Reader Top 30 #14 – Severino Gonzalez

Tommy Joseph takes #13 and so we move on to #14.  New entries include Nic Hanson, Shane Watson, and Samuel Hiciano

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20 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 #14 – Severino Gonzalez

  1. I seem to be stuck between Morgan and Sev at this point. How do you choose between the two? Morgan as of last season was supposed to have huge upside, even possibly a number 3 pitcher in a MLB rotation. Injuries have backed people off (same with Joseph) but the stuff still has to be somewhat at least there. On the other hand you have an up and comer who might not have as electric stuff but has pin point control and a plus off speed pitch. I don’t know, Morgan was really talked up as something special and Gonzalez just came on to the radar but at the end of the day I got to go Severino at this spot. The control is a huge plus in his game, he seems to, at least at the lower levels seem to find a way to get K’s and for what it’s worth his ERA and FIP through 237 innings have been really impressive. Like people have said before if he can add to his frame and work on some things, he could up his velocity and make a mark in the prospect ratings. I think just as this point in the rankings, he has the most upside. One more thing I’d want to add though, I think Jan, Pujols and Encarnancion are some really good names to dream on. I don’t think we are that far off from having a top 15 system after this up coming draft.

    1. I think there’s a serious argument to be had about whether Adam Morgan even deserves to be ranked as a prospect at all at this point. That shoulder injury is a real killer–not just the injury itself, but the fact that it effectively means he’s lost 2 years of development time. As a college pitcher, he always needed to move fast. I don’t think it necessarily spells the end of his career, he could still turn into something if everything goes right with his rehab, but there’s a good chance he’ll have to take that long AAAA/Independent league/Japan route.

    2. I’ve been voting Sev for the last few spots and will again. He seems to have a good shot to be a major league starter, which can be said about worryingly few of our guys. Based on the most optimistic reports I’ve seen, Morgan is a potential #3 while Sev is a potential #4. When you account for Morgan’s serious injury and Sev’s blazing through the system at a young age and with only a short period of professional instruction in this country, I can’t see going with Morgan.

      One important difference between Sev and previous soft-throwing guys who put up good numbers is that we really don’t know how hard Sev is throwing right now. Every report I’ve read has said that his velocity has increased since he’s come over. We really have no idea if he’s throwing 89, 90, 91, etc., which matters. Right now I like him based on his results, but if the reports start to come in saying he’s maxed out at 89, he’ll drop in my mind even if he continues to get the results.

      I’m leaning toward Grullon next. He seems to me to be the safest bet of all the young, high upside guys. Despite his age, from what I’m reading, he seems to have a good shot to be a plus defensive catcher with a reasonable bat. The most important part–the defense–seems to be advanced already. That’s the kind of anchor the Phillies need to get back into contention.

  2. If I didn’t think run-off votes were discussion killers, I would say we should run off Gonzalez and Joseph. But really, those votes are the doldrums of debate.

    And with that, my two cents. Seve again ahead of Giles because I think Seve has a fair chance to be a back-end starter and Giles has a fair chance to be an ineffective reliever. If I thought Giles’ floor was a bit more solid, maybe I would take him here, though I’m not 100% sold on Giles ahead of Rupp, Grullon or Encarnación. Probably he’s my 15, but I could still talk myself into any of those other guys.

  3. I’ll go Sev here. He may not have the upside of some players left but he had a great year numbers wise. After this one it’ll be mostly all lower level upside players left

  4. I went with Cord Sandberg here. He was a nice draft pick that a lot of people were really excited about who has gotten a little overshadowed by JP Crawford’s red-hot start. He’s obviously still a long way away, but I think somewhere around halfway down the list is the right place to put him. I won’t be brokenhearted if Severino gets it, I’m just a little more skeptical than some about the chance that there is a major league pitcher inside that package. Sandberg is an upside bet, but a good one I’d say, based on the pre-draft scouting reports.

  5. Deivi Grullon. Younger than the 2013 draftees. Hit better than the 2013 draftees. Plays a premium defensive position, and is a good defender at the position.

  6. tough choices here. I really think you could put 6 of these names in a hat and pick the next 6 and it would be fine. All of them have something holding them away from reaching their potential whether it is very young or coming off of injury or there is a flaw in their game. When looking at it like that the one who seems to stand out from that group is Grullon. young touted player at a premium position who performed. His performance put him ahead of Sandberg, Pujols, and Encarnacion, and the stuff question with Seve is concerning and lets see him hold velocity for a year before we can accurately judge him, and Morgan’s injury is a serious concern of his future.

    1. Yeah, I thought about Grullon here, but the question is: will he hit? I know defense can carry you far as a catcher, and lots of people never thought Ruiz (for instance) would ever hit much. But if he profiles as a backup type, and Sandberg projects to be a regular, I have to go with Sandberg–with the caveat of course that they are both so incredibly far away that “projection” is basically meaningless at this point.

  7. Pleasantly surprised that Joseph won last round. I sort of thought I’d be voting for him for awhile.

    Anyway, I went with Sev this time, in a close decision. I thought about Grullon. Then I thought about Pujols since it seems like he might have a higher ceiling and even though Grullon hit better, how much stock can we put in that small GCL sample?

    1. I think we can put some stock a 200 AB GCL sample, especially peripherals (e.g. strikeout rates). Combined with age (Grullon is 6 months younger) and position, I have Grullon ahead of Pujols.

      Though I can see why someone who places a lot of weight on tools might take Pujols.

  8. Is it just me, or does it seem like the number of comments has dropped precipitously since the redesign? I don’t know, could just be a coincidence, but there’s only been 2 comments since I posted here 4 hours ago, that’s pretty unusual, the votes last week seemed like they were getting 60-70 comments each. Odd.

    1. I know I am gettng use to the new design and the lay of the land.
      For some strange reason. it doesn’t seem user friendly to me, though I have been on more ‘busy’ sites before……probably it is not friendly to me because I am not familiar with it’s nuances yet.

    2. It takes longer to get back to the list of recent comments. Otherwise the rework of the site seems fine.

        1. Yeah, I didn’t mean to be critical, I think the site looks better, especially on my phone.

  9. Really like knapp here. Switch hitting offensive catcher who is a very good athlete. He is way ahead of his rehab schedule and will be hitting during spring training.

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