Box Score Recap 8-14-2012

After some early trouble, Adam Morgan held it down, retiring 17 of the 20 men he faced after giving up a first inning HR.  Pretty good outing from Austin Wright, also – 6H, 2BB, 8K over 6 scoreless IP.

And check out Roman Quinn going deep, (err…what do you call it when it’s an inside-the-parker?), in the NYPL All-Star Game. 

I didn’t include the NYPL ASG pitchers as there weren’t any WIL guys.


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    1. they had Loper on radio. Only caught tail end of it. Sounds like they are going to give him every change to play left field. Guys bat is undeniable.

  1. The boogeyman checks under his bed at night for Cody Asche before he goes to sleep. He checks the closet for Darin Ruf.

    Seriously, these guys are terrorizing Eastern League pitching right now. It’s fun to watch.

    1. As each day passes, I become more excited about the Asche’s potential and the likelyhood of Ruf’s skills transfering to the big league level.

        1. And that also overshadows good games by Gillies and Adam Morgan….

          Half the Reading roster will be in LHV next season…..

        1. Wasn’t it Keith Law who replied to a question about Asche being a starter with a one word answer of no? To not even entertain the possibility is a joke.

          1. What must be remembered for these “National Scouts” is they see very little of most players and must rely on 3rd hand information. Then take a guy like Asche who has simply clicked this year to an amazing degree. I think less than 1% of us would have been very excited about Asche back in Feb/Mar and now we are talking him as a top prospect for the Phils. Frigging amazing and we can’t expect the national guys to keep up on guys like this.

            1. Oh I totally agree. Especially in the offseason no one would have thought he could be anything. That Law quote came from about a week ago though.

  2. Nice to see Pullin go 2-4 without an error at 2B for the GCL. It’s been said many times, but if he can stick at 2B, he’ll be a legit prospect.

    1. He would be a legit prospect even if he doesn’t move to 2nd base. He was one of the top 100 HS players, going into his senior season.

  3. Quinn’s got to have rocket boosters. The recap of the all-star game says, “(he) hit an inside the park homer on a ground ball through the hole at SS.” Did the outfielders collide or fall down?

    1. The most exciting thing about Quinn is that he’s got a bat to go along with the speed. If he can be even a decent contact hitter, he’s going to wreak havoc. But all those triples … that tells me he’s driving the ball, even while learning to switch hit.

      1. Yeah, never hit from the Left side until this year. Quinn is going to be a top 5 prospect in this system. If not this year, then next.

        1. I think it’s pretty safe to say he’s top 5 at this point – I keep hearing his speed being referred to as “game-changing” and he seems like it is a tool that he is using very well

          1. I think Quinn might be Top 5 already. At his age level he has elite speed, he walks, and he can hit a little bit. And so far he is at SS. Everybody knows Chris Serritella can hit, but Quinn is right behind him at least in AVG and OBP.

            Extremely impressive performance by Quinn this season to date.

  4. Here’s a better question… if Ruf hits 8 home runs in his next 10 games, and finishes the year with 4 more, giving him a total of 40, would people then be comfortable with him as a legit 1B prospect? If not, what would it take? 50 HR’s a year and a .350 batting average? I guess as much as we knock Ruf for the whole age thing I’m not sure how much more he could reasonably be expected to do.

    As to Asche, as of today, he’s surpassed franco for me as our best 3B prospect, not becuase I think his ceiling is higher persay, but because of his likelyhood of sucess while still having some projection remaining.

    1. Yes. But the likelihood of 12 HRs in the next 20 games has got to be under 5%.

      I think he’s got an outside shot at playing first right now. His recent power surge is really helping that case.

      1. Whether he has a shot to have his bat stick at 1B is, unfortunately, almost irrelivant. He isn’t going to be given a chance to play over Howard, and teams don’t trade for 26 year old first basemen in AA, no matter what the stats.

        1. I assume he’s going to be in AAA next year, and hopefully playing as much LF as 1B. Obviously his best shot at the majors is as a left fielder, but he MAY be able to hit enough to handle 1B.

          There are 4 ways he ends up at 1B in the majors:
          1. They bring the DH to the NL and Howard slides over there.
          2. We trade Howard in the next few years.
          3. Ruf plays LF for us, and when Howard’s contract runs its course he slides over to 1B.
          4. We trade him after he tears up AAA, and he plays 1B somewhere else.

          I’d say none of these is particularly likely, but if he hits in AAA the way he has in AA, I think he makes the majors in some capacity. From there, who knows.

          1. #3 is the only one of those I see as remotely possible in the current situation. The DH isn’t coming to the NL soon enough for that to help, no one is taking Ryan Howard from us anytime soon without us eating a whole mess of money, and Ruf would probably need to hit 30 AAA HR in April and May next year to convince anyone to trade for him as a 1B.

            I’ll speculate that if Ruf hits fairly well and is just good enough to play LF for a “rebuilding” team, (but not good enough to do so for a contending team like the Phils hope to be in 2013), said rebuilding team might want him for cost certainty, and you might get a minor league bullpen arm or something else uninspiring in return. Or he might be a sweetener in a trade for a major leaguer, if the particular team somehow lacks a slugging, big-bodied, close-to-the-majors type, or lacks anyone remotely decent to play 1B for the next couple years while they rebuild. I guess.

            Now look at what I just wrote and tell me who that team is that might want him. I wouldn’t even begin to guess. Point being, there’s not really a plausible trade scenario for Ruf at this point, unless he can play LF. Could something come up that might inspire a team to want to have him in their camp? Possible. I’d call it highly unlikely.

            1. When was the last time an AL team traded for a guy solely to be a DH who wasn’t named Jim Thome?

            2. …and technically Adam Dunn doesn’t count based on the above query. He was signed as a free agent, not traded. 😉

            3. Given that interleague play will be year round starting next season, there’s a pretty good chance that the NL adopts the DH rule in the very near future.

              This could easily be a self-correcting problem at that point.

            4. I actually don’t care if the DH is adopted by the NL or done away with by the AL, either way. I just want equality.

            5. DH coming to NL sooner then you may think…Bud gets his wish for Houston to the AL He may cave in now.

          2. Here is why we’re skeptical that he will be a major league regular. Even after the recent hot streak, his major league equivelency is .258/.336/.462. Now, that’s actually pretty darn good – for a left fielder. It is still sub par for a first baseman. If he was 24 or younger, you might project him at first base, thinking he has room for further growth. But at 26, that’s probably all you’re going to get. Add to that the fact that he is now a bit over his prior norms and may regress …

            Look, in saying that he could be a major league regular in left field if he can demonstrate adequate defense there, I’m STILL much more optimistic than probably 95% of the scouts & other experts that do this for a living. Regular major league first baseman, though, is probably a step too far.

