Box Score Recap – 9/1/2014

Closing day for Lehigh Valley , Reading, Lakewood and WIlliamsport. Nothing terribly exciting to report in the upper levels. Lakewood got multi-hit games from Canelo, Cozens, Green and Greene. Cozens had two doubles, and Green (6) Greene (2) and Aaron Brown (1) all went deep.  Willians Astudillo finished his year by posting an 0-5, finishing second in the league in batting average.

For the year, I would say we saw some pretty good performances compared to expectations, including a fair number of guys who came pretty much out of nowhere. Most pleasant surprise for me? Brian Pointer doing things that he was expected to do when he was drafted. Most disappointing development? Watson and Morgan not pitching all year. Most interesting guy I would have never guessed I would pay any attention to as of April? Ranger Suarez and his video game K:BB rates. 

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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    1. Lets hope his performance wasn’t enough of a good final impression to keep him around much longer.

      I liked the organization’s willingness to cut their losses this year in regards to the Anthony Hewitt’s, Tyson Gillies’, and Brody Colvin’s of the world. We all understand and hate the poor decisions of the Phillies’ past player development decisions but it was a step in the right direction towards a fresh start. Harold Martinez, Zach Collier, Phillippe Aumont, and Larry Greene Jr. are those high ceiling guys in regards to next season that need to prove a lot to stay with the organization. It’s less of worrying about the next Brandon Moss or Jason Grilli and more about moving on to better days.

      Here’s to an eventful offseason and lastly, I just wanted to thank everybody who has made this site what it is for another year! Thank you for being the first thing I read every morning. I look forward to seeing what you guys have in store for this offseason as well.

      Until 2015… Go IronPigs, Go Fightin Phils, Go Threshers, Go BlueClaws, Go Crosscutters, and Go Phillies!

      Thanks again.

    2. Do you really think that they’ll cut bait after only 3 years? Granted his slash line has nose-dived all three seasons, I can see them hiding behind “making changes” and other such nonsense when bringing him back next year.

      Let’s hope they don’t as he’s now stealing ABs from any number of players who are both more deserving and flash better potential (of course this is not a small # of players).

      While on the subject, are we bringing HMart back for a 4th year of High A??

      1. Like I said in the Mayberry trade thread, I think Martinez is a goner. Gotta think either Walding and/or Green will be moving up (and playing 3rd), and with the new guy at AA, I don’t see where Harold fits in. He’s 24 and barely treading water in high A. Pains me to say as a UM alum, but adios.

  1. Lavin should be getting more attention. He hit better than anyone in Clearwater while there and did fine in Reading. He also must lead system in OF assists for his combined A/AA season.

    1. 27 years old splitting a season between High A and AA?? Yeah that’s not very worthy of attention.

      1. He’s 26 and he at least deserves a shot at AAA. If he continues to produce, it doesn’t matter how old he is, you call him up and see if he can play.

        1. Agree with you as Lavin has baseball sense and is good in each category based on what I saw. It can’t hurt to let him play in Allentown and see what the young man can do.

          1. It’s one thing to promote him to AAA next year, which is fine. But the “call him up and see what he can do,” that is, call him up to the majors at some point next year if he “continues to produce” in AAA is kind of silly. Even setting aside his age, he hasn’t really “produced.” His performance in AA would be fairly anemic for a guy three years younger. His numbers in Clearwater were better, but the age is even more of a factor there, and even those numbers were far from eye popping.

            That is, the issue with Lavin isn’t simply his age – even his raw numbers are not that good. If he was three years younger and a slick fielding shortstop, then maybe he would be a potential bench player. He’s just not that good. He’s not a marginal prospect, he’s a non-prospect, the very definition of org filler.

            It’s funny, every year we have an older guy in Reading that catches the imagination of some fans. Rarely it’s at least to some extent legit (Ruf), sometimes it is at least understandable (Rizzotti), occasionally baffling (Mitchell) and, in this case, just … beyond baffling.

            1. Boy what a rant! No one suggested calling Peter Lavin up to the Phillies; just promoting him to Allentown next year to see what he can do. Let his results dictate to the Phillies what his role will be; not your opinion.

            2. Actually, disfirgginguy did suggest that – not now, but next year, “if he continues to produce.”

    1. Romus cant said the truth you get thumbed down. There minor league teams stink and its a fact. so thumb all you want. its the truth. good job romus

      1. The teams with the best records are not usually the teams with the best prospects in the minors, so who cares?

        1. Thats been said quite often on this board.
          It would be helpful, if someone could prove out that theory with some relevant data.

  2. So who had the best year in the system? (in terms of raising his prospect profile).

    I think Crawford is almost obligatory, but I think Quinn is next. His recovery and progression has been very encouraging.

