Box Score Recap – 7/29/2013

Harold Martinez with 2 more hits. Same from Cameron Perkins. Dan Child works an inning for CLR after spending time in the GCL thus far. Brian Pointer goes deep – his sixth. He’s been slumping pretty badly, though he has drawn 5 walks in his last 10 games. Man can take his walks. Speaking of…Dylan Cozens hit his 5th HR of the year. He’s also keeping up a good pace for his bases on balls, 11+%, while limiting his Ks to around 22%. It’s a 2:1 ratio there, 34K, 17BB, and with ISO near .200, you’d have to call his first half of this short season a success.

At the lower levels, Deivi Grullon threw out two would-be base-stealers and picked off another, while JPC stole his 7th and 8th bags, added a triple, drove in and scored 2runs. And 19 yr-old mini second sacker Lucas Rojo (listed at 5’6″, 153 lbs), hit his 7th VSL homer. He’s got 19 XBH in around 170 PAs. That’s some pop from a small frame. Another guy to look for in instructs in the fall and the minor league camp in the spring.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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    1. He is very advanced as a reliever, it would help for him to be stuck in Williamsport. I assume the organization thinks that he can help sooner than later.

    2. He was stuck at GCL because he was a late signee and there was no room at Williamsport. Then Clearwater was probably another temporary promotion because he was already there. He is most likely destined for Lakewood or Williamsport at some point when there is room for him.

    1. He’s certainly banging on the front door pretty loudly. “someone’s knocking at the door. someone’s ringing the bell. Do me a favor, open the door and let them in.”

      1. Yeah but with amaro in charge, He wont bring him up until they are elimated, he will play his favorite minor leaguer, martinez at third or francsen, until then.

        1. I’ll make you a bet that Asche will be recalled when M Young is traded. Want to make that wager?

      1. I am thinking way outside the box now.
        Asche is hitting and third looks like his at this moment for 2014. Then teach Franco to catch, like they did with Bob Boone. He has the arm, and his speed will not be altered in any fashion. And we know the bat is going to be there.

        1. It sounds nice, but you can’t just switch to catcher like that so quickly. Becoming a catcher would add two years to his development time up front and reduce his career expectancy two years at the end. I’d pass on that, although it’s an intriguing idea.

          1. Like I said…way outside the box…..actually so far outside I am almost on Ruben’s planet.

    2. Yeah, I think Asche is playing his last two games at AAA beginning today. It really worked out perfectly with him getting hot at the right time. He’ll (hopefully) join the big club with sky-high confidence.

  1. Wait a couple days and see if Childs sticks in clearwater. Sometimes because of needing an extra player the Clearwater Threshers will call up a GCL player temporarily to fill a spot because they’re located at the same facility.

    1. Uh . .. really? There’s nothing to suggest that he’s not the second round bust we believe him to be. I hope I’m wrong, but I strongly doubt it.

  2. Child was the only player with a car so they moved him up to clearwater for two days. He is going back to gcl,

  3. My biggest fear over the next two days is someone like Cameron Perkins is looked at as expendable because Amaro doesn’t know what he has and is traded for some nondescript middle reliever.

      1. My point is I don’t want to see legit prospects like Perkins go for a dime a dozen reliever like has been done before.

    1. I could be wrong, but I think the team has now progressed beyond middle reliever trades and other trades designed to allow the team to compete this year. The team is in prospect acquisition mode right now, so if Perkins is traded, it will be for someone who the organization thinks can contribute for several years going forward. I don’t see Perkins as part of any “over pay” trade designed to fill gaps, if that’s your concern.

  4. i know many wonder if Asche will have to change positions someday, when Franco is ready for the bigs. Franco is the better fielder, but what are the chances he could learn a new position? Seems to me that Asche will be a MLB starter and could have a nice career…not top of hi sposition, but I see no reason he can be a top 10 3rd baseman… if you go by OPS.. Michael Young is 11th right now… if so, why not keep him there and see if Franco can learn 2B?

    1. 2nd base for Franco? I’m fighting every fiber inside of me to not be a jerk in my response to this. Lets leave it at this:

      Franco will play 3b or 1b in the majors. That is it. End if story.

      Asche could play LF. Possibly 2b but that is very unlikely since they already tried that and it did not work out

        1. You either trade, or you play your best 8 guys who can handle the available positions defensively. If Franco’s and Asche’s bat are in the lineup, it really doesn’t matter where, unless they are forcing a better bat to the bench. Frankly, I think either of them can outhit Howard at this point, so you don’t really lose anything by putting one of them there until a better hitting 1B option comes along. If Howard can’t hit and is so-so in the field, then you don’t cost yourself squat using him as a PH against RHP or platooning him. Can Asche hit as well as the other potential LF bats we have. It’s a battle between him and Ruf, unless we trade for somebody. We’ve started MM in the OF.

  5. What are the chances the Crawford moves through the system quicker than most and making it up to the big club by the time he’s 20 or 21?

