Full List of Phillies Sent Down

The full list of Phillies who have been re-assigned to Minor League camp has trickled out throughout today and it goes as follows: RHP Brian Bass, RHP Eddie Bonine, RHP ANdrew Carpenter, RHP Michael Schwimer, LHP Ryan Feirabend, C Joel Naughton, INF Tagg Bozied, INF Robb Quinlan, and OF Matt Miller. Quinlan asked for his release after being told he had been re-assigned.

Those Phils that were on the 40 man roster who were optioned today are: RHP Justin DeFratus, RHP Drew Naylor, RHP JC Ramirez, 2B Cesar Hernandez, SS Carlos Rivero, 2B Harold Garcia and 1B Matt Rizzotti. The Phils currently have 45 players remaining in big league camp, meaning 20 must be cut before opening day.

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  1. I think Barfield is fighting for the last spot if Utley starts the season on the DL. Right now Mayberry makes it. Delwynn Young makes it. The final spot is between Barfield, Orr, and Martinez.

  2. I wouldn’t be so sure Young makes it, as Barfield might be the better fielder. Barfield is even hitting better than Young right now.

    1. I think Young gives more flexibility. He can play the corner outfield spots and second base. He also did well last year as a pinch hitter. The Phils have played Young a lot this Spring and he has produced.

      1. If they need someone to cover a corner OF spot, they’d just use Mayberry. The versatility is overrated in this case.

        1. Agreed…just comparing Young to Barfield right now…I think he has the edge..Mayberry definatly will be the 4th outfielder to star the season. Just not sure what Barfield gives you over Young at this point.

        2. Mayberry is now the 4th OF and teams have to have a 5th OF. That’s where Young comes in. He and Mayberry both have the team made at this point thanks to Brown’s injury. Flexibility IS a huge deal on a team where their starters all play every day. Young will get some starts in RF against some righties. If Chase starts on the DL, Orr, Barfield and Martinez seem to be fighting for that one spot but Valdez will be the one starting. Stutes is actually fighting with Matheson to see who will be the first one called up.

      2. I really have not seen Barfield or Young play this spring, but unless the tea thinks that Barfield has really turned the corner with his bat, I would much prefer Young. I think Young can really hit – probably a lot more than he has shown in the majors so far. His minor league batting totals are genuinely and consistently impressive, although they came in good hitting leagues. With his flexibility in the field, he could be something of a hidden gem.

        1. Barfield has played 2nd/3rd and LF last year for a AAA team.. he’s also played some OF this spring. So as far as versatility, I think its a wash.

          Barfield has also played some SS early in his career.

        2. Young played most of his minor league career in Cashman Field in Las Vegas. They filmed home run derby there for a reason. Pittsburgh though is the opposite, a tough place for hitters.

          Young doesn’t have the glove to play second base full time, doesn’t have the bat for a corner. But he can hit a bit and play many positions. He’s a good player to have off the bench.

  3. David Murphy’s High Cheese blog at philly.com has a positive story on Mike Stutes.
    An umpire calling his game told Charlie Manuel how much late movement his ball has.
    They’re going to keep him around major league camp for a while longer although his likely first stop will be LV.
    Should be a Phillie next year in a revamped bullpen.

  4. “and 1B Matt Rizzotti”

    That is very stupid. The move of an imbecile.

    Matt Rizzotti should have started against Sabathia since Howard did not. Tampa could really use him and Tampa has a lot of good prospects to deal. A lot of teams could use Rizzotti so why not show case him when he looks good right now?

    Really stupid.

    Who’s running this show?

    And why is Mayberry on the roster still? I know LHV doesn’t want him back, but Mayberry is being denied a chance to make the Riversharks roster as a 4th outfielder by hanging around here.

      1. SS game – update Mayberry with a two run single off a right hander. Not ready to go to the Riversharks

    1. yes…you are silly……and clearly don’t watch or know much about baseball or the phillies….maybe wait until you turn 21 to criticize crap you don’t know about…..ugh.

  5. Still laughing over the comment , saw charlie and dubee walking away talking probalbey about baez, after his first outing, what has he done since?? Baez has good stuff and is a veteran, one outing doesnt send a team in a panic.

