Report Card, Corner Infielders

With the Post Season Report Card, we will grade the performance of each and every player that ended 2014 on a Phillies affiliate minor league roster.  When grading, the grades given should be considered what was expected “against themselves” for 2014, not a reflection on their performance vs. others.  For example, far more was expected from Maikel Franco coming into 2014, then was expected of  Art Charles.  Additionally, with the grade will come a projection on where the player fits in (or not) for 2015.  Enjoy and discuss.

Lehigh Valley

Jim Murphy, soon to be 29, Phils 17th round pick in 2008; .240/.330/.391 in 396AB’s; 11HR 47RBI; 11%bb/24%k rates; .242 vs. LHP; .239 vs. RHP; .269 over last 30 days; .243 with RISP; Grade: C-; 2015: Out of the organization; Murphy’s days with the organization have simply run their course.  He has done a good job historically but he isn’t a major league player and there are plenty of players that can fill the void that Murphy will leave.

Russ Canzler, 28, Acquired as a free agent in 2014: .286/.360/.545 in 213 AB’s with Lehigh Valley; 11HR 34RBI; 2SB; 11%bb/22% k rates; .320 vs. LHP; .256 vs. RHP;  .298 over last month; Grade: B+; 2015: Its a crapshoot.  Canzler will be a minor league free agent and go where it makes the most sense for him personally, but the Phils should make an offer.  Canzler is a local kid, who put up good numbers and is a good guy to have in the clubhouse and quite versatile.

Maikel Franco, 22, Signed as a free agent in 2010; .257/.299/.428 in 521 AB’s; 16HR 78RBI; 3SB; 5% bb/15%k rates; .270 vs. LHP; .252 vs. RHP; .321 over last month; .277 with RISP; Grade: B-; 2015: Phillies; His production during the second half of the season makes me want to bump up the grade, but looking at the body of work as a whole, Franco’s production was basically right where I expected for 2014.  He was very good with the glove, and a different hitter during the second half of the season than the first


Jake Fox, 32, Signed as a free agent in 2014; .308/.373/.391 in 286 AB’s; 22HR 70RBI; 7%bb/16%k rates; .255 vs. LHP; .333 vs. RHP;  .255 over last month; Grade: A; 2015: If Fox wants to step into the Andy Tracy role of 32 year old minor league mentor/home run hitter, there may be a job for him as there is a lack of 1B talent at the upper reaches of the organization. 

Brock Stassi, 25, Phils 33rd round pick in 2011;.232/.302/.327 in 440 AB’s; 8HR 44 RBI; 3SB; 8%bb/10%k rates; .199 vs. LHP; .248 vs. RHP; .143 over last month; .195 with RISP; 115 games at 1B with 7 errors (.993); 8 games in the OF with 2 errors;  Grade: C; 2015: Reading.  A very average year for Stassi after an excellent 2013.  It is very difficult to project his career going a heck of alot farther in the organization.

Carlos Alonso, 26, Phils 32nd round pick in 2010; .272/.367/.396 in 467 AB’s; 10HR 44RBI; 8/12 SB; 11%bb/13%k rates; .256 vs. LHP; .281 vs. RHP; .281 over last month; .280 with RISP; 66 games at 3B with 10 errors (.933); 61 games at 2B with 9 errors (.968); Grade: B; 2015: Lehigh Valley; Alonso does all the little things that make someone a good ball player.  He led the organization in runs scored, walks a ton, and can hit  with a bit of pop.  His defense is sometimes a liability, however he is an excellent team player to have around and versatile to boot.


Art Charles, 23, Acquired from Toronto in 2013; .229/.303/.430 in 446 AB’s; 19HR 54RBI; 9%bb/32%k rates; .169 vs. LHP; .252 vs. RHP; .221 with RISP; .211 in August; 93 games at 1B with 12 errors (.985); Grade: C-; 2015: Reading; Although somehow an FSL All Star, Charles simply didn’t have a good year.  Albeit with 19 HR’s, he struck out an astronomical 156 times and hit very poorly with runners on base.  He can’t hit lefties and is very inconsistent.  I dont think the Phils keep him at CLearwater, simply because of the players knocking on the door.  He last chance to show his worth will be with Reading.

