86 thoughts on “Box Score Recap, 11 April 2012

  1. Today’s Overreactions:
    – Cloyd responding really well to his demotion, I think he stays in AA until someone forces the issue, ideally Colvin forces the issue and Bonilla moves back into the rotation with his innings pre-managed for the rest of the year
    – A better game for Brown
    – Morgan with the line of the night (hitting or pitching), 9Ks are nice, but with 0BB that is awesome
    – Ouch Schwimmer
    – What is Friend’s stuff like, he has been putting up numbers the past few seasons, is this a late bloomer to be added to the line to the Phillies bullpen (which at this point has to be 4-5 deep)

    1. Cloyd got hammered. I think his punishment should be a one way trip back to AAA. That’ll fix his wagon.

    2. Friend was topping out at 90 and they were hitting him very hard, luckily some of them were right at the fielders. Cloyd wasn’t that impressive, seemed to top out at 88 but the radar wasn’t working very well last night. Cisco looked great, seamed to be able to paint the corners.

      1. if velocity is all that impresses some people, then Cloyd will never seem impressive. when really this guy is an outstanding pitcher. Should put him back in AAA.

  2. Tonight’s game was more like what we exected from Clearwater. But Cody Asche still had a hit and a walk. He’s the one hitter on the team, besides Rupp, that I see as an actual prospect.

    1. Don’t ignore Lavin, all he’s done since he was drafted it hit. The kid can play and is another lefty swinger with a picture perfect swing. He forced Myers out of CF so that tells you they like his defense and he’s batting 3rd now so that tells you something also.

      1. I really, really like what I’ve seen from Lavin at Williamsport last year and now here in Clearwater. The guy is seriously a five-tool player. Yes he’s a bit on the older side, but now that he’s in High-A and succeeding, he’s not that far behind the average age.

        He’s the got the most relaxed batting stance I’ve ever seen. It almost looks like he’s just hanging out at the plate. But he can really thump the ball – his HR yesterday was a laser-beam that got out of the park in about 2 seconds tops.

        1. Also it’s worth mentioning that he was a triple shy of the cycle yesterday, and all his hits came off lefties who were making everybody else look silly at the plate.

          1. Did he get thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double? He should have known that wouldn’t help his cylce 🙂

            1. Lavin is a 4 Year college player correct? 24 Y/O what are the chances he jumps to Reading? Which in turn means some guys from Reading would need to jump to AAA. Lehigh seems to have a bunch of filler road blocking some guys. Rich Thompson-Haven’t you Lehigh folks seen enough of him?

              I’d bet Scotty Pods gets traded between now and June if they don’t bring him up if not I think he can be granted a release. Dom has to get called up at some point don’t you think?

            2. I know Nix has a gauranteed deal for 2 years and I know it’s way too early to write him off, but if he’s as bad as I think he is and his numbers prove that come Memorial Day, if Scotty Pods is lighting it up at AAA, I want to believe he’ll get a call up even if it means Nix gets released or sent down. It’s not like they gave him huge money, but I’ll never understand the 2 years.

      2. Myers was not forced out of CF, although he is an excellent CF he has not played CF in a long time. Myers is a centerfielder who can and has played all the OF excellently. He is a gold glove defensive player. He had a great Spring training but he is getting limited playing time. He is playing good now, he just needs consisted playing time. Phillie fans need all the good farm players we can get.

  3. Oh my. Quite a sexy pitching line by Clearwater (minus Juan Sosa). Also, rough day for Eldemire. Oh well, shake it off and start wreaking havoc again.

  4. Nice to see Gillies steal a base. Strong line for Cloyd.
    Like Lavin’s line tonight, but Morgan’s start was fantastic.
    Franco hits twice, no Ks. That’s good.

    1. How did Gillies get on base to get the stolen bag? Struck out on a ball in the dirt and beat the throw to first maybe?

    2. Was at game, throw beat Gillies but second baseman dropped ball. It was not a good game for Gillies, he kept striking out on high heat.

      1. Huh. I figured it would have been a fielder’s choice. Thanks for clarifying, and don’t worry too much (yet). Everyone has their off days.

  5. Carlos Alonso played SS? In ’10 and ’11, he played 2B and 3B and maybe 1B but never SS. He’s hit well in the minors but his true claim to fame is that his BB/K ratio is unbelievable. He actually Ks less than he BBs. This year, he’s still waiting for his first hit but he hasn’t had a K or a BB yet.

