‘Pigs Fly, ‘Pigs Fly

The days of Mike Rouse, TJ Bohn, Ron Chiavacci and Dave Huppert are now gone and forgotten as Lehigh Valley have completed their sweep of Pawtucket to move onto the International League Championship Series against Columbus (Indians affiliate).  The names replacing those above are Galvis, Bass, Moss and Ryne Sandberg, along with  21 others who have brought a brand new brand of baseball to the Lehigh Valley that includes aggressiveness ,attention to detail ,and fundamentals.

The ‘Pigs completed the sweep with a 3-1 win on Saturday evening in Pawtucket, and will begin the best of five series for the Governors Cup Tuesday in Columbus.  The first two games of the series will be in Columbus, before the series returns to Lehigh Valley for the final three games. The ‘Pigs again scored early with Rich Thompson acting as the catalyst once again.  In the first inning, Thompson singled, stole second, advanced to 3rd on a ground out and then scored on a Kevin Frandsen ground out. The ‘Pigs tacked on another run in the 2nd inning when Josh Barfield launched a solo homer off of Pawtucket starter Alex Wilson.

Thompson was at it again in the 6th when he doubled, advanced to 3rd on a ground out and then scored on a Kevin Frandsen fielders choice, giving Lehigh Valley a 3-0 lead.   Starter Brian Bass cruised along with yet another outstanding effort, allowing Pawtucket their lone run in the 9th (unearned) when Hector Luna singled and got into scoring position on a throwing error by Kevin Frandsen. Luna eventually scored on a sacrifice fly. Bass allowed just five hits in throwing a complete game, and had allowed just one baserunner past first base in the first six innings.

Notes: Domonic Brown once again did not play the field, going 0-4 with two strikeouts as the DH.  Brown has not played the field since the awful night he had in LF at Coca Cola Park, 10 ten days ago.

Scott Mathieson had been scheduled to start Game 4 in Pawtucket if necessary.  No word on how the ‘Pigs will align their rotation with two days off before the next series.  I will post the probables when they are announced.

50 thoughts on “‘Pigs Fly, ‘Pigs Fly

  1. Remember this when some horse’s butt tells you the manager only makes a difference in three or four games a season.

    1. Sigh.

      Of course this season had nothing to do with having significantly better players this season than in the past.

    2. I believe the actual argument is that a manager’s GAME decisions usually only affect the outcome of 3-4 games a year. A manager’s real skills come before and after the game in how they set expectations, handle egos, resolve conflicts, etc.

      1. That is bs . How many times has even Cholly left you shaking your head? How is the Lehigh roster so much better than other years. Young relievers ok. The starting pitching is worse. Please explain.

        1. Game management is overrated. People management is not. Charlie and Sandberg are really good people managers.
          Bobby Cox was one of the world’s worst game managers. It helps to have your players believe in you and it helps to have pitching.

  2. Great year for the Iron Pigs…Bass has been strong the last few starts. Iron Pigs in four and then a few players get to celebrate with a call-up to big team for the last two weeks of the season. Thinking Galvis, Kratz, Mathieson, and Zagurski. I’m just not getting that good feeling for Brown. Seems like they are even afraid to play him in the outfield in AAA. I would love to see Moss and Savery some how get called up but not sure how they do that since they are not on the 40 man.

    1. Moss and Savery could still get called up if the Phillies move Garcia and Naylor to the 60 day disabled list. Also, Perez could be taken off the 40 man roster if he is not called up. One of those moves will need to be made just to add Kratz, since he isn’t on the 40 man roster either.

      1. I know teams normally add a 3rd catcher in September but considering by the time the Pigs year is done, the Phils will only have 11 or 12 games left do they really need to add a 3rd catcher? I believe they would likely use a 40 man spot on Moss and maybe Aumont. With Utley, Rollins, and Valdez all not 100%, I thought maybe we’d see Rivero called up as insurance.

        1. Wouldn’t mind seeing Galvis get that call. Can’t hurt, right? He’s got the glove for SS, so he can probably play 2b just fine, and 3b in a pinch. That and he’s clearly a slugger in the making, so hit him 4th and watch him bomb away.

