Shane Watson Suspended for 50 Games

The news keeps getting worse for Shane Watson, but this time, it is of his own doing.  Watson, the Phillies first round pick in 2012 missed all of last season with a shoulder injury and will now miss the first 50 games of next season due to a suspension for violating baseball’s drug policy.  Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that the violation is not for steroid use, but a “drug of abuse”.   STay tuned for more details as they become available.

14 thoughts on “Shane Watson Suspended for 50 Games

  1. Great. This offseason is starting like last years. Only diff is last year it was injuries. Drug abuse could be a wide range of things. Let’s hope it’s not one of the real serious ones. Either way, this news is a downer

    1. Didn’t know their were non serious drugs that would get you suspended for a second time in three years. Another great top draft pick by this organization.

  2. So sometime by mid-June of next season he returns.
    Hopefully, he should be fully healed from his shoulder ailments.

  3. You can’t prevent injuries from interfering with your career, but you can control drugs from holding you back. I hope for his sake his drug abuse is not a serious type of addiction and just an occasional or one time type thing. It would be a shame to waste an opportunity like his because of drugs.

  4. Ugh .you gotta make sure your E pills don’t have speed in them. I’m sure I’ll get a lot thumbs down but these are you kids we are talking about the best thing now is to learn from the mistake is to put it in perspective, learn from it and move on.
    Good luck Shane remember you have an opportunity most only dream of

  5. Honestly, with the shoulder injury (I’d say 75% of baseball pitching careers effectively end when a pitcher has shoulder problems – which may be a slight exaggeration, but probably not much) I’d already written him off as a prospect anyway. I have nothing positive to say about this development except, hopefully, it scares the hell out of him and forces him to straighten out his life.

  6. I’m really wondering what it was he failed for. In my line of work you see “kids” taking substances all the time with prescription pills being the prevailing fad . . . A lot of older teens early adults start when they have an injury and are prescribed pain killers. They take them as prescribed and then all of a sudden they are dependent on them. I’m actually surprised (with all the injuries) that you don’t see this more often in sports . . Brett Farve actually played most of his career while having an issue with pain killers. I hope that he’s ok and gets back on track sooner then later.

    1. Good point.
      His injury and subsequent surgery lends itself to prescribed meds during rehab, some of which could be painkillers.
      Will we ever know?
      Probably not until he comes out himself, and says something. with HIPPA, no one else can say anything.

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