Dunedin Bound, Cloyd Impresses

The AA and AAA teams both played in Dunedin today with the AAA team taking a tough loss 3-2 when Matt Anderson gave up a run in the bottom of the 8th.  Jason Grilli and Mike Stutes both continued pitching well this Spring, throwing two scoreless innings apiece. On the offensive ledger, CF Chris Frey and DH Tagg Bozied had two hits apiece, both of Bozied’s hit being doubles.

At the AA field, Tyler Cloyd opened some eyes as he started, throwing three scoreless, hitless innings, while striking out 5, dominating the Blue Jays AA team.  Cloyd, 23, the Phils 18th round pick in the 2008 draft struggled last season with an adjustment to the bullpen, pitching there at length for the first time in his career.  It seems as if the Phils brass may be trying to stretch CLoyd out as a starter, where he has seen success, first in college and then in 2009 in 26 starts between Lakewood and Clearwater.  The Reading rotation is starting to come into focus with the two “givens” being JC Ramirez and Austin Hyatt.  I haven’t heard much about Mike Cisco down in Clearwater, but I would assume that he projects as starter #3 in Reading.  The leading candidates for the last two spots in the Reading rotation are Josh Zeid and Tyler Cloyd, both of whom has extended scoreless outings over the last two days.

18 thoughts on “Dunedin Bound, Cloyd Impresses

  1. Seems like everytime I see Matt Anderson’s name he is giving up runs. Is it time to say goodbye or would they have stay in extended ST to get some work. Is Frey the leading candidate for the CF spot in Lehigh Valley? I heard he is an above average fielder and the bat seems to be good this Spring.

    1. I see the logical alignment as Rich Thompson and Cory Sullivan in AAA, Chris Frey and Tyson Gillies in AA. Thompson could end up in Reading though. Frey’s slugging percentage has never topped .400 despite three seasons in Colorado Springs.

      1. I would be very surprised if Gillies didnt start the season on the DL. Frey and Thompson have a ton of similarities if you watch them. Both work hard, have a great attitude and play the game the right way. Sullivan, I am not so enamored with.

  2. Matt Anderson was out a long time. A 99 MPH fastball, however, is a ticket to multiple “chances.” Too soon to give up on him.

  3. We are getting closer to finding the starters for each level,My best guess…
    N. Bump
    V. Worley
    D. Carpenter




    1. Stutes hasn’t started a game since ’09 and Carpenter is bullpen bound as well. Jason Grilli and Ryan Feierabend are more likely starters there.

      1. Thanks Alan. Your right about Stutes & Carpenter. It is exciting to see so many + potential starter prospects at all levels.

    2. I think the rotations look good from Reading on down, except I might flip flop Shreve & Hernandez? Shreve threw a few more innings at Lakewood last yr and didn’t end it on the DL. I think I’d like Hernandez to show us he’s completely healthy. Also Shreve is 6 months older.

  4. Worth a shot…Barfield doesn’t look good enough defensively, Valdez isn’t good enough offensively, and Orr, Martinez, and Young just aren’t everyday players. Not to mention this doesn’t cost us much financially and it doesn’t cost us anything as far as prospects go. Finally, if this would work out, it would be another dagger to the Mets.

    Having said all that, I don’t think Castillo can play anymore.

  5. I don’t think Castillo can play anymore either but he was cheap and can start the year in AAA as insurance. Valdez can play defense and hit enough to keep the spot warm until they figure out the Utley injury and how that might play out long term.

    Mayberry has impressed me this spring and I like the fact he is playing some 1B.

    1. I can’t picture Castillo going to Lehigh Valley. If he doesn’t make the Phillies, he’ll either draw his release or perhaps retire.q

  6. I’d rather see Castillo in the lineup than Valdez. You can afford to have an out machine like Valdez in the lineup when you have a 3-4-5-6 like Utley, Howard, Werth and Ibanez. When you don’t have that, you have to have some “On-base” guys. The current lineup doesn’t take pitches and grounds into DPs. At least Castillo can make the opposing pitcher work a little.

  7. The other thing that needs to be addressed is speed / baserunning. Roillins and Victorino are only going to slow down, and Francisco and Valdez/Castillo aren’t Werth and Utley. Howard, Ibanez, Polanco, and Ruiz have never been plus in this category but they too will only get slower.

    This, to me, really stresses the need for the Phils to incorporate Dom Brown and hopefully Tyson Gillies into this lineup in the next two years. I don’t like the idea of Michael Young at all, this team does not need another 33 year old player with slowing skills for 3 years.

  8. Looking over the rosters it feels like some hard cuts are in store next week. There really are too many relievers crowded around AAA/AA. You’ve got journeymen like Brian Bass, solid veterans like Brian Gordon, the prospects, fringe lefties (Meyer, Zagurski, Perez), and organizational soldiers like Chris Kissock and Tyson Brummett. Only 14 spots between the two levels, and far more pitchers than that who can fill the roles.

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