Domonic Brown breaks his hand, out 2 months

The news is everywhere. It sucks.

His injury (the hook of the hamate bone in his hand) isn’t all that uncommon. The team is leaning toward surgery, which is smart, because if you don’t have it repaired surgically, there is a chance for tendon and ligament damage down the road if it heals improperly. I think. Anyway, this puts an end to his spring training, and more consequently, it will impact his entire 2011 season. With his hand immobilized, it will take him time to re-gain 100% of his power, and then of course he’ll need to get his timing and rhythm back.

The one bright spot is, he will now be able to go back to AAA and rehab the injury and get himself back into a groove and he can stop pressing and worrying about making the team out of spring training. I wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

Edit –> I should have noted (but typed this quickly to get something up) that recovery time can range anywhere from 3 weeks to months. Some guys come back right away and they are fine. Some guys have more residual soreness that takes longer to shake off. Hand injuries are typically a blow to a player’s power, for obvious reasons. His recovery time frame has a wide range of outcomes. Softened up my original post. Lets hope for the best.

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  1. In the end, this could be a blessing in disguise. He can go back to AAA and get comfortable with his swing. It’s not like RF won’t be waiting for him in 2012.

    1. Agreed. He can heal up an get ready without the glare of the spotlight. If the Phils time this right he might also lose another year toward free agency.

      I am convinced that Dave $$$ Montgomery orchestrated this injury. He and his evil henchmen are now busy working to delay the progress of Jon Singleton. What in tarnation will those blasted villains think of next?!!

  2. This frequently has an adverse effect on a players power into the following season.

    No it’s bad news all around unless it moves the Phillies to trade for a real corner outfield bat, preferably one who bats RH and smashes LHP.

      1. Our official payroll is $170 million this year. Even taking into account the money we get from the Stros, we’re coming in at $163 million for the 25 man roster.

        So your points about money and a cheap ownership are about as asinine as can possibly be. Ownership has quadrupled the payroll in the last 10 years…get over it.

  3. I can’t help this may be a blessing in disguise as well.

    He will get back to AAA to get his groove on, but his move to AAA will not be the result of his failures.

  4. Francisco has been playing good ball this Spring so I guess he will get most of the time in rf. Mayberry will be a back-up to all three outfield spots. Delwynn Young should make the team as well and can play 2b and the corner outfield spots. I was thinking Brown, without injury, if he was sent down would probably be back around June 1. Maybe this pushes it back to after the all-star break. Gives him time to heal and get some abs at AAA.

  5. Now I think that Delwyn Young and John Mayberry have a pretty good shot at both making the team. They will have to battle it out during the time of Brown’s injury to see who will stay up once Brown is 100%. At least he finally got his first hit in the at bat when he broke his hand.

    1. “Now I think that Delwyn Young and John Mayberry have a pretty good shot at both making the team.”

      How is it possible that a team with a $164 million payroll could have two sub-Major League talents on its roster? Mayberry has never been a triple-A talent and he’s 27 years old. A failure at triple-A at 25 years old and again at 26 years old.

      The Phillies are horrifically unbalanced. All pitching -and mostly starting pitching- and poor hitting.

      Where the heck is Chase Utley? Is he skipping spring training? He can’t even DH?

        1. Patella tendon.

          Did I miss a surgery announcement? I thought they had decided he was playing through it this year and he would cut back on his playing time in spring training.

          I expected that he could at least DH and pinch hit.

          It’s a very bad, painful injury, no question about that.

          1. He had a cortizone shot and he’s taking BP…why push it in a ST game while they let his knee rest?

            1. Nepp stop replying to this guy, he is a fool. He has assanine preconcieved notions that he cannot be talked away from, he seems to be a very very wierd dude, and does not seem to have a very good grasp of baseball, minor or major league. save your keystrokes.

      1. If Dom was going to make the team, one of either Mayberry or Delwyn Young was most likely to make the team. Now with Brown out of the picture, I think that they both have a good shot. I guess guys like Barfield, Martinez, and Moss have shots too but I really doubt it.

        13 batters on Opening Day (if no more injuries occur):
        1. Chooch
        2. Schneider
        3. Howard
        4. Polanco
        5. J-Roll
        6. Utley
        7. Valdez
        8. Francisco
        9. Gload
        10. Ibanez
        11. Mayberry
        12. Victorino
        13. Young

  6. Dont underestimate the impact Franciso can have with 500abs. I’m on record. Brown will be an opening starter in the Phil’s OF in 2012

    1. Yeah, he can post an OPS around .770 and collect 20 HRs if we give him 500 PAs….along with mediocre defense.

  7. Hamate bone breaks are bad things. He will not regain his power until 2013 if ever. This is a major set back for the Phillies and makes you wonder what the Ibanez succession plan will now be.