  3. I can only imagine that the major issue for Brown centers around his mental state. Regardless of whether or not he is capable of hitting at the ML level, we know he can hit a AAA. He has done so on multiple stops in Lehigh Valley. He is now unable to field or hit at AAA. It is almost painful to see the former #1 prospect in ALL of baseball performing so poorly. I hope he can get himself back together for next season.

    1. He was the #1 prospect in all of baseball for like a month.

      I love Brown and am a big supporter of him. I think they should send him to that mental coach who worked with Hamels.

  4. Seems to be the first time he’s really faced any adversity in the game. Will be interesting to see how he handles it this off season.

    1. We all said that in March when he struggled with the Phils, bombed out of winter ball, and then continued to have problems in Spring Training.

      He then responded with a great month in AAA and hitting at a MLB average level while he was up.

      1. True but they protected him in winterball by pulling him out early. His troubles in ST were explained away due to the hand injury.

        I’m a Dom Brown fan but he’s going to have to show the mental toughness to rebound from a difficult season.

  5. I’m getting sick and tired of hearing about dominic browns shit performance. End his year, try again next and if he still sucks just keep benching him until he fixes it. Extended spring training perhaps?

    I will say, my condfidence in his success is down to 10%.

          1. He’d get fleeced. The Bluejays have won pretty much every trade they’ve made under AA. The Halladay deal’s a wash but their GM is REALLY good.

            That said, they won’t trade Lawrie. He’s going to be the face of their franchise,

            1. If AA were looking for a “face of the franchise,” he’d probably be looking to trade Lawrie–rather infamously a jerk–in a second. He’s also probably going to end up in the outfield, so you’d be trading outfielder for outfielder on the basis of Lawrie’s, what, 100 at bats in the majors? There’s a reason GMs aren’t picked off of internet message boards.

            2. Not sure the Halladay deal is a wash at this point, with no one the Phillies traded having a real impact in the majors yet. Drabek was awful after a promising start.

            3. Agreed. Someone the Phillies traded for Halladay is going to have to do something in the majors before it can be considered a wash.

      1. Lawrie is looking very good right now. The Jays think he will stick at 3B.

        I’d trade Brown for Lawrie in a NY minute, but I don’t think the Jays would trade Lawrie. Even if you added Worley. If you throw in Savery and Rizzotti, though, how could the Jays refuse?

  6. Rizzotti’s performance in the playoffs just now (o hits, 1 walk in 4 games) does not improve his value.

  7. Since there’s no R-Phils discussion thread. I got a look at Jacob Diekman tonight. Interesting in that he’s a side-arming lefty throwing 91-94 mph. His stats sum him up. Swing and miss stuff, little command. I feel he’s a sleeper though, the kind of pitcher who could become something with a tweak or two. Certainly LOOGY potential.

      1. I’d say Diekman has better than a small chance. I’m thinking 50/50. He probably wouldn’t stick, but some team is going to take a look. Lefty relievers are probably the most prized commodity in the Rule 5. Except for potential superstars, which are virtually non-existent since the eligibility rules were changed.

    1. At some point. maybe 2013, he has to be considered the lefty along with Bastardo and/or Savery out of the bullpen……….. And those who say that Charlie has aversions to LOOGYs, how did he use Scott Ayre’s?

        1. My bad, thought Scott Eyre was a lefthanded relief specialist who was brought in for the very next lefthanded batter due up—and then stay in on occasion for any righthanded bats—depending on the circumstances.

  8. Congratulations to Sandberg and his Iron Pigs for their accomplishment. Also to the Phillies free agent signings that improved the team’s chances of winning. Tough losses for the Reading pitching staff. Cloyd, Hyatt, and Brummett were outstanding, but the New Hampshire pitchers were even better. Does this free-up Hyatt or Cloyd for a start for the Phillies this month?

  9. September call-ups. Guys I’d like to see (in the order of priority):

    1. DeFratus
    2. Galvis
    3. Aumont
    4. Moss
    5. Hyatt (very unlikely)
    6. Savery
    7. Cloyd (won’t happen)
    8. Mitchell (won’t happen)

  10. Having been to playoff games in Scranton and Reading, it’s amazing the buzz the Ironpigs have. They drew 7500 on the game I attended. Playoff crowds are usually a third of that.

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