Harold Martinez, 24, Phils 2nd round pick in 2011; .251/.283/.353 in 382 AB’s; 6HR 38RBI; 5SB; .260 vs. LHP; .248 vs. RHP; .229 in August; .281 with RISP; 3%bb/23%k rates; 95 games at 3B with 11 errors (.959); 6 games at 1B without an error; Grade: C, 2015: Either Reading or gone; Martinez has over 935 plate appearances  for Clearwater spanning parts of three seasons, including two full seasons in 2013 and 2014.  Its obvious the Phils are not very enthusiastic about Martinez, whose numbers scream “eh”.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him in another organization or the Atlantic League for that matter in 2015.

Chris Serritella, 24, Phils 4th round draft choice in 2012; .206/.278/.351 in 296 AB’s between Reading and Clearwater; 9HR 36RBI; 9%bb/26%k rates; .156 vs. LHP; .234 vs. RHP; 41 games at 1B with 2 errors (.994);  Grade: D; 2015: Back up in Reading and on a very short leash; Serritella was brutal  with Reading (hitting .186) and then after he was demoted to Clearwater, before coming to life during the last month to six weeks of the season.  Serritella has probably bought himself 2-3 months to prove himself back at the AA level in 2015 before the Phils will revisit whether he should remain in the organization.


Zach Green, 20, Phils 3rd round pick in 2012; Grade: B-; .268/.316/.402 in 328 AB’s; 6HR 43RBI; 7/8 SB; 7%bb/18%k rates; .263 vs. LHP; .271 vs. RHP; .287 over last month; .237 with RISP; 53 games at 1B with 4 errors (.993); 22 games at 3B with 7 errors (.900); 2015: Clearwater; After an injury riddled first month, Green spent some time on the DL and came off very strong, hitting for average and knocking in runs.  His power suffered after leading the NYPL in homers last year, but the power stroke is still there and I have a hope it will come out again for the Threshers in ’15.

Willians Astudillo, 22, Signed as a free agent in 2008; .333/.366/.433 in 436 AB’s; 4HR 61RBI; 2/5 SB; 4%bb/4%k rates; .315 vs. LHP; .340 vs. RHP; .412 over last month; .326 with RISP; 51 games at 1B with 7 errors (.986); 4 games in the OF without an error; 33 games caught with 4 errors (.984); 8 passed balls; 14% CS rate (5/36);  Grade: A; 2015: CLearwater; I mean how do you not give a guy who hit .333 and struck out in 4% of his AB’s an “A”?  His lack of a true position is well documented at this stage and it appears the Phils are now focused on a “super utility” role as a possibility for him.  The Florida Instructional League should help clarify where he is at (if anywhere defensively), and in the meantime, know he can flat out hit, albeit without power.

Mitch Walding, 22, Phils 5th round pick in 2011; .237/.308/.372 in 371 AB’s; 7HR 55 RBI; 1/5 SB; 9%bb/29% k rates; .147 vs. LHP; .268 vs. RHP; .231 over last month; .269 with RISP; 101 games at 3B with 18 errors (.933); Grade: C; 2015: Clearwater; After missing the first month of 2014 still recovering from a rib he had removed, Walding had a season that can best be described as adequate.  He produced runs, albeit with a low, .237 avg., played a decent 3B and generally got himself back on track after a significant injury.


Jan Hernandez, 19, Phils 3rd round pick in 2013, .177/.247/.305 in 249 AB’s; 6HR 20RBI; 4/6 SB; 8%bb/38%K rate; .271 vs. LHP; .158 vs. RHP; .174 over last month; 67 games at 3B with 20 errors (.889);  Grade: D-; 2015: Williamsport; Hernandez struggled mightily with the bat all season for the Crosscutters, showing occasional power mixed in between very regular lack of contact.  Defense was poor.

Rhys Hoskins, 21, Phils 5th round pick in 2014; .237/.311/.408 in 245 AB’s; 9HR 40RBI; 3/6SB; 8%bb/20%k rates; .220 vs. LHP; .242 vs. RHP; .273 over last month; .256 with RISP; 68 games at 1B with 8 errors (.987)Grade: C; 2015: Lakewood to start; Hoskins started off very slowly but came on strong over the last two months of the season, knocking in plenty of runs and showing some power.  The Phils have traditionally double jumped some in Hoskins situation, however with Zach Green seemingly entrenched going to Clearwater, it seems Hoskins will start in Lakewood.  If Green goes back to 3B, Hoskins may move into the 1B slot in Clearwater. Fielding needs to improve over what he showed this year.

Wilmer Oberto, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2010; .226/.301/.355 in 248 AB’s between Lakewood and WIlliamsport; 4HR 25RBI; 1/4 SB; 9%bb/25%k rates; .281 vs. LHP; .208 vs RHP; .258 over last month; Grade: D; 2015: Backup in Lakewood; After a very promising 2013, Oberto regressed this year, having a difficult time putting anything together consistently. 