    1. Baez had a 1.22 K/BB and 5.48 ERA last year. His salary is a sunk cost, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see him on a short leash. I’d roll the dice on any of the commonly mentioned prospect bullpen candidates doing better than that.

  6. Of the guys sent down, I am most interested in the placement of Cesar Hernandez and Carlos Rivero. The general assumption seems to have Hernandez going to Lakewood, but I think they will place him in Clearwater.
    As for Rivero, he didn’t hit enough last year, to merit graduation to AAA. He plays 3B, the same as Overbeck. Overbeck didn’t hit enough at AA to merit AAA 3B, and Savery will play 1B. If Rivero takes Reading’s 3B job, that will say a lot about the organizations thoughts on Overbeck.

    1. Overbeck definately starts the season at AA. I think Rivero gets the nod at AAA. He has done ok this Spring and the injury to Utley I think he gets the opportunity.

      1. I think Overbeck starts the season at AA, but will have to DH. Rivero had a .608 OPS in the Eastern league last year. Hard to imagine him starting the season in AAA.

    2. I don’t really think that the current placements are going to stay. Matt Rizzotti got sent to AA and I doubt he will play there again.

        1. I would ask what the heck you are talking about but, truthfully, I do not care to hear the answer.

  7. If the rumor of injury to Brian Bocock is true, than Rivero plays his position at AAA, which is SS. Don’t see any other options there, unless they want to bring up Freddy Galvis. If so, than Hanzawa at SS in AA, or Galvis and Hanzawa otherwise, the 2B candidates of Harold Garcia, Albert Cartwright, and Fidel Hernandez. That leaves 3B for Overbeck. Really no candidates for 3B there , because Rivero will play SS at AAA, and don’t give me veterans at AAA SS, as Pete Orr will primarily be a 2B, Barfield and/or D. Young will make team or move on , Mike Martinez will make it or go on waivers or back to Nationals, Larish not a SS, . So who does that leave for SS at AAA.

  8. So Phillies split today: Too bad the Pittsburgh game was not on instead. Well it looks like Worley did well 1 run 3.1 innings and 5ks. Mathieson (continues to pitch well after that first appearence). Zagurski pitching like he is healthy (but still ticketed for AAA), and Herndon laid an egg today 3 runs in less then an inning. Looks like Orr helped his cause with three hits today. Corey Sullivan, who might be fighting for the CF spot at AAA with Rich Thompson had two hits (HR) and 3 rbis. Valdez, Gload, and Mayberry ripped too. Good to see Kennelly crush a double today. Martinez had two hits. Need to watch the game on TV tomorrow as Stutes is starting

  9. No real surprises in this list.

    Garcia might be the only one to keep if he had a legit shot at the 2B opening. However, he really needs more time at AA then maybe up to AAA. That is the reason Barfield, Young, and Orr were all signed.
    Schwimer would have needed a very impressive showing to stick around. Stutes has done that so he will likely stay longer. Mathieson since he is already on the 40-man probably has an advantage and Schlitter might be demoted just for Sandberg.

    Ramirez has also been fairly good but he needs more time to develop his off speed stuff. In my opinion, DeFratus should be the AA closer. Naylor will be a AAA starter. Hernandez and Rizzotti need at-bats. Not sure what they do with Rivero. Galvis is likely still around to see if the coaches see something in him in case Rollins leaves.

    RHP Brian Bass, RHP Eddie Bonine, RHP ANdrew Carpenter, RHP Michael Schwimer, LHP Ryan Feirabend, C Joel Naughton, INF Tagg Bozied, INF Robb Quinlan, and OF Matt Miller. Quinlan asked for his release after being told he had been re-assigned.

    Those Phils that were on the 40 man roster who were optioned today are: RHP Justin DeFratus, RHP Drew Naylor, RHP JC Ramirez, 2B Cesar Hernandez, SS Carlos Rivero, 2B Harold Garcia and 1B Matt Rizzotti.

    1. Ramirez has the same problem he had last year…lack of consistency. His fastball is good and his slide can be good when he can throw it for strikes. When he can’t, he gets killed. His biggest problem is stringing together good starts and it all comes down to consistency on his slider.

