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The “Around the System” series is back as we continuously rotate through the System taking a look at the production of each and every player.  We start with Corner Infielders, and will continue through the middle infield, outfield, catcher, starting pitchers and relief pitchers, all in time to get back to where we started (corner infield) usually about 75 AB’s later. Stats are thru Friday May 3rd. Look for a report on the Middle Infield over the next several days…

Lehigh Valley

Cody Overbeck, 26, Phils 9th round pick in 2009; .250/.297/.515 in 68 AB’s; 5HR 12 RBI; 1SB; 6%bb/29%k rate; .417 vs. LH, .214 vs. RH, .214 with RISP. 14 games at 1B with 1 error (.992); 8.57 R/F. Overbeck has been simply OK in the years first month. He continues to show power but is far from consistent and has been striking out a ton.

Cody Asche, 22, Phils 4th round pick in 2011; .267/.330/.367 in 90 AB’s; 1HR 13RBI; 9%bb/25%k rates; .071 vs. LH; .303 vs. RH, .143 with RISP. 24 games at 3B with 3 errors (.952); 2.50 R/F. Asche had an awful start but adjusted and has been coming on strong in his transition to AAA as of late.  His progress has been similar to what I expected prior to the year, but some troubling splits.

Josh Fields, 30, SIgned as a free agent in 2013; .298/.365/.561 in 57 AB’s; 3HR 12 RBI; 1SB; 10%bb/32% k rates; .364 vs. LH, .283 vs. RH, .333 with RISP. 7 games at 1B with 3 errors (.950); 8.14 R/F. 3 games at 3B without an error. A nice start for Fields who has had several monster games. As we can see through his strikeout rate, it can be “all or nothing” with him.


James Murphy, 27, Phils 17th round pick in 2006; .303/.364/.505 in 99 AB’s; 4HR 17RBI; 1SB; 7%bb/19%k rates; .333 vs. LHP; .298 vs. RHP; .440 with RISP; .330 in April. 26 games at 1B with 2 errors (.991); 8.12 R/F. Murphy had an outstanding start and the discussion becomes whether he falls in line with the Rizzotti’s and Ruf’s of the world. Already 27, Murphy’s “prospect” status has passed, but he has raised an eyebrow or two with his excellent April. Very limited range.

Tyler Henson, 25, Signed as a free agent in 2013;.333/.391/.551 in 78 AB’s; 2HR 10 RBI; 3SB; 8%bb/30% k rates; .000 vs LHP (6 AB’s); .361 vs. RHP; .250 with RISP. 17 games at 3B with 5 errors (.897); 2.47 R/F. I have watched Henson pretty closely on the couple of occasions I have gotten to watch Reading and I really like the way he plays. He has received very rare AB’s against left handed pitching, but he does what you expect a AA 3B to do and does it fairly well. Has struggled with the glove a bit.

Miguel ABreu, 28, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .139/.225/167 in 36 AB’s; 0HR 2RBI; 2SB; .222 vs. LHP; .111 vs. RHP: .000 with RISP. 11 games at 3B with 2 errors (.941); Abreu was a valuable member of the 2012 Reading club but the numbers speak for themselves early on in 2013. Real judgment in unfair based on very limited playing time and 36 AB’s. 


Harold Martinez, 23, Phils 2nd round pick in 2011, .203/.224/.243 in 784AB’s; 0HR 4RBI; 2SB; 1%bb/25% k rates; .214 vs. LHP, .200 vs. RHP; .143 with RISP. 3 games at 1B without an error and 1 game at 3B without an error. Martinez has rarely played the field with Serritella and Franco getting the playing time and his work at the plate has been simply abysmal.  Martinez is another two months away from being considered a full fledge bust without increased production.

Maikel Franco, 20,Signed as a free agent in 2009; .301/.348/.540 in 113 AB’s; 5HR 25RBI; 7%bb/15% k rates; .300 vs. LH, .301 vs. RH, .342 with RISP. Outstanding start for Franco, who currently leads the system in RBI’s. Making consistent contact, hitting for both average and power, and playing a solid third.  26 games at 3B without an error; 8.69 R/F. Has moved himself into the Top 3 Phils prospects, probably currently #2 in my book.

