Why Jesse Biddle Was Pulled From a Game Today

Jesse Biddle’s final line today was:

0.2 IP  1 H 3 ER 4 BB 0 K and 41 pitches

he was then pulled from the game and replaced by Tyler Knigge prompting internet speculation about an injury.  It turns out Biddle’s 41 pitches pushed him over the organizations limit for number of pitches in an inning.  To this point there is nothing to suggest that there is any sort of injury concern.

Organizations all have some sort of limit in their minor leagues about the number of pitches a pitcher can throw in an inning.  The worry is that the fatigue will cause a pitcher’s to injure themselves in later innings.  The number of pitches varries by organizations from about 30-40 and it appears that the Phillies is about 35 pitches in an inning.  This is a rule that has ended games prematurely for highly rated prospects across organizations including a pair of starts by the Pirate’s Gerrit Cole.

What comes out of this is that Biddle still has some issues to work through including some control problems.  If he comes out and looks fine in his next start don’t worry, this is just a blip on the radar.

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12 thoughts on “Why Jesse Biddle Was Pulled From a Game Today

    1. Against the same team in his last start he allowed the lead off batter to reach for a couple innings straight, but got the double play to get out of it. He has come out amped up the last few starts and has overthrown the ball in the first inning (sitting more 93-95) with less command before settling at a lower velocity later (91-93)

  1. This happens to all pitchers. It happened to my son today in a high school game (and I am so, bizarrely, happy it happened to Jesse today because he has a double connection with him, with the same birthday and school, so I get to tell him “see….!)”). It has happened to Cole Hamels, et al. Some days the strike zone is not there.

  2. Brutal day for the system. Watson hammered, Biddle lasts less than an inning, Gillies sent down, Quinn and Greene continue their struggles, etc.

  3. Look he’ll learn from this an bounce back perfectly. Biddle is a very smarter learner.

  4. Well anyone who follows the,draft, and prospects, knows this system is bad.And its just getting worse. greene has to be sent down, he is so overmatched. Right now Philadelphia sports is really bad,

  5. Players always say they never read the press clippings, but they always know about them. Biddle spent the last week hearing how awesome he was so maybe it was just an isolated incident and he went out and laid an egg.

    1. The lack of speed is disconcerting but aside from, this is precisely what a break by a potential young star is supposed to look like

  6. Franco keeps this up, and he could rise to Reading before this season is over. Then to AFL.

    In ’14, to AAA. Mid-season ’14 up to big club!

    Dreaming optimistically.

    A glimmer of hope from our pharms. Gotta have SOME hopes since the big club sucks.

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