120 thoughts on “Box Score Recap, 12 April 2012

  1. Great night for the minors…Kevin Frandsen got out of his O for the year with 2 hits. Tuffy with the slam! Nice pitching out of the pen with Valdes and Aumont getting his third save. Nice start by Trevor May for Reading. He is now 2-0 early on. Only 1 BB in 7 innings. Reading bullpen is showing Lehigh Valley they aren’t the only team in the system with a deep pen (Rosenberg, Friend, Cisco, and Brummett pitching well to start the year). Nice comeback win for Clearwater. Their line-up has been better then I thought. They had 15 hits tonight. Lakewood with a big 6 run 1st. Everybody’s favorite new prospect Gauntlett Eldemire with 3 runs scored. Kenny Giles with a 4 inning save.

    1. Giles is a good example of having extra starters early in the year. One guy pitches 5 and the other 4. Both guys are stretched out. You can start either guy anytime you want.

  2. Everybody wins! Woohoo!

    Gillies has officially cooled off, but James picked up another hit. Although he also picked up another K and no BBs.

  3. The pitching at Lakewood tonight was impressive, especially Giles. In fact everyone in the system but Colvin turned in a good game. How good is that Pigs bullpen with Valdes throwing like that and setting up Aumont with two great innings before the “hammer” sealed the win.The pitching has to be good because the lineup doesn’t scare anyone. I have not seen that many batters below “Mendoza” in my life. A big hit by Gosewisch though.
    Clearwater just kept coming back. They could have scored ten runs, but had three rallies killed by double plays and strikeouts. Lavin is “smokin”. Many are waiting for Colvin to get the nod for Reading, but first came Buchanan and now may come Morgan if he keeps throwing like he did last night. May looks like the real thing. As many have said, the Phillies’ minor league players are very entertaining this year.

  4. Gotta leave another note for my new favorite player Pete Lavin. Definitely one the most exciting players to watch here in Clearwater. 3 more hits tonight, including a stolen base and an outfield assist. Even on his outs, he hit the ball right on the head. This guy can hit anywhere in the lineup and good things will happen!

    1. Oh and in addition to his outfield assist, he made a circus catch leaping and crashing into the wall in dead center to rob a go-ahead RBI double or triple in the top of the ninth.

      1. Hoping one of the Reading OFs get promoted in June/July to LHV and Lavin has a shot for a mid-season move-up to AA ball.

      2. I agree with you that Lavin really looks and plays like a player. What was his story in college? Why wasn’t he drafted higher?

  5. Brody Colvin had one of those games tonight, 1st inning he gets 3 K’s but gives up 2 runs. 2nd inning gives up a W and 4 straight singles and only gives up 1 run because of a runner thrown at 3rd by Lavin and a CS. Actually the second single of the inning was a ground ball right at Duran that that was booted but for some reason he was scored a hit so he should have been out of the inning unscored upon. So on the night he makes 84 pitches (56 strikes and 7 swing and misses). I only saw the speed gun in the 5th and his FB was mostly 90-91 with a few 92. Claypool also pitched and was at 91-92. At least the offense came out hitting. There’s video on you-tube at TheGkit of Lavin, Asche, Rupp and Claypool.

    1. Thanks for all the firsthand insights, gkit. I appreciate it! How was Colvin’s control of his off-speed pitches?

  6. Nice appearance for Aumont.
    Good line for Susdorf and James triples. Strong start for May.
    Did Lavin get picked off and make it to second anyway? Nice to see three hits there. Also great to see Cartwright on base 5 times.
    Eldemire on base three more times and at six steals already. Altherr double and steal. Giles…lots of Ks, lots of wildness.

  7. Gotta love the name Peter Lavin isn’t that that Paul Rudd’s name in the movie I love you man,
    and another stinker for colvin, both outings he has had high hit totals and low strikeouts, this is his second year in the pitcher friendly FSL, i’m starting to worry

  8. I know Eldemire was injured the last two years, but what were those injuries? Was he injured when drafted? Was it the same injury both years? Just curious if he is injury prone and likely to go down again. Thanks for the info.

