Reader Top 30 #23 – Jose Pujols

Shane Watson at #22

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9 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 #23 – Jose Pujols

  1. Pujols again. If he starts figuring out how to make regular contact this year, he could easily vault into the Top 10. It says something quite positive about the system that we have high-upside options like this available in the mid-20s. After spending much of Weeks 1-2 in a funk, the back of the list has been very fun, there’s lots of guys to be excited about at the lower levels. Can’t wait to get to Clearwater in March!

    1. I agree with you point about this being the bright spot of the system. Opposed to previous years where most of the guys around this point were one tool and tons of hope in their 20s. I mean we still have
      Cam Perkins – was having a terrific year before getting injured and started coming back around towards the end of the year
      Jan Hernandez – Highly touted prospect from last years draft
      Yoel Mecias – who can easily be top 10 if he showes he is healthy
      Mitch Walding – who is at a make or break year but if he has a breakout season his tools are good enough to push him to a top 10
      Mitch Gueller – Live arm learning the finer points of pitching until he fails at high A or even AA he will still be at least a top 30
      Jake Sweaney – has not even played a full year of rookie ball and the scouting reports are very promising.

      That gets us to 29 and IMO those are some nice names to have at this level. I can’t wait for John Sickels to come out with his rankings because his grading system really illustrates the groupings of prospects and the lines of demarcation.

  2. Pujols for pretty much the same reason ACA states. It is close with Sweaney but since both are fairly far away i will go with the higher potential upside.

  3. I agree about Pujols here. Potential elite power tool. Although, I did consider Pullin and Sweaney. Pullin’s hit tool intrigues me at 2nd.

  4. I agree that Pujols is the right call here but I went with Buchanan. Nothing jumps out about him but he did seem to steady himself last year and I think he is a potential callup if the need arises. He wont amount to more than a #5, although I hope he shines, but he could have a .500 record. I’ll take that from a 5.

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