    Interesting to look at his peripherals (BB% / K% / ISO) by year:

    2012: 9.1% / 19.7% / .127
    2013: 9.1% / 21.5% / .108
    2014: 9.4% / 20.9% / .113

    Really surprising consistency, and with his speed and (presumed) good defense in CF, I think that’s a major league starter.

    1. Speed and defense alone is a major league back-up. One still has to hit some. Quinn doesn’t hit for power and isn’t projected to do so, he needs to get on base much more than the .340 he posted this year. Considering he played in the highest level yet for him and came back from 2 big injuries, the year he had is encouraging. Hopefully he can get his average up as I don’t know how much more his decent walk rate can increase since presumably pitchers will challenge him due to the lack of power. The consistency is interesting for sure and maybe a cut in strikeouts (definitely too high for his production) will raise the average. I do think he’s a good prospect but the bat needs improvement to be a starter.

      1. I think he showed a lot with the bat this year considering he was coming off an achilles injury

      2. He does have some power – maybe even a little more as he gets older. Not 20 or even 15 HR power, but enough to keep pitchers honest, and hence hopefully lead to decent BB totals. He’s not Ben Revere by any means.

        My point being he can be an above average regular even without cutting the Ks much (though obviously cutting the Ks would be nice). Think Michael Bourn with a little more pop. If he has that career, I think we will all be very very happy.

      3. Learning to hit lefthanded has been a challenge for him according to Joe Jordan.
        So you have to have some patience. Not sure if they will shelve it eventually but for now he is set to switch.
        Dugan , otoh, ditched it a few years ago and stuck with lefthanded.

        1. Quinn’s power numbers are very similar to Revere’s in the minors at the same ages in fact. Save for a few more homers from Quinn, their slugging numbers are close though Revere was much better earlier in his career. I certainly hope he turns into more than revere.
          Looking at his splits, he’s done well versus leftys each year and much worse versus rightys. But he did improve some on the latter this year compared to last, which is good considering the injuries and level advancement.Seems it would be premature to ditch the switch-hitting based on that so I bet he continues it into next year. It will be interesting to see what he does in the upper minors after a healthy end of season and off-season.

          1. I remember Jimmy Rollins once saying on switch-hitting. It is an advantage for the hitter, however, the reps you take and the time you have to put into it from both sides, is more then a natural righty or lefty hitter would do,

          2. Their power numbers are not remotely similar. Quinn’s minor league HR rate is almost FIVE TIMES Revere’s. The gap in ISO is smaller but the difference between a guy who has no power and a guy who has some power (.078 vs. .116).

            It’s not even so much a question of Quinn being a better prospect – Revere’s numbers in the early minors were indeed quite good, and he does have substantially better contact skills. I think Quinn has a significantly higher ceiling, but regardless of one’s opinion on that point, they simply are not similar players at all. Partly for reasons favoring Quinn, partly for reasons favoring Revere – it’s just not a good comp.

    2. If Quinn turns into a poor man Billy Hamilton I think we will all be happy.

      Quinn leading off with Revere second and playing a corner position would be interesting. Lots of speed to frustrate catchers and the infield.

      1. I’m actually liking my Bourn comp a lot.

        Looking at Bourn’s minor league performance, I’m wondering why he wasn’t more hyped at the time. Probably because his hitting profile appeared more problematic given the offensive context when he was coming up. That kind of profile looks a lot better under current conditions.

  3. I’ll follow Brad’s lead and name my:

    Most pleasant surprise- (tie) Malquin Canelo / Ricardo Pinto

    Biggest disappointment- Biddle

    Most interesting new guy- Kilome

  4. Just got home from vacation and only now checking box scores from the past few days. Nice site. But enough about that. I got somewhat agitated when reading of LGJ’s HR. Just kidding, but seriously. Somewhat confused by my emotional response to seeing the HR in the box score, after all, LGJ is a ‘prospect’ and he hit a homer. Should be nothing but a positive emotional response upon reading of his success.

  5. Coming back from both a serious injury and a very serious injury, I think Quinn did far more than I expected and a lot more than anyone could have reasonably expected, including hitting the field earlier than expected. I think he is the most significant up in the system from end of 2013 rating.I agree with Cabelo/Pinto as sort of surprise ups. I agree with Biddle as major down of the year among the top prospects. I really don’t know quite what to make of him at this point. The delayed return to pitching of Morgan and Watson also has to be a significant down.

    A real big up for Giles. An up for Dugan. An up for Cozens. An up for physical comeback for Mecias. Ups for Tocci, MAG (finally), Crawford. Down for Joseph, big big down for Rupp, downs for Martin, Sev Gonzales, Altherr, Jan Hernandez, Austin Wright. Pretty much flat on the rest of the crew. Nola impressed, Imhof ok, Hoskins ok, Oliver not ok.

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