    1. Alright lets not get carried away here. I think he’ll be 100% fine in 2012, barring some sort of weird setback in his rehab, ie, tendon or ligament damage. The surgery to fix this is pretty standard.

      1. You keep trying to apply the seemingly irresistible power of logic to counter these nutty arguments. Follow your own advice and leave the crazy comments alone. Don’t take the bait! Better yet, consider it to be comedic relief – it’s much easier to tolerate when you view it as entertainment.

      2. I think he will play but everyonewho has had this surgery (Dave Hollins and Pat Burrell most notable) have taken a while to get back power, if at all.

        1. Not at all sure of that–Griffey recovered quickly. I actually broke mine swinging a golf club in Mexico and it healed better than ever in 60 days.

  8. This affects his service time, doesn’t it? I mean, the Phillies will need to place him on the 15 day DL instead of optioning him to AAA.

    Tough break for Brown. He didn’t figure to be substantially better than Ben Francisco right away though, so this doesn’t really hurt the Phils as far as 2011 is concerned. It is going to be interesting to see how the Phillies handle the bench as only Schneider and Gload really have spots locked up. I imagine Michael Martinez may have a shot as a fifth outfielder as they have no true CFer right now outside of Victorino.

    1. I dont think so as its ST and he’s not officially on the 25 man. They could probably avoid that issue by just placing him on the minor-league DL list.

      1. I could be wrong on all this, but I’m under the assumption that the active roster is the 40-man right now, and a player needs to be optioned to go to the minors in April. If an MLB team options an injured player, that may be grounds for a grievance with the MLBPA.

    2. I think it helps Mayberry Jr a lot more than Michael Martinez as he can cover all 3 OF positions.

          1. 280 with a homer every 10 ab in the bigs against lefties–only about 40 ab’s though. A couple of the homers were absolutely mashed.

  9. Doesn’t hurt that Ben Francisco is looking real solid, although ST is never a great indicator. But I’m still excited to see what we have in Francisco and am not going to jump off a bridge now that Brown is definitely unavailable.

    1. BenFran is a great fastball hitter…and he’s feasting on a lot of fastball pitchers in early Spring Training.

      Still, he did come into camp super motivated so its a good sign that he’s fast out of the gate like that.

  10. Overcoming adversity is the name of the game. I have faith in our front office to make the right decisions as guys get hurt as long as the players are honest.

    Ben Francisco’s time has come. Mayberry and Young both seem to have an opportunity here, hopefully they all capitalize. If not, maybe a move will be necessary. No need to panic in the meantime.

    Losing Brown is a drag, no question. But he could still contribute great things this season. He will just get hungrier as he watches and rehabs. The same could be said of Utley.

    A pitch broke my hamate bone in high school and it didn’t end my career. Ineptitude ended it. But I don’t recall a loss of power. Then again I never had any power in the first place. Unless my socks count.

    1. Long term? Definitely. This might screw up his 2011 season but long-term, his prospect status and potential are unchanged.

      It is, however, a very tough “break” for the guy. Tough luck.

      1. The way he was going this Spring Training, something had to be wrong. He was or is most likely hurt, and the time away and in recovery – and out of the public eye and pretty much the only story about who wins a position this offseason – will do him a world of good.

        While I am not someone who thinks injuries are good, Dom Brown may have had some weak bones in his hand to start Spring Training. Now that they’ve been exposed, he’ll be able to recover, and come back at a more opportune time.

  11. Tough break for Dom but he’ll recover.
    All this talk about losing his power seems a little silly given his age.
    Working out the indecision about his swing will and should be his priority now anyway.

    1. Brown’s age has nothing to do with it.

      The Hamate bone injury is known to cause a loss of power, usually not permanently, but it’s a long nag. At least it happened at the beginning of the season so he may be ready at full strength next year, but this year?

      Forget it.

      And Utley’s injury -patella tendon- is very serious. You can forget about a big year from him, and recovery from the offseason surgery will linger into next season.

  12. I would like to see MT back. It shouldn’t take too much.

    It maybe better to put Polanco back at second and make a real trade for a third baseman

    Utley used to swing strickly with his arms not opening his hip but he did that too much last year and it only works on low pitches. I think the league has caught on. And hitting injured will only make the problem worse.

    Opinions Wanted Utley in left field next year??????

