Three More Reassigned to Minor League Camp

The Phils have reassigned catchers Dane Sardinha and Tuffy Gosewisch, along with Josh Barfield to their Minor League Camp on Sunday.  This leaves Luis Castillo, Michael Martinez, Delwyn Young, and Pete Orr competing for two open roster spots as the Spring Training schedule enters it final days.  Barfield, 28, impressed with his bat in Spring Training, but it appears the Phils were looking for a more dependable glove at 2B.  Barfield should open as the Lehigh Valley 2B, however, he does have an out clause in his contract that would allow him to leave the organization if he is not on a major league roster by June 1.

A couple of other notes of potential interest:  Joe Savery had another two hit day, including a homer in the AA game yesterday.

Brody Colvin had a rough go of it yesterday as he was not able to find the strike zone, walking six in his four innings of work.  Colvin had run several deep counts and was hit relatively hard in his prior start as well.

The Phils 7th Round pick last season, David Buchanan gave up just a run in 4.1 innings in the Low A game.  Both Zach Collier and Matt Payton had two hits.

There had been some talk of Scott Mathieson’s discontent on getting sent down on Saturday. As a 27 year old, Mathieson may be getting a bit impatient to get a legitimate shot in the bigs with the Phils.  While his Spring numbers looked good, the Phils brass have said that they want to see his command improve.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go in a trade over the next couple of weeks, opening up a spot on the 40.

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  1. I think this might not be the best time to trade Scott Mathieson, depending, of course, on what is being offered. He’s probably not worth much on the open market due to his age, command issues and injury history, but, if he can command even one breaking pitch, he has a pretty fair upside. The Phillies won’t tolerate too much discord in the clubhouse, but I can understand why Mathieson is anxious. I also remember a certain fellow named Ryan Howard demanding a trade. Hopefully, the Mathieson thing will work its way out. Maybe a team with a surplus young outfielder will go for a trade package that includes Mathieson.

    By the way, people are saying that it’s Charlie who is pushing for the older relievers (Contreras is fine, but Baez is still a disaster waiting to happen). That may be true, but I think Charlie increasingly trusts Dubee on these things. If Dubee pushes for a guy, Charlie will probably relent. I think Dubee loves Stutes and wouldn’t be surprised to see him go north with the team.

    1. Lucky for us, Scottys not in the clubhouse. Hes in AAA where he can poison the career minor leaguers to his hearts content.

      As for Stutes, they already sent him down. Im pretty sure that means hes not starting with the team this year, but I wouldnt be surprised to see him in Philly at some point this year.

      1. I can guarantee you that Mathieson won’t poison anything. He generally has a great attitude and his comments simply suggest he was frustrated. He will have his mind right.

        1. Absolutely. Met Mathieson, really nice guy. I can understand if he’s frustrated. He got hurt in 2006, he’s nearing almost five full seasons in his comeback attempt. That has to be tremendously frustrating.

          1. Agree. I also met him. Good guy. The way he worded his frustration was classy and understated. Wants to be a Philly but it’s time for him to get a chance to paly inthe big leagues. Hard to argue with that.

            That said, I saw him pitch in the Group 3 (High A) game Saturday. His FB was up, but he got a lot of swings and misses on his splitter, 2 Ks on it, I believe. The split looked good. I think the Phils just want him to master that pitch over time in real games. If he does that, he could be a factor this year in our pen.

    2. Not to be insensitive but if Mathieson wanted to make the MLB roster, he probably should have had better control and not walked 6 in 9 innings. Basically, put up or shut up. Hell, at this point, Stutes is probably ahead of him on the callup list.

      1. NEPP – well said in my opinion. I know he’s been back from injury for a while but up until late last year he did not have the secondary pitches to get guys out in the big leagues. He now has 2 secondary pitches that if he can deomonstrate command of, I believe the Phils have faith he can be a big league pitcher. Unfortunately for him, the first time he had a chance to show the brass that he could get guys out with his new repetiore, he failed this spring by not having good command and walking guys. There is nothing unfair about this. Now he needs to go down to AAA and prove he should be the first one called up and if he does, he will be.