    1. I know he had a wrist injury in 2010. Also after he was drafted they found he was playing his last year of College with a chipped bone fragment and 2 torn ligaments. He needed a couple of surgeries to fix those. It sounds like the latter is the real reason for losing all of 2011. I don’t think that qualifies as injury prone but the guy is as athletic as they come. Like a gazelle, he could have some fragility. Let’s hope he doesn’t have hamstring injuries like Gillies but so far, he hasn’t shown any of that.

      1. Yes it was the same wrist injury that wasn’t fixed with the first surgery but was with the second. This guy is such an athlete. Something to remember is that this guy showed lots of power in college. It wouldn’t surprise me if it takes another year for all of his power to return due to the wrist surgeries. If so, we’re looking at a legit 5 tool player. Someone to dream on…..

    2. Like Bellman says, it was a wrist injury. He had surgery on it after they drafted him. It seems it didn’t heal correctly, so when he came to spring training last year, he still was not ready. I’m not sure if he had a 2nd surgery.

  9. It’s also Thomas Jefferson’s 287th birthday. I think it’s time he gives up his minor league career. What do you think?

    1. He is definitely not age appropriate for any level in the minors…destined to be a AAAA player.

    2. You are right besides follow the lead of Alex Hamilton who is doing well in advertising.
      Can Eldemire play at least 10 games before he is saddled with haters.

  10. One line I like to look at with Aumont, even if he has a clean inning, is the number of pitches thrown. 15 and under is a good sign. He looks like a guy who can get out of sorts with his mechanics which causes him to fall behind batters.

    1. saw aumont pitch an inning at the carpenter complex this spring, he was behind every hitter he faced, yet he got two strike outs and a shattered bat dribbler. this seems to be the way he pitches. needs to improve his command, because i don’t think this will work as well at the next level. batters will sit on his fastball, as good as it is, when he’s behind in the count.

      1. I agree that Aumont needs to command his fastball. The rest of his stuff is so good, however, that, with his other pitches, I think it’s more an issue of control (throwing strikes) than command. If he can develop some basic fastball command and can get his breaking pitches over a good percentage of the time, he is going to be lethal.

        1. Was my point the other day when chastised for talking about Bard and Drabek two young pitchers with above average stuff and velocity who struggle at times with command trying to stay in their teams starting rotations.

          Aumonts success will depend soley on him being able to command/control (I view these 2 things as 1 in the same) his two plus pitches which are his FB and his hammer curve.

          I hate when Wheeler says it but its true you can’t throw hard enough for MLB hitters if you are going leave balls out over the plate they will hit it hard. There are a lot guys with above avg velocity and stuff that never make it and usually its because they can’t locate it.

          1. I disagree that control and command are the same thing. They are, to my mind, very different things. Control is the ability to throw strikes. Command is the ability to throw strikes (or other pitches), where you want them to be. Kyle Kendrick has control. Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee have command. The reason that velocity and movement are so important is that the more of those things you have, the less fine you need to be with your command. Roy Halladay has command and movement (and a fair bit, if declining, velocity) – that’s why he’s a star. My point is that Aumont throws so hard and his pitches move so much, that, with him, he should become a very effective pitcher even without advanced command. If he develops good command as well, they he has a chance to be an elite back of the bullpen arm. ‘Nuff said.

            1. Seriously you say tomato I say tomato…

              None of these guys would be where they are if they didn’t have control they can all throw strikes at will if there was no batter in the box trying to take them yard. But anyway I get what you are saying.

            2. Here is James’ explanation:

              Command – Command is the ability to throw the ball to specific quadrants of the strikezone (or out of the zone) with precision.

              Control – Not to be confused with command, control is the ability to throw the ball in the strikezone. It is possible that a pitcher can throw the ball in the strikezone, but cannot control the ball to specific quadrants. Thus, it is possible to have good control, but below average command, and is ultimately what separates the different levels of pitchers in terms of skill and upside.

