Box Score Recap – 4/10/2015

Lehigh Valley scores 8 and loses by 2.  Billingsley, Berken, and Knigge knocked around.  But Neris pitched well, striking out the side in the ninth.  Franco gets first hit, a double.

Reading postponed.  Wet grounds.

Clearwater, no-hit for five innings, gets a great pitching performance from David Whitehead in 2-0 win.  More here.

Lakewood loses in 12th inning.  Outfielder Herlis Rodriguez pinch runs for Grullon in 9th inning.  He remains in game as catcher for 3 innings.  Say what?  Josh Taylor scatters 7 hits thru 5 innings and strikes out 7 while allowing one run.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.




26 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/10/2015

  1. Damn, Jim. You ought to get paid for the work you do here.

    Short season rules apply but let’s start with the minor league negative. Tromp has 9 ABs on the year and has 6 Ks. On the plus side, Tocci looks comfortable early. A month of this kind of work and he’ll be in CLW. He has 5 hits in 9 ABs and has 2 BBs and no Ks. Whitehead is looking very good. Anyone pick him for breakout candidate this year?

    1. Agree Bellman…Tocci at this pace should be in CLW at the all-star break which is sometime at the end of June.

  2. Thanks Jim. I’m loving having box scores to follow again although I’m waiting for Reading to get going. Tocci is enjoying that #3 spot. There’s no room for him in Cwater though unless someone there earns a promotion too. Whitehead doesn’t throw hard but he gets outs. Our cumulative hitting is starting slow, again.

    1. Since Jim mentioned that Valentin is suspended, Pullin can go to 2B and then an OF spot opens up. God closes a door but opens a window.

    1. 3 HBPs yet only 1 walk; Of course, the walk scored on the first inning home run. Three SBs as well.

      Nice to see Araujo striking out three in 1.3 innings

  3. Wow Valentin Macias, and Arano all out before the season starts. Biddle had a great day welcome back.

  4. Walk off win for Cwater. Were you there Jim? Great pitching by Cwater and Lwood so far. And Biddle was just outstanding.

  5. Walk off hit for Herrera nice for that young man 1 min your in AA next your first major league hit is a walk off double.

    1. From everything I can tell, he’s not a flash in the pan. He should stick in the majors and might even become quite a good player. We’ll see if major league pitching catches up to him, but based on the long at bats he has and his feel for the game and competitiveness – I don’t see him going back to the minors. This was a great Rule 5 pick.

      1. It was a good day for a number of prospects on my hit list. Roman Quinn with some hits, a walk, a stolen base and a homer – and a long homer at that. J.P. Crawford coming back and allowing Quinn to return to the outfield could do wonders for his career. I’m almost as excited about the walk as I am the homer. Quinn’s success is hinged on his ability to get on base, so walks are fantastic for him.

  6. Yea I hope Crawford , Dugan, Macias, Arano, will all be back soon . I kinda like our team without Brown . Ruff and Francoeur as right handed bats.I think Ruff deserves a chance.

  7. Might keep in mind that this is a minor league boxscore post. MLB talk should be confined to General Discussions. Thx

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