    1. That guy can flat out rake. He’ll hit. And if he can field, he will move up. A guy with his profile has a chance to be a good utility guy. Maybe a bat like Dobbs, but can pay 2B/3B, fill in at SS for an inning if necessary.

  6. These box score summaries are great. It’s funny how you train yourself to look for certain things in these box scores and, particularly, look for certain types of stats for certain players. For instance, it’s a little odd that one of the first things I look at is whether Valle has drawn a walk. I actually care as much or more about that than his getting hits because I know, over time, the hits will come. This year, however, I think the oddest thing I look for (and it’s the first or second thing I review), is whether Dom Brown has committed an error.

  7. Cloyd continues with his great control. He has 14ks and no BB this year. My guess he is back in AAA by June 1 with one of the vets (Elarton, Bush, Cochran, or Misch gone). Hopefully at that time Colvin will be pitching well enough to get called up. You do have to like Adam Morgan’s numbers from yesterday and his K’s to BB’s for the year (15 to 3)

  8. We should be exited about Jiwan James, got to see him last night. Exciting player, if he gains 20 more pounds of muscle look out.

    1. The muscle gain has been great but the big news is that it appears he changed something and its working for him in a big way. His manager Wathan pointed out how James is swinging better this year and that’s huge. The hitting tool has been the only thing holding this kid back from a major league career. He and Dom, with Gillies close behind, have to be the first guys I look at because of their ability to effect what the big club does this year and next.

  9. I was at the Iron Pigs game last night, here are some observations:

    -Definately the smallest crowd I’ve seen in five years at the pigs, probably a result of the weather, and other sporting events going on.
    -Hyatt’s fastball topped out at 91, but he was able to keep it there through five innnings. He seemed to have some trouble finding the plate in the first two frames, but settled down nicely in the third.
    -Dom Brown with an RBI single that split the first and second baseman, swing looks slightly shorter than last year, no noticable issues in LF.
    -Blanco got to everything hit his way at SS, very impressive fielding.
    -Bryce Harper had a rough night. He had three strikouts, and looked badly fooled on some breaking pitches, especially those from Diekman.
    -Go Flyers!

    1. Interesting to hear harper can’t hit the breaking ball, that seems to be the downfall of 90% of sluggers, can’t hit the breaking stuff.

      1. He’s still what, 19? Even for someone everyone regards as a prodigy I’m surprised at how fast he’s moved up the ladder. He’s bound to hit a rough patch somewhere.

        1. There’s nothing more I dislike watching then what i’ll term “silver spoon” kids. I like my athletes to work hard to get where they are, it’s the philly attitude in me. That’s why Halladay is one of my favorite players, same with Utley.

          And yes, he’s moved quick, but remember all the poster children for “the next Ruth” kid’s flame out rate is still sky high IMO, though clearly not as high as it was when he came into the league. His performance at AA last year was boarderline horrible. %K over 20% and lost almost all of his power. Now, in Washington’s infinite wisdom, after he failed miserably in AA, they bump him to AAA? If the Phillies poor management of brown is a benchmark, I don’t know what the hell Washington’s management of Harper is.

          1. Harper K’d in 17.7% of his ABs in AA and had a .140 iso at that level in 147 PAs. Maybe not the power numbers you expect from Harper but far from failing miserably. And this was after performing very well in 305 PAs in A ball.

    2. I watched the game, lo0ked like Hyatt had trouble locating his change up early, trying to paint the corners.

      Blanco was impressive in the field that DP was huge.

      Tough night for Schwimmer but nice to see Aumont get the save

      1. Blanco is the best Utility infielder the Phillies have in the organization. When/if Utley comes back, I would expect Blanco to be the backup SS/2B on the Major League team.

            1. If we seriously get to a point where Polanco, Rollins, and Utley are all healthy and playing, and Freddy is really holding his own at the big league level, I do not think it would be a disservice to his development to keep him on the big leage club and have him play 1-2 times per week at 2B to keep Chase fresh, and 1-2 times per week at 3B to keep Polanco fresh, and 1 time per week at shortstop. On the flip side, I don’t believe sending him back down to AAA to play everyday would be the worst thing either. Having said that, we are a LONG way from the above scenario.

            2. If Galvis is still hitting .140 when Utley comes back, you can bet the Phillies will not be using him to give rest days to the other players. If Galvis is hitting .280 when Utley comes back he’ll stay on the major league team. I doubt that will be the case, though.
              Andres Blanco is the same, maybe better than Wilson Valdez, only 6 years younger. He should be on the roster now regardless.