  10. Don everyone knows baez was bad last year. but he is a veteran who could bounce back. my point was first time out and the team is in a panic is crazy. listening to ruben on wip sounds like, he thinks Garcia is a ulitiy type. I really like stutes, maybe he does replace baez ,dont believe it will be Mathieson yet, think he will start in triple a, still think this team trades for a right handed bat, just my opinion.

    1. He hasn’t put up a K/BB of 2+ since 2006. He hasn’t had an ERA below 4 since 2005. He’s 33 this year. I think the odds of him bouncing back to be anything better than passable are pretty long.

  11. I think that maybe the team should trade a few of the mid value prospects (Example: Rizzotti, Schwimer, etc.) and try to get a good bench player. I don’t really think that a team as good as the Phillies should have Mayberry, Valdez, Young, and Barfield all on the 25 man roster.

    1. The Phils need to unload some stud prospects for a stud RH MLB bat under 30 years old.

      No more “old men” in MLB terms.

      David Wright is a name that jumps to mind. Matt Kemp wouldn’t be a bad move either.

    2. Schwimer and Rizzotti don’t have any trade value. Nobody is going to trade you a player any better than Mayberry or Young for those two. You will have to dip into the top 15, for a significant bench player.

  12. Its entirely possible Kemp and/or Wright would turn down a trade to the phils simply based on the fact that Free AEC considers himself a fan of the team…

  13. Today at the Complex a lot of BP and infield drills took place in the morning session prior to intresquad games in the afternoon.
    1) Alonso, Franco and Altherr all took ground balls at the same time at third. Franco clearly has the strongest arm of the three.
    2) On Schmidt, Mendez and Altherr were in the same batting group. Mendez was the first to hit one out and on Altherr’s final at bat he took one out near the same spot to left where Mendez had gone deep previously.
    3) Over on Roberts Field, Duffy and Singleton were in the same hitting group. With a slight favorable wind Duffy won the long ball contest by going yard and hitting the right field fence each a couple of time of times.

    In the afternoon two intersquade games were played with minor league umpires.
    1) The wind was blowing out on Schmidt where most of the players were members of Groups 3 and 4. Last year’s GCL rbi leader Mendez was the first go deep to left with a three run homer. Later Castro, and Hewitt homered to left center. Another time I looked over and Rupp appeared to go deep to right center. Hewitt liked the fast ball to no surprise.
    2) Mendez seems like a guy without a position. He had a short hopper hit off his glove at first after working out at third in the morning and playing in left last year in the GCL.. The best fielding play of the games was by Cesar Hernandez when he went far to his right backhanding a ground ball at second and turning in the air in one motion and throwing out the runner at first.
    3) Over on Ashburn Field with the wind blowing in no ball left the yard that I saw. However Derrick Mitchell got off to a good start with a couple of base hits and a stolen base.
    4) Gillies struggled at the plate with a couple of strike outs.
    5) Rizzotti did not adjust well to his new surroundings. The first ground ball he faced at first went through his legs. At the plate he hit into a DP and struck out though he did get his usual walk and flied to right.
    6) Joe Savery’s bat seemed a little slow as he had a couple of hits, one to left and a high chopper off the plate that stayed fair down the line to the third base bag.
    7) Valle showed his strong arm throwing out a couple of runners attempting to steal second.
    8) None of the pitching stood out as Feierabend, Bodine, Carpenter , DeFratus, and Bass all down from the the major league camp got in some work . Some of the other pitchers who took to the hill in the two games were Deikman, Brummett, Beal, Blanks, Johnson, Correa, Lugo, Whatcott, Fritsch, Gomez, Hutchison, Schuler, Garces, Kleven, Neris and Smith.

  14. I can’t help feeling that something big is going to happen before the season to effect the roster.

    1. I’m not sure if it’s going to be before the season, but I think it will happen before the trade deadline. A hitter, no doubt.

  15. Trying to see who we could trade from the system, that would bring us a right handed bat who is good. even a singleton, isnt someone teams would trade for and give up a lot he is unproven. only a low minor leaguer. No one is at triple a or double a with real value. I still believe it has to be blanton, and then two young kids for a good right handed bat, and that is a reach, guys like hunter pence or mc cluthen from priates are my guys wondering what people think about a rowland if we can get him cheap???