            As for #3, by the time Howard’s contract runs its course, Ruf will be 30 and facing his decline years.

            1. Good point Larry on #3. Wait out an aging first baseman’s contract to fill in the hole with an aging first baseman? Not a great idea.

            2. When I think of Ruf in the majors, I think of a guy like Wiggington. Backup 1B, hit lefties, get a few starts at a different position. Have a few years that he might be a majority of a platoon.

          3. Everyone seems to be forgetting the most likely scenario leading to Ruf replacing Howard;

            Howard having another serious injury. Howard’s pretty obviously playing while not 100% healthy (he throws to the pitcher instead of running three steps to cover the bag himself…). Considering the nature of his injury, if he’s playing without being fully recovered then he could re-injure himself any day now just by running down the first base line. If that happens, you gotta figure Ruf gets a look at 1B over Wigginton and Nix, and I doubt the FO wants to sink any more money into another 1B.

          4. Only way I can see him breaking into the lineup is if Howard gets hurt, similar to how Howard did it when Thome was here.

  5. I have this recurring bad dream that the Phillies in their infinite wisdom will package players at the height of their minor league value (maybe they do not see them in the Phillies future), like Cloyd, Ruf and Friend, and try to get an aging 3rd baseman for next year–like Aramis Ramirez from the Brewers. As I said– a bad dream.

      1. Yep. If we can trade prospects with questionable tools at the peak of their value for something the major league club needs in return then we have done a good thing. Ruf might be showing he is at least a second tier 1B starter prospect. He could very well be more valuable to us as trade bait now. We should have traded Rizzotti when he was putting up similar stats. I think Ruf is a little better than Rizzotti, but the same logic holds.

        1. Rizzotti cleared waivers the offseason after posting a 1.087 OPS in Reading in 2010. I doubt they would have gotten much for him even then.

    1. I have the same fear that they will make another Polanco-like signing which will roadblock 3rd base for the next 4-5 years. I’d much rather see them spend the money on CF and/or LF and just get by at 3B until we see what Asche can do at after a full season of AA and/or AAA.

        1. I hope you’re right – the Phillies seem to have a not-so-stellar record with bringing along prospects though. It wouldn’t surprise me if mds13’s fear came true

            1. Considering that both Utley and Howard were blocked due to veterans under contract…probably not the best rebuttal list there.

            2. That wasn’t his/her argument. Said they have a less than stellar rate of bringing prospects along, which I provided names to disprove. If he said that they had a tendency to delay the starts of said prospects careers due to being “blocked”, I would probably agree.

            3. Thats not a fair argument since it is not looking at the context. The only reason Utley was blocked was because Polanco unexpectedly accepted arbitration. Now yes that is a risk you take when offering it, but it was the Phillies plan to get rid of the vet for Utley unlike the aforementioned scenario above.

              With Howard look at his MiLB numbers. His big breakout didn’t occur until after Thome was signed. No one thought Howard was going to become a 50 HR hitter. Frankly, even knowing how it turned out I still don’t blame them on the Thome signing as it was needed to help re-energize the fan base that had been dormant due to those craptastic mid to late 90s squads.

              Both scenarios are much different than a situation like now where RAJ is going out of his way to plug in random vets at the expense of trying out prospects.

            4. So frustrating to see this kind of stuff repeated – as much as I hate defending Amaro, this is a really stupid criticism. The problem is that he hasn’t had major league ready prospects, by and large. The few arguable exceptions:

              Brown – I kind of agree here, and CERTAINLY agree that the Pence deal was a mistake, but (a) his defense was pretty atrocious last year, and (b) this is the ONLY real instance you can point too.

              Galvis – anyone who really thinks they should have plugged Galvis in as the SS instead of signing Rollins – I won’t say it to be polite, but let’s just say that, at this stage of their careers, Rollins is 2 to 3 wins better. Of course Galvis got his shot anyway.

              Relievers – this was a criticism a couple years back, but nobody can rationally claim that they have favored vets over prospects among relievers over the past 2 years.

              And then you’re left with – what? I mean, what prospects should have been tried out instead of vets over the past few years? Who are these “random” vets? The only vets acquired in recent years as starting position players were Polanco, Pence and Ibanez. No one was ready to step in at LF when Ibanez was signed, and no one available to step in at 3rd when Polanco was signed. Among starting pitchers, the “vets” “plugged in” were guys like Lee and Halladay. What starting pitcher prospects were not tried out? I can think of one: Drabek. Enough said. Papelbon was vet “plugged into” the closer role I guess, but no one can claim there was any prospect who reasonably could have been “tried out” instead. Who are the neglected vets? Overbeck? Rizzotti? Mitchell? Please.

              On the other hand, given how sparse the upper levels of the system have been recently, mostly because of trades (criticizing the trades is another matter, but most of them worked out quite well), the team has done pretty well at promoting prospects. Over the past two years, Worley has been added as a starting pitches, several relievers have come from the system, Brown, despite being in many ways mishandled, has been given chances and is now a regular, Galvis had 200 PA before breaking his back, and Mayberry was given a shot.

            5. Settle down there Ace. Rather than going on a long rant how bout you just ask what I am referring to and I will gladly discuss.

              For one, yes Domonic Brown. Yes the Hunter Pence trade was unnecessary, too costly, and short sighted. But hey it happened, so the second part of that problem was compounding that trade with playing Ibanez over Brown.

              Galvis? No chance in hell on that one. Signing Rollins was the right move 10 times out of 10.

              I am not particularly attached to Overbeck or Rizzotti. They both seem to be AAA/AAAA types at best.

              The relievers… yes absolutely. I would have rather seen Schwimer, Savery, Diekman instead of Chad freaking Qualls. He was a disaster waiting to happen from Day 1 and yes I had that opinion in Spring Training, this is not Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

              That is just this year, you admitted yourself there have been other years prior with similar issues so there is no need for me to detail them. I will admit he has improved in the bullpen department somewhat.

              Starting pitchers… I am more so thinking Kyle Kendrick here. He had a great game last night, no doubt about it. But we already know he is at best a back of the rotation starter. Yet he got all sorts of chances to start over the likes of JA Happ, Vance Worley and now Tyler Cloyd. Btw, not claiming Cloyd is the second coming of Hamels, not by a long shot. In fact, I think he is probably not much more than Kendrick. And I understand Kendrick is a sunken cost and that Cloyd’s peripherals haven’t matched his AAA performance the last month or so but I would’ve liked to have seen what he could do for the last 2 months since the season is a lost cause in terms of the postseason at this point.

              Speaking of Happ, Chan Ho Park getting opportunities to start before him. He is the essence of a random vet.

