Cody to the Showdy (Cody Asche Called Up To Majors)

Reports are that the Phillies have called up AAA 3B Cody Asche.  A Michael Young trade seems imminent and would give Asche 2 months of playing time to finish out the season.

Asche is nothing special at the plate or in the field.  What he is a very solid player with very few weaknesses who should be able to man 3B until a better player arrives.  Asche may struggle against LHP and the defense is average (which is like 3 grades above Young).

Asche has come a long way since a disastrous start in Williamsport in 2011.  He was hitting .295/.352/.485 in Lehigh Valley with 15HRs and 11 SB.  He is first 2011 draftee to reach the majors for the Phillies.

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109 thoughts on “Cody to the Showdy (Cody Asche Called Up To Majors)

  1. Gelb and Salisbury would not be reporting a rumor confirmed form inside the org within minutes of one another.

    1. I wonder is Susdorf will come back up after Young is moved? If they wait another day maybe Brown comes off of the DL.

        1. It is likely to have him there for the start of the series, Charlie also likes to give the new guys a game on the bench before they start, just so they can go through BP and other stuff without worrying about it

    1. Meet Brad in DC, the Bob Dylan and Smokey Robinson of Headline/Topic Titles! We do appreciate your humorous title descriptions.

  2. There is too much going on right now. This might be the most unproductive day of my life, sitting around waiting to here rumors and whispers

  3. Sadly, I am waiting to hear rumors and whispers and I can’t say that it is the most unproductive day of my life.

  4. The other thing about Asche is he’s a gamer, a dirt ball kind of player. He has the utleyesque way about him which this team badly needs along with an infusion of youthful energy and appreciation of being in the big leagues. Veteran teams lose that some times and need to be reminded. I’ll never forget Keith Moreland and Lonnie Smith reminding the 1980 team….
    Congrats Cody, welcome to the Show!

    1. I have always wondered why Keith never became our batting coach. Who ever got more out of his ability .
      Now Cholly has to put Cody in a game.

  5. In all seriousness, could someone post what Asche’s projected MLB slash line would be? Is there somewhere to find that? Thanks

    1. Don’t have any predictive piece of data but I would guess .270-.280/.320-.330/.430-.450. Not too far off of Young with less hit and more power. Way better defense

      1. We get so caught up on the star prospects that we forget it’s impossible to have an All-Star at every position. Young, average cost-controlled guys like Cody are damn important too…

        1. So true Frank. Every lineup needs a good mix of star and average players. Cody may not be a star but he has a great work ethic and that often spills out to the other guys in the locker room.

      2. He’ll probably hit like .250/.295/.390 for the remainder of the season and everyone will freak out that he can’t handle it when all he needs is time to adjust. He has started slowly at almost every level.

  6. Sadly, looks like Bogaerts is out of the question. Thinking it’s gonna be Bradley +1 more top 10 (probably a pitcher), and one more prospect, but may depend on how much salary we pick up what level the prospect is.

    1. If it is Workman I might be okay with that, if they get another piece from A ball or below to dream on.

      1. Workman is roccom’s guy…..he always brings himup as Phillies being too cheap to give him the extra dough to sign back 3/4 years ago.

        1. He was lost for a pittance, reportedly $75K, at a time when 3rd round picks weren’t protected. Phillies are a combination of bad managers/unlucky at this sort of thing. When they didn’t sign Drew, you didn’t just move down a pick the next year, you moved down 30 slots. When they didn’t sign Workman, there was no protection at all for 3rd rounders. Bad draft mistakes which, just a few years later, wouldn’t have been a big deal.

  7. With the season pretty much dead it will be fun to be able to watch Asche in the majors.

    1. Absolutely. Unfortunately I am not sure the average fan feels that way. I am torn between wanting a reinvigorated Phillies lineup to win and getting a 1-10 1st rounder next year. I could see the Phillies playing themselves out of hte first 10.

  8. Rumor has it M young will only approve trade back to rangers, if its true , I can see it , same guy who cried about not being able to play short anymore when someone better came along and then cried about how he wouldnt be a DH when his job at 3rd was at risk , Rangers dont want you back Mike , why any healthy team would want him is beyond me , Mike GIDP Young adios

  9. Pretty cool. I predicted this (and, yeah, sure, I’ve predicted other things that never came to pass, I admit that) early last year, so it’s especially gratifying to see. Not even I expected that Asche would be a mid-season call-up this year. Let’s sit back and enjoy as he is currently about as good as M. Young right now (better fielder, probably not as good a hitter yet) and has some interesting upside.

