Daily Archives: January 13, 2011

Three more profiles: Aumont, Cisco and De Fratus

Dave has been busy cranking out the profiles, this time churning out writeups on Phillippe Aumont, Mike Cisco and Justin De Fratus. Check them out, and give your thanks to Dave for taking the time to help create these valuable resources. As a reminder, you can find all of the profiles at the top of the site under, check this, the profiles page.

Aumont back to the bullpen

Per Matt Gelb, the Phillies have decided to move Phillippe Aumont back to the bullpen. They cite his comfort level there, and I suspect they’ve ascertained that he doesn’t have enough weapons to really make an impact in the rotation. 2010 was a lost year for Aumont in a lot of ways, but he did log plenty of innings, and I have to think that experience will prove beneficial. He’s still very young and still has plenty of time, but when looking at his value now, you have to examine it as a reliever. Discuss.