  2. Can someone explain the love affair the beat writers seem to have with stutes this spring? I look at his numbers and see that he has consistently walked more than 3.5/9 at all levels, suggesting some command issues. He did not even make PP’s top 30 list either.

  3. Agreed, I don’t care what the numbers say, I’ve seen him pitch several times this spring and if you watch the swings guys are getting off him, his stuff must be real good…

  4. Saverys coming out swinging. Probably wont ever make a difference with the Phillies, but who doesnt love the underdog? Im really pulling for him.

  5. Stutes has very good stuff, his problem was a lack of control. He has shown improved control this Spring. Caveats about sample size apply, but he absolutely could step forward this season.

  6. I certainly hope stutes does well this year along with all of the other reliever prospects at the higher levels. It is practically guaranteed 1-2 of them will be needed to provide some help this year. And a bunch will be needed next year and beyond.

  7. Met Mathieson at a Hamels kids camp for my 8 yr old. Not a classier guy out there and well spoken. He could play for 25 other teams but is backed up because he has an option.
    Putting up a 2 era and the stats he did in spring should get him on any team. Wait for Herdon and Baez to blow up and he will be there. I would be upset if they traded him away and see injuries or blowups in the pen like last year.

    1. The fact that Mathieson could not overwhelmingly beat out guys like Baez, Herndon and Kendrick is a bigger indictment on his ability than anything. And stop with the options issue. Herndon and Kendrick have options, too. He isn’t the only nice guy trying to make a team, who isn’t good enough.

      1. Sorry – but this is nonsense. Kendrick is there because he is a starter/swing man whereas Mathieson is solely a reliever. Herndon is there because he now has big league experience and he keeps the ball on the ground. Baez is there because the team does not want to eat his contract. I am sure they would like nothing more than for somebody to trade for him. And, by the way, Mathieson is in the process of mastering a splitter. He can’t do that if he doesn’t pitch regularly – something that would not happen if he stayed in Philly.

        He is in an odd position right now, but saying he is not good enough or that he does not have enough ability is complete nonsense. Scott Mathieson has a ton of ability.

        1. Evidently, he doesn’t have enough ability, or Herndon would have been sent to AAA.
          As far as eating a contract is concerned, the Phillies ate 6 million in 2009 to keep Stairs over Jenkins. I very sure Baez’s 2 million dollar contract could be absorbed if Mathieson showed he was the better player.

          1. Herndon is more of an inning-eater over Mathieson, and they were looking for that at the back end of the bullpen…

            1. Lol. The closer is on the DL, but they took the lesser pitcher, because they want to eat middle innings, while having the best rotation in baseball and a career starter as the long man.

              Makes sense.

            2. Most outs collected by a bullpen pitcher in 2010:

              Lidge: 3
              Madson: 4
              Romero: 4
              Contreras: 4
              Baez: 4
              Bastardo: 4
              Durbin: 7
              Herndon: 11

              Here’s the point. In the first group of Phillies’ relievers (Baez, Romero, Bastardo, Madson, Contreras), none of them really throws multiple innings. I see Kendrick as the long man (taking Herndon’s spot ironically) with Herndon taking the Chad Durbin role of two inning appearances.

        2. I agree with Catch, the ability is definitely there. Like I said above, he just didn’t do a good enough job this spring demonstrating it. But he will get there and he will be successful, it’s just a matter of time.

        3. For Herndon, add the fact that he changed his arm angle on his slider and it now has consistent tilt, he is commanding it–a Brad Lidge-lite slider to go with his outstanding 2-seam FB and a decent change.

          Main reason Scott is going down is he needs to throw that splitter a lot, and he was getting his FB up in the zone later in ST. He’ll be fine and lock in if the splitter keeps progressing. We’ll see him in Philly. Then it’s up to him. I say, he establishes himself if they let him pitch through the jitters in first few games. He tends to amp himself up when he is called up.

