Minor League News and Notes (Coaching Assignments, Spring Training Invites, and more)

Some news on the minor league side today.

Minor League Coaching Assignments – per Matt Gelb (Mickey Morandini to be a bench coach in AAA)

Phillies extended Major League Spring Training Invites to Jesse Biddle, Maikel Franco, Ken Giles, Mario Hollands, and Sebastian Valle.  All members of the 40 man roster are already invited which includes Kelly Dugan, Tommy Joseph, Ethan Martin, Cameron Rupp, Aaron Altherr, Tyson Gillies, Phillippe Aumont, Cesar Hernandez, and Zach Collier.

The Phillies also signed Anthony Phillips, Tony Gwynn Jr, and Matt Tolbert to minor league contracts (per @MattEddyBA )

Bernie Pleskoff (@BerniePleskoff) of MLB.com published a scouting report on AA OF Aaron Altherr atmlb.com/1bRnSIx 

 And some people got elected and snubbed from the Hall of Fame.

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22 thoughts on “Minor League News and Notes (Coaching Assignments, Spring Training Invites, and more)

  1. How does Tyson Gillies keep hanging on. Or is he auditioning to be the new Michael Martinez. Lord knows it’s high time Martinez found himself another team to plague.

      1. If Gillies would ever get his head on straight and stay healthy he is at least a 4th OF in the MLB. Still only 25 but I do believe this will be his make or break season for the Phillies.

        And let’s not forget how he got here. Not easy to just cut a guy like that.

  2. On MLB Invites:
    Biddle and Franco make sense. They want to look at their two best prospects.
    Hollands still around? Nice to see him get some MLB showing I suppose.
    Not sure what they can do with Valle but they have him for this year so why not see if he shows anything better.
    Giles is too wild but I guess they try to see if the FB gets rocked by major leaguers.
    Jiwan James defense is worth how many WAR even if he hits like a pitcher?
    Castro seems destined to a career average AAA guy but I thought he deserved a callup last year in CF instead of Wells/Berhadinha.

      1. They’d sign a FA before they put either of them on the 25 man. Neither is even close to an MLB player.

  3. Curious when the last time the Phils had their #1 and #2 prospects at major league camp. Been a while.

  4. Glad to see the Hall of Fame voters are not just singling out Bonds and Sosa for exclusion to the Hall. Glad they recognize the fraudulent numbers put up by Jeff Bagwell , Mike Piazza and Jeff Kent, also.

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