Brandon Moss leads Lehigh Valley to a 2-0 series lead

Three hits by Brandon Moss  including a walkoff RBI single led the way to a 3-2 victory in ten innings  for Lehigh Valley, giving the ‘Pigs a 2-0 series lead.  Moss, who is now 5-7 with 2 homers in the series has been dominating Pawtucket pitching. 

Pawtucket jumped out on Lehigh Valley with a run in the first inning on an RBI double by Lars Anderson.  Brandon Moss answered with a long homerun to dead center to tie the game at one in the 2nd.  When Moss came up again in the third, he broke the tie when he laced an RBI double, scoring Scott Podsednik who had walked.

‘Pigs starter Ryan Edell was very effective once again, going 5.2 innings, giving up just a run on 3 hits.  He walked 2 and struck out 3.  Edell gave way to Mike Zagurski who got out of a tough spot in the 6th, inducing a Lars Anderson ground out with two men on.  A huge mental error (and physical error) by Tagg Bozied cost the ‘Pigs in the 8th, when Che Lin attempted a bunt for a base hit, Bozied attempted to tag Lin, rather than run to the bag and Lin got under the tag, allowing the PawSox a leadoff baserunner. Lin went to second on a wild pitch by Phillipe Aumont, was sacrificed t0 third, and scored on an RBI double by Daniel Nava to tie the game in the 8th inning. Justin DeFratus came in to pitch the ninth and tenth for Lehigh Valley and was exceptional, striking out 5 of the 6 hitters he faced to earn the win, in relief of Aumont. 

Notes: The series goes to Pawtucket for the next three, with Brian Bass, Scott Mathieson, and Nate Bump the scheduled starters. Lehigh Valley needs just one victory to clinch the best of five series. The winner of this series will face Columbus, who completed their series sweep of Durham.

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  1. Cool. Just heard the fireworks going off and was wondering if they won.
    How was the attendance tonight? Hopefully better than last night. Beautiful night for baseball and fireworks in the Lehigh Valley tonight.

  2. I really hope the Phils hold onto Sandburg……………he would be the PERFECT replacement for CM after 2013.

  3. DeFratus with 5ks in 2 innings. Could he be a “Kimbrel” type player for the Phillies next year. He almost had 100Ks in the reg season…99Ks in 75 innings.

  4. Reading won tonight as well up in Manchester, NH to tie the series at 1 game apiece. They return to Reading for games 3 & 4 this weekend. Apparently tickets are available for purchase. Come out & support them, its worth a trip to “Baseballtown” if you haven’t made it during the regular season!

    1. I think his stuff plays up in the bullpen and would be an HUGE upgrade over Herndon. He’d be a nice guy to come in and pitch multiple innings.

    2. I am not a fan of the “pitch to contact” approach; in fact, I think it’s downright stupid. Yes, it is probably counterproductive and inefficient to try to strike everybody out, but the goal is to try to make the hitters miss or poorly strike the ball as often as possible. You do this by trying to fool or overpower the hitter, not get the guy to hit the ball.

      Well, we all see how well the “pitch to contact” has worked with Ramirez.

      1. I remember an old batting coach preaching that he never tries to change a batter’s style
        because that is what got him to the majors. The same must hold for pitching and the minors. It’s not like Ramirez had no success for his age. Like Aumont he will probably revert back when he gets sick of interference. Why did they trade for these guys if they felt they had to change them. Certainly Aumont would of been in the major if they hadn’t
        prolonged the starter thing. Resign Madsen and don’t fall into the FA trap and 2012 will take care of itself naturally.

      2. I think “pitch to contact” is just another way of saying “throw strikes”. I highly doubt that the coaches are telling Ramirez to throw the ball down the middle or try to let the batter make good contact with the ball. It would make no sense. I think they just don’t want him to be afraid of contact, thereby limiting his walks.

        Halladay and Lee both say that they want quick at bats where hitters put the ball in play early and it seems to work out for them.

        1. I think it is more than about throwing strikes. It is about an approach where you allow the other team to hit the ball and expect your fielders to get outs. It is fairly counterproductive and there is no way you can compare the sophisticated approaches taken by Lee and Hallladay to what is likely being taught to Ramirez.

        2. Handzus……..have you checked out Halladay and Lee and where they rank in strikeouts?
          Their pitch-counts for 8/9 innings of work is normally 110plus.

      3. Catch, don’t think you really understand what the phrase means.

        Pitching to contact is simply wanting the pitcher to learn how to throw quality strikes early in counts and not continually run deep counts. It allows them to pitch deeper into games and save the bullpen. It’s a skill that Worley needs to do a better job with so his pitch counts aren’t always in the 100’s by the 6th inning.

        Roy Halladay is the poster child for pitching to contact. He gets strikeouts because his stuff is so good but if you watch him pitch, he throws quality strikes that get put into play early in counts, especially when there aren’t runners on base. It’s what allows him to pitch so many complete games.

  5. I know that Brandon Moss was tickwed when the Phillies grabbed John Bowker, but I think it was very classy and honorable of the Phillies to leave Ryne Sandberg with his troops while he had a chance to win a ring. Remember, he never had that feeling in Chicago. Moss is showing everyone his skills…he’ll be OK. And if Ryne Sandberg can be a champion, then the Phillies , Moss, and Sandberg will all be winners.

    1. I think Moss can still make the post-season roster for the Phils if he replaces an injured player (Bowker might have an ingrown toenail or something pop up). 😉

  6. Is it true the Phillies wanted Ramirez to “pitch to contact” this year causing him to have a “down” year.

  7. DeFratus seems to have thrived recently at LV after a somewhat shaky start there. Good bb/inn rate; more Ks than innings. Low BA against. Does he have a third pitch? (Change-up?)