Trey Williams, 20; Phils 7th round pick in 2013; Grade: F; 2015: GCL or released; .185/.275/.298 in 124 AB’s; 2HR 13RBI; 8%bb/24%k rates; .194 vs. LHP; .183 vs. RHP; Hit .147 since August 1; 26 games at 1B without an error.  Just an awful season, during which he actually regressed from last seasons line of .206/.306/.304.  He is going to really have to show something in the FIL and Spring Training to stick around.

Luis Encarnacion, 17, Signed as a free agent in 2013; .229/.294/.343 in 140 AB’s; 2HR 15RBI; 6%bb/26%k rates; .185 vs. LHP; .239 vs. RHP; .273 with RISP; 24 games at 1B with 7 errors (.970); 4 games in the OF with 1 error; Grade: C+ 2015: GCL to start then Williamsport; Encarnacion performed just as I would hope as a 17 year old getting hiss first taste of the States.  The raw talent is certainly there and needs to be developed.

Damek Tomscha, 23, Phils 17th round pick in 2014; .243/.373/.381 in 181 AB’s; 2HR 24RBI; 12%bb/16%K rates; .313 vs. LHP; .218 vs. RHP; .250 with RISP;  49 games at 3B with 11 errors (.924); Grade: C; 2015: Lakewood; Tomscha started off scalding hot but then really cooled off.  As a 23 year old in the GCL, he should be taking advantage of the pitching in the rookie league.

15 thoughts on “Report Card, Corner Infielders

  1. I agree with mostly everyone. Only one I somewhat disagree with in green starting in CWater. There’s a little bit of logjam between 1st/3rd and dh there next year with Walding likely moving up. I could see Green starting at LWood and moving up with a good start. While I think he’s a better prospect than him, Walding did just enough to stay on the radar this year.

    1. I disagree. No way Green repeats Lakewood. I don’t believe that Green’s advancement will have any bearing on what is decided about Walding. You could see a repeat of the same scenario in Clearwater with Green splitting time at 3b/1b

      1. The problem you still have is Astudillo will still be there as well. That and with a surplus of OFs spells limited playing time for someone. If you factor in that Green missed most of the first half and didnt play much 3rd when he came back, I don’t think starting in LWood is a bad thing. A similar decision will likely have to be made with Pullin as well. With Valentin likely in CWater he may start at LWood.

    2. both Zach and Walding in Clearwater next year, no question about that The Cubs are rushing up every prospect they have to the big leagues and you wanna keep Zach Green in Sally League. No way , 6 home runs and 21 doubles 268 aver with only 65 strikeouts, while missing 2 months of season with a bad hip. Hello Clearwater and finally gets to play in a regular sized ballpark. Williamsport and Lakewood is like hitting in the Grand Canyon

  2. Lisalverto Bonilla is now a big leaguer! And the rangers think he will be in their rotation! Another oop’s trade. Lmao

    1. the guy has to produce at the big league level before you call it a bad trade. A September call up doesn’t classify as a bad trade.

    2. Chris if you point out something bad that the Phillies did. they will thumb you down. most on here just think the Phillies do nothing wrong.

  3. This was just painful to read. Ouch. We have no one at the corners, almost anywhere in the organization.

    1. Franco could possiblyl man third base for a long time…so the pipeline to third my logjam at some point.
      Hoskins, as a power tool collegian first baseman, could very well move through the system fast and could be in CLW by end of next season.
      Th epHillies have moved collegians faster through the system….guys like Asche and Perkins come to mind.

  4. Shouldn’t Encarnacion get an A if he performed just as you hoped? If the grading system is the guy’s performance versus expectations and he met expectations, isn’t that an A? The C grade suggests something relative to the league, which is not what is stated in the intro or in other player summaries. Great review though with lots of relevant info for each guy.

    1. Then what do you do if the guy exceeds expectations? A+++? It seems reasonable that if a guy meets expectations exactly, he would get a C.

  5. I guess you should ad the guy we just got for Mayberry. He probably has a shot to play 3B at Reading depending on which way the team goes. Without looking at the other teams, I’m going to assume this is one of the weaker collection of corner infielders of any organization. These are the hitting positions for most teams….. There is no margin for error for the team on Franco. If he fails, the system is doomed for years. We can’t afford another Dom failure.

  6. I had Zach Green rated lower than most after first month of season. But after seeing him adjust after injury – he absolutely goes to clearwater and starts.

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