57 thoughts on “Arizona Fall League Update, 15 October 2011

    1. Just having Gillies on the field is good. He seems to be the most important guy there for the Phils…w Overbeck and Cloyd the next. A few more base hits would be good; but even as an intro to AA/AAA? ball in ’12. Health issues to be conquered?

      Overbeck because of Howard @ DL; Cloyd as a “surprise” advance toward AAA LV @ ’12s start, maybe up as a midseason candidate like Worley was.

    2. Azrider…….a poster who saw him play a few nights ago, inferred his swing evidently needs more work. His slash line is respectable for a small sampling—313/542/854, with 7 BBs in 23 PAs, but 5 Ks. He has no power at all. Hopefully he gets his swing back to square up more often on the ball.

  1. Nice to see overbeck hitting well maybe a bench spot for the Phillies this year or a nice call-up.
    Also, diekman AAA-closer?

  2. Tyson Gillies blogs from Arizona:
    Hey, Everybody!
    Tyson Gillies with the Phillies here to talk a little bit about life in the AFL! Its neared two years since I’ve felt what it’s like to be a part of a team again. I have spent the last couple seasons battling injuries and just trying to make it back to this game we love. My hamstring went out in May of 2010 in Reading Pa. It wasn’t till almost a year later when I had found that it wasn’t my hamstring causing the problem at all. The functioning of my hip and groin seemed to be non-existing and was just making my hamstring compensate so much for the both of them. Finally getting all that taken care of and many hour of rehab I was ready to get back on the field better than ever! It was only my second game back when I was beating out an infield single and I stepped right on top of the first basemen’s foot. I spent two weeks playing on the injured foot before finding out I had a very deep bone bruise and ligament damage…Playing through the pain of the foot was fine. It was the foot that was causing my other hamstring to become very sore. I had been putting so much pressure on that leg all the time and it couldn’t hold it anymore. I told myself I would be smart this time and I knew how hard it was to come back from a hamstring injury.

    I am just so relieved and happy to be back on the field again. I truly missed being a part of something special. People who know me know I just love to run around all over the place. There is no worse feeling then feeling restricted of doing the things you love in this world. So I’m back in the habit and going fast again like Ricky Bobby! I am hoping to show some people that I can still play a little bit. The main goal for me here is to let everyone know that I’m healthy and ready to move on with my career.

    All and all it has been a great time down here and the guys on the team have been awesome. It’s always good to meet new people and learn from them. We all have so much fun together already. We go by #scorpnation and some may even call me the Scorpion King! hahaa…I have been teaching these guys the way of life….and what it’s like to become men. haha!

    1. Thanks for the blogpost. Where can I find the site he is posting? As long as its cool wit phuturephill to give out.

    1. Its important to remember that the AFL is typically a huge hitter’s league…so offense is a bit inflated across the board.

  3. Gose always had a little pop. That’s why he’s such a good prospect. Huge combo of pop, speed, and defense.

      1. If Gose is posting a 340 OBP in Toronto, AA is going to be thrilled. With his speed and defense? That’s a great player. Not convinced we’ll actually see that out of him, though. (He’s posted exactly one season at that level, and we don’t know yet if it’s a career year or sign of things to come.)

        1. Is it reasonable to say his upside is a Bourn-type player with a little more power? That’s a pretty good player right there.

    1. Crawford with an arm that is. Dont forget he could bring it as a LHP in HS. Crawford’s arm strength is up there with Juan Pierre…kinda why he’s a LF in the first place.

      1. Its really impossible to say what Gillies might be at this point. First and foremost, he needs to stay healthy and he needs to stay healthy while he’s still running around and playing his game. Its tough to lose two years and get that back to that level. We’ll see.
        As for Gose, everyone loves him and I would too if he was still ours. One reg flag though is his batting avg. Will he be Chris Young? He has more power than crawford btw.

  4. Hopefully, he can do more, but at the very least, I suspect that JRod will be pitching out of the Phillies bullpen late next season.

