Hot or Not

Stats are from the time period of 8/3 thru 8/9. Minimum of 11 AB’s.

Quick Points before we look at the bottom line:  Is there any legitimate reason that Darin Ruf is not in Lehigh Valley at this point?  I can’t think of one.

–D’Arby Myers performance of late in Reading is notable.  He is sitting at around .290 after close to 100 AB’s. Doesnt make up for several poor years, but just sayin.

–Troubling names on the “Not Hot” hitters list include Sebastian Valle, who has struggled early in his AAA transtion…Mitch Walding who has not hit at all as of late…..and Dylan Couzens who has been struggling as well.

–Ethan Martin has shown in his first two starts why the Phils wanted him, while Hoby Milner has looked very good in Lakewood over his last several starts.

–A rough outing for Jesse Biddle as his IP start to reach last years proportions.

–Julio Rodriguez seems to finally have plummetted to the land of medicority that many expected of him long ago.

–Perci Garner and Brody Colvin did what has been expected plus after battling most of the year.

Hot Hitters: Darin Ruf (.480, 7R 5HR 6RBI); Kyle Hoppy (.476); Steve Susdorf (.389); Jia Tromp (.385); D’Arby Myers (.375, 6R 2HR 3RBI 3SB);  Chace Numata (.333); Tug Hulett (.333). Honorable Mention: Dugan, Franco, Pointer, Orr

Not Hot Hitters: Carlos Alonso (.000); Carlos Valenzuela (.050); Mitch Walding (.063); Jairo Cardozo (.063); Sebastian Valle (.067); Chris Duffy (.077); Gustavo GOnzalez (.077); Tim Carver (.095); Miguel Abreu (.100); Dylan Couzens (.105);Andreas Blanco (.118);  Zach Taylor (.123); Dishonorable Mention: Olmo, H Martinez, Carmona, Cartwright, Joseph, Murphy, Overbeck, Pridie, Hudson

Hot Starters: Hoby Milner (6.1IP 5H 0ER 2BB 5K); Gabrial Arias (11IP 9H 1ER 2BB 12K); Perci Garner (5IP 2H 0ER 0BB 3K); Ethan Martin (12.1IP 9H 2ER 2BB 8K); Ulysses Joaquin (5IP 3H 0ER 1BB 2K); Jesen Therrien (6IP 4H 1ER 2BB 2K); Brody Colvin (6IP 1H 2ER 4BB 5K); Kevin Brady (5.2IP 4H 0ER 1BB 7K)

Not Hot Starters: Austin Hyatt (3IP 5H 7ER 3BB); Josh Warner (5.1IP 11H 7ER); Colin Klevan (4.2IP 9H 6ER);  Julio Rodriguez (5IP 6H 7ER); Scott Elarton (4IP 9H 5ER 1BB 0K); Jesse Biddle (5.1IP 7H 5ER, 3HR allowed); Manuere Martinez (5IP 7H 5ER); Franklyn Vargas (4IP 6H 4ER); Jeb Stefan (3IP 3H 3ER); Kevin Walter (1.2IP 3H 2ER 2BB); Dishonorable Mention: Rivas

Hot Relievers: Andrew Aizenstadt (6.1IP 3H 0ER 1BB 7K, SV);  Yacksel Rios (5IP 1H 0ER 1BB 5K); JC Ramirez (4IP 2H 0ER 1BB 6K); Colby SHreve (4IP 1H 0ER 2BB 4K); Keivi Rojas (4IP 4H 0ER 1BB 4K, SV); Zack Cooper (3Ip 1H 0ER 0BB 4K, SV); Austin Brough (3.2IP 2H 0ER 0BB 3K); Felix Santos (3IP 1H 0ER 0BB 4K); Justin Friend (2.1IP 1H 0ER 3BB 3K 3SV);  Honorable Mention: Minarik, Y Sosa, ANgulo, Knigge, Mascarello, Simon, Brummett

Not Hot Relievers: Colton Murray (2IP 7H 6ER 2BB); Kenny Giles (3.1IP 4H 4ER); Luis Paulino (4IP 6H 4ER); Delvin Perez (1IP 0H 1ER 3BB)

12 thoughts on “Hot or Not

  1. I enjoy reading your summary notes at the tops of these posts but the stat lines are hard to read. Maybe if you did a line break after every player?

      1. Nothing major, just reading like this would be easier:

        Not Hot Starters:
        Austin Hyatt (3IP 5H 7ER 3BB)
        Josh Warner (5.1IP 11H 7ER)
        Colin Klevan (4.2IP 9H 6ER)
        Julio Rodriguez (5IP 6H 7ER)
        Scott Elarton (4IP 9H 5ER 1BB 0K)
        Jesse Biddle (5.1IP 7H 5ER, 3HR allowed)
        Manuere Martinez (5IP 7H 5ER)
        Franklyn Vargas (4IP 6H 4ER)
        Jeb Stefan (3IP 3H 3ER)
        Kevin Walter (1.2IP 3H 2ER 2BB)
        Dishonorable Mention: Rivas

  2. You consistently do an excellent job with this weekly analysis. It is really pulls it together well. Thanks.

      1. I enjoy it too, it’s a great way to catch up if you haven’t had a chance to read the boxes religiously…

  3. Re: making stat lines easier to read, depending how much effort you want to put into it, another thing that might help (in addition to separating the payers with line breaks) is bolding the player’s name. Also, color coding hot and not (hot in red, cold in blue?) could make it easier to locate them based on that.

    If you don’t feel like putting that much effort in, I understand and it’s fine as is. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Thanks for doing this either way.

  4. Just out of curiosity, has anyone actually heard how Cozens name is pronounced? does it it sound like Cousins? or maybe C oh zens or C ah zens? I see his name spelled about 50 different ways on this site and now i am just curious how it would be pronounced.

  5. Martin has been interesting because with the small sample size his peripherals have not matched his history. His walks are way down but so are his strike outs. I wish I knew more about his stuff.

  6. Interesting comment from JJ Cooper on Ethan Martin:

    Tom (Boston): Do you think Ethan Martin could make the Top 100 for 2013? He’s off to a pretty good start with the Phillies.
    J.J. Cooper: I guess he could if he keeps this up, but I wouldn’t have him in the Top 100 right now.

    He also likes Morgan:

    Matt (NJ): JJ heard any reports on Adam Morgan? nice AA debut last night. What kind of ceiling does he have?
    J.J. Cooper: Mentioned him in a Hot Sheet recently and in Wednesday’s chat. Could be a solid No. 3. Better stuff than you might think to go with excellent control.

  7. How about this for stats, since the Allstar-Break
    Dugan 326/408/494/902
    Franco 317/376/486/862
    Altherr 309/409/482/891
    Lets see what they can do in Clearwater the rest of the season

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