              While he is not technically a prospect I would have liked to have seen Eric Kratz get an earlier opportunity to prove he could be a backup catcher rather than pay for Scheider to this year. Also would have rather seen him called up instead of Dane Sardinha.

              Also, John Bowker? Seriously, John Bowker? Lets get John freaking Bowker so we can avoid playing Dom further.

              Listen, I will not sit here and say RAJ is a terrible GM. He just has a very short sighted win-now mentality. I tend to prefer a mix of win-now with shrewd long term planning and I just don’t get that sense from him. He has definitely made some great moves (I will not criticize the Halladay trade one bit). I just think he has no patience with minor leaguers unless injury forces his hand.

            6. I just don’t think that amounts to all that much. Brown we’ve discussed, and sort of agree with you there. (But as for Bowker, if Brown wasn’t going to be a regular in the majors, he was better off being a regular in the minors.) Other than that, it’s really silly to quibble of qualls given what happened with the pen – among other things, as I recall 2 of those 3 guys got their chance while qualls was still on the team, and the third was injured. You can argue that qualls himself was a mistake, obviously true in retrospect, but the strategy of acquiring a veteran and leaving the prospects for depth in case of injury was a good one. Just in retrospect the wrong veteran. As for Happ, he was never regarded as much of a prospect, and I’d argue properly so, despite catching lightning in a bottle his rookie year.

              Kendrick is what he is. If the best prospect being blocked by him is Cloyd, I don’t think your argument carries much weight. Happ got his chance, Worley got his chance, he didn’t block them. Neither were held back a day.

              The acquisition and handling of Kratz I would argue is a net positive for the organization.

              But you know what? Let’s take the sum total of all of those, and make the most optimistic assumptions about what the prospects would have done. The sum total of all of it … is now having the prospects from the Pence trade. Which would be huge. But one case, however significant, does not a trend make. All the rest doesn’t amount to a bucket of used baseballs.

              The irony is that I believe that I think less of Amaro then you do, but for (mostly) different reasons. The problem isn’t “win now,” it’s poor talent evaluation of position players and contract negotiating skills, or lack thereof. The problem with the Pence trade wasn’t that it was “win now,” but that it was unnecessary and overly lopsided.

    2. I don’t share your fear. Players that are 26 in AA, don’t get you major league veterans in trade.
      It is interesting that the top 4 HR hitters in the Eastern league are all firstbasemen over the age of 26. Must be a coincidence.

          1. It’s all heart man… we just really really want to see a stud prospect come out of this system and haven’t had one since hamels really…

          2. Well it depends upon what you mean by “caught up.” I don’t think that any good posters are caught up to the extent that they are calling for him to be brought up now, or be a regular at first base ever, or have any major league role unless he can learn LF.

            Now, even that lesser enthusiasm may be overdone, driven as supra suggests by the lack of top tier prospects in the upper minors, but come on, Ruf does have a couple of things going for him that other players such as Rizz didn’t have – a higher level of real (i.e., not babip driven) performance as a hitter and performance in prior years that, while not on quite the same level, is good enough that it’s hard to dismiss this season as just a fluke. The real reason that even that lesser enthusiasm is likely wrong isn’t that his hitting isn’t for real – I think it is, with the caveat that of course he can’t sustain nearly the same statistical performance in the majors – but, rather, that he’s likely never going to be even adequate in LF.

  6. I agree with what does Ruf have to do to be considered a legit prospect? The homerun that he hit last night was a moon shot.He can learn to play left field at LV.Come on Rueben,move him up,challenge him,so what if some think that he’s a little old.If he would have numbers simular to what he has in Reading,I’m sure someone would want him,either as a first baseman or maybe an outfielder.

    1. For 2 weeks, though? And out of a playoff race? I have really changed my thinking on this the last 4-5 days. There’s little value in those 2 weeks. Downside might be a bad two weeks against guys he’s never or rarely faced, and it harms Ruf’s confidence. Upside would be an early start on a level he will have all of 2013 to master.

      1. +1 … Finish the big year in Reading, work on LF in the fall, then show what you can do next year in LHV. If he’s a big leaguer, he’ll meet the challenge. Personally, I think he will.

        1. I keep thinking of Ruf as a Greg Luzinski type–big, over 220 pounds, not an elite athlete converted from 1st base to left field and was acceptable in the field (with alot of help from Garry Maddox in center field). Could happen

    2. “I’m sure someone would want him,either as a first baseman or maybe an outfielder.”

      See, this is the part that is wrong. Certainly it is possible that major league organizations are overly reluctant to give a guy like Ruf a chance, either generally or in this case particularly, but the fact remains that teams don’t trade for 26 year old minor leauge first basemen (and that’s all he is; even if he is moved to the outfield, it would take a season of playing there to convince teams that he was a legitimate left fielder). Or, rather, they don’t trade anything of value for them.

      1. I’m guessing they could get the same kind of prospect haul they got in that blockbuster Rizzotti deal

    3. Whether or not Ruf makes it to the majors with the Phillies has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not he gets promoted to AAA this year. Even if he had gone to AAA at the AS break, he likely starts 2013 back in AAA. The Phillies have already noticed him. If they saw him as just filler, then they would have kept him in his and his team’s comfort zone at 1B and just let his bat support the development of Reading’s prospects. That they are seriously pushing the LF test says they see him as a potential major leaguer. Normally, they’d push this conversion during the off-season. That they are doing it now says one, or more likely both, of two things. They want him to play LF in the AFL and want him to have enough good experience there that he actually gets to play there during games. Two is that they see him coming to Philly some time in 2013. It doesn’t hurt him at all to finish the season in AA. Coming into this season, it seemed as though Phillies brass didn’t know whether they preferred Ruf or Overbeck. Overbeck seems to have flunked out — his bat has diminished and the 3B re-experiment has ended. Ruf seems to have past the test — the bat has exploded and he is still playing in LF.

      1. I agree with gregg…points very well made.

        For me, a big part of why I love following the minors is for the Darin Rufs, Chris Costes and Eric Kratz of the world. Its just fun to watch guys like that live the dream and one day hopefully get to the Show.

  7. Nice night for GCL lineup. Isn’t GCL usually tough on hitters? These guys are all years away but if their defense holds, the could be impressive.
    Surprised they put Pullin at 2B, since plan was to have him work on it in the offseason. With Green at SS, Astudillo at C, and Tocci in CF, would cover 4 of the toughest defensive positions.

    Guess I was wrong thinking Pointer was going to be a breakout candidate this season. Was hoping line drive swing and ability to play CF would advance him.

