2nd Round of Cuts

Seven more cuts were made by the Phils this morning including pitchers Mike Stutes, Vance Worley, Dan Meyer, Juan Perez, OF Brandon Moss, SS Freddy Galvis and 3B Jeff Larish.  Worley’s name is the only name that is really even debatable at this stage as many believed he was in competition with Kyle Kendrick to be the long man in the Phillies bullpen, however, it appears the Phils believe he would benefit from regular starts in Lehigh Valley.  Stutes had performed very well and opened many an eye in Spring Training and many expect him to be among the first called up if bullpen help is needed in Philly.

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  1. Not just that Worley would benefit from regular Lehigh Valley starts, but if he is going to be a starter he wouldn’t get enough innings with big league camp.

  2. I have no problem with either of these guys being sent down. I remember when JA Happ bounced up and down for a year or two and, in the long run, the extra work at AAA did nothing but help him. Worley has that kind of upside and he’s younger than Happ was at the time, so all of this is just fine.

    But the log jam in the bullpen is now upon us and, while I’m not worried about it, I just have no clue as to how they are going to resolve this. The team really needs to begin moving some of the young guys into the bullpen. I get that they want an experienced group of relievers, but the team needs to get younger in stages. If they are smart, they will realize that this is the first phase. Hopefully, they can use some surplus to shore up the team in places where it is weak or lacks depth.

    We’ll see . . . .

  3. That leaves Mathieson, Zagurski, Bastardo as prospects who remain in contention for a bullpen spot. All have had impressive springs so far, but Bastardo and Zagurski are both left-handed. I know health is a huge issue for Mathieson and Bastardo, and I think Zagurski missed a couple of years with Tommy John surgery. There is big talent here. The Phils have great depth in the bullpen, starting pitching and first base especially if Savery works out. Possible trades could be made and may have to be made in order to give guys like Rizzotti a chance to lock down a major league job.

  4. Assuming Utley goes on the DL , which 2 IF make the team . I think its Valdez and Barfield with Martinez and Orr being cut ?

    1. Well, Martinez would have to be offered back to the Nats and Orr would come to the ‘Pigs, right? For that reason alone, I think Barfield comes to LV and Martinez remains…to start, anyway. Martinez has played well enough of late that the Nats would probably take him back. Why give them that right now, even if Barfield is playing marginally better?

  5. Since Orr is 32 and Martinez,Barfield and Young are 28 I believe, I think that gives the latter 3 players an advantage, the Phils probably would all things being equal prefer to keep younger players in the organization, that is if all things are equal. Plus they could start with 6 in the pen because of off days, keeping one additional of the 4 players on the 25 man

  6. Is it just me or have I seen multiple blurbs this spring about Hewitt homering or having multi hit games. Dare I dream?

    1. …I think it might just be you. This is the first mention of Hewitt that I can recall. Kyrell Hudson had a multi-hit game which included a homer the other day I believe. I remember when Domonic Brown had his somewhat torrid spring in 2008 I think. I seem to recall Collier had a good 2009 spring. The OF situation from Reading on down is crowded. Going with 4 primary guys at each level considering DH’ing, etc. I’d go with Reading (Susdorf, Myers, Mitchell and Kennelly), Clearwater (James, Castro, Singleton, Hewitt), Lakewood (Eldemire, Collier, Alvarez, Santana) and Williamsport (Hudson, Pointer, Draftee, Draftee). I’d try Altherr at 3B for Lakewood with Dugan at 1B but I’m not sure whether the Altherr experiment at 3B is still even being tried.

      1. Hasn’t it already been said that Hewitt will repeat Lakewood? I believe the Phillies said they will not promote someone just because of age or status (1st round pick), that promotions need to be warranted. I fully expect Hewitt in Lakewood.

      2. Altherr played 3rd today in the Lakewood game against the Tigers , the only defensive play I saw he fielded the grounder but made a bad throw to first, he also got a hit and stole 2nd very easily. Percy Garner pitched in hat game and was lit up afte1st.r a good outing by Matio Hollands. Pettibone pitched 3 good innings before getting roughed up in the 4th in the Clearwater game where Singleton K’ed in his first 2 ABs against a Lefty. Jiwan James singled and scored in the 1st.

    2. Anon, this is definitely the second comment I remember about Hewitt having some sort of hitting success. I think the thing to remember is that he does have power and can probably hit a FB. His issue was pitch recognition, I think. And contact.