  13. I know that I am not a expert on stats like you people are. but tell me the giants won the pennant last year as we know ? and what was there lineup. burrell and castoffs? didnt the world series mvp not get a contract from them? huff. burrll a fat savanol and cast of guys who other teams didnt want. at least on this team you have a true power hitting first basemen , a allstar third basemen .center field . a good veteran in left. there is offense, and with this pitching staff they should be fine. Do you think even with utley limited to less games there lineup isnt better than the giants>>>\

    1. To elaborate. First off Pablo Sandoval’s OPS+ last year was 95. Placido Polanco’s was also 95. Sandoval was a disappointment in relation to 2009, to dismiss him while praising Polanco doesn’t really to the comparison justice (and Polanco’s AS appearance was in 2007, that’s probably not relevant.) The problem is that Chase Utley has been a great player for a half decade. Utley’s WAR even in a disappointing 2010 was 4.2. If you took him out of the lineup and replaced him with a replacement level player (like Delwyn Young or Josh Barfield) the Phillies’ lineup does indeed become worse than the Giants’.

      1. You have to know by now as bad as the Phillies reports on Utley’s health are, the reality is most probably much worse.

      2. What does Polanco have to do with Utley? Polanco will play. And it can not hurt to have him play second for a few games. Third base is the only place where a long term trade( for a slugger) makes sense. There are outfielders in the system . Third base is a vacuum.

      3. Agreed–PECOTA actually has Barfield at below replacement level. Interestingly, Garcia’s 0.2 WAR is the highest projected among all the contenders. Tough to argue that removing your #3 hitter doesn’t significantly alter the quality of your lineup.

    1. Where has he been hiding in south Philly?
      We need power. Greg Gross can help if the players listen.
      Any suggestions for third base trade?

      1. I’m not in panic mode yet. There are still some guys out there than can help us if Utley starts on the DL. Ayabar, Lugo could fill a role. Valdez has clearly shown he can substitute.

        Oh, I got it. Tag Bozied. Phans would love this dude

  14. Some of this speculation leads to the most pressing question the Phillies face in the next 2-3 seasons. If it starts to fall apart, if Utley breaks down, if Howard loses his stroke, etc. Do the Phillies let it go and commit to a youth movement, or do they trade for veterans in an attempt to grab one last pennant?

    1. What youth movement though? After Singleton and Brown, there aren’t many impacts bats in our system to be excited about. Considering the current )successful) operating model, I think we can expect several of our next big signings to be position players

    2. It’s a legitimate concern, but here’s how I feel about it. The Phillies need to view these issues as the Yankees or Red Sox would. We are now that kind of franchise. Unless a bunch of things happen that are complete unforseen, I don’t see any rebuilding mode on this team and, frankly, if you are going to be trotting Hamels (rest easy, they will extend him), Halladay and Lee out there every three days (I expect Oswalt will not be with the team after 2012) and you have a ton of hot shot young pitchers in the minors, as a team, you really don’t have to go into rebuilding mode. You have to have a blended approach where you retool by keeping the farm strong (so that you can promote select players and use others as trade bait), trade for some talent, and perhaps acquire a key free agent or two.

      On Utley, I refuse to push the panic button yet. He’s been idle for a week and they are just working through some stuff with him. It could be a disaster, but it’s more likely to be something that is manageable. One thing is clear, however. The days of Chase Utley starting 154 games a year should be long gone. I think he should get at least one game off every two weeks and, perhaps, he could learn to play another position (left field, first base) where he could play occasionally just to reduce the wear and tear on his body. A lot of “middle aged” players have done this, including Johnny Bench. And somebody needs to convince Utley to be smart about preserving his body. I admire the way he plays, but he can’t keep burning the baseball candle at both ends.

      1. Exactly Utley only knows one way to play so maybe LF is an option next year. Is that a move anyone wants to make? NO
        But time to face the facts

  15. Duh – I just realized that if Utley took a game off every two weeks he’d be right around the 150 mark for games started. In an ideal circumstance, Utley starts may 145 or 147 games at second. He can also serve as DH in some interleague games and, frankly, in blow outs, he should be replaced by Valdez at second.

    1. True IF Utley is semi-healthy he could DH but realize that has an impact on Howard who could also need a few days off.
      1. What me worry
      2. A few days off
      3. Shots
      4.Report injury
      Does anyone believe they didn’t know long ago? Are not waiting for the other shoe to drop.
      Note: I find this gradual “get the fans ready” release of information insulting.
      What are we children?