      2. I feel he gives batter too good a look at the ball, sort of the anti-Worley. He needs to keep his glove hand in front a little long if that is possible.

  11. Nice work by you Trevor May. Why would anyone pitch to Domonic Brown with that kind of a line up behind him. T Greene got the night off? I just love the name Gauntlett. It speaks T sales out the wazoo.

    We need to change Lavin’s name because everytime I hear the name Peter I think of Family Guy and there is nothing funny about 364 ave 968 OPS. That’s serious business.

    1. What?, Derrick Mitchell is hitting behind Dom Brown! Don’t get much better protection than that.

    2. With tempered expectations of course. Let’s not forget Dmitch and Lavin are the same age basically…

  12. What’s Lavin’s background? I don’t recall any chatter about him last season. Is he (small sample size be damned) a legitimate prospect, or just a slightly older guy playing above himself to start the season?

    1. Most likely an older guy more advanced than the players he is playing against. Low walk rate is a sign his stats will settle down with a larger sample (high BABIP). Nice minor league player but I don’t think he is a prospect yet.

    2. Good question. I assumed he was just an older guy until I saw him play. He’s really an impressive player to watch and to watch hit. He’ll need to move quickly because of his age but he already skipped LWood and he’s tearing it up at CWater so I would say not to write him off yet.

  13. Watched Reading last night, May was dealing with his FB consistently hitting 93. The game flew by as both pitchers were throwing well, but May’s double was great to see. I saw someone asked about James and if he was still switch hitting, he is as he hit from both sides last night at least. He also made a nice catch that looked like it was going to be a homer and would have changed the game.

  14. If Peter Lavin is 24 why is he wasting time in Clearwater ? He should be in Reading . The big club needs all the offense they can get so they need to get a look at this kid to see if he is a keeper..

  15. I did some research on Peter Lavin .. He is a college kid …. DOB : 12/27/87 so he will be 25 in Dec .

    5′ 11″ 180 lbs , bats and throws left . More of a contact hitter with only 4 hrs and 13 SB combined with Gulf and Williamsport last year . batting .299 and .314. respectively . I was hoping , he was motre of a power hitter which the big club urgently needs.

      1. It’s about time. This is his 4th season in AAA. He may want to mix in a few HRs every so often, if he is going to be a major league corner OF. He’s 26 years old, too. The article missed that.

        1. His numbers were pretty solid last year, but I guess in a hitters league you want to see a little more from a LF. He’s had some injury issues too if I’m not mistaken.

          1. Michael Taylor’s numbers weren’t really that good last year. He had a .815 OPS. That is not that good for a 25 year old LF, in the PCL. For comparison: Adrian Cardenas had a .791, and he is an infielder, with no power, that got cut.
            Michael Taylor doesn’t hit for power. The Phillies traded him at the right time, while his value was high.

    1. Galvis did lead the team in RBI in Spring Training with 14 over 12 for Pence. Anything can happen in a week or month of baseball. Freddy was the organization’s minor league player of the year last season. He was the first teenager Reading Phillie in years. He was the first rookie Philadelphia Phillies opening day starter since Bowa and Doyle in 1970. ZiPS projected him for 261/299/359 with 7 HR and 19 SB this season, which still seems about right to me. I’ve liked Galvis since he was in Clearwater, ranked him #2 behind May and ahead of Valle this off-season and I am staying on his bandwagon.

  16. Alan you forgot to note Galvis is the coleader in Home Runs . lol Does he have a brother?
    I was ready for a good fielder instantly great at a new position is a stunner. He does little things so correctly
    The fact that he has hit .416 since breaking the 0fir didn’t stop Mikey Miss (.) from taking a shot at hime last night.
    NOTE Polanco looks so weak and we need someone to hit at third until the late innings.Young blood preferred

    1. SIgn Soler….trade Dom Brown and Pettibone/Colvin to Sox for Middlebrooks…3rd problem solved for next 10 years.

      1. Hard to disagree. Too bad Gillies didn’t get off to a torrid start with Ells out there might be a fit there.
        After seeing the guys the Phils have brought up (due to injury mostly) I wonder why they are downgrading their prospects ability.
        Congrats to Blanton for showing up without his other self. About time.