      Squire, I am starting to think the same thing about Altherr. My only differences from you are: 1) in Reading I have Gillies ahead of Myers with Kennelly playing all over; 2) swap Hewitt and Eldemire; and 3) Dugan at WPT in the OF. Of course, this is all academic…

  7. I doubt Stutes will be the first call-up since the bullpen still has some extra guys in it. Mathieson and Schlitter are on the 40-man ahead of Stutes, with Bastardo (health dependent) ahead of Zagurski.

    For similar reasons I agree with poster thinking Martinez has first chance, then Barfield (probably has minors out clause), then Orr. I think Young likely makes it due to his pinch hitter experience and greater power potential. Doubt Young plays much in the field though. The others are just holding a spot until Utley returns then they will be moved.

    1. Where has Schlitter been? He pitched one game in ST but I haven’t even heard him get in during a minor game or even bring him along as an extra (like in SS games)

  8. I thought I read somewhere that Barfield’s out clause doesn’t kick in until late May. If that’s the case, they would most likely keep Martinez and send Barfield to LHV. Then they can re-evaluate in May.

  9. I believe Barfield will be our starting 2B to start the season, ahead of Valdez. He brings more offense and speed to the lineup.

  10. I would say no on Castillo. In many ways, Shane Victorino years ago as a Rule 5 pick proved to be a late bloomer and it’s not out of the question that a guy like Barfield, who does have some tools, is a late bloomer and our scouting staff made a smart move that could pay off for years to come. I’d prefer to give Barfield a shot and maybe just maybe catch lightning in a bottle and if not, there will always be Castillo types available during the season for not much at all taken from our farm system.

  11. I was with Charlie and Dubee this afternoon.

    Dubee said Worley this year came to a camp for the first time in his life with a chance to make an opening day roster and pressed. Dubee added “right now he isn’t one of our best 12” although he said that “We know what Vance Worley can do when he is right, but he wasn’t right this spring.” He thinks Vance will be fine and he knows what he needs to work on.

    Regarding 2B, Charlie is very concerned about Utley. He wouldn’t tip his hand on who he favored to back up Valdez only to say they would “keep playing Barfield, Orr and Martinez and see how it works out.”

    I would say the Rule V situation with Martinez gives him an advantage. When asked about Castillo, he indicated he liked Castillo but that his skills have seemed to decline in recent years.

    1. Did Dubee mention Mathieson at all? Do they like the way he’s pitching? If I had to nchoose Mathieson or Baez, I’d go with Mathieson. He’s younger, cheaper, and has better stuff than Baez.

      1. Mathieson’s name did not come up in conversation although Baez did when Dubee responded to a question about pitchers (other than Kendrick) who could give more than one inning out of the pen.

        He mentioned Baez, Bastardo and Herndon. Also it is still being kicked around whether to head north with 11 or 12 pitchers. With the strong SP there is some sentiment that they may be better served carrying the extra position player given the Utley situation.

        They don’t want to carry an extra pitcher and then have him sit around for days on end like Figueroa did at times last year.

      2. Yes, Mathieson is younger and cheaper than Baez but the money really doesn’t matter since they will be paying Baez either way.

        Don’t see Baez not making the team out of ST but I expect they will be quick to let him go if he struggles early on

        1. Matt Gelb considers Baez a lock. I would think Bastardo is #12, if there is one – and with only one other lefty I think, unfortunately there will be 12.

          1. Baez does appear to be a lock, unless somehow they could trade his salary to a more desperate team. Unlikely.

            However, at this point Baez is cheaper than Mathieson since the Phils owe full salary if he is cut and Mathieson would get a raise for being on the MLB vs AAA roster.

            I think the Phil’s are still trying to move Blanton, which could free up a Roster Spot if KK moves to the Rotation. (Perhaps even KK could be on the blocks for a much smaller cost savings.)

    1. Thanks…how about Sardinha? It seems like the Phils are playing Kratz more. I know Kratz is starting one of the games this weekend. Is Sardinha hurt or are the Phils favoring Kratz (have read some good reports from RB).

      1. Sardinha will be the backup at Lehigh Valley. After seven seasons at AAA Sardinha has produced a triple slash line of .212/.263/.333. Its a credit to Sardinha’s defense that he’s stuck around, but it would be insanity to start him every day.

  12. Sardinha is fine. He will catch some today in Sarasota. He looked good in batting practice. Definitely LV bound.

  13. It really is ashame, it looks like the Phillies could have a dominant bullpen if they went with talent over technicalities. I would LOVE a pen of:


    I hate that Kendrick is going to make the team because of money. Everyone in Philly knows he is garbage. I thought the plan with Herndon was to stash him on the roster last year and send him to AAA to start this year? Baez is just bad.