    As pissed off as I am about this deal, there are some interesting ways to turn this team around in a very short period of time. It’s nice to see that, this year, we will have added three young position players who are, or will soon be, regulars (Brown, Revere, Asche). 3 out of 8 in a given year isn’t too bad.

    The real question, for me, is whether they trade Cliff Lee or not (I am on record that, for the right price, a Kendrick trade could be brilliant) – I expect others to be traded and it would not be a big deal (M. Young, C. Ruiz, Bastardo, Papelbon). But Lee is a cornerstone type player – he’s valuable and, yes, he’s older, but he sure as hell is not easily replaced. In fact, if and when the Phillies re-emerge as contenders, they’ll want Cliff Lee or someone like Cliff Lee to headline their rotation. As such, if they trade him, of course, we’ll want a really big package of prospects, but, just as important, as a fan, I’ll want to understand what the game plan is to get this team back to being a playoff team as soon as reasonably possible knowing that great starting pitching is extremely difficult to acquire and that the team does not have anyone in the minor leagues right now who is reasonably likely to become an ace in the near future. It’s possible that Biddle or Gonzalez or Watson could develop into that type of player, but it’s not reasonably likely.

    1. Sorry for the lack of a transition, in the second paragraph should say “As pissed off as I am about Ruben Amaro right now”

  10. I think the Phillies are bringing up Cody Asche to send a message. “Dear Michael, if you want to sit on your butt and watch a rebuilding team for the next two months, be our guest, but you’ll rarely play. If you want things to be interesting, you’ll need to accept a trade.”

  11. It seems from reading the rumors that the phils will not trade lee and M.Young without getting Xander Bogaerts. But Boston has alot of very good prospects. jackie bradley would look great in CF. LHP Henry Owens could replace Lee. Bryce Brentz is a very good close to mlb outfielder with power since the best we have is Steve Susdorf.. Brandon Workman would be a nice back rotation guy. Im sure the phillies could find some guys not named Bogaerts.

    1. The original demand is just a starting point to weed out those not willing to even negotiate their top prospects. If Boston comes up with an enticing enough package, Lee will be in Fenway.

    2. What would be helpful is if there were another AL team in on Lee who had similar prospects to deal to the Phils. Then, maybe, and only maybe, the Phils might pry away Bogaerts. But agree with Anonymous that the Sox have plenty of Minor League players to satiate the Phils.

    3. It’s not a matter of whether the Phils could find players that they’d like to have. It’s a matter of the Phils adding major league ready talent. Rosenthal wrote a great article on the return that the Marlins got for Josh Beckett. Hanley Rameriz was all star level within 1 year of that trade.

      1. The Phillies are obsessed with ‘major league ready’ and have been for over a decade. The Phillies aren’t going to contend in 2014, no matter how much spin they put on the situation and whatever patch and fill they do over the winter. Major league ready by 2015 works perfectly well as that is the first year that they could reasonably be expected to build themselves back to legit contention. That is also why so many guys are tradeable for young talent which is truly good enough to help the MLB Phillies in 2015. Current Phillies who can’t be expected to still be around as productive players for 2015 are really of very little utility. Management just needs to get over thinking it can successfully con the public into thinking 2014 can be their year. To base their actions on trying to perpetrate that fraud is gross mismanagement. After 2012 and 2013, the fandom isn’t in a mood to buy that particular yarn again. Listing all the aging core that will be back for next season, really isn’t going to make most fans’ pulses pound. Ryan Howard again! Yay, we’re contenders.

    4. Why would you want Bradley in CF with Ben Revere around? He is only 24 years old and under team control.

        1. You would flip one. Bradley actually isn’t that speedy (50 speed at best). He has a much better swing than Revere, plays better defense, and is arb eligible at least 2 years later

          1. I saw Bradley play the Phils in ST. Bradley has serious pop – his bat speed is incredible. You can forget about his homer numbers in the minors – he has the ability to be a serious threat and, as stated, he fields very well. He has Torii Hunter type abilities – slightly less athletic, but a higher ceiling as a hitter. I’d love Bogaerts but Bradley and a couple of other hot Red Sox prospects wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize.

            1. It probably is still below average HR power (12-15 a year) but it is definitely the spray doubles around type swing. I would not be unhappy with him headlining a Lee deal.