    He could vie with Schwim for a place in the pen in ’12. Kinda good recovery.

    1. It is getting to the point where DeFratus has surged ahead of Aumont (if only because of his consistency and low walk rates). I would really like to see him get some outings in the big leagues before the season is over. There’s a good chance that, right now, he is better, perhaps quite a bit better, than several of the current bullpen members, including Lidge is who is in danger of being exposed at the most inopportune moment. I think it is unlikely that the Phillies would take any chances with their bullpen in the postseason (because that’s just not their M.O.), but it’s not unheard of (K-Rod appeared in only 5 regular season games the year Angels won the World Series; granted, he struck almost everyone out, but, still, he was hardly a stalwart of that bullpen during that regular season).

      1. Having now seen DeFratus quite a few times, it seems he is significantly ahead of Aumont. DeFratus clearly has the “stuff” to pitch in the majors and he seems to be mastering the “how to pitch” at the upper levels now as well. Gonna be quite a fight for bullpen spots next season.

  8. I listened to a bit of the game and I heard the announcer say this was the 1st playoff victory for Reading in 10 years and 1 day. Has it been that long?

  9. I think DeFratus and Schwimer has a bullpen spot locked up for 2012. Can’t count on Contreras, Lidge is probably gone and who knows about Madson. If he leaves all you have is Bastardo and Stutes. Ad Schwim and DeFratus to that mix and it is a nice young bullpen

    1. Will depend on how they do in ST. They aren’t going to guarantee a bullpen spot to guys will lilttle/no ML experience.

  10. And Galvis scores the winning run after leading off with an infield single in the 10th.

    In the Reading game, Mitchell knocked in 5 runs on 3 hits including a 2B and 3B. Everybody was hitting except for Rizz. Hanzawa is hitting .333 in the series. I note it because it just goes to show you that in a short series anything can happen.

  11. Disagree that either Schwimer or DeFratus have bullpen spots locked up for next season. They both will get some time in the majors, but I don’t think they are locks to stay on the active roster out of spring or most of the year.
    Having watched Schwimer, I don’t think he is better than Herndon. So he is a fringe bullpen piece at best. De Fratus’ “stuff” isn’t better than Aumont’s, and this year showed the team would promote the guy with the best “stuff”, regardless of bb%, when they promoted Stutes. If Aumont shows any control in spring training, I think he gets called up before DeFratus.
    Also, when the Phillies come to their senses, and put Ramirez in the bull-pen, he might be better than all of them.

    1. I think ST will determine a lot, in terms of who makes the team in April and who goes back to LhV, but I suspect DeFratus will make the team out of ST, but that they will want Aumont, who occasionally struggles with command and confidence, and could use more time practing the closer role, to continue to refine his skills. I think Aumont has the potential to be one of the best bullpen arms in the majors (I also think he has the potential to return to the starting rotation and become a horse, but that’s another issue), but his psyche can be a little fragile. They are going to be careful with him and rightfully so.

    2. You were able to judge Schwimer off 6 MLB innings that he will never be anything more than a fringe pitcher? Or are you including his lights out minor league time as part of the basis for him being incapable of being a MLB pitcher?

      1. agreed. If that is all you gave everyone you would be out of luck. Player need to learn WHAT to adjust to.

      2. The words incapable of being a Major league pitcher are nowhere in my post. Schwimer is already a Major league pitcher. Herndon is a major league pitcher, Clay Condrey was a major league pitcher. There is value in that. I just don’t see Schwimer’s position on the team as being a lock next season… and yes, I make that determination based on the 6 ML innings I saw from him.

    3. I like the patience Parent has shown with Ramirez. He does have the stuff and the arm. Let him gain the skill with command and control. He won’t be very good without them in the bullpen or as a starter. I think he will be with LHV in 2012. Just one more step where he’ll have a chance to master the breaking pitches, as Hyatt has done this year.

  12. After watching the exciting game on a great night in Allentown, it is seems to me that 1–Justin DeFratus is the closer of the future or at least should be on the Phillies roster next season, 2-Brandon Moss is a clutch left handed hitter with alot of pop to his bat (he blasted two–home run and double- in the game last night) and the Phillies ought to give some thought to hanging on to him–he should have gotten a call up this year, 3-Freddie Galvis will be the Phillies shortstop in s few years–he is not ready yet–maybe try to keep Rollins for 2 more years to give Galvis more time to develp.

    1. Bringing Freddy up in two years would be ideal—-and practically everyone on this site would probably agree with that thought—-but it all comes down to JRoll’s contract issue, length and amount, and that may drive the arguement.

  13. That dang Durham!

    If they had won, I’d have playoff baseball 3 minutes from my house here in old NC. One of the more beautiful parks in baseball also, with very cool surroundings, restaurants, parks, downtown, etc. I missed the LHV series earlier, on vacation with the fambly.

  14. I thought JC Ramirez would be back in Reading in 2012 but with his last 3 starts in the regular season and his game last night I feel he will be at Lehigh Valley with Hyatt, Cloyd, and either Naylor or Mathieson (I think one of them is gone), with possibly a veteran minor leaguer as the #5 pitcher (maybe Edell).

      1. The Cliff Lee trade returns are starting to look better—-as Meatloaf would say, ‘2 out of 3 ain’t bad’.

        1. I guess I am a bit premature on that ‘2 out of 3 aint bad’ comment. A Tyson Gillies posting was put on Open Discussion and he says he is coming around and ready to go it would appear for the AFL. Good luck Tyson.

  15. Didn’t someone in the Phils front office say that De Fratus would be starting next year in AAA pretty much no matter what? I seem to remember something along those lines.

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