    1. I think there’s a good chance that Crawford starts next year at Lakewood (age 19), where, unless he’s lights out, he probably spends a full season working on being a professional and polishing his game. If that goes well, he moves to Clearwater for his age 20 season and, if he’s a grade A prospect, he might split his year, as Franco did this year, and starts his age 21 season in AAA. So, yeah, he might hit the big leagues when he’s 21 if all goes well, but that assumes he is a grade A prospect and excels and quickly adapts. If he makes at age 20, it’s because he has moved into the very highest tier of prospects. It’s hard to see that happening, but I suppose it’s possible.

      Speaking of shortstops, does anyone know when Roman Quinn is likely to make it back to Lakewood?

    2. He’d basically have to do two levels a season starting next year. It’s possible but he’d have to be killing it like he is right now in GCL all along the way. I suppose it is possible, just not that likely.

    3. I think at this point he’ll definitely start in Lakewood next year. I’m not sure what happens to Quinn, they’ll probably move him to CLW and give him another year at SS before deciding whether to move him to CF or not.

    4. It will be extremely hard for Crawford to sprint through the system by age 20-21. The Phillies always seem to make the prized prospects work on their weaknesses at Lakewood for at least the 1st half of the season, so he probably does a whole season there no matter what happens. I can’t see Crawford getting to Clearwater before 2015 (20years old).

  6. I’ve learned not to doubt Asche, he’s the kind of player that will prove all critics wrong. After his slow start in April a bunch of people jumped off the wagon, but he’s done nothing but get better month after month. Cant wait to see him at CBP in a week.

    1. The folks who have been following did not jump off the band wagon – he has a history of having a short adjustment period and then excelling. It will be interesting to see how he is used in the majors. He could be making his MLB debut on Thursday – a game which I will be attending. Let the new era begin!

  7. Mr. Asche knows the situation, and realizes he is less than 48 hours away from his call-up to the big club………..lets hope he doesnt get on the LHV to Philly roller coaster over the next couple of years, they should be able to keep in the bigs since they wont be challenging for anything anytime soon.

    1. I think the debate internally here is whether he would be a 12-18 hr guy or an 18-25 home run hitter. I’m probably in the 18-22 range, but, frankly, with him, I think more important issues will be: his secondary average on the whole, his on base percentage; and his fielding. I think a pretty fair comp would be a guy like Scott Brosius, although his floor is lower and his ceiling might be a little higher.

  8. I would take 15- 18 hr with 275 average, and good fielding, more important to me is that he has a good. obp, and hits with runners in scoring postion.Watching the cardinals , you see how well they hit with runners in scoring positon. I Want that here,

  9. The best thing i have seen from Asche is his ability to adapt and continue to get better against new challenges. I think we all can agree that the ability is there for him to be able to play at the ML level. The interesting thing that makes it difficult to nail down what he will become is that you are trying to determine how his ability to adjust and will to improve will be when he reaches the bigs. He is a guy in which all reports are great when it comes to his work ethic which is why i am comfortable at this point saying he is going to be at least an average ML 3B. I would never expect more from him as he has not “Dominated” the levels he played at like most stars do in the minors, but if he becomes better than average i would not be surprised. He seems like an easy guy to root for to. That is my ode to Asche.

  10. I see Asche as becoming one of the best 3rd basemen in the NL: and Franco moving to 1st base to replace the “big wind.” Within 3 years Asche will become an All-star.

    There is no lack in any aspect of the game attributable to him. Now: better than average fielding, hitting in the .280s or above, 25-30 HRs/season, an OBA at .360 or above, a few SBs, lotsa RBIs, and a few SBs thrown in.

    I see no reason to doubt those stats…plus his work ethic is off the charts bringing further assurance that he’d accomplish what he sets out to do.

    Maybe Howard will have to retire due to his consistent, ongoing injuries. Will he be able to qualify the Phils to cover his salary remaining by insurance pay out; one can hope though unlikely. Pshaw.

    Asche: one big move on the way to a rejuvenated franchise. Now, lets get more help via trades, including Lee who is the one most likely to provide more, better assistance for the near and far future.

      1. blown – I did not intend to use the words “blow” and “Bromance” in the same sentence.

    1. This is the sort of overblown projection fans make for their favorite Phillies farmhand, before condemning him a couple years later for ‘failing to live up to expectations’. It is an extremely unfair expectation to place on Asche to think he will be one of the best 3B in baseball. The odds of that are so very low. Why not temper your enthusiasm and give the guy a chance to impress you by meeting or beating a reasonable set of expectations. Just getting promoted today, and actually thoroughly deserving that promotion, more than meets any logical expectations that any of him might have had for him on the day he was drafted, or really his draft year.

    2. ARTD…I want what you are smoking now!
      Asche can be the best, but things need to break right for him. Like Wright breaking.
      Zimmer blowing another rot.cuff, Arenado never coming around. Alvarez getting deported.
      Headley prematuringly aging. Sandoval winning a Dunkin Donuts franchise in a lottery.
      You get my drfit. The league is not made up of 14 Michael Youngs.

  11. Let’s give credit where credit is due: Ethan Stewart with only 1 walk in 7 innings last night. Gave up 4 runs, but for now, I’ll live with that.

  12. Good night for the the pharm systems guys who got promoted, workman 9 strikeouts and one earned run in 6 innings. villar stole home and had a hit. zeid pitch scoreless inning. nice job ruben, meanwhile aumont blows another save.

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