    1. Pointer has not been a washout by any stretch of the inmagination. I know you had him as a breakout not a washout. He’s tied for 4th in runs, tied for 6th in HRs, 6th in RBIs, 3rd in BBs within the organization (AAA to SS). He 1st in Ks and that’s saying something since Hewitt’s still around. He’s 20 and playing in A ball (I’ll grant you that he played a bit in A-). Only Lino and Franco are younger position players in A.

      Pointer looked like Hewitt Jr. until I saw his BBs. He hits lefties terribly but most of that may be prior to his demotion. No breakout this year but he’s poised to move forward with his graduating class.

  8. If Kyle Simon just shaved that cheesy mustache everyone would be talking about the great pick up he’s been.

  9. Cozens is starting to show signs of coming out of his prolonged slump with 2 HR in the past three games. HIs OPS is still in the .700s, and his walk rate and power have been impressive even if his SO rate is around 25 percent. My question: Has he done enough for you to warrant skipping WIL and going to Lakewood next year?

    1. He might start with Lakewood and move to Williamsport when the open the season. But I suspect he stays at extended ST and reports to Williamsport to start the year

    2. I don’t see harm in letting him start out in Lakewood. Imagine if Cozens and Tocci both start out there next spring.

    3. Well, just going by a too early look at who might move up the next season and who would have the talent to get playing time at Lakewood (which I would call an entry level position). First I’d look at the Current Clearwater OF, I say Collier, Hewitt, and Lavin- those guys all move up or out – no quesion. Then that leaves the possibility for the current Lakewood OF to do the same. Dugan and Pointer – they can move up and start- If you got Altherr back from injury he can start also. Then you have the injured K. Hudson and G. Eldemire who could move up and work in or maybe stay down, plus you have Miguel Alvarez and Diego Gonzalez who could move up as reserves or stay behind as reserves. I say clear them all out and make room for the promising younger players So from the Williamsport and GCL squads I go:
      Larry Greene to start in LF, no question.
      Then I place Cozens in RF, and Tocci in CF, that’s the starters,
      and for reserves I place Jiandido Tromp, and Brock Stassi as an OF/1B reserve.
      I assume Pullin will move to Infield.
      That’s how I would do it , give opportunity for the bigger talents. If , after a month or so, if things are not working out , adjust as necessary.

      1. I see Pointer as a good candidate to start at Lakewood next year. Not that old and not that productive this year- even at Williamsport. Clearwater’s OF could be Dugan, Altherr and Eldemire if healthy.

        Tocci is coming back to earth and is very young- same thing is happening with Cozens. I think more than likely both guys will start in Williamsport. But that really depends more on how advanced the Phillies’ evaluators think they are than their production in a short season league, I think.

    4. Barring an awesome hot streak to finish off the season, I dont see them double jumping Cozens like that. He’s still really raw and he’d benefit from the type of instruction he’d receive in XST.

  10. Between Asche, Ruf, Gillies . the Reading staff and the GCL lineup lighting it up, it makes for a great August……. add that on top of the big club picking up pace…

  11. What they are doing to ruf, cloyd, etc.. is typical phillies… they just love love love their veterans..

    [although the prospects of lee trade to cleveland really have very marginal success, we gave away a decent CF/LF for Oswalt,and is in the majors.. A definte top of the CATCHER, who will probably be in the majors next yr ( DOC- but still worth it for Doc), & we probably wont know for about a yr or re: Singleton, Cosart, etc in the Pence trade..]

    . Its taken about 2-3 yrs to marginally start bulding the pharm back up… I hope Ruin Tomorrow – aka RAJ, (great nm – not my idea – but love it), doesnt re-start the mining of the prospects using the WIN NOW thought process and mindset the Phils have.

      1. nik says:
        August 15, 2012 at 9:52 AM
        yes, clearly the Phillies in are in WIN NOW mode this season.

        what i met in past years..they were and they have a habit trading away good pieces for old veteran players – if they were trade to get a 3rd baseman or OF, the players are coming from somewhere..

        1. 2009 – Best record in NL and trip to the WS (Yankees win WS)
          2010 – Best record in ML and a loss to Giants in NLCS (Giants win WS)
          2011 – Best record in ML Club record 102 wins loss to Cardinals in NLDS (Cards win WS)
          2012 – sup par performances from players expected to pick up slack after 3 and 4 hitters miss 2 months lose best pitcher in baseball for a month and a half, and look to be at best a 500 team

          That is a horrible resume!

          1. 2009 – Best record NL- loss to Yankees in WS >>> /PY= 2008 won WS /
            2010 – Best record in ML and a loss to Giants in NLCS >>> /PY= 2009 won NL champ /
            2011 – Best record in ML Club record 102 wins loss to Cardinals in NLDS (Cards win WS)
            >>> /PY= 2010 EAST NLDS champ/

            2012 – sup par performances from players expected to pick up slack after 3 and 4 hitters miss 2 months lose best pitcher in baseball for a month and a half, and look to be at best a 500 team ..

            // PY= 2011– lost in 1st round – no offense. too much $$ paid on SP , closer, no $$ for bench or BP, sys wiped clean of close to ML ready position prospects. If Lee not traded in 2010, no need to ship prospects to Hous for Oswalt. Overpaid for Pence.

            // Point being each year, they achieved less than the PY – prior year,and yet cont’d to trade a & spend .. So I agree – with your sarcastic last comment –I didnt see any mention of Vic or Pence trade – that were salary dumps.. due to poor planning by RAJ.. At least we got some value, maybe should have had more.. or how well our 25MM pitcher signed in 2010 is doing this year,

    1. The prospects Cleveland received in the Lee trade have experienced “marginal success”? Really? I think you might want to revisit that statement.

      1. That is pretty generous praise considering both pitchers are basically dead, Donald is a AAA player and Marson, the only one to even succeed, is a decent backup Catcher.

  12. With the info that we got on Asche,arriving at the ball park early,working hard,maybe it has rubbed off on Darin Ruf,i realize Ruf had a hot streak in May,but his streak now is off the charts,it seems like a light went on.If his homerun pace drops off the even 30% of the current streak,he’ll have awesome numbersby the end of the season.Thoughts?

  13. Overall, this is the best minor league season since I’ve started following the Phillies minors. The breakouts of Asche and Morgan. The intrigue of Ruf and Cloyd. The back from the dead seasons of Dugan, Collier and Gillies. Steady progression from Biddle, Hernandez and Franco. Acquisitions of high-upside guys like Martin and Joseph. And of course the great WLPT and GCL early returns.

    This system is moving up and I don’t even give a shit if national pundits recognize this fact yet.

    1. This time next year, the Phils will be seen as a top 10 system.

      The Top 30 this offseason is going to be very interesting. Let the proximity vs. projection debate begin!