    I will go a step further. I would rather have one of our other arms in there, Madson closing, and Lidge gone. Love what he did in 2008, but you can’t keep banking on that. Hes not the same pitcher.

    1. No need to worry. If those guys are so talented, they will dominate AAA, and force their way onto the team in no time.

    2. Kendrick is not garbage. He had a poor 2008, but that was the exception. He is an above-average #5 starter and probably as good or better than Worley, after Worley’s once-around-the-league success. Kendrick had an equally impressive once-around-the-league as a rookie in 2007. Exclude 2008 and you have a guy with a WHIP of about 1.35 and an ERA a little above 4.00. That is hardly garbage.

      1. Terrible 2008, below average last year and in 2009 Kendrick only had two starts. Kendrick’s career stats are entirely buoyed by his 2007 season, which was three years ago and was unsustainable given his K rate. Kendrick throws strikes and that’s it. All of his success is due to the defense behind him.

        1. Below what average? Yes, a below average SP, but certainly not a below average #5 starter. Also likely not a below average middle and long reliever. Last season a 4.73 ERA and a 1.37 WHIP. That’s just a hair above leage average WHIP and a little over half a run/9 over league average ERA. I would not have said that the Phillies had an outstanding IF defense last season, with subpar years at both SS and 2B and Howard a below average defensive 1B. His 2007 likely was benefitted by outstanding IF D, as well as first-time-around-the-league.

  14. Hate to get off subject, but I just had to post this.

    Watching the game today, and they are talking about Baez. Sarge is like “There’s no reason Baez can’t go two innings… strong, young kid that he is”

    Sarge, he’s 33, and will turn 34 by the end of the year.

    1. A lot of the “funny” has worn off Sarge. I find him a distraction. But “What me worry the season is near. If anyone has ANY idea why Polanco isn’t playing second please let me know. It’s not like he will be nailed to second.

  15. Baez is a kid compared to Sarge…Baez deserves to make this team. I was hoping Mathieson would make the team but he still has one option left. The Phils will keep two lefties, both Romero and Bastardo pitching (actually Zagurski is too), so I think Mathieson starts the season at LHV

  16. Its nice to have so much BP depth on the footsteps. Next year we’ll need to replace Baez, Lidge, Romero, and probably Madson.

    I’m hoping for a 2012 BP consisting of:
    Madson, Contreras, Mathieson, Bastardo, Stutes, DeFratus

  17. It is incredible at the depth:

    LHV – Mathieson, Schwimer, Stutes, Herndon, DeFratus, Schlitter, Zagurski, etc
    They usually have veterans in the BP at AAA but all these guys deserve shots at AAA

    even at Reading you will have Rosenberg, Aumont, and Kissock

  18. Maybe the phillies should sign Mark Diapoules. The Cardinals just released him. He is only 22 and had a good year last year in A+.

  19. Watching the game today, Baez looked real sharp. Mathieson had a 1-2-3 inning, but couldn’t get a secondary pitch near the strike zone, did not look good at all.

  20. How good is Kratz? Know nothing about him. Looks like he can hit for power a little. Does he have a chance to be a solid MLB backup? A Schneider? Emergency call-up only?

  21. Just compared Kratz to Schneider’s minor league stats. Kratz was the better hitter. .760 OPS vs .716 for Schneider. Also 77 HRs in around 4 full years of playing time. This may have been a good pickup–good insurance if Chooch or Schneider go down. Looks like he’s better than Sardinha.

  22. Kratz has terrific power, a .208 AAA ISO (and all in the IL). He doesn’t usually hit for average and profiles as a backup in the majors at best. Schneider doesn’t have the power but has much better catch and throw skills.

    Like I’ve noted, I like Kratz far better than Sardinha who is Galvis-esqe at the plate.

  23. Although I’ve been on the Barfield bandwagon this spring, I did not like what I saw yesterday from him defensively. He turned a sure double play ball into one out as he couldn’t field it cleanly. He then tried to short hop another ball up the middle with a runner on second and allowed it to go into CF to score a run. In general, he did not look good.

    On the other hand, both Orr and Martinez looked really good. Martinez made two really good plays at SS – one to his right in the hole and made a strong throw. The other was a slow chopper over the pitchers head, well done on both. Orr laid down a perfect bunt single.

    1. Barfield is simply a mediocre fielder on a good day. At this point, I’d guess that D. Young and Martinez fill out the roster…barring the acquisition of another infielder prior to Opening Day. At that point, Martinez is gone I think.

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