We are pretty well stocked at AA and up. Not hard to figure out when you look at the trades and the farm system.

              I expect a college bat who is near major league ready.

              Hopefully next year we balance out the farm a bit and fill in the developmental gap.

      2. I’ll take that bet with you as well . . I don’t think you become a top prospect, not just in an organization but in all of baseball if you are a LOOGY. I’ve seen him as high as the 19th best prospect in baseball who has averaged 10.6 K/9 and less then 7 hits/9 in his professional career.

    2. I saw the game on tv too, but only from the 3rd inning to the 9th. Sev was mostly 86-88 mph, with some 85s and 89s mixed in. Owens was in the same range; I don’t know if that’s normal for him or maybe if the gun was a little slow. By my count, Owens only broke 90 mph twice: one right at 90 and another at 93. Both were above the zone. The only guy I saw sit above 90 mph was Heath Hembree.

      1. Handzus did you see How Franco adjusted to Owens after the first at bat? I just don’t see either of these guys as top prospects. But I could be wrong. Maybe the gun was wrong.

        1. I didn’t see Franco’s first AB, but I did see the double; he worked the at-bat really well and looked good in general. It does seem like he’s trying to be a more discerning hitter. To me, Owens looked okay. It’s just one start but his breaking ball wasn’t consistently impressive. I will say he located his fastball pretty well and a lot of the guys he walked took some close pitches and spit on some off speed stuff in the dirt.

      2. The Lehigh Valley gun is typically 1-2 MPH slow and, for some reason, it picks up side-arming lefties very poorly. It had Jake Diekman sitting 89-92 the year he was called up and we all know he was throwing a lot harder than that. Sev probably was throwing harder than 86-88 – I think he’s generally more in the 88-91 range, touching 92 (not all that impressive if you ask me – he’s not one of the prospects that I’m particularly excited about).

  4. Severino’s line against boston’s lineup is much more impressive than Owen’s line. 4 walks in 6.1 innings is not good.

  5. Trying to focus on Reading (I live 20 minutes) and Allentown (30 minutes away). Got a friend in the Portland area and he said Nola was not bad but what he saw of Biddle is that he was dealing. Nice to see, hope he can keep it up.

    Speaking of Reading in Portland. Looks like another Gem with Efflin and Stassi hit another dinger. Some offense is brewing in Reading…a 10 spot to day!!!!!

    Speaking of Brewing, anyone want to join me at one of their Beer tasting nights!

  6. Aumont with 4IPs in relief of Morgan today. Notable I would think. At this point there is nothing to lose by stretching him out. 4 innings in relief is quite substantial

  7. In Allentown….actually Morgan’s line does not look so bad for early on. Aumount 4 innings pitchedso far? Are they stretching him out?? Even bigger news is only 2 walks. Only oned run allowed Yahoo!

  8. And the crème de la crème. Phillies in the bottom of the ninth tied at 2. Can they sweep the Nats with Ryan O Sullivan and Williams as starters?? Wow this could be big doins. I know its early but if they win I say break out the bubbly…LOL

  9. Well almost…..they are battling. At least they are not rolling over. Diekmen and Defratus have looked shaky so far this year. That’s a negative surprise. Phils have had to many of themthem since the last out of 2011.

  10. Anyone have an idea what can be made of Zach Eflin’s projection?
    After over 250 IPs, his BB/9 @2.3 is very good, but his K/9 @6.5 is somewhat average, just does not flash out at you.
    Makes it difficult determining his future rotation position.

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