      1. This year probably has more prospects that i’m passionate about then any of the last 5 where i’ve participated in the top 30 on this site. We could actually stretch out the top 30 by having an open debate prior to the voting… just a thought

        1. I second this, I would actually suggest that we have some open threads about specific prospects before going into any ranking. To save time and space I would do it by position, but something to discuss the players first before putting them into a list.

      2. I dont see a chance in hell of us being Top 10. For one, we dont have any blue chip prospects in our system (particularly in the upper minors) and that’s usually a prereq for being at that level.

        We’ll almost certainly be higher than 27th (which is about where our aggregate ranking is going into 2012)

        Several guys have stepped up this year but guys like May (our #1 going into the season) have gone backwards.

        1. The following players will be in the high minors next year:
          Biddle (AA)
          Wright (AA)
          Morgan (AA/AAA)
          May (AA/AAA)
          Joseph (AAA)
          Martin (AAA)
          Asche (AAA)
          Hernandez (AAA)
          Valle (AAA)

          I’d say Joseph and Biddle have a good chance to be considered blue chip prospects a year from now. Morgan and Martin have an outside shot. Asche, Wright, and May could be considered good complementary pieces.

          I don’t think top-10 a year from now is out of reach. It just would require a lot of things to break right.

          1. By mid-season 2013, if everything were to break right, its a possibility. By everything, I mean guys like Biddle, Wright and Morgan are dominating AA, May has returned to form, Asche, Valle and Joseph are all knocking the leather off the ball, etc etc.

            So yeah, I will agree that its possible. I just dont think its all that likely. We’ll definitely be in that middle 3rd of teams (11-20) rather than the very bottom tier that we were in to start off this season.

            All of this assumes that Rube doesnt empty out the farm to trade for a guy like Headley. If he flips Biddle, Morgan, May and Asche for Headley (just pulling names out of my 4th point of contact), then we’ll probably be back in that 25-30 range again.

      3. Mike Honcho…relax..BA will want to see and eval more then Aug 2013 before declaring the Philadelphia org as a top 10.

      4. Look, I’m as excited about our team’s prospects as the next guy, but there are 29 other teams in MLB with 29 other sets of prospects of which many of us now little or nothing about. Some would say many of the posters on this board know little or nothing about all 30 teams, but I digress.

        Point being, you can’t make a claim like that without knowing a little something about the other teams in MLB. There is almost no chance that this happens, due to the quality of prospects that other teams have. Somewhere in the 11-20 range is much more likely.

      5. First of all, most of the ranking are post season, so I’m not sure that “this time next year” means much. We have this post season, then next post season.

        This post season I think they are probably around 20, maybe a little higher, maybe even 15 – that’s without knowing other systems well, but merely figuring that good progress of the short season guys, plus decent performances by the full season guys (probably marginally more positive surprises than negative), plus the prospects acquired in trades, plus few significant graduations to the majors, is going to jump them about 510 spots.

        After next season is impossible to predict, just too many variables. But a good draft (of course picking higher than normal will help) plus a couple of breakouts from the current short season guys, plus presumably relatively few people graduating to the majors even next year … top 10 is certainly not out of the question.

    2. I know what you’re saying, but for me there was nothing like 2003. Utley was great at the plate in AAA, Howard broke out in CLW, Floyd was pitching well, and hamels was electric when healthy.

  14. Overall, this is the best minor league season since I’ve started following the Phillies minors. The breakouts of Asche and Morgan. The intrigue of Ruf and Cloyd. The back from the dead seasons of Dugan, Collier and Gillies. Steady progression from Biddle, Hernandez and Franco. Acquisitions of high-upside guys like Martin and Joseph. And of course the great WLPT and GCL early returns.

    This system is moving up and I don’t even care if national pundits recognize this fact yet.

  15. There are 20 games left in the r-Phil’s season

    1. Ryan Howard.   37.    2004
    2. Hal Jones.    34.    1960
    3. Greg Luzinski.   33.  1970
    4. Willie Darkis.     31.    1983

    Where is Ruf gonna end up?

    BTW someone said about Ruf rubbing off on Asche seeing him work out etc. it goes deeper than that and Asche has said as much. They are roommates BTW

    1. I think the suggestion was that Asche’s work ethic is rubbing off on Ruf, not the other way around. But it is interesting that they are roommates.

    2. Could be the one reason Ruff hasn’t moved up, the manager undoubtedly pointed out Ruf as one of the guys he should watch when he was struggling early on.

  16. I thought Rizzotti could be a major league hitter. Being cost controlled with power and OBP I did think a team like Twins or A’s would like him. Or just some bottom feeder team (Astros, Padres, Mariners) might figure he’d be a talent upgrade. And he did well in AFL and AAA. I was shocked he passed through waivers.

    I have the same impression about Ruf. Excellent and consistent hitting numbers. Ruf is a better fielder but I am fairly certain that any team can have Ruf in Rule5 this year if interested. I doubt any team will bother. Best I could see is Ruf as platoon option if Mayberry is not available.
    I do like the idea of keeping Ruf and Asche together, even if it is a repeat of AA for Ruf next year. I like the Phillies strategy of having an older power 1B in the middle of their minor league lineups. It seems like they draft one of these guys every year, including Serritella this year.

    1. At the rate things are going, both will be in AAA next year.

      Right now, two things worry me about Asche as a prospect:

      1. His fielding is weak so far in AA
      2. Issues hitting LHP (though he is improving this as he gets more ABs in AA)

        1. I havent heard weak so much as “a bit raw”. He just needs reps. He is definitely good enough to stay at 3B but he needs to work on his fundamentals.

          1. Ok great. That jives with what i’ve heard as well. As to the LHP’s, I’d like to see that equalize, he’s plenty young enough for his league at this point hopefully the trend you mentioned continues.

            1. He was terrible against them in those first few weeks and his numbers have slowly improved as he has locked in at the plate. I dont recall him having a massive split in Clearwater though. There was a normal platoon split but it wasnt brutal.

    2. Best case for Ruf is a career like any other past “rule 5” player (*Uggla, Victorino, etc.)… Those players were essentially viewed by their orgininal team as capped out, or “unlikely to be a major league regular”.

      If he turns in a Dan Uggla type career in LF (as in All Star LFer) i’m going to sh*t a brick. And knowing that it was unlikely given his age won’t help me sleep better at night if it does. Ruf is a lose lose proposition for the Phillies, same as Rizzotti, and any of a number of other players that have been in this situation.

      For those advocating pinch hit duties….bench bats have little value and can easily be replaced. I’d rather the phillies just let him walk if he can find a spot on a subpar team. (i.e. the phillies pre 2007) with a chance to start more power to him.