    2. I’m not looking to criticise Galvis. Though when your #8 hitter leads the team in RBIs, it’s a bad sign no matter what his batting line. I’ll say this about Galvis though. He is absolutely the best fielding second baseman in the league. I hope in two years he is somebody’s starting shortstop.

  17. A few observations of the Threshers game. Biddle 87 pitches (57 strikes) 26 curveballs (15 strikes) 7 hits (I thought one should have been an E-6), 6 off of his FB, 14 Swing and misses(7 on his FB). Like his last game he has a bad inning where he either loses his concentration or gets out of sync and hurts himself with walks. . Tonight he starts the 3rd by walking the 8 and 9 hitters(7 of the 8 balls are FBs and are all high, seems like he loses his release point for awhile), gives up a double for one run then a single for 2. The single came after getting 2 swing and misses on CBs, wasting a FB then going back to his CB but it gets served into left, not really hard hit.. I guess you can say he “went to the well too often” but he really made the guy look silly on the first 2 CBs so I can’t blame him (or Rupp who might have made the call, but Biddle was shaking him off a lot tonight). Offensively the 2 runs they scored only occurred due to speed. With Myers on 3rd with 2 outs Lavin hits grounder to first, but pitcher fails to cover and Lavin beats the 1B to the bag. Their 2nd run came with Myers on first, Lavin doubles into RF corner and Myers scores just ahead of Lavin getting tagged out after rounding 2nd base too far. Well at least Contreras pitched well!

  18. Chain him to third base and promise no food or drink unless he hits and fields. Outfielders we have.

  19. Re: Tyler Greene:

    Noted above that he has been moved to the 33 spot in the lineup…and responded w two doubles.

    IMO, a significant move. They must believe that he has responded well to the move up to A ball and look for/anticipate more of the same. That should be taken with appreciation for us and the org. It could indicate a faster move up through the system, maybe producing a MLB SS in 3-4 seasons.

    If so, that is exciting. MAYBE leads me to think of a similar type guy who plays SS for the Rockies…who has almost the same build. An encouraging DREAM. If so, J-Roll may not have to have his 4th year option picked up.

    Yeah, yeah…a short success does not mean a long-term one……….but fans have GOT to dream….

    1. Similar frame, but with about 20-30 pounds less muscle- for perspective at least. Not to say that it isn’t possible, but he isn’t like a broad shouldered skinny kid. But if guys like Nomar and Chase can do it, there’s always hope.

  20. Here is rooting for a autumn callup by James. The team badly needs these qualities:
    Rated Fastest Baserunner in the Philadelphia Phillies system after the 2009 season
    Rated Best Athlete in the Philadelphia Phillies system after the 2009 season
    Rated Best Athlete in the Philadelphia Phillies system after the 2010 season
    Rated Best Defensive OF in the Philadelphia Phillies system after the 2010 season
    Rated Fastest Baserunner in the Philadelphia Phillies system after the 2010 season
    Rated Best Outfield Arm in the Philadelphia Phillies system after the 2011 season
    Rated Best Athlete in the Philadelphia Phillies system after the 2011 season
    Rated Best Defensive OF in the Philadelphia Phillies system after the 2011 season

    1. who did the rating? D’Arby Myers is and always has been faster than James. Myers is the fastest in the Phillies system. D Gordon of the Dodgers is rated as the fastest man in all baseball and Myers beat him. Not saying James is not fast, but just stating the facts.

      1. Baseball America did the ratings. They base their ratings on their own scouting and conversations with other scouts.

        You say you are stating facts, but you present zero facts, you just make statements with no supporting evidence. Why do I have any reason to believe what you say compared to a reputable organization like Baseball America says?