          1. Exactly.

            How much “ability” you have has nothing to do with where you are in your development and how much time you need to work on things. He can’t master the splitter in the majors. He needs reps in order to do that.

      2. Hey Anon, I agree he needs to improve his control, but keep in mind what some of these guys are making.. Kendrick & Baez are making big money so there is no way they would be back in AAA… I still think there will be a trade in the near future for Young or someone else and we will need all the trading chips we have to make it happen…one or more of these guys will probably be in that deal…

  8. 1. The cost of Baez is sunk as his contract is guaranteed. 2. Phillies tend to err on the side of ML experience. 3. Mathiesson would have had to have outperformed and more importantly Baez severely underperformed for SM to win the roster spot.

    So SM will work on his second pitch and wait for an injury, baez’s release or 2012.

  9. I don’t think the Phils want to have Mathieson going up and down between AAA and the big squad. They were talking about Lidge coming back Mid April. We will see after the MRI. If they only need a pitcher for a few weeks I’m fine with Herndon. If it is more long term then Stutes or Mathieson.

  10. Right now this is a five man team. Ryan and the four aces. The bench is not impressive. The bullpen stinks. The hitters are a ghost of what they were.
    To have any success with this group Rollins needs to come up big and/or a big trade is required. Sooner or later there was to be a movement away from guys who are half way to Social Security. Stutes would be a start.

    1. I don’t think we need to hit the panic button. You are basically going to get 6-7 innings from your starters at least. I think the Phils will be fine with Madson and Contreras at the back end of the bullpen. The pen has done well this Spring. The only one whose numbers maybe up there is Kendrick. The bench: Schneider will give them one start a week, I think Valdez and Castillo will split time at 2B. Valdez can also play SS, 3b, and the OF. Same with Martinez. Ross Gload is a good PH and will start some in RF. Mayberry wil be the primary RH pinchhitter and start some games against lefties. From the regulars I think Jimmy and Shane bounce back and I think Francisco will give us some good numbers, not like Werth but close. Raul will be Raul, 20-25 hrs 80 rbis. Chooch will be solid and Ryan close to his 40 hrs and 120rbis. Hopefully Polly stays injury free. Great contact hitter. Finally a healthy Utley in the second of the year or sooner wilm be good.

  11. It’s quite difficult for a reliever, who is going to get around 9 IP in the spring, to “beat out” other relievers. There’s just not enough data available on either guy. So, they depend on coach and scout evaluations, and other factors (ML experience, previous success, etc.) Thos things really come into play in the bullpen. One thing that will really get a guy noticed are swings and misses, and Mathieson doesn’t get a lot of those on his FB. I actually agree with the moves they’ve made so far, since Mathieson does need to master the splitter in AAA before pitching important innings in the majors. I might have kept Stutes over Kendrick myself, but it just might be a 40-man roster issue that clears up later.

  12. I agree that it is hard for a reliever to prove he is better than veterans in 9 innings, but in all honesty, Mathieson wasn’t trying to beat out the “Nasty boys ” of the 90’s. The Phillies lost Chad Durbin. Brad Lidge is hurt. Baez didn’t make the playoff roster. Herndon will make a non guaranteed minimum salary, and has two options left (1 more than Mathieson)… and Mathieson still didn’t do enough to make the team.
    He got a fare shot, and he responded by walking 6 in 9 innings. Worse, he walked the bases loaded and looked terrible in a late Spring audition. Blame shouldn’t be directed towards circumstances or the team. The guy didn’t take advantage of his opportunity.