      Good luck and best wishes to Ruf.

      1. Does anyone know if Ruf would be exposed in the Rule 5 draft this winter if he’s not added to the 40 man?

        If he were, its possible some teams would snag him.

          1. That’s excellent news. I wish the man the best. Do you think the phillies bother protecting him?

      2. This is neither here nor there, but the Phillies stopped being subpar in 2001. They have had a winning pct of .497 or better since that season (excluding this season). They weren’t really good until 2007, but they have been fun to follow and generally be a fan of for this entire millennium so far.

  17. Quick question for you guys just cause I’m interested, are you guys happy we got Joseph from the Giants or would you rather have gotten Susac?

      1. +1 …….. Joesph is a much more intriguing prospect at this point. He’s got great-upside and is super young for his position/league. He’s an anti-Ruf.

        Joesph could spend the next 3 years at AA and be age appropriate.

        1. Joseph has a very real power bat. I think he’s been dismissed here in some respects but I think his power is legit and perhaps even 1st base appropriate. I think we see a big year out of him at Reading next season

          1. I’m definitely high on Joseph. I think he’s our #1 prospect right now, when you consider his age, power, and position.

            Why do you think he’ll be in Reading next year?

            1. famsey…..Why do you think he’ll be in Reading next year?, because Seb Valle will be in LHV and possibly Ruf at first.

            2. Hopefully Ruf will mostly be in left, and then they alternate Valle and Joseph between C and 1B/DH.

              But yes, it’s also possible they leave Joseph in Reading for a while longer. Personally I don’t think much of Valle, so I’d prefer to see Joseph moved up.

            1. I said his power is ‘perhaps’ appropriate for first. Whether he hits enough is another question. I also stated that Joseph is often dismissed here. You confirm that statement though my opinion still differs

            2. Where is all this power that Joseph is displaying? Baseball-reference isn’t showing it when I check the stats.

            3. His bat could improve dramatically with age however. Catching also takes away some of one’s offensive potential. He is much more valuable as a catcher, but I would bet he could put up Ruf-like numbers at 1B if he spent the next FIVE years at AA.

      2. Have you noticed Mr. Joseph’s stats since the trade? He’s hitting against– mostly– the same guys and rather poorly. Since going 3 – 3 in his 1st game, he’s .175 in his last 11. He has 0 HRs and 2 RBIs and 18 Ks to 4 BBs. Valle has essentially the same BA but has 2 HRs and 9 RBIs. Neither one is lighting it up but I’ll take Valle’s numbers. There…that should light a fire under Joseph and possibly Valle.

        1. Small sample, and he’s a year younger than Valle. Also, his BB:K ratio has been improving every year and is currently a career best, while Valle’s has been worsening every year and is currently at a career low. Also, Joseph’s line-drive rate is at a career high this year.

  18. INTEReSTING texas will call up profar from texas league. he has nice number 285. 14 homreunds,but if texas can do this with profar, why cant the phillies bring up asche to get a look in september???

    1. Profar is arguably the best prospect in all of baseball and his defense is MLB ready.

      Asche wasnt even in our internal Top 30 before this season and he’s still needs work improving his overall game.

      Its not even comparing apples to oranges at that point.

    2. Is he starting? Using the argument above LarryM gave against Ruf, Profar would suck at the major league level and should spend atleast another 2 years in the minors if he’s to play for a contending team.

      His MLB equivalancy is .224/.293/.354 … hardly worthy of a call-up…

      Then again, I’m not all that confident that the major league equivalant calc works that well.

      1. Players with great tools have less degradation of performance as they get promoted. There is a chance Profar could do really well, especially if they spot him in areas where he can succeed.

        1. He’s also replacing someone – I forget who – who is producing at a really low level.

          Honestly, I have my doubts about the Profar promotion. I think they really are risking a premature promotion. But yeah, what people don’t get – and this is just not a question of tools, but his young age – how quickly a young player of Profar’s talents can improve. A guy like Ruf – he’s almost certainly peaking now.

  19. This what drives me insane, asche wasnt in our top 30, its our opinion we screwed up on him, just like a lot of teams passed on trout, they didnt forsee how good he is, same here we didnt, and the kid performance, warrants a look in september for a team in need of a third basemen, and not in a pennant race. unlike texas.What does being in the top 30 have to do with the kids performance, it must be me, i just don;t get it at all.and as far a apple and oranges its like harper versus trout who would people have drafted first??

    1. I still struggle with your argument… seems like common sense to me… I’d call him up… but it won’t happen. Why not damnit?!?

      1. Asche doesn’t need to be protected from Rule 5 this winter, so don’t want to add him to 40-man. THere seems zero point in bringing him up. He took time to adjust to AA. Double jumping him to majors is a recipe for failure.

    2. Its about having a track record. Asche has been good for 4.5 months so far. Profar has dominated the minors for 3 seasons. One is a very good defender at a defense-first position. The other needs work defensively at a more offensively oriented position.

      Back in 2008, a bunch of people here were clamoring for them to call up Jason Donald to take over for Mini Mart and so he could take ABs from Feliz at 3B. They pointed to his great numbers in Reading to show that he was completely ready to step in as a super utility guy in the Majors.

      I’m not trying to say that Asche will have that type of path but its probably best for him to get everyday reps in AA so he can work on his game and improve the areas he needs to improve.

      1. Not to derail this being a minor leagues thread, but I’m assuming your above post indicates that Asche will NOT be the phillies starting 3B next year at any point?

        1. I wouldn’t expect him to be in the Majors before Sept next year. I fully expect that they will either trade for or sign a veteran to handle 3B next year.

          1. Being a left handed batter will be an issue for Asche playing in a Phils uniform. There are already 3 LH in the lineup for next year. And they might add a LF or CF. I doubt they would bat 4 or 5 LHs.

            1. And that is why RAJ will go for two (2) righty outfielders over the winter, and will play Galvis at 3rd until Asche is brought up during the ’13 season. OTOH, Asche MIGHT make a serious bid during spring training and claim the spot from the get-go.

            2. There is definitely going to be another LH bat in the Phillies lineup next year, arguably the best in MLB.

              Josh Hamilton.

      2. nepp93…..’back in 2008, a bunch of people here were clamoring for them to call up Jason Donald to take over for Mini Mart’…interesting since Mini Mart was at Potomac in A ball with the Nats org.

        1. I meant Bruntlett obviously…cant imagine why my brain would subconsciously insert Mini Mart for Bruntlett. Odd that.

    3. Roccum – perhaps, but in “our” defense, the guy hit less than Mendoza in 239 ABs in Williamsport. A performance which undoubtedly led to his exclusion. There’s also something to be said about letting a guy progress more naturally. After all, it was only 6 weeks ago that many of us were still battling with the idea of him being promoted to AA. Maybe he gets a callup, but I hope not as an audition for 2013. In fact, I’d like to see him start next season back at Reading. Let him dominate there before considering him the short term solution at 3b.