            3. Agree,,,,,Blanco would look good as the vers guy…more so then MM and Freddy if he isn’t playing often enough to keep developing. Better he plays everyday in LHV then once a week in Philly. Keep him hungry like a tiger.

            4. Which is why I said “If Freddy is holding his own”. If he’s batting let’s say .220 or less, he’ll be very quickly sent back to AAA for more seasoning. If he’s playing great defense and hitting a “Chooch-like” .250 (which means he’s batting a clutch .250), I could see him sticking around as a heavily used utility guy.

            5. That ‘if’ is not realistic. He can’t hit a ‘Chooch like’ .250. A Chooch .250 carries a .390 OBP. If Galvis hits .250 he probably doesn’t have a .300 OBP.

            6. You beat me to this, lets look at Chooch’s average over the last 3 years…

              0.280 0.375 0.418

              That’s his average (assuming equal PA’s) over the last 3 years.

              Not only that, but Chooch plays a more premium position, and I would argue plays it better then freddy. Horrible comparison.

            7. First, guys, let’s give credit where credit is due – he’s saying he could stick around hitting .250 “as a heavily used utility guy.” I don’t think that is unreasonable.

              That said, can I say something about “clutch?” Assume there is such a thing – why do we think Galvis has that quality? I rally dislike the tendency to ascribe that quality to players we like – especially “scrappy” (read – weak hitting) middle infielders – with no evidence.

              Though it’s true from a pure performance perspective that Ruiz has hit well in the clutch over his career. (About 13% than “normal.”) This on top of the much more important fact that Ruiz’ career progression as a hitter, even apart from disputable “clutch” ability, has been remarkable.

            8. I’m with you Larry, I don’t believe in the concept of clutch. Though you could argue power hitters have the ability to be “clutch” more often because they can generate their own offense (solo homerun) whereas glavis can’t. Beyond that, Ruiz’s career progression has been a pleasure to watch. Completely agree. If Galvis does that over his career, where by 29 he’s hitting 300 with a 400 OBP I’ll be elated. (though we all know, that doesn’t typically happen to players that late into their 20’s).

            9. Just to clarify, I said if he’s a clutch hitter, I didn’t say he is. Time will tell.

      1. Harper IMO is very far from major league ready. If i’m the Nat’s I don’t bring him up for another 2 years. Why burn his option years on an under-developed player? (i’ll answer my own question, desperation)

        1. Harper signed a Major league deal, meaning that he’s already on their 40-man roster and is already using up his options.

  10. Nice line by Adam “Captain” Morgan. And I, for one, am relieved that Jiwan wasn’t plucked in the Rule 5.

  11. Btw, just a heads up if anyone is interested, but on MiLB.tv they are showing the Reading series starting with tonights game against Harrisburg. With May on the mound figured some might want to watch as I don’t think they show many of Reading’s games from the looks of it. (it’s my first time watching on MiLB.tv)

  12. So Clearwater had three runners picked off first base, including Albert Cartwright twice? That’s hard to do.

    1. First base coaches in the minors are often just players not in the game. Let’s hope whoever was doing it was paying attention too.

  13. I totally expect Gillies to have plenty of rough nights/patches. Missing so much time allows lots of bad habits to sneak in but I also to expect plenty of good games when he’s locked in. That’s when you see the player he could become. Its fun following that LWood team with all that hitting talent and Franco getting 2 hits was very good news.
    Does anyone hear anything as to what’s happening with the Extended guys? I’m curious as to whether Larry Greene is staying in LF or whether they’re moving him to 1B already and I’m also wondering if they’re working on his weight. When I saw him in ST, he looked too big and slow to be a good outfielder.

  14. Hopefully, L. Greene will be working/playing at 1st base. He fits the profile of a player for that position: power, mainly. Howard–if he comes back and plays (hits) well–will need to be replaced by the time Greene would be ready for the bigs.

    We now realize that Howard may never be the 40 plus HR guy we once saw. He has failed to correct his vulnerabilities and the dipping of his BA and OPS have continued. Further, we don’t know whether his body will continue to betray him. When he comes back, how well can/will he play?

    With these uncertainties about the 1st base position, it seems a no-brainer to put Greene at 1st base…now.

    1. It’s a no brainer to lower the value of your top pick, in his first year out of HS, because you may need a 1B in 5 years?