  13. One thing I would like to see from the Phils is for them to make some young talent a stong part of their team. The players that have carried them for so long cannot do it forever and quite frankly, their situation is starting to get dicey. We are seeing that in the fact that there is always somebody hurt on the Phils. Jason Heyward and Mike Stanton have just gotten started and there are other young players in the division like Tommy Hanson and Bryce Harper that are presenting threats. I would love to see Domonic Brown get going in the near future and also some of our young relievers like Stutes and Schwimmer. Then in a couple of years some of the guys in A ball could start hitting the big leagues and then we would be fine. As for right now, there’s no reason to panic. List of things that went wrong last year: injuries to Blanton, Moyer, Happ, Lidge, Madson, Victorino, Howard, Polanco, Rollins, Utley, Romero, Ruiz, Schneider, Gload, Bastardo. Underperformace from Lidge, Victorino, Howard, Utley, Ibanez, Baez, Romero, Dobbs, Rollins, Herndon, Bastardo. Final results: 97 wins, most in baseball. This year: Utley hurt, Lidge hurt, Werth gone, Brown hurt. Anticipate: bounceback from Baez, Herndon, Romero, Bastardo, Vic, Ibanez, Howard, Rollins (though his spring stats do not suggest this), Blanton, Madson finally gets how to close. Additions: Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee replacing Moyer and Kendrick. Ben Fransisco and John Mayberry approximate Jayson Werth’s production. Castillo shows he still has something left. The team will be fine.

  14. I am still surprised by the confidence in posters on the ease that Worley could be a capable 5th starter and Stutes a leverage middle reliever over very short stints against Major League players.

    Not that I think either one will have a horrible career, but I think both need more time of sustained excellence in the minors for my confidence to be higher. Worley seems to have the confidence to throw his assortment of pitches, while Stutes appears to have the capability of striking out hitters. However, I think neither one has the upside of say Mathieson or Bastardo, though injuries make both of them unreliable.

  15. I think it is painfully obvious that some people are starting to get a little delusional here. I know that this is a blog for prospects, but some people here SEVERELY over-value some of these guys. Expectations for this team are higher than any other in franchise history. Nothing short of a World Series berth would be acceptable to the fans and ownership of this team. RAJ and Charlie are going to field the best team possible to compete. All of the conspiracy theories about them having a “bias” towards players with Major League experience are just laughable at this point.

  16. Shouldn’t the minor league teams have cut 20-30 players by now? I seem to recall 2 cut days in minor league camp in the past.

    1. The schedule is strange this year. The minor league teams are still ten days away from opening day. Do the minor league teams still have games in Florida after today?

  17. I believe in minor league talent or I wouldnt follow this site. one thing is dont panic if we dont have a infielder ready, for instance, we can spent like the redsox and almost like the yankees, this fan support allows ownership to spend to get the players they need. to stay good.

  18. Just heard Stutes heading north with the Phils. Maybe just an extra arm, but he’s still got a shot.

    1. Sweet. Really need some youth on the squad. I really think the Pen is were this team can get budget help the next several years.

  19. Highcheese, tweeting that Stutes is heading north with big team, for final exhibition series. May get last spot.

    1. Dubee and Charlie love Mike Stutes. If he pitches really well in the next few days, I think he’ll stick. I’d like to see Herndon go to AAA and further refine his offerings.

      As a huge Stutes fan for some time, it’s nice to see this happen.

      1. I’d like to see Herndon stay and have Kyle Kendrick further refine his offerings in AAA.
        Better yet, terminate his ridiculous contract and save $2million.

        1. I’m not a Kendrick fan either. He’s hanging around as a pretty expensive insurance policy in case somebody gets injured or Joe Blanton gets traded and Vance Worley is not ready. I get it, but it seems like an awful lot of “ifs” for a $ 2 million pitcher who is just painful to watch.

  20. That would be nice to see Stutes start with the big club. He’s earned it by throwing very well this spring. The other question is, who comes off the 40 man if he does though?

