Lehigh Valley Roster

Catchers: Tommy Joseph, Rene Garcia

Infield:  Maikel Franco, Cord Phelps, Chase D’Arnaud,Chris McGuiness, Chris Nelson

Outfield: Brian Bogusevic, Darin Mastroianni, Jordan Danks, Tyler Henson

Starting Pitchers: Severino Gonzalez, Miguel Gonzalez, Adam Morgan, Joely Rodriguez, Sean O’Sullivan

Relief Pitchers: Phillippe Aumont, Jason Berken, Paul Clemens, Tyler Knigge, Adam Loewen, Colton Murray, Hector Neris, Seth Rosin

22 thoughts on “Lehigh Valley Roster

  1. Yeah, the real question is where Kelly Dugan and Ethan Martin are. Maybe they were put on DL?

    1. I thought I read here the Dugan was rehabbing in California after getting injured.

    1. Still recovering from knee scope. Dugan with stress fracture should be on Reading DL. Altherr will join Reading later in the week. Whereabouts/status of Koyie Hill and Ethan Martin unknown at this time.

  2. The OF here is very ho hum but it is designed to bring guys up who are ready to play now. Perkins and Altherr are probably not ready for prime time yet (if ever) so they are stashed in AA. The lack of talent in the Majors has caused AAA to be the wait and be ready area. No OF prospects here.

  3. Morgan, Joely Rodriguez and Severino Gonzalez will be interesting to watch. Assume Pettibone after he comes off the DL will do the brief rehab with the Threshers, in Florida, then be brought up to LHV.

    1. Overall, I’ve been really happy about the pitchers the Phillies picked up, but I wish they could have converted the value of Bastardo either for hitting or for a lower minors pitching prospect (or prospects) with a bit more upside than Rodriguez. Don’t get me wrong, he’s okay, but they have plenty of potential 4th and 5th starters floating around from AA and AAA, did they really need another? I know he’s lefty, which gives him a little more value, but I wouldn’t think so.

      Morgan, on the other hand, seems to have some real upside. Gonzalez, imho, is another 4 or 5 – he’s fine and all, but nothing to get too excited about.

      Pettibone’s future is uncertain, but, when they were at a similar stage of deveopment, he appeared to have more upside than Buchanan.

      1. well catch….I am hoping and trusting in Ruben and Pat Gillick to get some of the prospect hitters you are referring to, in maybe all or some of Hamels/Paps/Chooch or Utley transactions down the road this season.
        I see what John Hart got for basically Craig Kimbrell and Melvin (BJ) Upton with the Padres, and I think and hope Ruben can do as well

      2. Here’s the thing: how can we be happy with RAJ when Chooch, Hamels, Papelbon, and Howard are all still here? (Utley with his 10/5 and not wanting to move is a different situation and I’m fine with that.) There’s something to the sentiment that teams usually hire a new GM to do the dismantling because the guy who helped build it doesn’t tear it down very well, too much sentimentality. Part of the problem is that each of them, other than Hamels, has a bad contract. However, a new GM would have eaten money to move the players and go about the rebuild in earnest. It would make RAJ look bad however to acknowledge the contracts were bad and nothing has happened. I applaud what the Braves have done and I’m sure Hinkie, from his bunker, does as well.

    1. I don’t understand what was good about that deal for the Braves except for salary relief. It was an NBA trade. They got Matt Wisler, who is not all that good, and not much else for the best closer in the league and the opportunity to dump BJ Upton’s contract, less the $8.5Million that they ate on Quentin. You can keep Cameron Maybin. The Phils do not need to dump $ like the Braves do. I think the trade was great for the Padres, and they have gone from a league bottom dweller to a good team in 1 year, thanks to an aggressive GM. That is what the Phils need most.

      1. Agree with you in that Atlanta did not do well as they got only a Comp Pick, and a couple prospects for one of the leagues premier closers who is under contract for awhile. The Padres I think have been too aggressive giving up most of their top prospects which can hurt their future if anyone of importance gets hurt.

      2. Remember that even a team like the Phillies would benefit by moving money. They would benefit the following year when there would be more money to spend on free agents, if you can find any under 27.

        1. Don’t think money is as much of an issue for the Phillies as it is for the Braves. For me it would be more about moving the older core players to create playing time for the younger players to see what they are capable of at the MLB level.

  4. DMAR I believe the braves really made out well on this deal. Even though I love kimbel.

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