              Talking with Michael Baumann who saw him in college, he is definitely a guy where the Utley like instincts helps things like the speed, defense, and hitting play up above raw tools. Great feel for the game

            2. Well I saw him in BP and in a game and he put on a serious show. The power was significant, at least in that context.

            1. No way you keep Revere and Bradley if that is the trade. Asche is more a #6/#7 type hitter, could hit #2 but I overall don’t give a ton of care to lineup order overall

            2. the problem with the Phillies the last couple years has been the lineup. They have had too many of the same type players. A bunch of 2, 7 and 8 hole hitters. You can’t put those guys in the middle of the lineup and expect them to drive in runs and produce. That is why they never should have resigned Rollins, while he was the best option at SS, he has no place in the batting order. On the Red Sox, where would Rollins, Pierre, Polanco, Victorino, Revere, Utley, Galvis, Hernendez, Michael Young…the answer…2nd, 7th or 8th..or 9th.

              Lineup is important and it needs balance. They need some righties with power.

            3. to follow up my point, he can’t have too many of the same player in the lineup because then you have guys with certain skill sets batting in a position that requires a different skill set. You also can’t have a lineup loaded with lefties. In 2014 Rollins should hit 7 or 8, Utley 2 or 6, Asche 6 or 7, Revere 1, 2 or 8. Also assume whoever the catcher is will probably hit 8th. So you have Revere, Utley, 3, 4, 5, Asche, Rollins, Catcher…..Brown and Howard are in the middle, both lefties. 1 and 2, lefties, Asche lefty….this lineup does not work.

            4. I understand what you’re trying to say here regarding Rollins in the abstract but I do not think it holds up in the real world. There were no available SS with a better bat than Rollins’. Also Rollins a switch hitter, so if he is batting lefty that means there is a RHP on the mound and all the lefties in the lineup are not a concern. If there is a LHP on the mound, then yes the rest of the lineup does have quite a few lefties, but that has nothing to do with Rollins.

            5. What I was trying is that you are right, there wasn’t a better shortstop to replace him but there were better people to replace him in the leadoff spot. I would have rather had anyone replace him at short and hit 8th then use the money they saved to get someone at another position to replace him as a leadoff hitter (or two hitter and bat Victorino leadoff)

              So moving forward, it isn’t about replacing a person at their position on the field, but replacing a persons position in the lineup. Rollins had and still has no place in this lineup unless it is 7 or 8. If you look at his stats, that is where he should be hitting. So now with Utley, it is the same thing (to a lesser extent) there isn’t a better second basemen replacement but I believe they can find someone better (and right handed) to hit third. (or cleanup with Howard 5th) I love Utley but if he is back, he should either hit 2 or 6.

          2. Absent other options I might play them together next year and make a decision about trading one of them (probably Revere) the year after. Revere is a good value now, but once he hits arbitration he might not be worth it in 2-3 years. Bradley is the better long term prospect IMO by far.

            1. Well, to some extent, I think the old saying that singles hitters drive Chevys and home run hitters drive Cadillacs is still true – I don’t think Ben is going to be overly expensive in arbitration, although, of course, he’ll be more expensive than a non-arb player.

            2. Well, if Ben asks for $10 million in arbitration, regardless of who the agent is, the Phillies are going to look at him, chuckle and say “well, see ya at arbitration, Ben.”

            3. And don’t forget…when Ben is eligible, for the Phillies to get a comp pick they will have to qualify offer him, at that time, I say it will be 15/16M.

            4. He won’t be a full free agent till 2018, a little early to worry much about that.

            5. More likely he would get $3-$4 million in his first year of arbitration (which would be worth) it but would then scale up to $7 and then $10 in years 2 and 3. At that point he would not be worth it. Might as well deal him before he gets there, but he might not be the worst fit for next year since we have no other obvious alternatives.yet and might need to spend money elsewhere (SP, RP, C).

            6. My guess is that, if the Phillies and Ben want to make it longer term, they would do a two year contract during his last two arb years for a total of around $9-12 million. I don’t see them paying him $10 million in a given year – ever. But perhaps I’m wrong on that.

            7. I just worry that Revere might be overvalued because of his .300 average and he really is not that great defensively considering his arm.

  12. I’d argue that that’s more of an argument that favors Lee. Beckett could have walked after 2 years I think. So Boston had absolutely no cost certainty that Beckett would even be with them longterm.

    1. Asche needs to grab himself a Schmidter sandwich before tonights game to indoctrinate himself to 3rd base.

  13. Good to see they are promoting Asche. That means they aren’t going to waste anymore time with Michael Young. Win win.