    2. By putting Greene at 1B right now you are saying, your bat must be incredibly special or you have no chance, while the bar isn’t zero in LF it is significantly lower. Let him play OF until he proves he can’t, this isn’t Singleton an athletic 1B you are trying in the OF, this is a large OF that may have to move to 1B. He is going to take a long time, and the rule of thumb is that you don’t make your prospects fill positional needs until they reach the majors (see Galvis, Freddy) otherwise you are limiting his value and options prematurely.

    3. 1B is more of a fallback position. He shouldn’t be playing there unless the Phillies are sure that he cannot play the OF or if they still need a 1B when/if Greene is closer to the majors.

      1. Disagree…put him there NOW…learn defensive aspects of 1B…plenty of toolys LFs in the system and will be on the market when he projects to MLB.

          1. Get serious….plus he looks to be 240 lbs and growing from this spring…why not put him on a diet..say lose 35 lbs and then make him a center fielder..eh?

            1. Putting him in Centerfield makes more sense than ‘grooming’ him for 1B, due to the need to replace Howard.

            2. You’re premature is so many ways. Kid is so far from the majors your theory is garbage. If he was in AA, mashing, and we needed a replacement at first in the next year or two then I would be with you, but 5 years premature? Seriously? Way too many things could happen between now and then. VOR is right. And Dave was only responding to your irrational comment.

            3. He is going to be a first baseman…get use to it. Next time you see a 245 lb plus LF at 6’1″ , who can run , let me know. He couldn’t even run that fast in ST this year,,,,and he will get faster in 4/5 years. Duh!

        1. Mark Teixeira and Albert Pujols both played zero innings in the minors at 1B and are two of the best at fielding the position in baseball. Moving Greene is extremely premature.

          1. Perhaps you are correct…Ryan Howard has played first base since his junior year in HS in Missouri, then three more at Double-Direction Mizzou… 15 years …still what he is.

          2. Mark Teixeira and Albert Pujols vs Keith Hernandez and Rico Brogna…..MilB 1B development seem to help them when they reached the bigs.

    1. I liked him a bunch when we traded him, so far it hasn’t bit us, then again keeping D. Brown at this point hasn’t helped us either (though I still believe in his batting skills big time).

  15. I’m a big Dom Brown believer so I’m glad we kept him. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Juan Pierre starting over Brown in left makes any sense given that they are both about equally awful defensively but Browns bat is much better than Pierre’s.

    1. I don’t understand it. Personally, I’d play Mayberry at first everyday and Brown in left field. Perfect opportunity to see what we have in both guys.

      That said, I can see the argument for having Brown play left field every day. While Pierre is as bad (possibly worse since his arm is non-existant) he gives them a leadoff hitter/speed threat off the bench that they can rotate with Mayberry/Nix whereas you wouldn’t want to take at bats from Brown.

      1. Maybe we should wait until Brown actually starts to hit more than .200 in AAA ball before moving him into LF for a big club already struggling for offense.

        The last thing he needs is to be thrown into another situation when he’s not ready.

        1. He hit fine in MLB last year minus his power which can be attributed to his hand injury. I liked what I saw from him in Spring Training… batting average and a 7 game sample size is worthless to me.

          I don’t consider defense to be a real reason to send him down considering Ibanez was one of the worst defensive outfielders in baseball last year.

          1. With the advantage of hindsight ,moving Pence to left would of been the best move. Let’s
            face it Pence prove again last night that he is not a great right fielder either. It would of taken insight, player cooperation , and a set of big….but then again Raul probably would not of gone along with the rejected contract offer at the end of the year. As I have stated Brown hit nearly .300 the last month he played. The haters and the short sighted are just that.

          2. Shouldn’t the REAL season count more than spring training? Especially since we’re talking similar sample sizes in either case?
            I think his defense is a very real concern. He hasn’t demonstrated the ability to track and catch simple fly balls.

    2. Brown is not hitting in AAA and is awful defensively so why should he keep so many chances. He’s not good defensively. There are other players that should get the opportunity. Brown was not good in right and not good in left field, what next CF. It’s not like he is an outfielder who plays all the outfield positions.

  16. Not sure where to put this but I was looking through Houston and Toronto MiLB boxscores the other day and noticed that Gose is batting leadoff at AAA and D’Arnaud is batting cleanup at AAA, and for Houston Singleton is batting cleanup at AA I believe and Villar is batting second. Obviously those teams think very highly of all 4 offensively I would imagine batting them in those spots in the batting order.

    Would be fascinating to think what the talk would be about D’Arnaud’s future here if he was batting cleanup in Lehigh Valley right now with Ruiz on the big club.

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