      1. Not the time to panic. Tendonitis affects players differently. Josh Hamiliton had it last yr and won the AL MVP. Let him rest now. It is better now then having it in July. Hopefully he won’t have to miss any time in the beginning of the season. If he misses some games in April I think Valdez can fill in. If it goes longer I have faith in RAJ as he is not shy on pulling the trigger on a deal.

      2. Agreed. I would be much less worried if I didn’t think there was a chance it wasn’t tendonitis.

  16. One of my sons former teamate at Okie State had the same injury as Domonic. He recovered completey in about 3 months. It affects everyone a little differently, It depends on the individual. If they let it heal completely before rehab, or push it toquickly. Domonic will be fine, Hopefully he takes advantage of his time in AAA, and gets the ABs needed at this level to get him ready for a late call up or spring training next year. He has a long bright future ahead of him. Hopefully its all in a Philly uni. Good luck Domonic we are all behind you.

    1. Important to remember–it is a bone–not a muscle injury–and a very tiny bone at that so healing will be even faster.

      1. The most common method of treating this is to actually remove the bone. If you google through the guys who have had this done, it’s typically been two months with noticeable weakness after that.

  17. Puko is correct, the best method is to remove it. So it doesnt reoccur. I like reading this website, most of you guys have some really good points on all the different topics. You also help me keep up with whats going on in the organization. Its a little tough being in Oklahoma , and with the way I work. But hopefully I never offend you guys on here. Thanks again.

  18. My friend Free AEC says: “How is it possible that a team with a $164 million payroll could have two sub-Major League talents on its roster?”

    I would ask, how is it possible to have Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels on the same roster?

  19. I expect Brown to be fine and believe that this is a blessing in disguise in that they will now allow Brown to have more at bats in AAA and improve all facets of his game – if I’m the Phillies, I want Brown to at least play 30 or 40 games at AAA before he comes back and perhaps even more. It may also light a fire under the team to trade for some more hitting.

  20. ok…I’m curious. And need to know who ‘AEC’ is and what type of constraints are we ‘freeing’ him/her from? I mean, dude posts enough times that I’m afraid he’s doin’ AEC’s liberation campaign a desservice with his ramblings. But I just gotta know. Dave $$$ Montgomery asked me to ask…

  21. Obviously Hamels will be extended, but for how much and how long? There will be quite a few question marks after this season including future 3rd baseman, SS, and closer. I sense that Blanton will have some good trade value by mid-season. Question is do you make that move with postseason and Oswalt not on the club next year?

    Unfortunately, I see the Phils taking the option on Lidge and giving Rollins a two year extension. With a healthy pitching rotation, there will be a mid-season trade of Blanton with prospects for some IF position players. Madson will get closing money somewhere, hopefully one of our BP prospects turn into a closer for 2013.

    1. I agree with some of this, but only see them extending Lidge under the most extreme set of circumstances. The team, I believe, has an option which it will undoubtedly decline. If Lidge wants to re-sign at 2 years and $10-12 million that might happen, but even that is unlikely. Madson will probably become the closer next year.

    2. No more Lidge please Oh my god I will have to change my name to” nolidge please.
      Seriously both will have to have at least a decent season. Blanton + ++has to get us a star 3rd baseman.

      1. Frankly, I don’t want to see Lidge back next year either. I am just musing on what I think might happen, whether I like it or not.

  22. So you think the Phils will decline the option on Lidge and he would come back for less? But the Phils would offer more than a 1 year contract? A maybe, unless some other team gives more. I can’t see the Phils giving Madson a 3+ year extension without being an established closer which he is not. That is why you take the option on Lidge instead and Stutes or DeFratus become setup man in 2012 and eventual closer in 2013. That was my logic.

    1. How much is Soriano getting from the Yankees to set-up?

      Refresh my memory.

      Other than Madson, who in the Phillies bullpen do you have any faith in?

      1. Soriano is a setup guy getting paid like a closer who will succeed M. Rivera. If that is the new market for setup men, Madson will get it somewhere else.

        It is time to see what the young BP talent can do. If not, bunch them up and get some proven talent. Either way, I can’t see the Phillies overpaying for Madson. They can take a chance on one year of Lidge.

        DeFratus and Strutes in 2013.

        1. Soriano is a closer-caliber pitcher getting paid closer money to set-up. I don’t know if he’s the new standard or just a special case.

          1. I’d say its an exception to the rule but I’m quite sure that Boras will argue otherwise when negotiating for Madson this off-season. Hopefully, Madson will decide to go around his agent once again to stay in Philly at a reasonable price…reasonable being something like 3 years, $24 million to close for us.