  14. Boy, talk about a player improving, here are Asche’s progressive, monthly OPS numbers this year:

    April – .683
    May – .784
    June – .896
    July – .978.

    Pretty nice, huh?

  15. wow just saw the starting lineup for tonights game, M. Young is in the lineup, no asche! per todd zolecki twitter account

      1. Of course with Manuel writing out the lineups Asche may just whither on the bench.

        1. Cholly will not let Asche get any splinters or whither. Rube will force his hand at some point.

    1. You don’t want a kid who bats lefty getting his first start against Zito. It would mess him up for a week.

      1. Agreed. And Matt’s point above is a good one I hadn’t considered: best to let him get used to “the show” for a night before throwing him out there. Or maybe even find a PH opportunity if the situation presents itself.

        1. After the Phillies beat the living daylights out of Zito (Ruf will hit a homer tonight – book it!)and a right-handed reliever comes in, Asche can come into the game, M. Young slides to first, Frandsen gives Utley a rest at second and the Cody Asche era begins.

      1. Yeah. Ruben has made comments before that he wants young MAJOR leaguers. I wonder if he is thinking of moving Asche and some other stuff in the off season to shore up some other position. They DO have Franco VERY close to the majors.

  16. They’re definitely letting Young knows that Asche is here to play. My guess is that D Young will lose his playing time (which would be okay too). Ruff is here to stay, if he hits, so they really need to find out about him in LF and Dom in RF. M Young, if he’s still here on Thursday, will play 1B until Howard comes back. Someone is going when Dom gets activated and while there’s still MiniMart, someone has to back up CF, so my money is on D Young going somewhere.

    1. I’d do it in a second…too bad the Sox wouldn’t. They have a lot of young SS in their org, but Bogaerts swings a special bat.

  17. I think it was olney or someone else that tweeted it, but said that YOung is willing to go to other places now, but has Texas and Boston as firm one-two choices. Yankees last resort option

  18. Would throwing in Galvis with Lee and Young get you Boegarts and Workman. Thought being that if you get Boegarts what happens to Freddy’s future? 2nd base?

  19. someone just tweeted that jackie bradley jr. was just pinch hit for in his minor league game, fwiw.

  20. If the Red Sox are willing to give up “multiple top ten prospects”, why not stockpile young pitching?
    Lee & Young for
    Owens, Webster, Ranaudo, Brentz, Britton, Sean Coyle
    Workman, Barnes, Ranaudo, Brian Johnson ptbnl (Trey Ball)

    You can always flip young pitchers for bats. The Red Sox have surplus young pitching and seem unusually willing to give it up. Not taking advantage would be a huge missed opportunity.

  21. As someone who accepts the Phillies will be bad for the next few years and have no need for a $25 M starter, i would trade Lee even though I love the guy. In a hypothetical, would “you” do a blockbuster with St Louis for Lee, Ruiz, Rollins for Tavares, Wacha and pick two/three more StL top 20 prospects?

    1. It doesn’t matter what we would do. The Cardinals won’t do this deal. It’s an exercise in futility. You can’t come up with absurd hypotheticals and then blame Ruben for not getting them done. But yeah I’d probably do that.

  22. As someone who accepts/expects the Phillies will be mediocre-to-bad for the next few years (as many years as are left on Lee’s deal) I see no reason to keep Lee around. I say that as someone who loves the guy. The question then becomes how to be sure to get the most for him (now versus off-season). St.Louis has current needs at C, SS and could definitely use Lee. Would “you” do Lee, Ruiz, Rollins for a package that starts with Tavares, Wacha and some more? The question assumes St. Louis takes responsibility for all the dollars left on Rollins and Lee. I would find one or two more St L prospects and pull the trigger. An outfield of Tavares, Brown, Revere would change the dynamic of the team right away and Wacha is MLB ready so there wouldn’t be a gaping hole in rotation.

  23. I think Rueben has more or less carried out orders to keep the party rolling and has acted accordingly. His legacy will ultimately be in having a $100M owed to Howard beyond the point where he’s basically a replaceable player. Because of the money, Howard is not going anywhere and it is almost impossible for me to picture a competitive team with him in the middle of the lineup the next three/four years.

    1. Plaid, next year will be key for Ryan Howard as he did suffer a very serious injury in 2011 and may have compensated the injury to play in 2012 which led to a knee injury. Lets hope he is 100% healthy in 2014 and can play most of the games and provide some power (like 25-30) HR with near 100 RBI. If he ever learns to hit lefties again than he can be a regular but he still has good numbers against RH pitching so he can still play the majority of games.

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