    1. McCutchen would extract premium value and the Pirates will not want to trade him.

      Do you mean Aaron Rowand? He has been a below average hitter five of the last six seasons. He simply is not that good. For what its worth, you could have him simply by paying the rest of his contract. But Ben Francisco is already a better player.

      1. Rowand may be released. If he can be signed for essentially nothing, I’d love to see him signed as a fourth outfielder.

        1. How do the fences feels about that? I guess it can’t hurt.
          But I am hoping for a 3rd/outfield young potential stud what ever the price

          1. Well unlike your closer suggestion I can maybe get behind that, even realizing that Singleton would have to be included. But those guys don’t get traded very often, especially during the season.

            1. The Royals probably won’t trade him at all, and if they do they aren’t giving him away.

              I’m not saying it was an irrational suggestion, just an unrealistic one. And there are higher priorities. Like a young 3b/OF. Though that’s almost as unlikely.

    2. I think a good guy to get would be Melky Cabrera. I don’t think he would take that much to get and he is young and a proven major leaguer.

    3. An uneducated guess as to which prospects will be trade pieces this year:
      1. Vance Worley, because teams always want at least one major league ready arm in prospect deals.
      2. Jiwan James, if Gillies and/or Eldemire hits this year, he will become the player they dangle.
      3. Justin DeFratus, big arm they will be able to spare when they figure out that JC Ramirez should be a reliever and has more upside.

      1. I don’t see DeFratus being traded. If we look two years down the road at the big league level, let’s figure there is a $10M per year closer independent of who that is, i.e., Madson or someone currently on another roster. If the Phils can have a bullpen that includes Bastardo, DeFratus, Stutes, Schwimmer, along with another couple of middle / long reliever types, the budget on that bullpen vs today’s bullpen will be significantly less which is really needed since there really won’t be a great inclusion of prospects at other positions on the roster. They will have to get cheaper in some areas to allow them to have the budget to go get higher priced, higher performing free agents to fill other gaps.

        1. “… plus a couple middle reliever types”.
          Those are guys are middle reliever types. None of them have closer ability.

      2. Worley would be the last one I would trade. You have no idea where he tops out, no idea at all.

  16. Just wondering if anyone seen Lidge getting blown up all spring. I cant remember seeing him throw a 1-2-3 inning in ages. This is making me worried on two fronts one what we all with know him blowing all those the saves and the other one is that charle might just let our big 4 go the 9 the whole year insted of taking them out like he said he would, to save them for later in the season.

    1. I think I heard that he was working on the fastball. So instead of throwing is out pitch, the slider, he is trying the fastball instead.

  17. I believe Bastardo is going to start the season on the DL and stay in FL for an extra few weeks to get work in and catch up since he got a late start. So I believe Stutes and Mathieson are battling for the last roster spot.

    1. If Bastardo does go on the DL, my guess is that they’ll keep another lefty like Meyer or the kid Edell who pitched yesterday and looked very good as a possible LOOGY.

      1. At this point, if Bastardo were to miss time I’d rather they just carry a sixth righty. I’d feel better with Schwimer, Schlitter or Stutes against a lefty than Zagurski or Meyer.

  18. Just by amaro talking on radio, he sounded to me excite about de fraus, he said he will pitch in the majors and has a big arm. ramirez is still a big question mark.

  19. More info from game: Phils light up Nathan. Gift double for Martinez, Galvis nice bunt single, Barfield rbi double, Valdez (still on fire) 2 run double to right, Mayberry walk and SB and Delwynn Young with a 3 run bomb to right

  20. Not sure if we should get too excited or not, but these reserve / utility / bench / AAA filler types we have are having some great springs – Barfield, Valdez, D Young, Mayberry, Martinez is coming on a little. Nice things is if even 1 or 2 of them turn out to play really well, that would be a big lift.

  21. From Jayson Stark’s new column yesterday…

    With Brad Lidge still topping out at 88 miles per hour this spring — with a slider that’s puttering along at 79-80 — one scout says: “Madson has got better stuff than Lidge right now. Lidge has the experience, and he still has pretty good confidence he can handle the ninth inning… . But if I were the Phillies, I’d be worried. He’s having a tough time getting his arm strength this spring.”