    1. I’d love to see him get multiple at bats in some ST games coming up.

      Stutes gave up a long ball but had 3 K’s in an inning or work.

  23. Impressions on the game (saw the last 3 innings) re: our top prospects.

    DeFratus – What I hoped to be impressed by (fastball), was only okay. What I did not expect to be impressed by (movement of off speed pitches), was actually fairly intriguing.

    Rizzotti – tremendous short and powerful swing. He has obviously also shown good plate discipline and contact skills. Looks to be quite a hitter, but why the heck is he showing up to spring training looking kind of overweight when he is 25 and has to seize every opportunity to show some athleticism. I like him quite a lot, but, gosh, he should not be pudgy right now.

    Mathieson – Holy cow does he throw hard. Honestly, we all know he’s around, we all know he had physical problems and we realize that his fastball is straight. But when you throw in the upper 90s, your margin for error is quite a bit more. Todd Worrell threw straight as an arrow, but he threw between 97 and 99 and was a very good closer for a period of time. Scott showed some good, moving breaking pitches and a lot of determination. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he ends up as our prime set-up man by the middle of next year. I’d really hate to lose him now – I think he’s just on the verge of breaking out.

    1. The splitter looked good, but he hung a couple breaking balls that big time hitters would have hammered.

      1. I agree with this. His slider -or whatever he’s calling it- is still not MLB quality, but the splitter looks like it has real potential.

    2. I think that is Rizzotti natural shape. If he makes the majors he will be a Matt Stairs type DH/PH and swinging for the fences.

  24. What a great day, my plan is unfolding perfectly. Opening day 2012 will see names like Rizzotti, Francisco, Mayberry, and Valdez. This will save me MILLIONS and MILLIONS, of which I can finally make all fans happy by spending $1M more on the draft. That will make me popular with ALL fans, not just 99% of them…

    1. I actually think it’s hilarious. It’s all a tongue-in-cheek response to one of the other posters who fashions Dave Montgomery as real life Montgomery Burns. It’s not my website and, so, it’s not my call, but I enjoy the comedy.

      1. I actually posted the first time with that handle about how he didn’t want Rizzotti to take Ryan Howard’s job, then I was done with it. I don’t know who is doing it now, but they all seem to be different people copping my style. Free AEC’s posts have been getting more and more reasonable and informative as time has gone on, so I think he is getting the idea that this isn’t an ESPN message board.

  25. The position players were on the field in the minor league camp this morning. All of them did agility drills in right field of Schmidt except Payton who sat out. Singleton looked very lean. Mitchell looked in mid season form. Gillies showed no ill effects from his hamstring injury. Ruben was a close observer of the workout for a while and a third generation Amaro is in camp.

    Then Manso and Morandini hit grounders to the infielders. Altherr looked ok at third. The very crowded third base position players only threw to second so still have not seen Altherr arm to first. Mattair, and Barnes also were taking grounder at third. Overbeck and Murphy split time between taking grounder at first and then third. Savery looked good on ground balls at first along with Murray and Ruf. Alonso came over from catching bullpens to take grounders at third too. Cartwright, Rios, Mintken, O’Connell and Schoenberger were some of the guys out taking ground balls at 2b and ss. Expect them to start taking some live BP soon.

  26. With the somewhat quiet whispers about Mike Cameron of interest to the Phils, if that were to happen, he would in essence take the primary everyday RF role, moving Francisco to the 4th OF role, and getting some ABs in LF vs lefties, and then moving Mayberry either back to AAA or to a 5th OF type of role. I would personally like to see Ben and Mayberry get an opportunity to fill those roles first and if they struggle, then look for a better fix later…

    1. Funny I just published my first post on my new Free_AEC blog titled “The Jayson Werth Vacuum”.

      Mike Cameron was not one of the four solutions I discussed. He certainly would not be a starting RF. He does hit LHP very well, or has. However, he’s 38 years old. Who’s to say he doesn’t stop hitting this year? Or just seriously degrade even against LHP?

      And he’s making $7.2 million this year. The Red Sox are not offering him up for free either. I don’t like the idea of spending significant resources for a 38 year old position player. This is a serious problem in need of a serious solution, and if this is chosen and it fails it could prevent a solution for the problem being found.

  27. I agree on Cameron, will take a pass on him. Let’s see our guys fail first before making a deal. That won’t happen unless people start getting hurt. I like Francisco as he is showing alot in SP.

    At 39 years old, I will take Ibanez production from last year. He really should be motivated since this could be his last year of real contention (clearly an assumption on my part). Raul will be back in Seattle to end his career.

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