  20. That was meant as a reply to roccom, and before anyone jumps down my throat, please note the sarcasm 🙂

  21. Everyone likes to compare Rizz with Ruf but they’re really very different players. Rizz was a very big guy with little power and he struggled to hit a very good fastball. Ruf hits lots of first inning bombs on fastballs and also just plain hits the ball hard most times up. He definitely has opened eyes this year with his power. Prior to this year, he was an average hitter with some power but now is a legit hitter. It was a big deal that he played LF last night in front of the Phil’s execs and had a great game. I’m not sure why they’ve left him in Reading all this time but he sure has hit well and he could go to AAA now that Dom is in Philly to play LF. As for Asche, it’s impossible not to be excited about the kid. He has mastered AA in the last month or so and there’s no reason to think he’ll come back here next year. If he goes to Arizona and does well, and even if he doesn’t, he’ll probably get an invite to spring training and then play at LHV. An infield of Cesar, Galvis, and Asche is very likely with Ruf at LF or 1B. Prospects at LHV next year!

    1. Did you actually see the game? (I’m asking becuase i’m curious about his performance in LF… did he look even partially playable there?)

    2. I think the key with Ruf is that he has to be able to play LF. As good as his bat is, it still might not be good enough for him if he is a 1B only kind of prospect. And his bat certainly isn’t good enough to be a DH only kind of prospect.

      So how he plays LF is the real key to any potential future in MLB.

      1. I agree with you and no, I havent seen a game where Ruf played LF yet. Interestingly, he is playing LF again tonight.

  22. One other thing – the thought of Quinn circling the bases at an all star game for an inside the parker is pretty special. He keeps getting better.

    1. I really hope he can stick at SS. His bat would still play in CF but he’d be so so much more valuable in the infield.

  23. it will be interesting to see who the Phillies name their minor league pitcher and player of the year. Purely by statistics it would be Cloyd and Ruf. If it is by prospect/statistics I would go Morgan and Asche.

    Hopefully putting Cesar at the top of the order will get him going. Pigs should be real solid team next year.

    1. Very interesting that Jon Mayo of the so called guru of prospects does not even have Asche listed in the top 20 prospects for the Phillies. This was recently updated because he has Tommy Joseph as the #4 prospect and Ethan Martin as the #6 prospect.

  24. Seeing as I go to about 30 or more R Phil’s games a year I want to say a couple things

    This was my 3rd time seeing Ruf play in LF last night, the first game I had seen him out there a few weeks back, there was one line drive, that he got to but it turned him around a bit and the batter made it a double, when it probably should have been a single- in fairness I think it was his first time playing left and field was very very wet from drenching thunderstorm prior to the game, other than that I think there was another ball hit to him line drive he kept it in front of him, got to it kept it a single.

    The 2nd time I saw him in left I didn’t see anything good or bad of note.

    Last night he had a few opportunities in left, first the homerun ball Morgan gave up in the first, Ruf followed it off the bat very well I thought and took a good route, he of course had to stop at the wall but where he stopped is right where the ball went over, obviously there is no way to know what would have happened after. There were. Two more line drive esq balls hit his way towards left center, he got to both (one of them I had the thought he may have had a shot to catch if he would have dove and probably would have been caught by a “normal” outfielder). The last ball that was sent his way was back to the wall down the line, again more of a line drive hit. I really doubt any outfielder would have caught it. The ball made to the base of the wall, he threw it back in, the throw wasn’t great. The guy was gonna make it to second anyway, no damage done.

    As for the Ruf / Rizzotti comparisons, there is none, at least there should be none. I bought into the Riz hype for a bit, and I saw Darin in left night I remarked to my friend that trying to imagine Rizzotti in left it just never would have happened. H would have had Zero range. Darin looks like he can be a Burrell, Ibanez type in left from the limited action I’ve seen. Riz was also a liability even at first base. Ruf plays a great first base.

    In terms of hitting there is also no comparison or again should be none. Riz could hit for average and had fringe power potential. Except for one notable long homerun by Riz everything else barley clearing the wall. Ruf has true power, he’s not hitting them to the row boardwalk of the deck in left, he hitting them deep into the left field deck seating area or over the deck entirely, also a fair amount of Ruf’s homeruns have been to dead center. Last nights “moonshot” was just that I have never seen a ball that high be a home run in that stadium and again it made it to the main deck level (bar area) in left not just the boardwalk area up front.

    1. Thanks for the report. This is very positive, and matches with what others have said about Ruf.

      If Ruf can indeed learn to play a passable (Burrell/Ibanez) left field, I think that makes him a legitimate prospect. I’m rooting for him.

    2. This may be a matter of my less optimistic disposition, but I don’t see this as a very optimistic report. At least regarding defense (offense I can mostly evaluate from the numbers, which are, we all agree, quite good). A defensive upside of Ibanez/Burrell doesn’t strike me as optimistic.

        1. I know you’re not making this comparison, but since someone else will be tempted to. Adam Dunn’s age 25 season:

          247/387/540, 40 home runs

          Ruf probably won’t get to quite that level.

          And oh yeah, that was Dunn’s fifth season in the major leagues. #notcomparable

      1. Larry, doesn’t that lack of optimism depend heavily on if the OP is saying burrel his rookie year vs burrel at the end? And same with Ibanez for that matter…

      2. True he’d have to hit a ton to justify being an Ibanez/Burrell type starter, but more realistically his best shot to get a chance in the majors is as a Ross Gload/Greg Dobbs bat off the bench and spot starter. Those two guys could play some 3rd as well(depending on your definition of “passible”) so it’s hard to picture him getting a shot if he can’t field at least two positions.

        He’d have a better shot in the American League were the DH position is not nearly what it was in the steroid era, and there are a few players like Ruf could conservatively project to become(let’s say a slightly below or slightly above replacement level player) playing fairly regularly at DH/1B/LFonly in Toronto(David Cooper 39 games), NYY(Ibanez 94 games), LAA (post horrible injury Kendrys Morales 94 games), Cleveland (Shelley Duncan 75 games), and Chicago (Dayan Viciedo 107 games).

        Problem for the Phillies is that even if Ruf has a decent shot at being a role player for an American league team they are not likely to trade much for him.

  25. The fact that Asche is a left handed batter, does anyone know if he hit well against both left and right handed pitchers.

    1. And a big part of that was when he was first called up to AA, he was attrotious against lefties (thank you nepp)… Greg, where are you getting those split numbers, fangraphs and baseball reference don’t seem to have that info for minor leaguers.