    1. He’s got another month to get going…if he’s still topping out at 88 mph in mid April, then we’re in trouble.

    2. Isn’t the very fact that Lidge is pitching in ST an improvement over the last couple of years?

      This ST Lidge is not throwing well so far. If I’m not mistaken, the last two years’ ST, Lidge was not throwing at all.

      1. I look at that as an improvement as well. Its Mar 13th…he could very easily build up strength in another month of throwing. As long as he stays healthy, I think he’ll be fine.

  22. I guess it would be rude to bring up the fact that I pushed for a trade of Joakim Soria. So I won’t.
    It’s hard not to like Barfield.

  23. That is all moot with Lidge since Manuel TRUSTS Lidge to close out games more than anyone else out there….Lidge will have to fail at an astonomical rate(6 BS out of 10) before we see Madsen or anyone else given a shot.

          1. No one wants him at his contract. Not the same thing. Heck, we probably couldn’t trade Howard right now, given his contract. Yet he is still a valuable player.

            That said, certainly Lidge carries significant downside risk. But the option that you have been arguing for, isn’t one. Paying a king’s ransom in prospoects for a more reliable closer (if one could even be had) would not be wise.

            If Lidge falters, Madson is the back up plan and a good one.

            1. Some guys never get the “closer thing”
              e.g. LaTroy Hawkins. He was fine unless the game was on the line. You have more faith in Ryan than I go.

            2. I think it’s a rare player who can’t handle the role because of mental issues. The sample size for Madson is way too small to conclude that he is one of those rare exceptions. Especially since (a) his overall numbers in high leverage situations are fine, and (b) his save percentage numbers are skewed by his normal role (one can get a BS as a set up man, but can’t get a save under normal circumstances).

              In essence, the only way for Madson to fail at closing would be if he has a mental hang up about the pressure of the ninth inning specifically, as he has more than proven himself in high pressure situations in the 8th inning. Certainly that’s possible but IMO unlikely.

              The only thing that gives me any pause at all (and that, not much) is the injury last year, which does suggest that he let the pressure get to him a little. But even that cuts both ways – you want a guy who cares a lot about results.

              I also don’t think Hawkins really supports your case either. He wasn’t as good as Madson, which is the main reason he couldn’t hold a closer job. Moreover, his save percentages were okay when he was used as a closer – not awesome, but average, consistent with his overall ability (in 2004 arguably he saved his save percentage was BETTER than one would expect given his ERA, suggesting if anything that he was good in pressure situations). (His career save percentage is skewed by several years used as a set up man). On a career basis, his 9th inning performance is MUCH better than his average performance.

  24. Nice day for Barfield. I notice he has played a little outfield. If we see him out there soon it might mean he has a real shot. I only he had a little patience at the plate. You have to wonder why players don’t see that is holding them back.

  25. Watching Oswalt, Cosart and Colvin warm up and pitch at the same time today was interesting. On Ashburn Field Oswalt went six inning giving up a long home run to right to Derrick Mitchell in the fourth inning. He pitched against Colvin who went two innings in his first start of the pre season. His breaking ball broke from the top of the letters to the knees. Over on Schmidt Field Cosart struggled with control walking three in two innings. His breaking ball broke from the belt into the dirt as he was unable to throw strikes with it. He did manage to get a couple of strike outs in his second inning and final inning of pitching with his fast ball.

    At the plate Jiwan James had a big day. Used his speed for a triple and then was knock in by a line drive single to right by Chris Duffy. Jonathan Singleton lined a double over the left fielders head but was pick off of second. D’Arby Myers hit the ball hard lining a ground rule double down the left field line.

    In addition to Colvin and Cosart, Cloyd, Esposito, Edgar Garcia, Claypool, Sampson, Velasquez, Bonilla, Castillo, Knigge, and Morgado saw action on the mound in the intersquad games.