  21. With pitching so thin everywhere, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Phils traded KK. That would certainly be an interesting move at this point. Lopez is available from Seattle and we know Gillick knows Seattle…
    In minor league activity, Shreve pitched at Lakewood the other day. Leaving him (and J Rod) there while giving Nick Hernandez the 5th C Water spot appears very possible. Cisco has pitched very well and might be winning a starting spot in Reading. Still no sign of Matt Way who appears to still be hurt. Also, Alvarez played up in Reading the other day. I could see him going to C Water so he can play and I could see Myers going up to Reading although he’s been at C Water all spring. I can’t see Hudson being left in Florida with the way he’s played down there but that is a tough competition. Hewitt, Collier, Dugan and Santana will definitely play and Altherr and Hudson have both played very well. Lakewood rotation looks like J Rod, Shreve, Biddle, Garner and Buchannan. Reading looks like Hyatt, Ramirez, Zeid, Cisco and Garcia or Correa. This will all come together in the next week.

    1. I’d be surprised if Edell isn’t starting for Reading. The AA group has been using a pretty consistent rotation at this point.

    2. You forgot Hollands…last time I saw on their blog it sounded like he might get the ball on opening day…Doesn’t seem Perci Garner was doing well from a few write-ups I saw..Definately agree with JRod, Biddle and Buchanan.

    3. If you are talking about Jose Lopez, find out if Gillick also knows Colorado cause that’s where he is at. And Kendrick making 2.5 million might be a complicating factor.
      Miguel Alvarez, you mean? Going down from Reading to get some work in at Clearwater kind of overlooks the fact he has not played at the Lakewood level yet.
      For the pitching I got:
      LVIP- D. Carpenter, V. Worley, D. Naylor, E. Bonine, N. Bump
      RDG- J.C.Ramirez, M. Cisco, A. Hyatt, T. May, J. Zeid
      (possible starters at AAA, AA, A(A)- C. Kissock, M. Way, R. Fierabend, R. Edell
      CLW- J. Cosart, B. Colvin, J. Petitbone, J. Rodriguez, C. Shreve
      LKW- J. Biddle, P. Garner, M. Hollands, L. Castillo, E. Pettis
      possible starters at A(A), A- N. Hernandez, J. Sampson, D. Buchanan, B. Morgado

  22. By the way, I know we are all anxious for Domonic Brown to come back and everything, but, seriously, I don’t think we need to be concerned about the timing of his return because Ben Francisco is going to have a great year. I have seen Francisco hit in 6 or 7 games this spring and essentially every ball he hit was a screaming rocket off of his bat. Ben is a man on a mission – and he appears to be a dramatically stronger, more mature and improved version of the player who arrived in Philadelphia in the summer of 2009 (and he wasn’t all that bad back then). Ben might not fully replace Jayson Werth, but I don’t think he’s going to be too far off the pace. And if Ben hits, I expect the rest of the team to be just fine. Remember, unlike the old Phillies, this team doesn’t need to score a lot of runs to win. What they need to do is score at least 3 or 4 runs consistently and I think they’ll do that . . . and more.

  23. Today’s two simulated games at the minor league camp were between the A levels and AAA and AA groups so that several key pitchers could get their work in. The weather conditions were threatening all afternoon, rain came down a couple of times and no lines were put down on the field. Only a ball and strike ump was used in each game and the batters did not run out hits and the fielders did not throw to first or make much of an effort on fly balls to avoid injuries in the wet conditions.

    Cliff Lee and Vance Worley worked in the AAA and AA game and Jarred Cosart was the key pitcher in the A game. Lee went three innings got his work in and left to get ready to catch the plan back to Philadelphia. Cosart went four innings and showed a good frisbee curve ball in a couple innings and got some tilt on other breaking pitches but still needs to work on command. For example in one at bat Kelly Dugan looked at a Cosart curve ball but on the next pitch laced his fastball to right for a line drive base hit when Cosart tried to sneak a fast ball by him. Against another pitcher Darin Ruf who has been hot all spring hit a long home run to left into the teeth of a strong wind out toward the Rt 19 off ramp on Schmidt Field. Over on Ashburn Field Derrick Mitchell got one up into the wind and it went over the centerfielder’s head. Carlos Rivero went deep with a long drive to left as well .

    Rumors were strong that numerous cuts were made today but no updated lists were made available.

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