Chris Serritella, 23, Phils 4th round pick in 2012; .259/.267/.375 in 112 AB’s; 3HR 12 RBI; 2%bb/29% k rates;  .167 vs. LH, .287 vs. RH, .182 with RISP. 21 games at 1B without an error (.1000); 8.71 R/F. Not horrible for Serritella who double jumped from WIlliamsport but not good either. Striking out alot, not walking at all, and not producing runs with the bat. Still its early in his adjustment period. Has played well in the field.


Art Charles, 22, Acquired from Toronto in 2013, .286/.361/.512 in 86 AB’s; 4HR 17RB I; 1SB; 11%bb/23% k rates; .333 vs. LH, .280 vs. RHP; .364 with RISP. 21 games at 1B with 2 errors (.989); 8.57 R/F. CHarles was really heating up when he went down with an injury last week and has now been placed on the DL. Charles’s physique resembles Ryan Howard…he is a very big man.

William Carmona, 22, Phils 11th round pick in 2012,.266/.301/.380 in 79 AB’s. 0HR 7 RBI; 1SB; 5%bb/24% k rates; .176 vs. LH, .290 vs. RH, .250 with RISP. 7 games at 1B without an error ; 8.57 R/F;  2 games at 3B without an error. Was primarily DH’ing until Charles went down and is now playing regularly at 1b. Has done fine, but nothing eye catching.

Mitch Walding, 20, Phils 5th round pick in 2011, .266/.337/.351 in 94 Ab’S, 0HR 16 RBI; 10%bb/24% k rates; .286 vs. LH, .263 vs. RH, .310 with RISP. 25 games at 3B and has committed 4 errors (.947); 2.88 RF. After a disappointing 2012, Walding has bounced back in this years first month, producing runs and playing well.

7 thoughts on “Around the System–Corner Infield

    1. He hasn’t played 1 game at either 1B or 3B this season. The Phillies are converting him to an OF and he’s played the majority in RF (17 starts) and the rest in LF(7 starts) with a DH mixed in.

      I’m sure he could still play 1B if called upon, but he was never looked at as someone who could stick at 3B and he had the best footwork out of Serritella & Carmona as to who could play the OF out of the college bats they drafted last year who played 1B/3B in college.

    2. On Perkins: “He’s a very good hitter,” Jordan said. “We decided to put him on the Clearwater club at the last minute and he has rolled with it. He can get the barrel on the ball in different parts of the strike zone. He can play left field and right field. We’ll move him and Kelly Dugan back and forth.”

  1. It’s a shame, but Martinez certainly looks like a failed pick. An awful 2nd rounder from college. The scouts really ought to be able to get a better read on the hitting ability of a collegian, especially since his last season was with the new bats.

    1. All draft picks are risks. That one didn’t work out. It was a good gamble. Martinez would have been a 1st round pick, if he could have declared after his sophomore year. They were betting on a recovery. They lost.

      You can’t expect every pick to be successful. They picked Adam Morgan and Cody Asche with there next two picks, that year. Adam Morgan will probably pay for the whole 2011 draft by himself.

      1. Great post VOR. I agree completely that Morgan and Asche will make that draft. I won’t say that people will forget Martinez because of the great play of these two, and I will go out on a short limb that his name(Martinez) will be enshrined on the Wall of Lame draft busts, and mentioned frequently as, “we should have taken ________ instead of Martinez”.

        1. Criticizing the scouts in hindsight, for the Harold Martinez pick, seems out of line, IMO. At the time of that draft, most of us here, were very happy with the Harold Martinez pick. We were questioning the Adam Morgan pick, as though he was insignificant.
          How can we criticize the scouts for Not seeing Harold Martinez would struggle to hit, while the same scouts got it right with Cody Asche, two rounds later.

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