  26. Got a chance to see Twins stud pitching prospect Kyle Gibson today. We actually drafted him out of high school in a very late round but couldn’t get a deal done with him i guess. A shame, because he looked good. He’s extremely tall and should fill out some. He lools like he has a tough, sharp break on his secondary stuff. Another guy that we saw was this lefty by the name of Edell I think. I guess he started out with the Indians last year, then got released, but did very well in the minor leagues for the A’s. He looked sharp, with precise command and he seems like it would be tough for a lefty to pick up his stuff.

    1. I did like Edell as well…anybody after Anderson would have been an improvement. I guess he was a starter in AA. Maybe the same for us at Reading this year.

  27. I was at the game where Jiwan, Jonathan and D’Arby played in, they made the game exciting to watch. I thought D’Arby had a triple. exciting to see him run the bases with such great speed.

  28. Trying not to jinx anything, but Scott Mathieson is quietly having a very effective spring. Since he’s out of options, I’m guessing he’ll end up in someone’s bullpen at the end of Spring Training, and it might just be the Phillies’, with Lidge suddenly coming down with “soreness” and his fastball hovering in the high-to-mid-80s. I have a nagging feeling that he’ll open the season on the DL, they’ll give finally give Madson a real audition for the closing job (he’s been dominant so far–6 strikeouts in two innings of work on Saturday), Contreras will take the setup role, and some combination of Baez/Mathieson/Bastardo will be working the middle innings, on those occasions (maybe twice every five days) when a middle reliever is needed, with Romero taking the LOOGY role, which is all he’s reliable to do at this point.

    1. Ah, Matt Gelb tweets that mlbtraderumors was wrong and Mathieson has an option remaining. So forget that theory! (Serves me right for trusting the information published on a blog, though I was figuring it had to be true due to that whole weird rigmarole they went through when they sent him down last year.) I still think he has a shot at the ‘pen.

    1. Fringe prospect. He’s fast and still young for his levels. But if he doesn’t show vast improvement this year, he’s not going to make it.

      1. D’Arby should still be a prospect and he is faster than Gillies and James he is the fastest in the Phillies system. He just had a 2 RBI triple. That’s a good start.

  29. Not sure if it means anything, but when they made the cuts the other day, mlb.com’s transactions noted which roster each guy was sent to. Of course this can change by the end of the spring, but it might give some insight as to where guys may be headed:

    Reading–Rivero, Ramirez, Rizzotti, Garcia, DeFratus

    1. There’s still a huge trickle down that has to occur when the rest of the 4A guys get sent down.

      1. Of course, but that’s got little to do with what I’m talking about. The grouping assignments at the complex are directly tied to who’s in big league camp versus who’s in minor league camp and get shuffled regularly as guys are sent back to the complex. I’m talking about actual roster assignments as opposed to spring groupings–it appears that everyone was assigned to their likely destination–do you think that the 4A shuffling is going to bump the guys listed at Reading back to Clearwater?

        Most interested in the Hernandez assignment since it’s been assumed he starts in Lakewood…

        1. Cesar Hernandez to Clearwater is not surprising to me. In going over potential rosters this winter, It seemed pretty obvious to me that it was a possibility.
          All that is left to see is whether Hanzawa, Shoenberger, or Barnes plays SS for Clearwater. All other positions seem set.

          1. Thought it was possible too, but assumed the crew from Lakewood from last year would clog up the middle infield and with no draftees from last year pushing to jump to Lakewood, he slotted better there.

          2. I’m assuming that Clearwater’s infield will be Barnes at 2B, Hanzawa at SS, and Mattair at 3B. I’m assuing Hanzawa has been practicing with Reading’s group (although it could be with teh LHV group) since Galvis and the others are all up. I’m not sure what group Barnes has been practicing with or at what position but I’m sure he’ll be a starter somewhere. Savery, Garcia, Galvis and Overbeck will be at Reading.

            1. Clearwater Roster should be:
              CF – James
              LF – Singleton
              RF – Castro
              C – Valle
              1B- Ruf
              2B- Hernandez
              SS- Hanzawa
              3B- Barnes
              Utility – Shoenberger

              Barnes is really a SS, who got moved because they double jumped Villar last year. If he can play a passable level defensive SS, they should say goodbye to Hanzawa.
              Mattair hasn’t played in a year and couldn’t hack it at low A. I doubt he makes any roster.

