Lehigh Valley Roster Complete

The final three names have been added to the Lehigh Valley roster after final cuts were made from Phillies camp.  OF Scott Podsednik, INF Hector Luna and P Raul Valdes will all be joining the IronPigs in time for opening night tomorrow.  Congrats to much maligned Joe Savery for earning an opening day roster spot with the Phils.

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  1. What a blessing for the Phillies to have players of this caliber at AAA. I’m sure we will see all of them during this season. They should prove to be a plus for the major league team and another vehicle for Ryne Sandberg to get recognition as a superior manager. Looks like another great season for the Iron Pigs.

    1. After Colvin and Biddle, I see five starters for three spots: Bonilla, Claypool, Garner, Morgan, and Wright. Any sense of who will be the odd men out? The placement suggests that the Phillies may not envision Colvin staying in Clearwater all that long . . .

      1. I’d guess that Claypool and Wright are the odd guys out at this point. Bonilla has the highest ceiling and Garner/Morgan were both higher round picks.

      2. Bonilla and Claypool have been working entirely out of the pen so far. The starters are Garner, Morgan and Wright in addition to Colvin and Biddle. The plan is to add Nick Hernandez to this mix in two months also.

        1. I imagine Bonilla will spend a few months in the bullpen and then be switch to the rotation, probably swapped with Garner because he hasn’t pitched much. They can control their innings easier this way.

    2. Maybe it slipped past me in the past, but it seems like the Phillies “double jumped” many more players this year than most years. I only remember one last year, Cesar Hernandez.
      This year they jumped Adam Morgan, Perci Garner, Cody Asche and Lavin to Clearwater. They double jumped the Canadian pitcher, Jay Johnson, to Reading. They also started Eldemire in full season, so that is basically a double jump. They are usually very cautious with promotions.

        1. They send college guys to Lakewood all of the time. This year they are either being aggressive or pushing guys out of the way.

    3. The pitching staff is full of prospects. The position players are plain old boring. The 7 starting pitchers are guys who I think are pretty darn good. I assume Bonilla might be a closer or set-up guy early. Garner might be used as a reliever early too. Claypool might also see some time there. Sosa and Neris will be interesting to see in the bullpen.

      They’ve got 3 3rd basemen (Barnes, Asche and Alonzo). Duran’s a guy I’d like to see make some noise. Asche needs to kick it into high gear. The OF is boring although I like Alvarez but don’t think we’ll see him in Philly anytime. Murph will hit some HRs but he’s hardly a prospect.

    4. Two pitchers I can’t find on a roster susprisingly are Hollands and Brittingham. Did I miss them somewhere or were they released?

        1. Wow. I wonder why would they send Hollands to to extended spring instead of just sending Kleven to EXT. Kleven didn’t have a great year at Wiliamsport. It would seem that they could start the older pitcher over again at Lakewood, and bring Kleven up when/if someone gets moved up or fails.

      1. I think you meant Birmingham. And that’s a good question. I thought he’d be on the Clearwater roster.

        1. Thanks, yes, that’s the guy I meant. He was an undrafted guy who threw the ball great at several stops last year and had apparently been told that he would start this year in CWater. Very odd…

      2. I think you mean Birmingham. I am surprised not to see them also. Perhaps they are injured or trying to work on some kinks in extended spring training.

  2. Does anyone have news on Jorge Soler because I heard he was going to become a free agent but no news yet.

    1. Latest heard as of end-of March,,,five teams in the running….three AL clubs…Jays, Yanks and Sox and two NL clubs, Phillies and Cubbies. Rumor has Cubs dangling most money.

  3. Will be interesting to see how Charlie and Dubee use the pen – I assume to start it will be as follows:

    Papelbon – closer
    Qualls / Bastardo – 8th inning guys depending on matchups
    Kendrick – long reliever
    Stutes / Herndon – 7th inning guys
    Savery – lefty matchups in non critical situations

    As we’ve seen in the past, Dubee will quickly move the most effective guy into the 8th inning role like they did Bastardo last year. With Contreras, DeFratus, Diekman, and Aumont waiting in the wings, it will be an interesting evolution this year in the pen.

    1. I think Kendrick’s going to establish himself as a 7th inning guy before the season ends (sort of the new Chad Durbin). .

      Personally, I think Herndon is going to be the primary long man until Contreras comes back.

      9th: Papelbon (duh)
      8th: Contreras
      7th: Bastardo
      Middle: Kendrick, Savery, Qualls, Stutes

      1. I think they like having Kendrick available as a starter if needed. He can be quite effective. They won’t use him in short relief except for an extraordinary circumstance.

        1. Yeah, the reason I listed Kendrick as a long man is I think they want to keep him stretched out in case they need him as a starter. If Hyatt or someone else proves to be a very viable 6th option over the first half of this season, I could see them moving Kendrick into a more valuable short inning guy in the pen if that need should arise.

    2. I’ll bet you thought this was the open discussion section. You tried to sneak in the possibility of a prospect post by mentioning DeFratus, Diekman and Aumont.

      1. Thanks for the reminder. My mistake.
        To get back to prospect mode, this is the second straight year they have postponed Barnes’ move to the next level. He has been a good hitter.
        Maybe they want to keep a couple of hitters in the lineup here. The team does not have much offensive capability. It has a number of position players that have been passed by players newer to the system. Save the Threshers!

        1. Keeping Barnes back was a surprise especially when it was done just to provide at bats at Reading for Kennelly and Tug Hulett. At one point I used to think that Barnes had a chance to be a major league utility guy but I don’t really think he even has that as a ceiling any longer.
          Games start tomorrow!!!!!

          1. That was my feeling on Barnes when he came through Williamsport. Reminded me a lot of Marcus Giles. Really gets to the fastball well, enough pop in the bat to make you conscious of not making a mistake to him, solid enough with the glove that you didn’t really have to worry about him in the field. He always struck me as a guy who could climb quickly and play that Pete Orr role – although without the speed. At this point, I don’t know what the deal is with him.

      2. Yeah I screwed up to, saw the Soler question and went with mine. My bad.

  4. Did Luis Montanez go to AAA ? I think he had the highest BA is spring training . Not much power but a very good OF who makes contact .

      1. . “What I can say about the Phillies is it’s very family-oriented and it’s also an oagonizatirn from top to bottom. They get everybody included. Everybody feels important. There’s tremendous communication up and down the lines and really everybody is on the same page and has the same goals and that is to win a World Series at the major league level. That’s the goal. That’s what everybody talks about.” My what a novel approach. Maybe we should try that sometime.

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