Extended Spring Training Rosters

So here’s my totally unofficial guess at who’s still in Clearwater. Some of these guys are leftovers from the Spring Training Workgroups and may have been released and a couple are guys who were in the system at the end of last season but did not appear during Spring Training, so who knows if they’re still in the system. Obviously some of these guys will end up in Williamsport, some in Gulf Coast and some back in the DSL or VSL.

Willians Astudillo
Liam Bedford
Angel Chavarin
Chace Numatta
Kevin Quaranto

Taylor Black
Jairo Cardozo
Jeff Cusick
Trey Ford
Stephen Malcolm
Harold Martinez
Angelo Mora
Roman Quinn
Francisco Silva
Jake Smith
Brock Stassi
Carlos Valenzuela
Alejandro Villalobos
Mitchell Walding

Delvy Francisco
Diego Gonzalez
Larry Greene
Jonathan Knight
Yan Olmo
Herlis Rodriguez
Carlos Tocci
Jiandido Tromp

Rivar Angulo
Erinzon Bautista
Carlos Best
James Birmingham
Austin Brough
Matt Campbell
Ranfi Casimiro
Luis Gonzalez
Mario Hollands
Steven Inch
Ulises Joaquin
Andre Kinder
Justin Long
Pedro Lora
Eblin Lugo
Manaure Martinez
Yoel Mecias
Marek Minarik
Jesus Morales
Luis Morales
Jonathan Musser
Miguel Nunez
Ramon Oviedo
Luis Paulino
Delvin Perez
Julio Reyes
Yacksel Rios
Keivy Rojas
Felix Santos
Jorge Serrano
Braden Shull
Yari Sosa
Jesen-Dygestile Therrien
Franklin Vargas
Kevin Walter
Joshua Warner
Adam Worthington

21 thoughts on “Extended Spring Training Rosters

    1. Until next spring training if the Phils want it to for a player 😉

      But for a lot of these guys it will last until the short-season leagues start up in June (I believe it’s June 18th for the Williamsport Crosscutters and GCL Phillies).

      Then some of the latin-american players will likely return to the Dominican and Venezuelan Summer Leagues which begin in early June. Gotta wonder how much time left the VSL has since only 5 MLB teams(one of which is the Phillies) still field a team in it.

      My tongue-in-cheek comment about as long as the Phillies want isn’t entirely a joke as some of these players may be recovering from injuries so rather than have them start plaing in July or Aug they will just have them work-out/practice and then play simulated games in the fall instructional league.

      1. I hope the Phillies do not give up their Ven academy. Understand MLB teams are enamored wth the DR prospects, but have to wonder why, other then for financial reasons, 25 or so MLB teams foresake Venezuela.

        1. It also might be giving us an advantage in terms of signing prospects – at least the second tier. Everyone goes after the high dollar signings but having a complex in the country has got to be an advantage with the $100K prospects.

        2. Try political reasons. The country is unstable and has proven dangerous for catchers (Ramos, Torrealba). That is my guess. The clubs feel it is not a good investment. There are some great players from Venezuela and Colombia. It is a shame not to take advantage of the resource. I’m glad the Phillies are sticking with it. I wonder how long they can.

            1. I was thinking about Edgar Renteria and Orlando Cabrera. I admit that it is a short list, but having a rookie league in Venezuela makes it easier for them to be seen.

      2. I thought that Pittsburgh got out and now there are only 4 teams. Or maybe that was the Puerto Rican winter league, have to look it up.

  1. On MiLB, Mario Hollands is listed on the Lakewood Blueclaws roster. He is on the 7 day DL.

  2. The decison to leave Austin Brough in the extended training is a terrible one. His potential far outweighs the politics involved in the process. As the old saying goes, “Just let the boys play.”

        1. Did not find them, or any of the others on this list. In fact, Smith was mentioned as returning from the DL and no mention of subsequent release, so maybe these guys are still around, but I doubt it. I don’t recall seeing their names on any of the workout groups, so maybe I scratched them off for that reason.

      1. Yeah, he was restricted, and usually when a player in the minors becomes restricted like that it is because they took off, left, without bothering to retire or such. And then they are designated Restricted , so as they don’t find a back door path to Unrestricted Free Agent status. I believe if somebody conducted a search at Extended Spring Training, I still don’t think you will find Jeffrey Cusick as a participant. But, who knows?

  3. I have 33 , so, yeah, a Short Season team is required to have 15 pitchers (GCL) and maybe the same in WPT, for the 35 and 30 roster limits, so I expect some Latin American pitchers will return to the VSL and DSL once those seasons begin. Shouldn’t be too long now for the VSL .

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