    1. I remember outstanding players in this competition in the past. Justin Smoak jumps out as having a great world cup. He is trying to learn how to play at the major league level now showing power, but not a great batting average. Let’s see about Rodriguez. This year will tell a lot about his future. I don’t see him as a reliever. I think that if he does well in AA, he will be ticketed as a starter. He just doesn’t seem a reliever type.

      1. Agreed – he seems to be a classic starting pitcher. Great pitches, poise, deception but not a particular “out” pitch or fabulous velocity.

        1. All experts claim JRod has no ‘out’ pitch or velo is just average……with a 4 year MiLB career WHIP of 1.06 and SO/9 rate of 10.5…he must have something that is more then smoke and mirrors and ‘deception’.

          1. You can be a pretty good pitcher if you throw multiple average to above average pitches, have good deception and excellent command. Examples? Jair Jurrgens, Adam Wainwright, etc. . . .

            My suspicion, however, is that his velocity is probably a bit better than advertised.

          2. Not that I disagree with catch’s response, and not that this necessarily applies to JRod, but the fact is that no, you don’t need much more than smoke, mirrors, deception and (important addition) command to get players out below AA. It’s one thing to say that JRod has better stuff than the scouts think, or to point out pitchers who succeed despite low velocity, but to simply say “no, no, his numbers are too good for the scouts to be right” ignores the fact that there are, indeed, pitchers who fit JRod’s profile who do indeed excel in the low minors and then hit a wall in AA. Now, I don’t know that that accurately describes JRod, and I hope it doesn’t, but it’s not enough to merely point to K rates and WHIP rates and say that that by itself proves that he is a top prospect.

            1. …now, otoh, have there been good MLB pitchers with poor MiLB WHIPS, poor SO/9, poor BB/9 and high ERAs? IMO, he deserves the benefit of the doubt and come next year at this time we will know his status a lot more clearer.

      2. I am thinking of him as a reliever because:

        a) His fastball out of the bullpen will probably have more velocity and this is seems to be one of his major issues. I saw him hit 93-94 as a reliever in Lakewood, but as a starter he seems to have and
        b) He will have to wait longer to crack the starting rotation which is overcrowded right now, even if Oswalt walks.

        1. JRod has a little over 300 innings under his belt in MiLB. The old axiom for development was 500 innings. Did you expect him to ‘crack the starting rotation’ anytime in 2012?

          1. No, as I said, I expect him to be in the Phillies bullpen late next year. There will be more opportunities there.

  5. It sounds like Gillies’ injury woes are finally behind him.
    He should start at Reading next year with an eye toward a mid-season promotion to LV.

  6. Pan AM Games start play on Thursday, October 20th in Mexico….Phillies have any representation on the country rosters?

        1. The World Cup just ended. That’s different from the Pan-Am Games, which I believe are part of a larger Olympic-like sports competition. The World Cup is every two years, the Pan-Am Games are every four.

    1. Tough day for Tyson in the outfield as well as the plate, Cloyd’s line not looking so great today but it seems like he still pitched well based on the play by play. Both triples off Cloyd were at Gillies? Starting to really miss Gose.

      1. He’s shaking off the rust. No reason to give up on Gillies. I expect a great season out of him if he can stay healthy. He was always my favorite out of the Lee trade.

      2. You mean a triple can’t be hit against a good OF? Not sure I get the point unless he somehow misplayed them into triples?

        1. Obviously, as mentioned above, two years off and being rusty applies to fielding as well as hitting, he just needs to work on his routes and I’m sure he’ll be fine in the field. It did say he deflected the ball all the way into left field when the left fielder was right there to back him up, so I’d say he misplayed that one into a tripple?

  7. Just wondering – did KLaw love A Gose as much when he was in the Phillies system as he does now?? Or has this man-crush only begun since we traded him??

    1. No, he didn’t give him as much love when he was with the Phillies, and with good reason. He hated the swing. Apparently the Blue Jays completely re-worked his swing and the hit tool has improved dramatically since then. With that improvement has come a lot of buzz around his play in the AFL, and not just from KLaw.

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