Sandberg a Candidate for AAA job

Both the Daily News and the Inquirer are reporting that Hall of Fame second baseman Ryne Sandberg has emerged as a candidate for the vacant Managerial position in Lehigh Valley. Sandberg, 51 was the manager of Iowa City, the AAA affiliate of the Cubs last year.  While an early candidate for the Cubs manager position, he decided not to return to the organization after the job was given to Mike Quade.

Phillies Assistant General Manager Chuck Lamar made several comments today to David Murphy of the Daily News regarding the Phils prospects in the Arizona Fall League.  On Josh Zeid, “his arm strength is a big plus”. On Matt Rizzotti, “He just continues to hit. His defensive skills need to continue to improve.  Hasn’t shown the power in the AFL that he is going to need to be the type of player that he is, but he continues to hit.” On Justin DeFratus, “Whether he is truly ready or not is yet to be seen, but I think he will open some eyes in major league camp.”

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  1. I hope Rizzotti improves on some D and can be used as trade bait to complement a big league guy or bring some pitching that is close to being ready. I saw him numerous times at Reading where he had power and hope it’ll resurface with a few more at bats. He rose fast from Clearwater to Reading and then to Lehigh.

  2. This would be awesome. I’d love to groom Ryno to be Cholly’s replacement.

  3. Please let this happen…it would be awesome! And we could trade him for pennies on the dollar in a couple years too!

  4. The player from the pirates Mc clutchen was mention as getting too expensive for pirates, and if phillies would go after him with brown and other prospect, would you do it he is righthanded and young. would you give up a brown and say pitcher like May and another player for him??

  5. This just in Sandberg was signed and immediately traded for Dejesus. Amaro was quoted “we had no position for him on the managerial team.” Wasn’t half the cubs team made up of phillies prospects in the 80’s?

  6. Mikemike, I seriously doubt McCutchen is getting traded. He’s not even arb-eligible yet.

    Sibs, five of the ’84 Cubs’ starting lineup were former Phillies (Sandberg, Bowa, Dernier, Matthews, Moreland). The pitching staff included Brusstar, Noles and Ruthven.

  7. Of interest on that ex-Phillies list of ’84 Cubs, Dernier, Matthews, Moreland, Brusstar and Noles were all part of the Legends at Phillies Phantasy Camp last January. I would love to see Sandberg get the AAA job and for him to bring Dernier, his former roomy, with him to coach first.

  8. Moreland was a player who got every bit of milk out of his glass. I like them all but Matthews who will explain that when you hit the ball you run to first base. over and over and over

  9. Nobody here knows just what kind of manager Sandberg would make for a MLB team. We DO know from watching Cholly that it takes a lot more than putting your best team on the field with manuevers made during the game and even before the game begins.

    We can disagree on the maneuvering stuff, but one thing is essential: being able to hold the various strong personalities together in the quest for a hoped-for championship. Cholly has shown that he is among the best in the business in doing that. (Compare Bowa and Mauch, both of whom knew the game inside out)

    Having had an outstanding playing career gives forth a legend. But don’t confuse that with the skills necessary to be a MLB manager. What Cholly has is almost irreplaceable for now. Sandberg must show the same high level of managerial skills to be worthy as any MLB successor. As yet, unproven.

    A question within the subject: why did the Cubs choose another manager for their big club when Sandberg had been managing in their system for several years?

    Time could tell us more IF he is hired for LV. The FO is sure to be watching him closely there to see how he handles those responsibilities.

  10. “A question within the subject: why did the Cubs choose another manager for their big club when Sandberg had been managing in their system for several years?”

    In the politics of baseball there is no answer. e.g. the good ole boy network.

  11. “A question within the subject: why did the Cubs choose another manager for their big club when Sandberg had been managing in their system for several years?”

    When was the last time the Cubs made the right decision?

  12. Do you realize that Sandberg was voted minor league manager of the year? Comments were made about the quality of play as well. That’s good stuff! The Phils’ next manager will need to be able to manage kids because the roster will go through a complete youth movement in a few years. The Phils also love the job that Parent did this year and are moving him up, to Reading probably.

  13. As long as the Phillies payroll remains at the current level they will never be a roster of kids. Yes, there will be some young faces added in over the next few years but the bulk of their roster will remain veteran players acquired via trade or as FA’s.

  14. One great move by the Cubs: getting Sandberg and Jenkins from the Phils when they were just beginning their MLB careers. Both of them made the Hall of Fame wearing Cubs uniforms.

  15. Cheese 3up what kind of reason is that. While yes the “bulk” of their roster is set but if you don’t understand that FAs can be the death of a team look at the mets and cubs. I can easily fit 4 prospects on this team and get good performance. Or, or they go back and bring up different prospect. BTW did you and will you enjoy Baez.

    What ART didn’t you like DeJesus, Buhl, and Jackson? lol

  16. Just the reality of how things work nowheels. Big market teams who plan to be competative every year do not turn their rosters over to a bunch of “kids”.

    Why do people always point to the Cubs and Mets when making a case against signing free agents but then ignore the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Giants, and Rangers. Each of those teams are also a collection of a few home grown core players surrounded by veteran who were gotten via trade and Free agency?

  17. Sandberg won’t replace cholly anytime soon. He may manage in AAA but not for long. He will get a job somewhere in the bigs sometime soon. Most likely being a coaching job. If he could get LV over .500 % then maybe a managing job but how likely is that. lol.

  18. The yankees don’t eat their mistakes more than any other team does. Carl Pavano was on their 40-man roster through all the years he was injured. Did they release Javier Vasquez in 2010? Think they’ll cut loose A.J. Burnett moving forward?

    The Yankees do with all other big-market teams do when a FA acquistion flops, they demote them from the line-up/rotation and go out and buy a replacement. No different that the Phillies did when Eaton proved to be a mistake and they made the deal to get Blanton or bringing in Cliff Lee in 2009, etc.

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