Prospects’ Fall and Winter Stats

The Arizona Fall, Venezuelan Winter, and Mexican Pacific leagues have all begun.

The Dominican Winter League starts on October 17th.

The Puerto Rican League starts on October 30th, as does the Australian Baseball League.  Williamsport pitcher, Josh Warner is on the reserve list for the Brisbane Bandits.  Tim Kennelly is on the Pert Heat with two brothers .  Remember Tim?  I think the Phillies tried his bat at all 8 positions before taking a look at his 95 mph arm.  He was  released in 2013.

The Caribbean Series runs February 2-8, 2015.  Last year, Sebastian Valle hit a grand slam in the championship game and former Phillies’ “prospect” Chris Roberson (2001, 9th round) was voted MVP of the series.

This link will take you to the stats of Phillies’ organization players playing ball during the off season.

25 thoughts on “Prospects’ Fall and Winter Stats

  1. Does anyone know for a pitcher that heads to the winter leagues and continues to throw, how do they handle not being off and resting for 8 weeks or so since they typically begin throwing again in early January for spring training about the time these leagues get done? In essence they are throwing for 2 full years without any rest.

  2. Where is Jia Tromp? I rank him over Sandberg and Cozens. Where do you rank him? Could he be a top 5-er one day? (I’M GOING CRAZY THIS OFF-SEASON!!)

    1. There’s no winter league in Aruba. Sandberg maybe but Cozens? I’m not that high on Cozens but Tromp could never be higher than Cozens.

    2. Agree with Sandberg to an extent, but not Cozens. Cozens has some work to do but remains a serious prospect as far as I’m concerned. Top 10 in our organization. I wouldn’t say Top 10 for Sandberg – perhaps in the future though

  3. Does anyone know if Galvis and Hernandez are playing Ven Winter ball this year?
    Or do they wait to later in the season to join teams?
    Also, is Carlos Tocci eligible to play Ven Winter ball and will he?

    1. Tocci is eligible and is property of the Tigres de Aragua. I am not sure if he will be playing or working out this offseason. It doesn’t look like there is anything definite

    2. I heard from a very reliable source that Tocci is spending the winter in Clearwater working out at the Carpenter Complex. At his point of his development, I guess it is more important to add muscle than plate appearances. It’s not like he hasn’t been an everyday player for the past two years.

  4. Good night by Quinn (4-5 with a walk and a steal) but Morgan, O’Sullivan and Murray combined for 3 innings and 13 runs. Ouch!

    1. I am really high on Quinn … though I admit that part of that is a “gut” feeling about him. I see his upside as Bourn with more power – and that would be a heck of a player. Not so much 2014 Bourn, but he had a heck of a run before that.

      1. I believe, with Quinn’s hopeful development, the Phillies will need to have to make a decision about CF in two seasons on whether or not Revere stays or goes.

        1. I think Revere will be traded this offseason. Just a hunch. He’s one of the few trade chips the Phillies hold that have any value, they should sell high on him now while there are still a few GMs in baseball who still value singles. And who knows, maybe a few of them are (as I say, below) watching the Royals and thinking: “I could use one of those fast guys.”

          1. Agreed, sell high. We need to find a CF who is a stop gap for 2 years, until Quinn is hopefully ready in 2017. The good teams all play great defense. Its not a new formula. I don’t think Revere will ever be the CF for a championship team.

          2. I agree that Revere should be traded at some point. He is eligible for the arbitration process thru 2017 before becoming a free agent in 2018 (his age 30 season). A singles hitter who relies on his speed (to provide what most people consider only adequate defense) should reach a point of diminishing returns. As his salary approaches that of his peers (Fowler, Span, BJ Upton, …), I believe he becomes even less attractive as an option in the outfield.

      2. I have to say that watching what the Royals are doing in the playoffs, I’ve thought on several occasions: a starting lineup with Quinn and Crawford at the top would be pretty fun to have. SSS and all that, but speed is such a great strategic tool in the playoffs, which so often come down to a handful of key baserunning situations. I suspect that with the decline of power around the league we’re going to see a big comeback in the speed game. Back to the 80s, time is a flat circle and all that.

  5. Interesting to see that Ruf played a game in the DSL going 2-3 with a homer. Let’s hope a strong winter propels him to a strong spring start. As the starting 1B??
    Anyone else wonder whether Quinn should abandon switch hitting?

    1. Agree…….I prefer he just hit righthanded.
      Phillies try to do that with a lot of their smallish faster players.
      Most of infield singles are from righthanded hitters pullingin the third/short hole, and what lefthanded hitter ever drag bunts these days!
      I guess it gives the manager some sense of command/authority when he can feel an all-lefty hitting order against a rightanded pitcher.
      Wonder what would have happened to Barry Larkin if the Reds try to make him switch-hit!

  6. Aaron Ather’s numbers are looking very nice so far, with even a good walk rate. Strike outs still high, but that will probably always be a part of his game.

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