  26. That supra is the whole point about this kid asche. He really has shown the ability to adjust. at each level. and against left and right handed pitching.and on another note another fine performance from swim and rosenberg, what a bullpen.

  27. Something that got lost in the Rizz-mania was that his BABIP was ridiculously and unsustainably high during this monster Reading season. It was well over .400 (not checking fangraphs, but I believe so).

    It’s part of the reason why Ruf is impressive to me because his season isn’t based on lucky hits through the hole… Really none of his seasons as a pro have been.

    It is also a reason to not get too high on Cody Asche. Asche put up a .399 BABIP at Clearwater and it ‘normalized’ when he got to Reading. This recent hot streak he’s been on for July into August is having him once again with a BABIP around .400. Those things tend to even out of the course of a season.

    1. looking at BABIP in the short term means nothing really. Heck his BABIP right now could be .400 because he is hitting the ball damn hard. He has had a slew of doubles over the last week. Perhaps what’s happening right now is he’s making very strong contact (maybe because he’s adjusted to the level). He won’t continue to do that over the long run because well no one avoids slumps. But to say what he did at Reading to start is his “normal” talent level is a claim that doesn’t jive.

      1. Not to nit pick, because I do slightly disagree about what flybynite says about Asche (more on that below), but, when using extreme BABIP to point to players likely to regress, SSS situations are precisely where you DO want to invoke the stat.

        Now, Asche specifically:

        (1) It is certainly true that his BA in A+ was unsustainable – or, at least, unsustainable against decent pitching. No one BABIPs .400 or even close.

        (2) It is likely also true that his early poor BA (and BABIP) and current higher BA (and BABIP) in AA is at least partly a matter of him adapting to the new level, and making better contact. But at the same time, no one can deny (and even you don’t deny) that his recent hot streak is unsustainable – and while a high BABIP is not the “reason” that it is unsustainable, it illustrates that fact. However,

        (3) If one looks at his overall line at Reading – the good and the bad – it’s quite encouraging. And his overall BABIP in Reading is .321 – above average, but certainly within the realm of the possible long term. Sure, some people are getting carried away, and his Reading BA is closer to what we can expect from him in the long run than is his Clearwater BA, but that kind of performance after jumping 3 levels in a season – that justifies at least some of the hype.

        What I’d like to see from Asche over the rest of this year and next year, is further progress across the board – but probably mainly in making better contact. For the type of player he is, his K rate in Reading (21%) is higher than you want it to be. It has, however, been heading in the right direction (16% over the past 11 games).

    2. On the MLB level you would be right however a high BABIP doesn’t always normalize in the MiLB. Sometimes it is a sign that a batter has mastered that level and is above the pitching he is facing.

      1. Either way, we shouldn’t get too carried away by Asch’e recent performance – at least not the BA component of it. Luck, over matched pitchers, whatever – his current contact rate does not suggest that he is going to be a high BA guy when and if he makes the majors. He does have ancillary skills, he plays third base, he might develop further, so he is a good prospect, but he doesn’t project as a .300 hitter or even particularly close to that.

  28. I just heard Bennie Looper, Assistant GM, Interviewed on WIP. He said he is going in to watch Reading tonight and talked about Ruff, Morgan, Martin, Joseph and Asche specifically.

    He said Ruff is going to play in the Venezuelan Winter league. I don’t know if that precludes the AFL or not, but there was no mention of AFL. He was noncommittal on the possible left field conversion, but did not seem too enthused with the idea that it would work. That being said, he did say he expected Ruff to play Left in the VWL.

    Asche said to be hitting great and seemed to like him as a real 3b ML prospect. Got the impression that he liked Asche’s future prospects.

    Nothing earth shattering on the other guys but was upbeat on Morgan, Martin, Joseph and Morgan. Also brought up Joseph and Simon at AA as positives and lauded the scouts for their input on trade pieces received.

    1. Don’t see Cloyd or Morgan going, teams rarely send starters who have pitched the whole year. I could see guys with bullpen and 40 man considerations there like J-Rod and Hyatt

  29. All the Philadelphia phillies coordinators are on site, according to Darin Ruf they will be here for the whole homestand.

    Darin Ruf is playing LF again tonight
    Joseph is playing first

  30. A reading phillies outfielder has made 3 costly mistakes tonight and it’s not past the 2nd his name is not Ruf either. Leandro Castro having a pretty bad night, made a catch on a can of corn fly ball, but dropped the ball on the transfer to throw. (incorrectly called a drop by the umps) made a catch on a 2nd fly ball, and dropped the ball just before he threw, when he went to throw the ball to the IF he hit Trenton’s runner from 1st to 2nd in the helmet, then someone three the ball into LF, not sure if it was Joseph or Abreu. Due to mass levels of shock at what I just witnessed,

    1. So yeah Castro had 3 errors on 2 straight plays besides that, Ruf was in great position to make a fairly difficult on the run catch, Tyson gillies called him off at the last second. Other than that he caught a can of corn just now. Austin Hyatt looks off, not sure why we were all excited about him last year, his fastball is running 89-91, seems to be having problems with what I thought was a gorgeous change up last year.

      1. Another moonshot, no doubts when it left the bat, hit to left center just to the right of 372 ft marker at the end of the deck into the launchDM pub with the target on it roof

    1. How is he even getting anything to hit at this point?

      Its just fun to watch the guy dominate a league regardless of his prospect status, age, etc etc. Sure the odds are against him ever making an impact in the majors but this is still something special to watch.

    1. J-Rod got ripped on a double on a faster curve around 78, fastball inching up now 92-94 and he k’d the 3rd batter

    2. J rod 2nd inning out of the pen, hit the first batter k’d the 2nd, k’d the 3rd batter he’s really making the batters look foolish at the moment, k’d the 4th batter

      That’s 8 batters faced in 2 innings 6 k’d one hit, a double and hit batter

          1. He’s got nearly 7 BB/9 in his last 10 games. He needs to get his control in order. It’s not necessarily a permanent move. Probably just trying to get him some confidence. Although I think at least a few on here thought that Rodriguez would eventually end up a reliever.

  31. Ok Darin Ruf update a spectacular defensive play from LF, line drive to LF bounced off the wall played beautifully by Ruf threw out the runner trying to stretch into a double

  32. J-Rod pitched his 3rd inning out of the pen another K his line 3 IP 11 batters faced 2 hits no runs, no walks 7 k’s and one hit batter

  33. Totally meaningless thing here, but I wonder if Ruf will make the BA hot sheet this week. I would say no, maybe mentioned in helium section. They usually reserve the main list for “legit” prospects

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