        I’m glad you like Myers, but there is no reason to respond to a post about Jiwan James’s speed and fielding prowess with an argument about Myers.

        1. Myers runs a 6’2 in the 60 what is James time? Baseball America have never rated Myers for whatever reason to my knowledge. Myers has world class speed and outstanding defensive skills.

            1. Not related or friends. I have been a fan on this site since ’06’ and I follow certain players, Myers is one of them. You don’t have to be related to enjoy a player. If Nowheels can root for James and Brown gets his props no matter how he plays why is it when Myers gets some props you’re heavy handed. I been to the games and saw his speed and his hitting. He can hit .389 BA If given the chance to play consistenly like Brown, James, and Gillies his numbers will rise. Brown 10games, .297 BA, 2SB ,11hits, 6R, James 11G, .364 BA, 1SB, 12hit, 7R, Gillies 9G, .231, 1SB, 9hits, 7R. Myers 5G, .389BA, 2SB, 7hits, 5R. I have followed all these guys with the exception of Gillies from their 1st year. Everyone says Brown needs to play everyday, when he does not play everyday he does not play well, same with Myers, he needs more consistent playing time but he’s played well with the inconsistent playing time he’s had. Play one day off the next.

          1. And no doubt he’s a swell guy overall. Now if he can just put together a season where he has an OPS over .700 I might be able to get excited about his long-term prospects.

            Until then, his only claim to fame is that he’s fast. He can be Usain Bolt fast but until he learns how to hit, it doesn’t matter. Also have to wonder why a guy with his blazing speed doesn’t steal more bases.

  21. The 2011 draft is flashing some very positive results so far and looks as good as any draft of the last few years, at this rate. Morgan and Wright are looking as good as Worley and Stutes a few years ago. Tyler Green is holding his own so far, even with being assigned to full-season ahead of his peers. Kenny Giles is throwing strikes and not getting hit, so far. Hopefully the other guys perform as well when they start short season.
    I have a really good feeling about Mitchell Walding, Roman Quinn and JD Thierren, due to the video I’ve seen of them this year. If any of those guys or LGJ and Shull develop, the draft will definitely be better than 2009 and 2010.

  22. Yesterday..
    Franco and Altherr exploding at the bat now, 5-9, 5RBIs
    Pointer polished hitter, ebven 2BBs
    Kleven, 93 velo, good start, needs more c/c.
    Castro/Valle, still swinging hot bats..no BBs though.
    Gillies continues to struglle, 1-5…229BA.
    JRod, decent outing, with overall WHIP at 1.2.
    Dom Brown, coming on now t the plate, 2-4 and no errors in LF.
    Austin Wright, average to good performance, 6IP/6KO/3BB/5H
    D’Arby Myers, starting to explode at the plate, 2-3, .389BA.

    1. Not only is Myers exploding at the plate but he is making gold glove catches in the outfield. Yesterday’s catch was amazing. Saw him run in and score on a infield single then he ran from first to home before the CF’er who hit the ball was put out at second base. Great speed excites the game. Myers is an exciting player to watch.

    1. Apparently they have been usurped by “D’Arby Myers is the best/fastest/most exciting player ever” singers

      1. Went to some games liked what I saw. Saw Myers run 1st to home. He has speed, he makes the other team nervous. He uses his speed in outfield also, very exciting to watch. Everyone has their favorites and their own opion. Brown, Gillies James, Gillies, D Mitch and others.

  23. It’s nice to have Brown start to hit a little. The initial 0 for 3 games was a little depressing.
    Hopefully he was just pressing a little. He is so essential to the long term salary management of the big club. It’s great to see the potential of the young outfielders as well. I’ll have to try and get to Lakewood and see Pointer. The walk rate coupled with the power is exciting. Now if one of them could play third….

    1. Franco has been on fire, he’s our third baseman but he’s still three or four years away. Asche has looked good too with three hits today.
      Three wins from four teams each day is terrific. Aumont with two inning four K save is nice and Pettibone pitched very well until late. How old is Duke? Prospect?