            2. Reading roster (Uneducated gues):

              C: Kennelly / Naughton
              1B: Joe Savery
              2B: Harold Garcia
              3B: Carlos Rivero
              SS: Freddie Galvis
              LF: Jeremy Slayden
              CF: Tyson Gillies
              RF: Derrick Mitchell
              DH: Cody Overbeck
              4of: Sudsdorf

  30. Here is what the real alignments should be:
    CF- * Cory Sullivan
    LF- Matt Miller
    RF- *Brandon Moss/*Jeremy Slayden
    1B/DH- *Matt Rizzotti/Tagg Bozied
    2B- *Pete Orr
    SS- Carlos Rivero (Bocock injured)
    3B- *Jeff Larish
    C- Eric Kratz/ Dane Sardinha
    CF-* Tyson Gillies
    RF- Derrick Mitchell
    LF- D’Arby Myers/*Steve Susdorf
    1B/DH- Darin Ruf/ *Joe Savery
    2B-# Harold Garcia
    SS- # Freddy Galvis
    3B- Cody Overbeck
    C- Tim Kennelly/*Joel Naughton
    CF- #Jiwan James
    RF- Leandro Castro
    LF- * Jon Singleton
    1B/DH- Steven Batts/ *Michael Dabbs
    2B- Carlos Perdomo/ Adam Buschini
    SS- # Alan Schoenberger
    3B- Jeremy Barnes
    C- Sebastien Valle

    1. Having done my own lists. Rivero is bound for 3B, probably at Reading. I think Pete Orr would probably fill in at SS since he played there at Syracuse last year. Larish can fill in at third but he’s a brutal defender. You don’t want him there every day.

    2. Marfis, I agree Dabbs being used as a utility OF. Since he plays all three spots. Also a backup catcher. Are they planning on leaving Singleton in the OF full time?

  31. As to the LVIP infield, considering the news of the elbow hyperextension in Polanco’s bad elbow might turn into something as a complicating factor, believe that the possibility that both J. Barfield and D. Young might make the team can be considered , more. Maybe even with a healthy Polanco, if both Polanco and Utley on opening day line-up, maybe not. But if Young and Barfield don’t make team than their level of experience might have earned them opt out privileges in the contracts they signed, (haven’t heard either way), so I don’t count on them for LVIP.
    Looking at guys who it could be stretched are ready experience and play wise for LVIP, I see as Infielders: Pete Orr , Carlos Rivero, Jeff Larish, that’s it. Maybe they could have Tagg Bozied at AAA and slide him to 3B, don’t think he’s a great fielder either, and sparing that , maybe they do what was dismissed out of hand by many on here at the end of last season, start Cody Overbeck and/or Harold Garcia at AAA. If they do that, or they can get Barfield or Young to LVIP, maybe some of that stuff above comes to be.

    1. Barfield played AAA almost all last season and signed a minor league contract. I’d be very surprised if he didn’t accept a minor league assignment.

  32. As to the Clearwater situation, always seems to be a shortage of players capable of moving into this level, maybe due to many’s lack of success at a lower level. Given that, Don’t see why they would not keep Jon Singleton in OF the entire season, and mixed with Jiwan James and Leandro Castro, 3 of their more promising players can man the OF spots. For the back-ups , I have as possibilities, Steven Batts, Michael Dabbs, Brian Gump, and Drew Rundle. I think Batts and Dabbs are good professional experienced players for that level , so I’d say they get playing time, and since I don’t really have a 1B type there, I slide them there and also use the one not playing 1B as DH. According to what I read on the workout groups, Batts and/or Dabbs could also serve as Valle’s back-up at Catcher, and that would enable them to keep an extra Middle Infielder. The possibilities I have for that, and 3B included in that, is Jeremy Barnes (say 3B), Alan Schoenberger (SS) , Carlos Perdomo (say 2B) Adam Buschini, and Korby Mintken.


    I can’t believe they didn’t move Polanco to second when they first knew Utley was hurt, which off course was way before we did. Well now that opens a spot for Barfield.

    Lidge! The best you can hope for is April 15 who gets that roster spot??

    Is there any chance Savery could move to the outfield?? How fast is he??

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