Box Score Recap – 4/9/2015

Lehigh Valley is shut out while commiting 5 errors.

Reading is snowed out.

Clearwater turns triple play, Knapp gets 3 hits in loss.  More here.

Lakewood gets 4 hits, wins on Tocci walk-off single.  Tocci had 3 of the Blue Claws 4 hits.  5’5 Grenny Cumana had the 4th, a double over a drawn in outfield.  Pinto excellent thru six.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.



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  1. The first few games of the season are always tough. Snow in Portland. Pretty cold everywhere but CLW. It’s tough to hit the ball and it sure is hard to pitch. Everybody has to play in the same conditions but these games don’t show too much. Let’s hope for a better all-around year for the Phillies organization.

  2. It’s awesome to see this back. Pinto and Tocci with good starts in Lakewood. Hopefully Tocci can light it up and get promoted pretty quickly.

  3. Box scores!

    Interesting that Tocci is hitting in the three-hole. Is this based on spring training production? Or simply a “let’s get this guy some ABs and confidence” move?

  4. I love seeing Pinto put up a gem to start the year. Unfortunately, I’m not impressed with Imhof and can’t see why he was such a high pick. Some of these scouts have got to go. Seriously! I think the scouts who signed and/or drafted MAG, LGJ, Gueller, and Imhof all have to go. Thankfully it looks like Aaron Brown can play.

    Props go out to my man Calvin Rayburn on getting his first full season win.

    1. Imhof may be a little early to judge. Maybe his velo will tick up as the weather gets warmer for him. He did spend the off-season in a pretty good regiment of working out according to an interview he gave.

      1. Romus what scout recommend this guy, Even up two ticks he would have trouble hitting 90. which isn’t good. Third round pick, I believe. Just bad scouting, I believe also he was a college guy,

        1. Previous reports had him around 89-91, so it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility. At this point it’s better to take a wait-and-see approach than to write the guy off after one start.

        2. rocco…here is the MLB scouting report…an accumulation of different scouts basically:
          FB: 55 | Slider: 50 | CU: 45 | Control: 55 | Overall: 45 …doesn’t seem to throw a curve-ball.

          Imhof has a solid three-pitch mix and a good feel for pitching. He throws his fastball in the upper 80s to low 90s. The pitch plays up, thanks to its natural cutting action and the downhill angle he throws from. His breaking ball can be an out pitch, and he also mixes in a changeup. Though Imhof doesn’t have premium stuff, he was one of the top strikeout pitchers in the country as a junior at Cal Poly. If he can carry that success over into the Minor Leagues, he could start advancing quickly.

          1. I tend to forget these are kids learning as they move through the system. It’s entirely possible that Imhof was working on a 2-seamer or cut fastball and was throwing that exclusively as his number one pitch instead of his normal fastball.

        3. Our scouting sucks. We have nothing to show for the last 4 drafts except for Nola and JPC. Quinn still can’t steal first base, we have 0 catching prospects and even less pitching across the board.

      2. I understand and accept your “early” and “off-season regimen” points, but the temperature at game time was 82 degrees. It’s not like he was pitching in PA or NJ.

      3. he was in mlb top 50 pre draft and some sites had him in our top 10 . 1 start and he didn’t get hit around, nerves getting comfortable with mound and catcher also come into play. He’s 6 “5” 220 with room to grow , plus he lead college baseball in strike outs.he relied so much on his FB in college it maybe hurting him now. 1 start never makes a career Joey Rodriguez had a much worse start. I’m not sticking up for the phillies scouts there a lot of people who had Imhof highly rated.lets give this kid a chance.

        1. We will see tim. I Didn’t know he was rated as high as top ten. But even last year he had low velocity. if I remember right?

    1. any chance its a drug related suspension? I’m not trying to start a rumor but I don’t know what else, barring an injury, would just take him totally away.

  5. Did anyone see the Lakewood game? How did Grullion look? It is concerning to me that despite all we here about what a great fielder he is he is already filling the boxscores with E’s and PB’s just like last year.

  6. Imhof has made 12 minor league appearances and some of you are ready to close the book on him? Seriously?

    All the kid has done is post a 1.18 WHIP, give up less than a hit an inning, post a 3-1 strikeout to walk ratio, walk fewer than 3 per nine innings, and you’re ripping on scouts because his velo on April 9 wasn’t what you wanted to see?

    He’s never been a hard thrower. He was more 88-89 last year than he was 89-91. But watch the swings batters get against him. They’re not good swings. His fastball bores in on right-handers and has great downward plane to it, so while the gun may say 88-89, Aaron Fultz constantly told me last year it plays more like 92-94 and gets on you in a hurry.

    His problem is his secondary stuff. His secondary stuff wasn’t good enough to get him to Lakewood last year, but he dominated the NYPL throwing 80 percent fastballs, so they had to move him up in order to put him in positions where he has to use his secondary stuff. The secondary stuff is going to take some time to develop, but to say you’re not impressed after 12 appearances is incredibly short-sighted.

    1. that might play well in the minors but not sure in the majors. I think it was a safe pick for an organization scared to take risks. They went to the extreme opposite end of the risk spectrum last year in the draft.

      1. Told you guys last year that Imoff won’t ever make it to AA. That soft stuff works in low A but it won’t get future MLB hitters out. They will just sit on it and then ping it out the park.

    2. Thank you Mitch.
      Good synopsis.
      Remember JA Happ?
      There is no reason why Imhof, barring injuries, cannot reach that level. And Happ was a very serviceable pitcher, still is somewhere in the majors.

    3. People just don’t understand that velocity isn’t the end all be all to a pitchers success, especially from a LHP. There’s something called perceived velocity that in many cases are more important then actual velocity. What the high velocity will do for pitchers in the minor leagues is keep them around longer but it doesn’t mean they are going to be more successful. 89-91 from a LHP who hides the ball well and is lanky def plays up which is why he had about a K per IP and was one of the top strikeout pitchers in college baseball. Let’s give it time before you call him a bust.

    4. Jamie Moyer , Tom Glavine, Greg Maddox, Klye Loshe , Slowey, it’s movement and control we all will see I hope all the phillies prospects do well . Let’s give them a chance.

      1. Tim for ever one like moyer, you have a ton of bust . That is the point you don’t spend a second round pick on a guy who has fourth or fifth stuff, I have read about this kid all the scouting reports. and they mention he has 94 and up velocity where did it go? The reports say he needs a lot of work on secondary stuff. So you mention guys who had great control and movement. I also believe seeing a lot of Glavine and Maddox , that if the umpires didn’t give them that pitch 5 to 6 inches off the plate they would have had a tough time winning as much. I just believe with a top pick you go for more upside, that’s the point imo.

        1. rocco…….lets be realistic here…..Matt Imhof was not drafted to be an ace. He was not a top ten pick nor a first rounder vs an Aaron Nola. The 47th pick is high, but expectations are not number one ace, I would think.
          If he ends up at the mid-to-back of a major league rotation someday it is a success story.

  7. Jack I think he’s going to try hitting . I found out Matt Shortall was released due to a injury . geez the Phillues have to be the worst small ball in baseball.

  8. Oops the phillies do play small ball. Like the way Garcia is now calmer always had the stuff. Whitehead had a nice day.

  9. Ahhhh yes the lower body Dx if anyone is watching the Phillies Doug Fisher who was 16 5 2.41era last yr has not throw a pitch faster then 88 mph but he is 6 ” 8″ with that downward plane is a very good ground ball pitcher.

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