      1. Duke is 23 in Lakewood- they just drafted him last year, but probably not a prospect. Best hope would probably be a Schwimer type.

  24. Definately excited about Aumont’s start to the season. His first game he struggled a bit but the last four he has been lights out

    1. I spent some time yesterday reviewing Aumont’s archived game performances through the MILB website. Here’s what I think. Aumont is still not ready for the big leagues. He has some strange moments of wildness and he often gets behind in the count and has to throw a fastball in the strike zone and his command is not good enough where he can paint the corners or the upper or lower part of the zone with that pitch. That’s the bad news.

      Here’s the good news. His stuff is electric. He throws a really hard fastball, both of the two and four seam variety. All of the pitches have movement. Second, his breaking pitches can be lethal. His hard curveball (I think it’s a curve), is almost unhittable. And, more good news is that he seems to be able to right himself after he has been wild. He has enormous upside and he’s not that far away. But to be an effective and reliable big league pitcher he needs to refine both his control and his command. I’d say he needs at least another two or three months, perhaps most of the season. But he has the type of stuff to be among the elite closers in big league baseball. He’s that talented.

      One other thing. I like that they are streching him out. He has all the pitches to be an effective starter. I think they want him to go multiple innnings to build arm strength, make him more useful in a middle relief role and, perhaps, leave the door open to having him return as a starter, perhaps well down the road.

  25. Still early, of course. But it is good to see some of our future infield guys showing well from Hernandez at AA through Asche (3rd base) at Clwtr and Greene at Low A.

    Still to come: Quinn-SS- and Walding-3rd base-so watching the future infield -inciuding Franco 3rd base at Low A. And. IMO, when L Greene is released from spring training prison, he SHOULD be assigned 1st base if not now then soon.

    That a lot of infielders which could replace the recent golden infield that will yield up to the newbies. And we should add Galvis to that gang who will as I see it develop into a pretty damn good hitter in 2-3 seasons. Maybe even next season.

    1. This has been stated before, but no reason to move LGJ to 1B until he physically proves he can not play LF. His bat projects to play just fine at 1B, but it projects better at LF. No need to diminish his value before he even sniffs the majors.

      1. Understood. But, my idea is to have him ready to fill 1st base when Howard goes. There seems to be no viable 1st base prospect in the sysatem with power as a main tool.

        1. The idea is though that 1B is really easy to learn, so if Greene makes it to AA or AAA (which is a success in its own right), you then can move him to train him. But right now he is as much Howard’s potential replacement as any body, you can’t plan your prospects to fill holes until they are right there ready to fill a hole. Think of even now, it is just wishful and hopeful thinking that either James or Gillies will fill a hole in CF by a possible Victorino departure or Valle actually walking enough to replace Ruiz, 1B is not a difficult defensive position that requires 5 years of training at.

          1. sure….Howard has only played it for the last 15 years….since a junior in HS…. and he is a Gold Glove!, so give just give a guy 3/4 years of it and he is ready for a Gold Glove nomination. Better check Hernandez, Grace, Helton, Gonzalez, Votto, Snow, Lee, Clark ets ets…all tutored over 90% their MiLB training at 1b.

            1. He’s not a gold glove becuase he dosen’t have the natural agility of those other guys you listed, not because he dosen’t know how to play the posistion.

            2. ‘natural agility’…check out his HS basketbal videos…he was fluid driving the basket.

            3. I’m thinking that they “tutored” over 90% of their milb inning at 1b because it was determined early on that they didn’t have the necessary skills to play another position. Kinda like Singleton last year was tried in the OF for a brief period before being quickly returned to 1b.

              Each of the guys mentioned had one big issue that prevented them from playing elsewhere. They were SLOW.

            4. I am assuming and guessing you didn’t read the reports out of ST on Larry Greene’s speed and his weight gain! ANd what Joe Jordan said last week about his conditioning!

            5. Nope, didn’t see any negative reports regarding Greene’s speed or weight. Do you have a link?

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